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164 thoughts on “Immigration Author Explains Why Black People Are Not Considered American

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    pure rubbish. all of it, real garbage. the american enterprise institute is an establishment think tank that directs american policy so you can understand why america is in the place it is in today.

  2. Marcus Bundy says:

    Please don't be dismissive on the content of his statement what he is saying is historical facts.There are many campaigns throughout early colonialism to never ever allow blacks rightful citizenship.

  3. I think he's honest, this is essentially a Black and White issue. Always look at he data and also look at the history of America.

  4. Sollie Walker IV says:

    Hey like my momma always said the truth hurts.

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    i been telling yall for a year that hispanics are considered white. he's telling the truth, to be white in this country, you have to prove you can be anti-black.
    glad a white man told yall, cause thats the only way you'll listen.
    shoutout to Jay M, he always posts the best stories on this bitch!

  6. He's speaking the truth. Check out hidden colors. It speaks on this very issue.

  7. Betty White says:

    Little to no change on black/non black issue. History and past and present laws confirm what he is saying. FACE IT, willie lynch nailed it for Blacks and non blacks….it keeps on giving!

  8. That man is not lying, I have always known this to be true. The Irish was once hated till they assimilated.

  9. Douglas E Pendleton many of our people are afraid to look into the face of racism.

  10. The man is dead right… and remember this is a conservative telling the truth, that most in America stick their head in the sand about.

  11. Farntella Graham says:

    Douglas E Pendleton yeah, they assimilated alright: they started oppressing us just like their white brothers from other parts of europe.

  12. Farntella Graham I keep telling many of our people that. Blacks need to start taking keep of themselves. Stop letting other couple into our business and neighborhoods because in the end we always get pushed out.

  13. Farntella Graham says:

    this is why Black americans need to take a stand against legal and illegal immigration. If what he says is true, then I have to look upon hispanic and asians as potential enemies of my race b/c they will side with the white man against us so they can get a bigger slice of the pie and curry favor from the white man.

  14. Yogi Smith says:

    The truth about racial devide is that it's not controlled by the few that stick to customs, but the many that can self identify… Black poeple are a pawerful race of people, so the opposition has to be greater in order to control them.

  15. You are NOT Americans, when America won her free don from the Europeans, Black where still in the chains. You were not include in the constitution of America. That is why they call you Africa American. Only white people are Americans. do you ever hear white people being called anything apart from Americans? If you were Americans you would not be minorities, you would be equal as all Americans.

  16. Preach girl! Preach!

  17. American is not a race. It's a country. It's actually North America. If you do some research you will find how ancient Europeans stole Ancient Moors history. It's a fact all you Caucasians have African ancestory. Keep believing in that as well as your white Jesus. Look at the Egyptian people and tell me how you could hide a white Jesus in Egypt. Impossible

  18. What he is saying is the truth and I have been trying to give black people info on this for years, this is the reason they had to add amendments to the constitution for black people. I never call myself an american , that's like saying you are white

  19. Kenneth Parker says:

    Poor woman….

  20. @ Sundiata: "hispanic" are from Spain. Very light skinned caucasian people. "Latinos" are from the Americas and the Caribbean, Black, Olive Skin and Caucasian people.

  21. Mark Krikorian is a cross-eyed, confused "expert" on race and ethnic issues, who comes accross as a racist as a result of his confusion and ignorance on race and ethnic issues. I doubt very highly that he himself has any Navajo, Taino, Caribe, Aztec or Maya blood in him, these People, of course, being THE REAL original Peoples of the Americas, and yet, when he talks about "our ancestors", he dates back to New England and Benjamin Franklin, as if that period of time is when life began on these lands. Poor Mark.

  22. Jeff Williams says:

    He makes no sense. Most Latinos are mulatto or black and some asians may identify with white but I can assure many whites especially in the south don't see that way. Further middle class blacks assimilate just like everybody esle. We do have a black president.

  23. Rahim Bernard I have to agree 100%

  24. Jeff, you are right, lations are of Mixed race people, American Indian, European and Naturally Africans, just look at J,lows butt and how do you think Latinos get their Milk Coffee colour, just by been white? i dont think so. The President is not Black he is of Mixed race, you could say he is white too, that would be fare. we say black because the whites, wont accept him, as white. Farntella Graham, she is just still living in the south, she is the kind of people that they send to come and spy on us.

  25. The people of North African are Africans, that have mixed with Europeans and Arabs, yet they claim to be Arabs, but they are not just like Latinos who speak Spanish, think that they came Spain. What ever way you look at it, you have African Ancestors, because most Spanish people are directly link to Africans and Arabs. Spain was ruled and under African rule for a 1000 years. This is why Spanish people maintain their Milk Coffee colour, like latinos do. Welcome to the world of Africa.

  26. Kofi Lion says:

    I am unable to watch any videos on this site. can someone tell me what video player is used?

  27. Farntella Graham says:

    stop saying europeans have african ancestory. they ain't got no african ancestory. they are who they are. stop identifying these sadistic animals with us.

  28. Farntella Graham says:

    Rahim Bernard we reject all of them. if you are not Black skinned, you are not Black. we do not want them among us in the same way they reject us.

  29. @ Rahim: yo, my man….I appreciate your rap. However, it's much too complex and lenghthy. I'll just leave you with the following food for thought, I am nobody's panic (his panic), instead, I am a Latin American as in Latino.

  30. We African Americans are a family and it is time that we begin working toward our own family's interests. The idea that, "Charity begins at home" is not separatism nor selfishness. The neglecting of ourselves and relying on others to provide for us nurtures that negative perception other families have of our community.

  31. If you consider how the Black race is portrayed in corporate media around the World, it is no wonder why we as a people, especially those of us speaking different languages, do not identify with each other, The Curse of Babel.

    Juan Rodriguez breaks down why Dominicans don't identify as Black.

  32. Dna evidence proves it… like it or not. Truth do's not have to be validated by ignorance by blacks or white. Seek truth no matter where it leads. We are the original man and we need to carry ourselves as such. If you don't think so go to 23 & me and do your own DNA and let us all know what you find.

  33. Greg Hays says:

    Minority is a reference to smaller number ,and most of the people here now, their ancestors came here after the revolution.Also there were Blacks in the war with England! That being said and true, all whites no matter where they are from,assimilate into white America for ovious advantages because they are able to because of their skin color.Blacks will always be different because of their inability to assemilate because of their skin color!!But American is a nationality ,
    not a race as_hole!!

  34. Greg Hays says:

    You cannot assemilate into something that is Black and White , you will always be one or the other. Middle class Blacks may act like and chase the samegoals as their White counterparts, but impossible for them t change their skin color, therefore they will never full assemilate!!

  35. Most are not they do not have the traits

  36. Farntella Graham i hear you.

  37. Mico, thats not actual true about the native been first. African where there before all of you, Natives came later. this is not base on hear say or emotions, but hardcore scientific fact.

  38. Rahim Bernard rahim, learn how to read before putting your foot in your mouth. I did say "_original peoples of the americas."

  39. Mico As LatinPride , maybe you could teach me?

  40. Rahim Bernard I already taught you that I ain't nobody's panic.

  41. Yes you did Mico. read the fourth line of what you wrote Mico…this is what you said ….he himself has any Navajo, Taino, Caribe, Aztec or Maya blood in him, these People, of course, being THE REAL original Peoples of the Americas,. so i guest i still cant read?

  42. Pamela Warner says:

    @RAHIM BERNARD: You have apparently done your research. I agree with all that you have said. If you have not, read THEY CAM BEFORE COLUMBUS and CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE AFRIKAN HOLACAUST. Yes we were here centuries before Columbus. There is a sea current that connects Africa to the Americas. Many Africans looking for other lands, got caught in this sea current that lead directly to the Americas. They were usually shipwrecked. But there are actual accounts of Africans being here pre-Columbian. The information is out there folks, do your research and stop believing the lies/myths that have been shoved down our throats.

  43. Jean Guy Julien says:

    what is it about you Americans ? All of you. always talking about race and racism.Seriously. This coming from a Canadian.A Black one too.Obviously you are unable to live together, so i sugggest you quit complaining and return to Africa. Try building a society over there.You want to live here and expect White American to accept you. They never, ever will. Of course, if u can dance, sing or make a 360 basketball dunk they might tolerate you.But other than that,they see you as sub humans.Why do keep wishing for the impossible ? For them to accept you as their equal ? The overwhelming majority are unwilling and unable to do so. For real.Is there racism in Canada ? Of course.But nothing that can come close to the U.S.,now a nation of obnoxious war monger and lazy obese criminals filled with hate. But more importantly with absolutly no moral character, no ethics, no honor.You call yourself the leaders of the world ? You are an absolute disgrace, and your filthy empire is already crumbling down, taking us with you.I used to worship you as a kid, now i despise you most of you.Not that you care.Too busy constantly reporting every single time some redneck uses the N word or some irrelevant racist attitude.How are you still surprised ? I just told you how evil you've become. Shame on you.Damn Yankee murderers.

  44. Jean Guy Julien says:

    what is it about you Americans ? All of you. always talking about race and racism.Seriously. This coming from a Canadian.A Black one too.Obviously you are unable to live together, so i sugggest you quit complaining and return to Africa. Try building a society over there.You want to live here and expect White American to accept you. They never, ever will. Of course, if u can dance, sing or make a 360 basketball dunk they might tolerate you.But other than that,they see you as sub humans.Why do keep wishing for the impossible ? For them to accept you as their equal ? The overwhelming majority are unwilling and unable to do so. For real.Is there racism in Canada ? Of course.But nothing that can come close to the U.S.,now a nation of obnoxious war monger and lazy obese criminals filled with hate. But more importantly with absolutly no moral character, no ethics, no honor.You call yourself the leaders of the world ? You are an absolute disgrace, and your filthy empire is already crumbling down, taking us with you.I used to worship you as a kid, now i despise you most of you.Not that you care.Too busy constantly reporting every single time some redneck uses the N word or some irrelevant racist attitude.How are you still surprised ? I just told you how evil you've become. Shame on you.Damn Yankee murderers.

  45. Queenk Nandi says:

    Truth be told none of us are American. The real "Americans" include the Calusa, Cusabo, Guale, Apalachee, Timucuans, Tequesta, etc. and these are just the southeastern indigenous peoples or Americans. There was a whole slew of them before the "Europeans came in, virtually wiped them out and then labeled themselves "Americans." Seriously, "Krikorian"; my name alone is more "American" than that. Our ancestors built this country, were more "American" than the immigrants that came in as well as those who held them captive, so we ARE "American" despite what anyone says.

  46. Queenk Nandi says:

    Truth be told none of us are American. The real "Americans" include the Calusa, Cusabo, Guale, Apalachee, Timucuans, Tequesta, etc. and these are just the southeastern indigenous peoples or Americans. There was a whole slew of them before the "Europeans came in, virtually wiped them out and then labeled themselves "Americans." Seriously, "Krikorian"; my name alone is more "American" than that. Our ancestors built this country, were more "American" than the immigrants that came in as well as those who held them captive, so we ARE "American" despite what anyone says.

  47. Regardless of what the comments may say, we continue to try and assimilate into the western culture (where we are not wanted) rather than support our own. Talk is cheap! If you would rather comment on the topic rather than come together, we are all doomed.

  48. Which makes us not powerful!!!

  49. Being black in America you can never expect to win or come on top with having a hatred to whites. Alot of niggas need to get their head out they ass and do whatever it takes to get on the same level playing field they want to be on. You may have to smile and be nice to get where you want to be in life. Then after your on top bring up your people with you. This prejudice shit is getting old on both sides Farntella Graham.

  50. Lynda Harris says:

    EUGENICS: The methods of implementing eugenics varied by country; however, some of the early 20th century methods involved identifying and classifying individuals and their families, including the poor, mentally ill, blind, deaf, developmentally disabled, promiscuous women, homosexuals, and racial groups (such as the Roma and Jews in Nazi Germany) as "degenerate" or "unfit", the segregation or institutionalization of such individuals and groups, their sterilization, euthanasia, and their mass murder.[13] The practice of euthanasia was carried out on hospital patients in the Aktion T4 centers such as Hartheim Castle…
    (YouTube it, watch and learn. The Ancestors are calling.)

  51. Have you ever considered the logic, if any, behind opening the floodgates to unskilled, illiterate Central and Southwest Asians (a/k/a Eastern & Southern Europeans) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? I mean, there were enough Blacks in the South, Native Americans everywhere, and East Asians in the West to do any needed work, who were already citizens, and knew the language, right?

    The issue was quality, not quantity. Black men and women, teeming masses of skilled, energetic people who had just fought and won their freedom in the biggest slave revolt you’ve never heard of, a/k/a the Civil War, were poised to take over. Abraham Lincoln, yo’ White Savior, after freeing you from states that weren’t under his jurisdiction, had proposed to ship you to Central America. That didn’t happen, so they had to dilute the population by replacing the millions of white men who died in the war with immigrants, for whom the first English word they would ever know would be “nigger.” Now you know why. They were teaching them that the Black man, woman and child were who they were there to beat out. “Sic ‘em, Guido!”

  52. Yogi Smith says:

    We are still a very powerful and dynamic group of people, we just have to not allow ourselve to be controlled by the masses… thus, be self governed, self maintained, and most of all, self respected. …and not let anything else be the solutions to our own issues. Period. Each 1 Teach 1.

  53. Tim Williams says:

    I've telling these dumb niggaz and dems that the Latinos don't want us in there yard! They want to come to ours hear what we have to say, take our ideas and steal what's left then use it against us!! Just remember if there's a race war they are going to help white supremacy destroy us!!

  54. Shawn Mc says:

    Rahim Bernard who cares who came first; that amounts to nothing for the black diaspora today. being the first wont make you successful, honorable, loyal,courageous, respectful…….. its who you are TODAY

  55. Shawn Mc says:

    Greg Hays its not about being white as in their race but white as in their values and customs.

  56. Shawn Mc says:

    that's what he's saying; all nationalities have come here and accepted the values of white folks and are successful so they may be another nationality their values are on the same level as white folks

  57. Shawn Mc says:

    you can thank the black entertainers for that

  58. Shawn Mc To me this is a two fold situation, yes I feel Blacks should be financing our on images, but then there is the struggle to get out into Their controlled industry. But too, to many of our Black Achievers are to busy trying to Fit-in.

  59. Shawn Mc says:

    i dont think we ever had a choice but to assimilate.
    we already have assimilated to be honest its just that due to our entertainment being so strong we wont completely commit

  60. Shawn Mc says:

    looking at the culture of black folks im not shocked no one wants to associate with black folks. I'm live in Chicago and a 3 year old boy was shot this weekend, every weekend there are multiple shooting and killings in the black community; why would i want to associate with people like that.
    we are being destroyed by our own culture, i dont think we have a choice but to assimilate with main stream values.

  61. Shawn Mc Correct, but we need to drive towards a solution to invest in our communities, take ownership of our children's education, rebuild our culture, invest in Africa and build our economy. The Arabs, Indians, Jews and Whites continue to spend their money in their communities, yet we spend 90% of our resources in each of their communities and not our own. This has to stop!

  62. Kofi Lion says:

    Shawn Mc I got that. I can watch flash videos elsewhere

  63. Shawn Mc says:

    Kofi Lion try clearing out your browsing data, delete then reinstall the player.
    and try it with your security off

  64. Africans n America don't give a schit about being white. We want what we pay our taxes for: representation. We never looked to be a part of the "we", we want life, liberty, and security.
    Join s in the movement at to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13h Amendment. Its about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. sign up and get involved. Sign up and get involved.

  65. Fisher Unchained says:

    I saw that in Miami growing up middle to upper class hispanicis do call the selfs white cudans in this case

  66. Where is the documents that show anybody who owns the land! When you show me,then its your land. Until then this is everybody's land!

  67. Blacks where here before more where brought here!

  68. Farntella Graham says:

    I agree. african americans need to get compensation and go back to africa. we need to go there and help the africans control the caucasians and others coming into africa. idi amin showed the africans what they must do. kick their asses out of africa: the whites, the indians, the chinese. kick out all foreigners and do them the way saudia arabia does. you come, you work and then you leave.

  69. Farntella Graham says:

    I agree. african americans need to get compensation and go back to africa. we need to go there and help the africans control the caucasians and others coming into africa. idi amin showed the africans what they must do. kick their asses out of africa: the whites, the indians, the chinese. kick out all foreigners and do them the way saudia arabia does. you come, you work and then you leave.

  70. Farntella Graham says:

    don't say that. they need us, we do not need them. all the talk they talk about us, they cannot do without us. why didn't they let us leave with marcus garvey? they do not want to associate with us? they rip off our culture everyday. they want to be us so bad you can taste it. their women will not leave our men alone. they steal our music and think they do it better than we do. they will not level the playing field because they will be where we are. we are stronger than them, more moral than them and better than them in every regard. you thin they do not know it?

  71. Just so you all know what time it is, have a read………….

  72. Sundiata Keita says:

    Rahim Bernard herero genocide? is that the one in southwest africa? yea i saw that video a few years ago, and i got a lot of thoughts about it cuzz. what do you think?

  73. Sundiata Keita says:

    whites sent indians to boarding schools and took their name culture, religion, raped them and murdered them if they could not assimilate. they went to the aboriginals and tried to breed them out of existence so they could assimilate, when it didnt work, they built the rabbit proof fence and sent them to boarding schools. they exterminated the tazmanians after they couldnt rape them into a white race quick enough.
    so can you tell me please, what is good about assimilating into european society?

  74. Sundiata Keita Bro, it was nasty. i just dont like how some black people get offended about talking about it, as if they will offend Europeans. Are Europeans offend about their history, wars or anything that they do to us? Never be ashamed of the Blackness.

  75. Sundiata Keita says:

    i got a whole video about so called latinos and mexicans on my YT page, JaccTrippa. but yea, you made this comment to get likes when there is a reply button right there next to my name, but we dont even got to talk about that shit cuzz

  76. Rahim Bernard @ Rahim, no need to be a "scientist" to see this…..even Stevie Wonder will see it, Natives were here before the white european trash arrived on the Americas, then the white trash brought the slaves from Africa. hello????

  77. Rahim Bernard u are right blacks are not included in the constitution, but Moors are, (Moors Sundry Act ). We helped them be free, they are the real black people, white is a status and we are just that WHITE. not our skin tone. they are black(which means bleach) bleach means to turn from a dark color to a lighter one, that is them not us (look into the etymology the word black). hell we were here when they got here, some of us had just left Europe.

  78. find a nation called black and tell them to hold up their flag… I'll wait…. nothing. do you know where the name Africa comes from, it comes from a Roman who conquered the northern part of the continent, so to be African is to carry a slave masters name. that is why they have nations over there with FLAGS. the 13th Amendment is on point, it's the 14th amendment that's the problem and all the ones that follow. what is your nationality Robert P. Robertson

  79. Sundiata Keita says:

    Rahim Bernard excuse me if i offend you, but you a real nigga man. i talked about this on my video last week. black people get offended as fuck when you talk bad about Mr Chalie

  80. don't forget the Olmecs @Dogons

  81. Rahim Bernard Latin bro and sis are us, Spain ran through the land and robbed our southern family of our dark skin

  82. Mico As LatinPride THIS is exactly why we're in the position we're in today. History isn't accurately taught across the board. Natives INCLUDED those Africans who were here when the European arrived. There were Africans here, who the Europeans enticed to adopting a system of capitalism, in which the Europeans made currency with the Africans (NATIVES) faces on them, as to transition/convince them, into the practice of exchanging said currency. SO, Africans weren't just brought on boats…

  83. Your history is very, very twisted and warped with white supremacist indoctrination, but it is what you believe in your heart. I will not waste my time engaging you in something you've apparently formulated a strong opinion of. I respect your right to believe in whatever you want to believe, but you should understand that what you believe in is not always right or correct socially, morally, or historically. Getting involved in a useless, really childish debate with you will not benefit or elevate our situation in America one iota. So, you can find someone of your own degree to play with. Or you can act like a man and join the movement at to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13th Amendment. It's about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. It's okay if you don't, but it will benefit all conscious people who have signed, as well as those who don't. Think about it. Sign up and get involved.

  84. Robert P. Robertson I can assure you this has nothing to due with white supremacist indoctrination. the things I'm saying are not opinion but history documented on a government level.( Moors Sundry Act.) This situation will be elevated on a Government level because it deals with governments directly.( Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1787). So you see this is not a debate its documented history and government affairs(Barbary Treaties are recorded in Congressional Records) If you are a state citizen you will not be to effective, those things you seek should be yours already. I have those rights already and did not have to petition any Presidents to receive them. As far as acting like a man and finding someone of my own degree:) What is your Nationality all men have one.

  85. Jimmie Willis, is Name was Scipio Junior, Roman General, His father Scipio senior was killed by Hannibal, who lead his army over the Swiss Alps, held Rome hostage at the gates of Rome, when the Roman Empire was at its most powerful. Killed 80,000 Romans, in two days. Yes we are not all Africans, only the people in North Africa. Mainly Algeria and Morocco that are Africans.

  86. Jimmie Willis Robert, if she is a moor…then she would be right…..

  87. Robert P. Robertson, what most people does not know, is that the moors held American warships in north Africa, with their soldiers, the American Government had to sign a treaty with the North African Moors.

  88. Shawn Mc says:

    Charles Johnson it has to stop but how; black folks stop becoming merchants over 40 years ago, opening stores was less exciting than city jobs at that time, LBJ gave lots of money to the inner cities in the 60's and everyone wanted a piece, everyone wanted to spend their hard earn money in the best of stores so the hell with the mom and pops.

    its easy to say we need to patronize our own but there isnt many black outlets, i live in Illinois and when i drive through the black area in Chicago its a wasteland with boarded up store fronts, you can count the establishments on one hand

  89. Tas Ramirez says:

    Oh please, MEXICANS or Hispanics are NOT white! They wish, dream and hope to be but the reality is right at the border. They are not welcomed nor considered white by the 'white' protesters, who greet them as they try to come in on a bus. That's the truth.

  90. Carly Lee says:

    i had to listen to this shit again and you know what? This is complete bullshit, Choosing to be white does not make you white! Asians are HONORARY WHITES, which means that whites view them as non threatening and therefore accept then! Speaking english and having a job does not make you white either, this is nothimg more than racist bullshit. Hispanics are not white either, no matter how much they oh so want to be. Look at how white people treat them!!! Jews, Italians, Germans and Irish, who were called NIGGERS when they first came here by the way were able to assimilate due to having WHITE SKIN! Whites have been doing all they can to get Blacks out ever since Slavery ended. Black people being so fucking stupid is why we are in the position that we are in. We need to do something that will fear them the most…COME TOGETHER IN UNITY!!!! i am speaking on white society, which is very racist, not all white people.

  91. Doogie Houser says:

    "as a assimilation tool"

  92. Yvonne Cole says:

    INobody in America is American, the white man KILLED the original Americans which were Indians, so how do they justify that. .

  93. Yvonne Cole says:

    Farntella Graham some of them have though, I personally know of two white girls whose great grandma was black , there is a lot of it around my cousin who is mix race has two children by her white partner and if u did not know the mum you would think they were 2 white children.

  94. Yvonne Cole says:

    But America is not white , the originals was Indian people were it not.

  95. Yvonne Cole says:

    Rahim Bernard America was not originally white , the white man killed the originals to steal the land, I would never look at the whites in America and call them the Original AMERICANS.

  96. Rahim Bernard u are on the right track, Moors are not Africans, Negro, Colored or Black, these are negative labels, they(European runaways) did not sign the Treaty in the place they call Africa it was signed over here with Moors from this Land mass.

  97. Robert P. Robertson r u serious, we do not want to sign any petition with them, this is their government let them deal with it, when they get serious they know where we are FYI, North America also includes Canada, r u saying the Constitution over here works over there too?

  98. why is everyone bent on going back to a place that is not yours? the only people that need to pack up and go are the Europeans, they came on boats and want us to share that story too, WRONG ANSWER PEOPLE! We were already here, u do not leave your Land watch (Stick Up Kids). This is just a small example, it's really grade school stuff compared to some other information. Go back to so-called (Africa), lots of countries over there where are u going 🙂 ANSWER: u at home already we own North, Central, and South Americas, not just one.

  99. WE GOT IT, this is not everybody's Land!

  100. ASSIMILATION IS THE PROBLEM, we are separate always were and still should be, this is not la la land, it's OUR LAND


  102. first of all, "american" is not a country. It's a nationality. and second of all, I have yet to see images of ancient egyptians who look like a black Negro of Sub-Saharan African descent as I.

  103. Yvonne Cole No, Indians are from India. The indigenous Americans are Native Americans. or more accurately, just americans.

  104. Lisa Jackson says:

    Code words! When the say "American" then they are referring to white people, when the word national is used then that may imply blacks. But the "WE" blacks are the original "WE" and the truest Americans because our ancestors built this country. Although "WE" don't make that claim. Illegals and other types of immigrants can classify themselves however, I don't care "WE" blacks should be able to leave this form of America and start our own nation.

  105. Its common Sense…We was brought to Amerika as slaves. The bible scriptures will tell you who we are if you read it carefully. We are the chosen in the book.

  106. Rell Pharaoh says:

    What about the Indians they took it from,none them are really from America there from Europe

  107. Don Spartan says:

    Farntella Graham Sorry but ..very technically they do have ancient roots in Africa. That was so long ago that they have evolved minor differences, but still.

    Science happens to disagree with you is all.

  108. all i have to say is the original black nobility

  109. Keema McCoy says:

    Amen Raymond, Deuteronomy Chapter 28 talks about the curse and if you read the words and think about how blacks suffered during slavery you will see the bible prophesied African Americans struggle in America thousands of years ago.

  110. Exactly, Lisa Jackson, WE said Blacks are NOT U.S. citizens, but are the ONLY true Americans based on their own pass definitions from "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY". Immigrants have to be naturalized to be United States citizens NOT Americans. It's called the United States of America and not America of the United States. America has the superior position. and we are Americans!

  111. Stefhen Bryan thats because they lighten the photo's and stele's of the one's they show you and hide the one's they can't. research history of Herodotus he was a greek scholar of the ancient world who visited kemet and gives description of who and what he saw there

  112. Since African Americans are not citizens then.we should be able to perform a business tax free, get bank loans with no qualifications, get a secondary education free and apply and get $1000 a month in foods stamps without being looked down upon. Smh. considering the facts and reason African descendants like me are here I think we have done a great job"assimilating",look at the word. As the author explained there has always been a dividing spirit for one reason or another within "non-blacks". If the Native Americans rose up, I guess we all would have to go. Being a Christian nation, we are not to turn away the needy, the sick.

  113. Don Funk says:

    Only the Native Nations and tribes are "Americans" if you want to go down a racist path of thinking, I suggest we leave all that race, nationality and religion alone, maybe we could find some peace. It's getting ridiculous…

  114. Terry Keith says:

    It hurts if you will not accept it is what your momma should have told you.

  115. Celia Nobles says:

    He's soooooo wrong!

  116. Ronnie Koobecafkcuf Spann Thank You, Brother. Herodotus eyewitnessed the Kemetic People as just as Black as what he called, the 'Colchians'. Those were Afrikans.

    And this nonsense that there's a Sub-Saharan Afrika is incredible. IT'S ALL AFRIKA, and the Kemetites came from Ethiopia. Tain't no pyramids in even Italy, let alone anywhere North of Afrika. white people have only been on the planet for a scant 12,000 to more likely 6,000 years – according to THEIR scientists.

    The oldest structure in Ancient Kemet is well over 15,000yrs old – The Great Sphinx. It shows clear flood damage at its base, and the last time the Sahara was a flood zone was 15,000 years ago. So, the Sphinx is actually older, while having been eyewitness by Count DeVolney as CLEARLY AFRIKAN in its features. Shortly after that, Napolean blew his nose off.

    Geez, Stefhen Bryan. How much the Enemy has taught you to doubt who you are and applaud them for stealing what is yours.

  117. I tend to not comment on these things because they are nonsense but since people are bringing up ancestry i would just like to point out that in the bible it talks about adam and eve and they basically created the masses and then the flood came and noah and his family recreated the masses. Science tells us that only one race is able to create other races. Sorry people but black is that race. You have albinos who can be considered white, redbones or indians, high yellows or asians, and basically carmel or hispanic, so to be real and honest we are all the same just different shades so all this racial hatred and discrimination is crazy and invalid at the end of the day. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  118. Bull shit they just trying to confuse

  119. The Clovis people were here before native Americans, Europeans and Africans.

  120. If science was properly being thought in our schools then we would have all grown up knowing that the color of our skin is due to adaptations to the different levels of heat around the globe and is similar to the other physical traits such as eye color that serve for the same purpose as explained by Charles Darwyn long ago. If you listen religion has played a major part in not allowing some individuals to see beyond the outer shell.

  121. Kevin Thomas says:

    Every race that has ever come into america has without question been hated…The chinese were hated and used to lay the railroad tracks and to handle nitroGlycerin so if it exploded they (The Whites Irish etc.) felt like they lost nothing but a worker…The Italians were hated and even hated amongst themselves thus the two different fractions of them.The Puerto Ricans were hated. The Cubans were hated. The blacks etc.etc,.etc….And trust me when the Government gets involved Blacks, Cubans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Dominicans the US Gov considers them all Black or derivatives of…However, the funny thing is if you ever work for the Gov. they list everythings else as other….US Gov. basically in there way of thinking there is 3 races Blk. Asian and White…Everything and anything else is a derivative of those 3 and really not a populus they give much relativity too… They talk about the Polynesians and the this and the that's….But they really have no relevance to the US…… Only if and when they need them to be. That is the Great White Way….They would not have America if we did not help them in both WWI and in WWII….They don't need us for WWIII Because it's all going to be buttons and they are going to lose…But really the whole worlds going to lose the next war is only about one thing….Population decrease so that the 1% who truly believe they own the world can begin to take over and implement control of everything while instituting there New World Order….The next war will be a few booms but all the sick chemicals and drugs that were created in those Nazi and Japanese experiments will be used and millions if not billions will die from it….So that a class elitist few can rule over the multitudes…. It's not the " BIG BLACK MONSTERS " the world needs to fear scroll down and watch the video you'll see it's more like the quiet SQUIRRELY WHITE GUY —–>>>

  122. Moody Blu says:

    We are NOT a Christian nation. Religion was used as a tool to keep people in line and now, to this very day. I get disappointed when any black person genuinely believes in the fairytales of the Bible.

  123. Doc Lady says:

    Blacks already did. It's called Liberia. Look it up & see it's history.

  124. Have any of you ever read 2KINGS chapter 5? If not, it's very interesting…

  125. You call it a fairytale, but if you read it; then you will see that everything that it said would happen, is happening….with more to come.. When it comes to God it's not about religion or white people it's about a relationship with God and having yourself prepared spiritually for when the end comes. Each of us will be held accountable to God for our obedience to Him, or our disobedience to Him. It won't be about what race of people did what to whom, because with God, He is not a respecter of any race, color or creed. It is all about obedience to Him… If your name is not written (no matter what color ones skin is, or what one call themselves) you won't get into Heaven…. I love you Moody Blu, even though I don't know you, because you are a soul that I do not want to be lost. Praying for you, because to God you are beautiful..

  126. Yes the author was correct about the climate back when America was being formulated as a country when certain Europeans were considered the “Niggers” in our society but with one inconceivable difference. All of them came to this country on their own free will. We were brought here as property to be used as free labor against our will. Here we are centuries later with the South still fighting the so-called “war of Northern aggression” otherwise known as the Civil War. We are still being treated like property to use like slaves as we are being denied equal protection under the law, our right to vote being diminished, black and brown people lives being undervalued as they shoot us down like animals in the street. What is criminal is black and brown people are warehoused to live in the worst neighborhoods, to accept low wage jobs and of course to be first fired and the last to be hired. None of the Europeans are still subjected to the past prejudices but blacks and brown people are being subjected and treated like second class citizens. Because of our culture and our politics, the police look at us as being illegitimate the same as undocumented people but the author alluded to the fact that Asians and Hispanics consider themselves to be “white”, a statement by which I totally disagree.

  127. Tara Ellerbe says:

    Black is not a nation. You have to identify with a nation. We are Moors. The original people in America. And they know it. And until we nationalize, we really don't have any rights.

  128. Lisa Jackson says:

    True but don't trust the King James version of the biblical scripture simply b/c it was rewritten for the slaves. The white man injected his own interpretation of what black people should know, and cast his own likeness as Lord and savior. The best way to get blacks to bow down, pray and worship him. There is a dvd that explains it much better than I called "Hidden Colors" It tells us how the white man created myths to make black people believe they are inferior. It covers both religion and financial slavery, which we are living in today.

  129. Roger Ringo says:

    Diane….. I was so happy to see your comment about the Clovis people ~ indigenous to America LONG before anyone else ~ Yet "others" claim to have "discovered" it and we just accept it. "After the discovery of several Clovis sites in western North America in the 1930s, the Clovis people came to be regarded as the first human inhabitants of the New World."
    Knowledge is power. To hell with lies & propaganda.

  130. Key Raw says:

    Stefhen Bryan the problem is all the images of ancient egyptians are from European books and scholars but if you go deeper into the research you will find that ancient Egypt (which was called Kemet) originated in the upper valley (the southern part of Egypt) and all of their ancient texts says they came from the land of the Zulu in the south which we call South Africa, Angola and Botswana. So please don't be fooled by these lies and movies like "Exodus" trying to depict ancient Kemet as Arabs because even the modern day Egyptians wil tell you that ancient Egypt was very much Black!! Invasions in the latter centuries of the empire from Arabs and southern Europeans made the mix of Afro-Arab Egyptian we see today. And keep in mind in those days you had other great empires on the continent such as Nubia, Cush and Ghana…don't allow them to steal our natural born legacy!!

  131. Key Raw says:

    Nancyah Cummings yes the scriptures of the bible speak truth but you must know that the version of the bible we see today (especially the King James version) has been tampered with and many, many books and gospels have purposely been removed why? Well one thing I should point out to you is that the bible we see today borrows from the original scriptures from Ancient Africa including Ancient Egypt, Ethiopia and Ghana. I also want to point out to you that to this day the pope and royals from England pray to a black Madonna and black Christ based on the original Kemetic (ancient Egypt) deities Horus (the son) Isis (the mother) and Amen-Ra (the father) that's why every religion from Christian to Islam says Amen or Ameen. So I believe in God the most high creator, however we should always seek knowledge so that we don't get lost in ignorance just because we have faith. The version of Christianity we practice today in having everyone pray to a blond haired blue eyed Jesus was purposely set up like that so that the elite can rule the world by having everyone look at them as the descendants of God in a sub-conscious way. I hope this information will help you in your journey, I love you my sister and prayers going up for you and all of our chosen people.

  132. Tara Ellerbe says:

    Every person in America needs to find out their blood type. I guarantee you, you are indigenous to the America's. We were here before anybody and being called "black" is problematic when it comes to nations. We know that black is a term that we use to identify with our culture, but as far as they are concern, it makes us not human. We have to become a nation.

  133. The funny thing is I have lived nearly half a century and never really seen a black person. Other than a few albinos I have never seen a white person either. What most people don't realize is this. We all are of African ancestry it is a scientific fact. The average Caucasian person if they spent most of there life in Africa with scant clothing in just a few generations would be dark skinned again. Mr. Kirkorian is a moron.

  134. Tara Ellerbe says:

    The first President of the United States was a black Moor. His name was John Hanson. Now why would they let a black man be the President unless he was already here? Of course, they are changing history saying he wasn't black, but he was.

  135. Uno Garrison says:

    fuck all the bullshit..they show no sympathy for the native americans they oppressed, so why should we think they will do us any better? wake up and stop befriending devils. jesus said we are act like it my people.

  136. Malcolm Cook says:

    We are considered Americans when we suit up to go fight for this raggedy country but when we take that uniform off, it's back to being a n*gg3r.

  137. Once again, the title does not fit the subject. I am who I want to be and know to be. I am an American.


  139. Shelia Smith says:

    Lisa Jackson they forgot to remove this from the king version OH YEAH BABY WE WILL OVER COME…. When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations–the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you– 2 and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. 3 Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, 4 for they will turn your sons away from following me to serve other gods, and the LORD's anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. 5 This is what you are to do to them: Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire. 6 For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. 7 The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples. 8 But it was because the LORD loved you and kept the oath he swore to your forefathers that he brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. 9 Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. 10 But those who hate him he will repay to their face by destruction; he will not be slow to repay to their face those who hate him. 11 Therefore, take care to follow the commands, decrees and laws I give you today.

  140. He's a comprehensive POS!
    Burn him & his book!

  141. Everyone should only print one word, where race is needed, ie. drivers license, it should say Race: Human. Period! Why do we let color define us.

  142. @Key Raw Everything you wrote I already know. I know the son and the Fathers name. In the end it is all about Faith, having a personal Relationship with God, just you and Him, and living in Total Obedience to Him. All this other stuff pales compared to that. Man has done a lot of wrong things, but we have enough written to Trust and believe what is written; for "It Is Written". God wants our hearts, because He has given us His through His son, Amen

  143. @Key Raw, Sorry brother please forgive me for not saying "Thank You"for your prayers, and love you too with the love of God. Bless you, and have a wonderful day.

  144. Yetta Bell says:

    Ever since I can remember and that has been a long time, Blacks have considered themselves a part from Americans. They have called themselves African Americans even though they have never been to Africa and were born here in America. I understand why they do this but it makes them viewed and in their minds too as separate from America. My parents came from Poland in the late 40's after WW11. I don't call myself a Polish American. I am American. Understandably Blacks have been through a lot in this country but it doesn't help their plight when they consider themselves apart from American. They now have access to every trade, every roadway they choose through education if they are willing to seek every avenue of help out there and there are many. But instead, many youths still consider themselves as apart from American with their own hood culture and that is part of the problem.

  145. One of my white coworkers around the time President Obama was first elected asked me if African Americans considered ourselves to be Americans. I told him if he ever had any doubts just look at the name we call ourselves. He walked away in shame, but it made me realize just where we stood in the eyes of country ass white america. I knew right then that President Obama would have no peace and that they would make things so hard for him as a way of discouraging any other Black person from running ever again. In my opinion we are Americans, we just stand for a different America; the one where people fight for justice instead of trying to block it. And we want what's best for all humans. And I think we should not be ashamed to distinguish ourselves from white Americans when that is the reason why. If other racial groups, Asians, hispanics etc want to assimilate to white America let them. But I think this is our time in history to define ourselves instead of allowing others to define us and I say we are now and always have been the America that fights for right and justice for ourselves individually and for our fellow man. Check the history of the US and you'll see where the majority of us have always land; on the side of right. And even today, polls show where the majority of white Americans fall; against healthcare for all, against better wages for all just against things that benefit humans in general. This is not the time in our world's history to abandon our history of justice. This is the time to consciously embrace it. African Americans speak up when things are not right and we do it loudly as one large voice as we should always. It's nothing new to us and I think we should be the template for it. The leaders of it. A new world began after 2012. Many spiritualists talked about it although it never made it to mainstream media. It's no coincidence that the unjust are being revealed quickly. We just have to hold fast because it won't be long.

  146. Whites from Europe technically they aren't Americans this is Native American land and we build everything and invented everything in it so it's ours as well so were not going any where how bout we invent a ship and ship them all back to Europe



  149. Wow I love it! i have read that Bible so many times and use to question it so many times because I felt those people were us! I was told over and over they were the Israelites. Not us! I could not understand, because of so many factors, including the race and color and the race of the artifacts. We are the descendants of Moors! In fact, Moors were coming to the America for thousands of years before that old crooked Evil Slaving Columbus and the Moors were trading with the indigenous people and mating with them. There were many tribes of Mixed Black tribes here in America that we do not study anything about. Their skin was very Black! I watch many of us in the hoods as I pass through in despair on drugs, on alcohol, impoverished, beaten down by racism, hate, discrimination, their own spoiled children who want to be just like spoiled white children, but can't, and Black Gangs hating each other murdering each other over truly nothing but what the Caucasians want them to do and make their work easier for them. The Gangs do not realize after they are gone, their brother, their enemy, their sister, their mother is next and an investigation may be mentioned, but never truly started. A Black Person's Life is not valued in America, for even to this very hour, the White's still live off our tears, sweat and blood. Read "Slavery by Another Name" by Blackmon. Also what do you think the big fight over big "insurance" is? Stuff you pay for just in case crap happens!!! You need insurance for every darn thing these days and this was not the case in the 80's, the 70's and especially the 60's! also everyone should be looking at "Hidden Colors" by Tariq. Google it! Share it and discuss it with every one you know. Hold classes. Then let's unite!

  150. Mike Walsh I got it. Staunch Seinfeld fan here. Classic episode.

  151. Jason Campbell if you study the books the Africans that were kidnapped were from mostly west Africa, the Senegal empire consisted of moors my friend

  152. That was a bunch of B.S. but I personally don't consider myself an Amreican, even though I was born in this country and serviced in the military!

  153. Lisa Jackson The bible was never "rewritten". There was no way that something like that could be perpetuated for very long. The way to keep slaves away from the truth was to not let them learn to read or write. The orignal codexes (transcipts) were not changed in the KJV. Yes, the image of Christ was falsified by white people.

  154. The first Americans were Black. Before so-called Native Americans, were the Aboriginals in Meso known as AmeriKKKa today. Aboriginals were Black and in the Americas at least 50,000 years before so-called Native Americans and Native Americans were mixed of African and Mongoloids from as they tried hard to breed in with Black people. The people without melanin, which were more pale than anybody, join together to subjugate all other people for hundreds of years in the Americas. Black people had many wars with Mongoloids and Spaniards before the Caucasian Europeans came to the Americas who had done the worse atrocities on melanous people. Because white people tried to bread in with African people, they learned that the African gene was dominant and they were breeding out so-called white people. The fear of becoming extinct makes the racism intensify.

  155. Much truth to that. Even Mendel's law of genetics in the 1800's concludes that the African melanous gene is the dominant gene and so-called white people are of the recessive gene which is the result of albinism; although the mixing with neanderthals contributed to the genetic state of Caucasians as well. All so-called races descended from African people. and this is why Caucasians only have 7,000 years of existence according to fossils and melanous people have fossils recorded as over 100,000 years old,

  156. Nancyah Cummings The fact that you believe them to be true does not prevent those fairy tales from being fairy tales. Anyone that believes in a man walking on water, coming back from the dead and so on is lost. Anyone that believes any Moses threw down a staff that turned into a snake then eat up another magician's snake or that he went up a mountain and received tabled with the rules of how to live good direct from God should be pitied. Anyone that believes that a family of three or four people built a ship big enough to hold two of every single animal on Earth with their different temperature and environmental needs) and as well as feeding them cleaned up their mess and stopped them from eating each other should be avoided. That is just Judaism and Christianity; don't even want to start talking about Islam.When I consider that these religions were/are the principle tools in our continuing subjugation yet we are the main tellers of these stories, I begin to despair. There is absolutely nothing that some of us will not believe. Pretty sure that if there were to be a reemergence of Greek, Roman, Norse or Gaelic mythology we would be right in there. The only mythologies a lot of us reject are our own – which in themselves are sometimes at least as bad. We need saving that for sure.

  157. Darnell Edward Bush Why do some people equate non-acceptance of the Bible as non-believe in God, Are they really not able to see the problems with this?

  158. Jason Campbell how do you know? seriously? who told you there were none? you were not there,,, so who told you there were none?

  159. Randy Moo says:

    This guy talking about politics not racial science or biblical bs. Your comments are irrelevant to his line of argument which has merit.

  160. Jerome Cross says:

    Mike Walsh ah kiss my ass.

  161. Jerome Cross says:

    Nancyah Cummings that's just how the white folks want you to think.

  162. Carl Sharp says:


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