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8 Stats That Dispel The Myth of Black Violence




Only about 1 percent of African-Americans — and no more than 2 percent of Black males — will commit a violent crime in a given year, according to a 2013 report, Race, Crime and Statistical Malpractice by




The actual rates of Black-on-white crime are lower than random chance would predict; No more than 0.7 percent (seven-tenths of one percent) of African-Americans will commit a violent crime against a white person, according to   2013 FBI expanded homicide data. 

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23 thoughts on “8 Stats That Dispel The Myth of Black Violence

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude they are just as many violent Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, as well as, whites, etc. I live in South Cali, see it all the time. There is no large segment of the Black population that is violent than the rest of the community. When reading news articles, via, newspaper or websites in majority white communities or reading Latino news sites, Asians, etc., you will see the news about the HARSH VIOLENCE in their communities. Now it may not be seen in the national news, BUT IT IS THERE.

  2. Tony Tate says:

    The point of this article isn't to compare the actual statistics. It's purpose is to dispel what the media is showing the American people. What the American people see on tv, and this includes entertainment tv and news, is all or most crimes are committed by minorities mainly blacks

  3. Tony Tate says:

    Same thing goes for poverty in this country

  4. Tony Tate says:

    It's only logical since whites are the majority but the media still portrays these illogical myths

  5. Tony Tate says:

    It's only logical since whites are the majority but the media still portrays these illogical myths

  6. Tony Tate says:

    Take "white collar" crimes for example. Most or all of these crimes are committed by whites simply because blacks don't have the opportunity to commit them

  7. Stu Pidaso says:

    trayvon martin was GUILTY, so was mike brown. they both got less than what they deserved.

  8. Jaime Carolyn Pretell-Samsey says:

    openid In other countries, for sure. Just look at Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala. But in the USA, no. The stats are quite clear.

  9. Jaime Carolyn Pretell-Samsey says:

    And like I said, I agree with that, but there is an issue that has to be addressed that there is a higher rate of incidences of violence in the Black American community. And the vast majority of the victims are Black Americans. Obviously it is an issue that has to be looked at all socio-cultural angles so less Black Americans die in useless violence.

  10. This just goes to show that this isn't about facts or stats, it's about white people's NEED to demonize and denigrate a whole group of people for their continued targeting & exploitation for unearned profit–the prison for profit system has now replaced the plantation as the new money maker for the white collective. Just like they needed to create this whole 'black people are subhuman' mythology to justify slavery & Jim Crow, now they use the whole 'black people are inherently criminal' mythology to justify the disproportionate targeting and imprisoning of us. So no matter how logical the argument, clear the stats and FACTS, these people do not care about TRUTH. They, per their usual, are only interested in making money immorally or by ANY MEANS NECESSARY off of our black asses. It's the Amerikan way. So don't expect any change of 'heart' cuz you'll die waiting for that. It's time that BLACK people take destiny into our hands and DO something different. Time for a new game plan.

  11. So what you are saying is that you refuse to not be afraid of black folks… the killer is in the house and he is definitely a black man out to get you.

  12. Jaime Carolyn Pretell-Samsey says:

    Crenshana Joiner McMillan Hardly. I have lived in African American communities about half my life in the US, so that claim would be stupid. What I am saying is that there are higher incidences of violence in African American communities, and that means more Black people are dying (innocent and mutually guilty both). It would also not surprise me that if we separated by communities and states, some places are actually much worse and others much better. Meaning that some communities are less dangerous than others. Bottom line though, there is a higher incidence of violence. That is undeniable.

  13. Virtually all violence is committed by coloreds. All whites get your ccw permits and defend yourselves. When a colored gets violent put it down. If possible get it on video chimping out first so that you have proof. Press your representatives for laws making it legal to execute on sight all violent offenders.

  14. Theodora Anagor says:

    The majority of the violence in history has been by your people.

  15. There's no proof that black ppl are more likely to commit a crime. I only have only one person in my family who's ever committed a real crime before. And he stopped after the second time. Absolutely no one in my family, including that family member, committed an act of violence. He stole some CDs from a store before when he was younger, extremely petty. Out of the ppl I know and am friends with are not rich or middle class and still haven't committed an act of violence. I grew up in Harlem, the largest black community in Manhattan and never even saw someone get shot. The first crime I ever saw was when I was younger and there was a purse snatcher running past us, and he was white. Of course as I got older I saw more blacks getting arrested but only bc whites didn't rly live here when I was little. I've never thought whites were criminals, neither did I think blacks were. The media has forced me to believe that they exaggerate too much on inner city black culture. If blacks were grouped together but lived in a middle class community, there would be as little crime as there is in white middle class communities. The poorer you are, the MORE LIKELY you are to commit a crime. It doesn't mean you commit one automatically. Just like I heard of middle class white children who have committed crimes (courtesy of channels like ID). Statistics are about probability, not possibility. There IS a difference. Stop making it a race issue when it is CLEARLY a CLASS issue

  16. Adam Conway says:

    I hate to be negative Steven McMahon but your comment deserves no more than that… someone should put YOU down! I served my country in MY Marine Corps. What did YOU do other than drool out racism and foolishness?

  17. Elle V Elle says:

    you gave yourself away… "coloreds"… how dumb are you? Yes, do get your weapons, then you will have to kill most of your violent offenders, as you do know that "whites" commit the most crimes…. duhhhh, you didn't know that obviously. Put the gun away Calhoun.

  18. Tommy Gibbs says:

    In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.

    Source: Atlanta PD Uniform Crime Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012:
    (Only figures in those over 17 years of age).

  19. Dale McCoy says:

    They are not using the math correctly here at all. Looks like a junior high student did this.

  20. "What the American people see on tv, and this includes entertainment tv and news, is all or most crimes are committed by minorities mainly blacks".

    If you think this is the message that the media conveys, then you are retarded.

    They do everything they can to avoid mentioning race in cases of black violence.

  21. I would recommend that people stop quoting that moronic deceitful ass Tim Wise, whose "blacks commit more violence against whites because of opportunity" bullshit I have thoroughly refuted by way of the very same statistics he was using. His nonsensical assertion ignores the fact that blacks kill nearly as many blacks as the number of whites who are killed by whites in the United States.

    This means obviously that the number of blacks has nothing to do with the fact that whites murdered so many less blacks than the number of whites that blacks murdered.

    Obviously if blacks were able to murder so many blacks, whites could have as well, but they didn't. Whites murdered only 264 more whites than blacks did blacks, while making up over five times the amount of the population that blacks comprise!

  22. According to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE 90% of all RACE-HATE-CRIMES in AMERICA in 2014 were BLACK on WHITE!

  23. 35,00 WHITE WOMEN were RAPED by BLACK MEN in 2014.

    9 BLACK WOMEN were RAPED by WHITE MEN in 2014… according to ERIC HOLDER!

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