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You Won’t Believe The Racist Things This TV Reporter Had the Nerve to Say While Covering a Violent Crime

After reporting on a shooting that happened in Jersey City, N.J., reporter Sean Bergin told his viewers that the violence that happened was because young Black men don’t have fathers.

Video by News 12

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34 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe The Racist Things This TV Reporter Had the Nerve to Say While Covering a Violent Crime

  1. He meant that, hahahahaha. White people like to get us to blame everything on Black, and though some of you or dumb enough to believe that, we know they are the problem. And no, I'm not talking about some red neck nigga hating white boy, but those that make and enforce public policy. My father not being at home has nothing to do with killing someone, what possible correlation could that have? Hitler, Charles Manson, Carl Panzram, Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gacy, ect., all came from 2 parent homes, so where is the correlation?

  2. Another ignorant pompous fool..

  3. Im glad im in Africa where white people are careful what they say

  4. Abena Greene says:

    Very ignorant statement so what should we say about young white men that have father and still kill innocent people just a month or two ago because he was a Virgin.

    since the reason for behavior problem is a no father thing, and its all Black people fault. copy paste that like

    Where i grew up (Dallas,Tx) there were and still are law suites for lead poising in most, if not all, Black communities. Toxic levels of lead was found in housing projects, and in water supply.

    Lead is much more harmful to children than adults because it can affect children's developing nerves and brains. The younger the child, the more harmful lead can be. Unborn children are the most vulnerable.

    Possible complications include:

    Behavior or attention problems
    Failure at school
    Hearing problems
    Kidney damage
    Reduced IQ
    Slowed body growth

  6. Fiona Princess Black Fearon says:

    They are everywhere Missa P…. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bead Joux says:

    Downright ignorant, idiot racism. How do dipsticks like this even get on TV???

  8. Derrick Cross says:

    Come on Atlanta Black Star, just posting that video and not giving us a story behind it or what was the consequence for his opinions is not really a good story. There needs to be more substance on your journalism or its just social media posts. I follow your online mag, and even have updates in FB, but the lack of substance of story in some of your articles are begging to annoy me. The "post" of the immigration author explaining why black people are not considered American didn't make a lick of sense and the CSPAN comments were from 2008; clearly marked in the video. Are you journalists or just social media posters looking for likes? I want more from you in regards to news about us. And more substance.

  9. Ja'von Brown says:

    Here's Mr step and fetch it.

  10. lmao what about the young black men who had their fathers killed by cops?

  11. Cesar Gomez says:

    So that white couple in Nevada that went on a cop shooting spree was because black men don't have fathers. Sounds legit.

  12. This is the most stupid thing i heard, the only thing is white crime is hidden behind offices, white collars jobs, scams, authority and badges, yet they are just as destructed, because they steal, kill and destroy, the different is their fathers is there to bail them out, make deals to wipe out their crime just as if they never did anything wrong.

  13. Philip Martin says:

    Wait did elena mayfield just post a racially n politically charged rant? Congratulations it took u awhile but ur officially a facebook user now…its not just cute awww comments on pictures of ur grands n great grands anymore! Lol

  14. Nabijah Hazirah says:

    I dont think its racist, he just tellin the truth.

  15. Arlene Mitchell says:

    If not having a father is the supposed reason why young black men commit acts of violence why didn't they kill slave masters centuries ago when their fathers were unknown or sold to other plantations? This guy is yet another racist bigot with a platform to spew hate in the media.

  16. But he's statement is actually true there's nothing racist about it.

  17. Call it what you will

  18. So the numerous cop brutality videos have nothing to do with it huh?

  19. Sheron Grant says:

    no let the cops go for all the brutalities and killings,they are not at fault.

  20. Crumb Snatcher says:

    not because of Jim Crow, Emitt Teal, Bull O'Connor… but because of black fathers, smh

  21. i gotta agree because in buffalo, ny where i grew up there are a lot of fatherless homes' because, the young men don't know how to be men because the fathers' are absent or they just got up and left before the kid was even born true story.

  22. Errol Cooper says:

    I hear you brother ! we definitely would have a serious meeting of the minds with that bigot!1

  23. Errol Cooper says:

    Yeah! i guess they were natural born killers! oh no! Babylonians is what they are!

  24. Errol Cooper says:

    yes sir ignorance is bliss and he definitely a blissful confused person!

  25. Errol Cooper says:

    No ! the ones who became victims of this three strikes you're jailed law they created just for us

  26. Errol Cooper says:

    remember they're without flaws, so they want the rest of the world to think!! lol

  27. Errol Cooper says:

    Oh no my dear ! what was the problem with the white guy shooting up the Elementary school or the Culumbine shooters in Colorado! who was there father SATAN

  28. Errol Cooper says:

    Brother if I didn't know any better , You believe they actually change their opinion of us over these last four hundred years! You'll never be accepted by these pagans

  29. Errol Cooper says:

    Yeah! next they'll convince some of us that being black is a sin! the mind when it fed lies??

  30. That is not true studies show more of the younger generations father's are living at home just aren't there they spend 80% of their time trying to provide for their family, but since they can't find a job paying fair wages I guess y'all want to say he's not at home. There was a time when one parent could work to support a household. Those days are not here for most minorities it take both parents to work one maybe two jobs to feed their family. So before you say no father at try to find out why he's not.

  31. Tony Thompson says:

    Sean Bergin White supremacist B.S…. It's all a set up and the media always play a big part in the justification. The hands of the black man is tied up in a nice dirty legal package right now. This is the tool the system is using to pick the fight. So police killings and media attacks will not stop you see this is a so call war. But we all should stop entertaining the idea.

  32. It may be hard growing up without a father… But growing up without common sense and civility is much worse, you made it cupcake, you are spouting your filth on the newscast.

    He will not be around that station long, and hopefully to fade into obscurity.

  33. Didn't know not having a dad makes you get killed, profiled, jailed falsely, among other illegal thins the police do.

  34. Marcus Matthews says:

    There is some truth to the no father issue. The black man was weakened to control our community and to keep us from coming together to do great things.

    I do think a boys go down the wrong path because their dads aren't in the house. BUT the lack of fathers in homes was controlled by what some call white oppression.

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