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‘Bring It!’ Season 1, Episode 12: ‘So You Wanna Be a Doll?’

bi_06072014_sg_0613Bring It! season 1, episode 12 : So You Wanna Be a Doll? airs tonight on Lifetime.

Miss D decides to hold team tryouts for veteran dancers along with some new hopefuls. Tamia challenges Camryn for the head co-captain role.

The show is described as:

 Bring It! shines a spotlight on the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Coach Dianna Williams (aka “Miss D”) and her Dancing Dolls troupe refuse to lose, pushing themselves to the limit each week in the relentless pursuit of victory. Every pump, thrust and high kick on Bring It! highlights the triumphs and struggles of intense competition, where errors aren’t tolerated, mediocrity isn’t excused and only a win is acceptable.

 Bring It! season 1, episode 12 airs July 23 at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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