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5 thoughts on “Deplorable Footage of Another Out-of-Control NYPD Officer Stomping on The Head of Handcuffed Black Man

  1. smh…uncle toms in on it too

  2. Linda Fields says:

    was that the black policeman that stomp that man

  3. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    Once you join the NYPD all officers are trained to treat people of color or of less means in a dehumanizing way. It is not always about white and black but more about policing and people of color with emphasis on so called blacks.

  4. Rosetta Davis says:

    The police department around the world definitely have their faults. However in this video,The guy videoing was actually provoking a crowd, this could have turned into a bad situation. all the unlawful treatments he was constantly quoting, he never showed on video. Why video if you are not going to show the incriminating evidence. Basically he was just making intimidating treats stating he has an ongoing lawsuit against the dept as he speaks. I am just saying…

  5. What are you talking about??? These people are over getting ran over by these cops and they are starting to step up.

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