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4 thoughts on “Why Are Black Preschoolers Suspended More Often Than Whites?

  1. Shin Law says:

    Because we keep sending them to white owned schools

  2. Puffshe Puf says:

    How do you suspend a pre-schooler? Never heard such a thing.

  3. Dvine Lovin says:

    Because they figure that is the way to deal w/them. What are they doing at home on suspension?! nothing. If it's not a violent act then they need to find another way to discipline these children w/positive reinforcement.. Many of these teachers just look at the child's skin color and use prejudice in their decision making and it's unfortunate that we have teachers like this.

  4. Nigel Atwell says:

    As a former teacher at a high performing public school situated in a mostly white , rich neighborhood in Washington, DC and attended by a significant number of African American students whose parents enrolled them through the school district's lottery, I observed and repeatedly argued against discriminatory discipline administered by the school's principal and assistant principal. This behavior is par for the course in public schools and may very well occur regardless of the race of the administrators though I doubt it. The debate, must however be framed differently that it usually is, as evidenced by the title of this article. The question is: "Why do school administrators suspend black students more often than the suspend white students?". The real issue is the bias of school teachers and administrators, not the actions of black kids. Just as in society, many assume black kids break rules or commit more egregious rule violations than white kids. …..untrue. Its not any more true than the false assumptions that blacks use more drugs than whites or steal more than whites or are more immoral than whites.

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