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27 thoughts on “This Mathematician Was Awed by the Innate Genius of African People; You Will Be Too

  1. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Conscious Beings don't need technology to create. Its already in us

  2. Stuart Jackson says:

    So many things we do and have done work like you said, we just need more of it aimed at freeing us from stagnation.

  3. Nasser Sanou says:

    Let who knows know!! the others will seek rather. Natural/Mystic

  4. Mike Forester says:

    This video only proves that we built the pyramids.

  5. Yes, and using a higher science that would baffle the most astute of mathematicians. We are supreme geniuses.

  6. They will do what they do to everything else steal info and destroy the originators

  7. Fentriss O. Moore says:

    This video needs to go out to EVERY kid that was 4 in 2008 or older. Let's start small, though. Everyone who has a grad school child in their immediate, nuclear, extended family, or neighborhood NEEDS to have them watch this for the new school year!#noexcuses

  8. Fentriss O. Moore says:

    And that is what frightens me, saddens me, and ANGERS me, all at the same time. We have to get this information to our children so they will have it and KNOW IT!#theyarenotiferior

  9. Qdown Dale says:

    at point in time proving we built the pyramids is not helping. the slave masters Knew we built pyramids…and when we got done saying that they sent our smart asses right back out to the field, no different today

  10. Qdown Dale says:

    at point in time proving we built the pyramids is not helping. the slave masters Knew we built pyramids…and when we got done saying that they sent our smart asses right back out to the field, no different today

  11. Qdown Dale says:

    and to date WE ARE ALLWOING IT!

  12. We didn't know our history back then because we'd been brainwashed by that time. The ones that did rebelled and killed their masters like Nat Turner, the Maroons of Florida and the Caribbean and Black folks who form secret communities after executing their masters. That's a myth that we just all laid down and just took slavery.

  13. Qdown Dale says:

    Some blacks knew the history for the first phaze of slavery. But dont let me tell you, Ill let one of the most respected black scholars on the planet tell you Neely Fuller will tell you

  14. Yet the notion that we just laid down and took it is still a myth. When Union troops were advancing south Black kitchen hands actually put ground glass in their masters' meals. The Corps Afrique was formed due to thousands of slaves running from plantations in Louisiana and Mississippi due to the Union blockade of 1862. During Sherman's March to the sea one Black soldier was reported to have shot his former master upon entering the plantation he was enslaved in Georgia. We all didn't take it lying down.

  15. Qdown Dale says:

    I have no idea where your going but you have steered way away from my point. I asked you about the value that gives us today…as the great scholar Neely Fuller said. Because when you get done with your history report….the white man still controls the wealth, your still at the mercy of the white man. Your history facts im not here to challenge. but what I saying is that talk does nothing for us TODAY. We can too much about people knowin something when we should be worried about where those checks at.

  16. Your academic superiority is infantile knowledge; because the defining of all REALITY is communicated via mathematical symbolism and language. What you are in awe of is the Genius of NATURE! The God essence LOST to you and innate in the indigenous cultures throughout Africa. Get your LATE perspective in Chronological Obeisance to The Prime and Preeminent knowledge of ancient and free flowing GENIUS!

  17. Gerald Johnson Brainwashed is NOT the correct term for what happened. DOMESTICATION thru controlled BREEDING is at the root cause of our collective ignorance! ie a dog no longer sees us as food!

  18. Stuart Jackson says:

    That's why Haiti is in the shape it is, they had to pay the French back, for freeing themselves, and Europeans have punished them ever since.

  19. Qdown Dale says:

    Stuart Jackson yes but f you do all the history haiti made some mistakes after that. further more haiti is in that situation because blacks collectively are not on the same page, we are not collectively rallying to save haiti because many of us have the white boogy man complex, most of us, unlike the haitians in that time are not willing to stand and die if we have to. but in this day in age it is about group economics and politics, war is the last front. we are not doing business, are creating industries to do business with haiti.

  20. Stuart Jackson says:

    Yeah the mistakes were costly, and they still are, and we are not organized or of a mind to do anything big that could help them and us all.

  21. Theodora Anagor says:

    We built a lot more than the pyramids using the same practices we did in Egypt and Sudan (Nubia).

  22. Where is this video? I cannot find it anywhere.

  23. Fentriss O. Moore says:

    Travis Mack , where is this happening? I was in gifted, advanced, and AP courses growing up. I did not get this overflow of "awesome sauce" growing up, nor did my black male counterparts, yet we still produced. Plus, I have never met an African in America that was concerned about Asians. Now, I have met some Europeans in America that are, but Silicon Valley appears to absorb them really well. We both know, that if the playing field was level here in America, you and I would not even have a need to have this exchange. Denial is a mofo, I tell you.

  24. Mike Forester says:

    Travis Mack I know your stupid ass is accustom to the "blacks have low IQs cliche." I know your pain, Travis Mack. I know you're mad at the fact that a white man and/or woman did not have the intelligence to create the gas mask or the traffic signal. I know you're mad at the fact that whitey–or Mr. Cracker–did not have the intelligence to create something as simple as the ice-cream scoop. You'll probably say something like, "Lol. Those niggers probably learned that shit from whitey." Lol. And since you want to talk about graduates, let me enlighten your arrogant ass: There are more black women who are enrolled in college than white women and white men combined. Better yet, black women are number one when it comes to college enrollment and graduation. Naturally, your pseudo intellect will prevent you from acknowledging that–but that's fine. You can think whatever you want to think with your simple mind 🙂

  25. Mike Forester says:

    Travis Mack 9.7 percent of black women are enrolled in college, 8.7 percent of Asian women are enrolled in college, 8.4 percent of Asian men are enrolled in college, 7.1 percent of Caucasian women are enrolled in college, 7.0 percent of black men are enrolled in college, 6.6 percent of "Hispanic" women are enrolled in college, 6.1 percent of Caucasian men are enrolled in college, and only 5.9 percent of "Hispanic" men are enrolled in college. These are the statistics the media (Maniac European Devils in Action) choose to ignore. That ignorance is predicated upon their own insecurity. But again, your pseudo intelligence will not permit you to acknowledge the raw–and sometimes abrasive–nature of the truth. May peace be upon your ignorant soul 🙂

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