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17 thoughts on “Settlement Has Been Reached in Case Where Black Nurse Was Told Not to Touch White Baby

  1. Dee Kay says:

    thats all wow

  2. This is sick!!! I say and always say All African people should come back home in Africa and use the skills they have acquired from westerns and develop our own content and lets see who will need who more when this content still has natural resources. How much racism are going to except just to be in a developed country when we can develop our own and build it around Africanism

  3. Brian K Dansby says:

    Who wants to go back to Africa it's 20 times worse there than it is in the U S besides Africa doesn't want a there anyhow.

  4. You have that…it's called Chicago and Detroit, where you kill each other off at an alarming pace. Now look at historically poor white areas of the US, nowhere near the violence. FACT.

  5. please..please..please never go to africa…stay right where you are..thank you

  6. Rome wasn't built in a day, America and Europe started somewhere to get where they are now, that only happened because their people(white people) worked to develop it but Africans have fear of hard work and prefers to be house niggas instead of developing their own homes to be as good as the masters house

  7. Cpha Amorsoul Khambula that staement that "Africans have fear of hard work and prefers to be house niggas instead of developing their own homes"…is just as bad as what dansby said…you need to check yourself…Africans work very hard as far as i know…for themselves and for others unfortunately

  8. Brian K Dansby, you would know because your Government is making it worst. How can you be better off, when you are not at war and all we see daily, is you Blacks been killed on the streets, by police and any white man that choose to do so. Knowing they will not be prosecute. Especial with your stand your ground.

  9. Brian K Dansby says:

    Africans are running to the U S lol!

  10. People have the right to say what they want. If a person don't want a hood rat touching thier baby then so be it.

  11. People say go back to Africa where you came from. Well I did not come from Africa nor did my parents. Matter of fact we were here before your kind touched down on our land and beat, lied,and killed for it.i believe you need to go back to Europe and live your life.

  12. Thomas Ajah says:

    seemingly nothing was done on the part of the client…this is not just racism, it's corporate conspiracy. why would employees be trained on cultural diversity to accept discriminatory requests from clients meanwhile hospital policy does not change to address such behavior from clients.but then it's all about profits. capitalism at work!

  13. But black mothers breast fed their masters children during slavery.

  14. What a silly thing to say.

  15. What if you WANT a black nurse or doctor? I've requested several times and they usually say they don't have any at that clinic.

  16. What's with all the hoopla? Just another day at the office! The clinic should comply with the request. Likewise if a black person requests a black nurse. Except that blacks have more reasons to be paranoid. After all who breast-fed and cared for white babies during the 'GLORIOUS' slavery days?

  17. I wonder if the hospital would have told the father to take his kid somewhere else would the hospital gotten un trouble also if it would have been a emergency and an African American Nurse been the only one in the room and she did not touch the baby as told and the baby died how would the father feel then

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