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Montserrat’s Teenage Entrepreneur Launches Third Company

Warren_Cassell_JrMontserrat’s 15-year-old entrepreneur and author Warren Cassell Jr has launched his third company, an investment holding firm named Abella Group LLC.

The company, primarily aimed at purchasing minority stakes in firms listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is also seeking to take advantage of a number of opportunities on the Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago stock exchanges.

“There are several gems in the Caribbean stock markets and regional stock exchanges are significantly undervalued,” Cassell told the Jamaica Observer in an emailed response.

No stranger to the world of business, Cassell currently holds an investment portfolio comprising U.S. government bonds and shares in Sagicor Financial Corporation, Bank of Montserrat, in addition to 10 percent preferred shares in a legal publishing company, West Indian Lawyers.

Through this newly incorporated investment vehicle, the teenager hopes to dramatically expand his investment holdings by carefully leveraging external capital to deploy in a number of globally diverse sectors, including media, financial services, commercial banking, Internet, technology, and consumer goods.

“There is a particular company that I have been looking at on the Jamaica Stock Exchange that has been growing steadily over the last five years,” Cassell stated in a press release. “However, despite the impressive growth, the stock price has been dormant.”

In fact, the young entrepreneur explained that the market price for the company is 50 percent less than the actual value of the firm.

“This simply means that if I purchase a stake in that company, I’ll be getting it at a discount because the price that I will be buying the stock at is 50 percent less than what it is actually worth. It is no different from buying a house for $300,000 that is really worth $600,000,” the young entrepreneur added.


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