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10 Interesting Facts About Edward Wilmot Blyden, the Father of Pan-Africanism

The Father of Pan-Africanism

Blyden1 (

A highly respected African intellectual, Edward Wilmot Blyden (Aug. 3, 1832–Feb. 7, 1912) was the father of Pan-Africanism. He was also an educator, writer, diplomat and politician.

Blyden2 ( 1881, Blyden gave his inaugural address as the new president of Liberia College. He discussed his vision for independent African colleges and wanted them to create a new generation of educated African youths.

During his time as an educator and college president, he fought a war that he called the “decolonization of the African mind.” This was a process to get students away from focusing on white colonization and getting them more focused on their own African heritage.

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10 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About Edward Wilmot Blyden, the Father of Pan-Africanism

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    He championed Islam as a solution for the black man. Check out his book: "Islam, Christianity and the Negro Race."

  2. George Smith says:

    He championed Islam as an alternative to Christianity. It was viewed as the lesser of two evils, not a solution. Peace

  3. We still have Blydens in Sierra Leone

  4. Thanks for TRUTH George Smith! So glad I am HERE in the US in Jesus' name! Even with the good, bad and ugly of it!

  5. Truth of the matter, Christianity is TRUTH, Islam, the seed of ISHMAEL, is a counterfeit. Flesh ultimately will never be victorious over FAITH and PROMISE!

  6. George Smith says:

    Karen Simmons with all due respect to your religion and to everyone's religion around the world, if Islam is a counterfeit religion, then by all means Christianity is a counterfeit religion as well as Judaism. I respect anyone and everyone's religion, but that is a fact.

  7. Azuka Osakwe says:

    Karen Simmons You have a choice Ma. There are three major classes of people. Those who fight to change the destiny of their people, those will rather run their people down, and those who do not care about the rain falling on them. You have a choice madam.

  8. Blyden was a racist black nationalist who hated mulatto with a passion and collaborated with the colonialits in the name of the very white civilisation he castigated. He wore a woolen three piece suit till he passed away. Read him with caution and situate him in context. He was a bundle of contradiction; the quintessential negro intellectual the white man created.

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