‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Season 2, Episode 3: ‘#ShanghaiShowdown’

rich-kids-of-beverly-hillsRich Kids of Beverly Hills season 2, episode 3: #ShanghaiShowdown airs tonight on E!

In Shanghai, Roxy throws a tantrum that escalates into an argument with Dorothy. Morgan is forced to deal with some unresolved family issues.

Luxury. Style. Drama. Jet-Setting. Fun-employed. Fashion. Welcome to the lives of the most elite young socialites and stars of E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. The series follows the extravagant lifestyles of an exclusive clique of friends who have gained Internet celebrity by documenting their fabuluxe daily happenings on social media. The dramatic but fun-loving children of some of the wealthiest billionaire and millionaire moguls welcome E! cameras into their VIP world.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills season 2, episode 3 airs Aug. 10 at 10 p.m. EDT on E!

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