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9 Facts You May Not Have Known About Haile Selassie I

Haile Selassie I: Emperor of Ethiopia

HS2Ras Tafari Makonnen lived from July 23, 1892, to Aug. 27, 1975. The Rastafari movement was born when political leader Marcus Garvey proclaimed: “Look to Africa for the crowning of a Black king.” A few years later, in 1930, Makonnen was crowned emperor of Ethiopia and took the name Haile Selassie I. Abroad, he was worshiped as a divine figure. In Jamaica, he is still considered by Rastafarians to be the spiritual leader of Black people worldwide.

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  1. Good to know more of my history.Godbless the writter amen.

  2. Farntella Graham says:


  3. my grandma told me haile selassie used to travel many places in Ethiopia and Africa and give gifts(coin, gold, food,) to those in need

  4. I heard he could trace his lineage back to Yaway.

  5. David Early White says:

    I appreciate this altho I have a problem with the article stating he was "the first Ethiopian ruler to go abroad", really? Don't we know better

  6. Fitsum Netsanet Kassa says:

    he led troops what a crap history, he fled out of Ethiopia and that is the truth

  7. Tony Vicente says:

    I feel bad for your students. You need to be educated well before you teach college students.

  8. Farntella Graham says:

    the Black community has not begun to discuss what happened to the Emperor. what really happened and who was responsible for it. the relationship the Emperor had with america changed after JFK and King were assassinated. sometimes I do not feel sorry for those ethiopeans being harassed in saudia arabia. are they the "careless" ethiopeans the bible speaks of? they allowed themselves to be unduly influenced by the white man and to disrupt and lose all that rich culture for Black people to admire worldwide. everything that changed america took place after the assassinations. that is how I know there was a coupe as a result of those assassinations, a quiet coup. beleive that. today, somebody put up the white flag of surrender in place of the american flag in new york. message? you be the judge.

  9. Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized……what influence by the white man are you speaking of? If nothing else we know their culture has not been contaminated like so many others.

  10. …..he is a descendant of king Solomon and Queen Sheba…..

  11. Which others do you know of?

  12. Farntella Graham says:

    you do not remember italy's invasion of ethiopia? you do not remember when mustard gas was rained down on the ethiopian people byi italy? you do not remember when the Emperor came to new york and pleaded with the then, league of nations, for assistance in stopping italy from raining mustard gas on his country? of course, the white bitches refused to help him. afterwards, bolshevik russia came into ethiopia and that is when the emperor was deposed, disappeared from this earth, never to be heard or seen again. there is no burial site for this great man, no memorial. they changed the flag and removed the lion of the tribe of judah. how the hell could the people of ethiopia allow this to happen? as close as america was to ethiopia, no mention is made about the Emperior since JFK was assassinated. you connect the dots if you are intelligent enough to do so.

  13. Farntella Graham Do you not remember world war 2? Everyone was at war. Mussolini invaded Ethopia and left in frustration after 6 years, the Abyssinians (Ethiopians) did not capitulate or surrender to the Italian forces.Invasion is different from colonization….Americans invaded Iraq… that colonizing it? Did they change the culture? After 1941 Haile Selassie ruled until 1974…..he was killed in a coup. it's a simple google……but everyone knows that Ethopia was the only African country that was never colonized……

  14. It is said he had so much gold that he would shower it on his guests and throw it around during his travels……

  15. Bobby Caldwell says:

    Karen Goodall sorry to inform u but Ethiopia was colonizers and heavily influence by italy that's why there main language amaharic forgive my misspelling has a mixture to there words

  16. Farntella Graham He ruled for 50 years….and died in 1974 at the age of 83…..he was killed in a coup that ended sovereignty in Ethopia……meaning his children would not rule the country…..

  17. Darlene Clayton says:

    dang Bobby you know something??? Just kidding.

  18. He was the ruler…of course he had to leave….no one believed him that Italy was trying to take over the world…..when Italy and Germany started invading other countries no one batted an eye until the guns turned on them…..that was when they realized the invasion was about conquering the world …not remote countries .They invaded ethopia in 1938…World War 2 began in 1939………yup ..England and the USA were surprised and the rest is history….

  19. Stop your Communist propaganda, Ethiopians love the king big time !!!

  20. The truth is all those who knew Haile Selassie loved him very much… When I was I kid I knew my grand parents loved him to death but they don't talk about him loud fearing the communist regime… When I was in high school I brought Haile Selassie's picture home and every body start crying with joy. We love you Janhoy!

  21. Maria Hassen says:

    Hi, there is a burial site for the emperor. In the year 2000, Haile Selassie was laid to rest. He was overthrown by a communist military officers. He was under house arrest when he did of what they say a prostate condition but many other people think he was killed by the communist military. Italy tried to take Ethiopia in the 1880s and Ethiopian won the battle. It is a national holiday in Ethiopia called Adwa. In 1935 Mussolini wanted to invade Ethiopia and annex Ethiopia. that is when Haile Selassie made the appeal to the League of Nations, many members of the League did not support except the US, Russia, New Zealand, China, Mexico and Spain. Those countries did not recognize Italys Invation. By 1941 Italian army was once again defeated by Ethiopian miliary and Haile Sellasie was restored as its leader.

  22. Romi Tsol says:

    @farntella Graham Hold up… What ever my Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters are going through in saudi arabia Is NOT their fault. They went there to provide for their family in Ethiopia. The Government is responsible and it has NOTHING to do with them being influenced by White men/culture. Please if you have time you should do some reading on the facts and not just what you think is going on. Thank you!

  23. Romi Tsol says:

    Farntella Graham First of all, you are right, H.I.M did NOT get any support from the League Of Nations. HOWEVER, after Italy invaded Ethiopia for ONLY 5 years, H.I.M Came back with the support of The League. After they Kicked out Italian Invaders, H.I.M Led the country Until 1974, when soldiers, against the royal leadership rose. H.I.M was killed in 1975 by Mengistu Hailemariam.

    Ethiopia has defeated Italy's invasion twice. First (1895) with Emperor Menelik and then in (1935-36) with H.I.M Haile Selassie.

    Also in early 1950's, H.I.M Haile Selassie sent over 3000 soldiers to Korea to fight the Korean War. This NOT only shows that Ethiopia was not ruled by the White men in power, but also shows our dedication to helping people in need (at the time, South Korea)…

  24. Romi Tsol says:

    H.I.M also made sure that tribes would NOT get into war (like they are right now) by arranging a marriage between two different tribes. This made it so that they live in peace.

  25. Mike Forester says:

    It's unfortunate that this valuable information remains esoteric to the majority of our people.

  26. Romi Tsol says:

    Ummm Not really. Ethiopia was NEVER colonized but was occupied by Italy for ONLY 5 years until they were driven Out. also the Amharic language comes from the Semetic langue *Ge'ez* which is still used in churches. Amharic is unTouched language and just because we use a few Italian words like "bagno* doesn't mean we don't have Amharic word for it. Btw it's (Metatebia Bett OR Shint Bett) in Amharic. so please don't make up stuff as you go along. Thank you Bobby Caldwell

  27. Maybe you are confusing these two places?
    After his return to Addis Ababa, Menelik negotiated with Italy to define a common border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. He signed an agreement recognising Eritrea as a sovereign state of Italy, beyond the Merab River as main border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia remained an independent and sovereign state, though Menelik lost Eritrea to Italy, during the "Scramble of Africa".

  28. Fitsum Netsanet Kassa says:

    Farntella Graham After suffering the brutal dids of enemy, Facist Italy, poisoned by rain of gas, our great people didn't give up rather fought bravely. But when this man come back from his hiding place, he hung some of these great warriors, just because they couldn't give recognition to him.
    By the way for your info during his kingship, people were not treated equally. It was only the royal family with the right to get modern education,…..
    And now tell me how the hell could people of Ethiopia not allow removal of this monarchy?

  29. Farntella Graham says:

    Karen Goodall we know they were not directly colonized. you are not the authority on ethiopia. I do not believe most of what is stated on google because the same people responsible for the Emperor being deposed, are the same ones who own google and all communication outlets. world war 2 was not Black peoples war. we are not warlike people like europeans. unfortunately, america is in ethiopia now. they are buying up land and setting up military bases. this would never happen under the monarch rule. why don't you address some of my other points: the bolshevik russian involvement in ethiopia during the so-called, coupe. the removal of the lion from the flag; the failure of ethiopia to respect the Emperor and what he means to Black people worldwide. I would like to hear your responses to the points I have outlined.

  30. Farntella Graham says:

    Enndelbu Worku how is that demonstrated? where is the Emperor buried. is their a national holiday to commemerate his brith and/or death? where are his children? why doesn't ethiopia have a king anymore, like europe? ethiopia was the country that sustained us here in the belly of the beast. he allowed us to hold our heads high in the presence of unspeakable suffering.

  31. God Speaks through Ethiopia , the link between Haile Selassie 1974 and the Discovery of Lucy Australopithecus are all part of God's Master Plan.

  32. Karen Goodall I would submit that due to the fact that the first Pharaohs of Egypt/Kemet, or whatever other names people would like to use today, were Ethiopian, and Nubian, and that since they too were of one nation, and that the African /Egyptian / Alkebulanian/Black race/ oldest bones 'did' travel the world (see Tolmecs, Black Chinese, Black Native Americans, Austrailians, Indians, Mayans, artifacts etc) – I'd say that of course they did, and even if they didn't they gave birth to those who did and did so through heredity. One reference that as obvious is their own elementary school history books stating they are Hamitic and Shemitic people (that I read when I was there), as well as the travels of Sheba mentioned in reference above, as well as documented in Egypt. But the one that does it in for me, is the fact that we all came from them and from there, according to both history and science. So not only did they travel the world, they populated it.

  33. Big up to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings respect yo!!!!

    Despite rumours, mongering and false confessions concerning the so called ‘death’ of His Imperial Majesty, His body has never been seen and the place of His interment remains unknown to the world. The Rastaman hold fast that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I lives and reigns – death has no place in HIM.
    In 1974 a coup took place against the government of His Imperial Majesty and when He refused to take up arms against or suppress the communist rebels financed by the whiteboys, he was placed under house arrest and all the members of the Ethiopian Royal family were hunted down and killed one-by-one. Many fled the country to exile and up to this day still live in exile.
    Then on August 27th 1975, the new Dergue regime led by Mengistu Haile Miriam proclaimed that Haile Selassie I had died. They went on spreading the rumour reporting that He was murdered by strangulation. Who did the strangling, the world was never told. Then the army changed its story saying that His Majesty had died of natural causes while in His sleep. However, the Ethiopian Royal family in exile believed that His Majesty had died a result of massive torturing, and that every bone in his body had been broken by his tormentors.
    The Dergue army then claimed that His Majesty had been buried in a secret place. Prominent Ethiopians and church leaders asked the rebel leaders if they could see the body of His Majesty but were refused. They also asked to be shown the burial place where the army claimed to have buried the Emperor, but again they were refused and the burial place never identified nor verified by anyone from the international community. Three days later, all of them were also murdered by the Dergue regime. But this was just the beginning of millions of deaths to come for many of Ethiopia’s children under the Red Terror of Mengistu who was supported and funded by the whiteboys.
    When a state leader or someone of great influence, standing and power is deceased, the general protocol is to display the body for the public in order to quell any possibility of future uprising. However, the Mengistu rebels could not produce the body of His Imperial Majesty nor provide any evidence of his supposed death, not even a picture or any of His belongings He may have been wearing at the time of His claimed death. Haile Selassie I’s dead body was never seen in public by anyone in the world.
    Ever since the proclamation of His so called ‘death’ the Dergue regime discredited His Majesty and His legacy by disseminating lies & propaganda about HIM. They usually did this on all the anniversaries of His birth and Coronation. They destroyed all statues of HIM in Ethiopia, they removed His name from all buildings and infrastructure He had built, they changed the Ethiopian flag and replaced the Lion of Judah with a strange star symbol, removed and destroyed the history of Ethiopian Royal families from history books and erased Haile Selassie I’s name completely from Ethiopian history so that coming generations would not know about HIM. The Dergue traced and tracked all Ethiopians who had close links and relations with the Royal family and killed them all. All sympathizers with the Emperor were killed. For the Dergue, Haile Selassie I had to die, – in the minds and hearts of people.
    In 1992, after the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) overthrew Mengistu’s Dergue, the Ethiopian media announced news that Haile Selassie I’s remains had been found buried underneath Mengistu Haile Miriam’s personal toilet.
    However, these were not the first claims that His Majesty’s remains had been found. Other earlier claims were proved to be lies when it was discovered that the bones claimed to be those of His Majesty were infact remains of a woman who had been a victim of the Dergue regime.
    In 2000, on the 70th anniversary of His Coronation, more propaganda surfaced claiming that His bones were found buried in the Palace grounds. However an article published in the Guardian newspaper stated clearly that "…previously silent eyewitnesses led digging crews to the ground where a set of bones, claimed to be the Emperor's , were discovered. …THE REMAINS HAVE NEVER BEEN DNA TESTED AND DOUBT ABOUT THEIR AUTHENTICITY REMAINS. …" (Astill, 03/11/2000).
    A joke funeral was held in Ethiopia on November 2000. This was a farce and a deception to the world. His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, whom InI Rastafari declare as "The Almighty in Person", was declared dead despite there being no authentication nor verification of the bones. Rumours and lies concerning the disappearance of His Imperial Majesty persist to this day, but we the faithful and true still say provide the evidence?
    Heads of state and royal families from around the world were invited BY THE Ethiopian government to the ceremony. But none took the offer! Buckingham Palace said that no member of the British royal family would attend. None of Afrika’s heads of state dignified the lies with their presence. And so did all of Afrika, the world royal families and state leaders who were close to His Majesty not attend that charade of treasonous lies. RasTafari all over the world boycotted this farce ceremonial conspiracy to hit the last nail on Haile Selassie I. And until now, no one can provide any evidence of the death of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, only assumptions, propaganda and dirty bone lies!!!

  35. Awoke Dires says:

    I am Ethiopian. We Ethiopians are fully responsible and we have been paying the Price thereto. Not the white Man !!!

  36. Romi Tsol says:

    Farntella Graham Ofcourse the Bolshevik Russians supported Italy, since they thought Italy would be against Japan. Though they pretended to support Ethiopia, their true colors showed later. As for the Ethiopian flag, the Flag had the Lion of Juda from 1897-1974 (H.I.M's fall). The Derg (Military opposition of H.I.M) took out the lion and made it so that the flag was just Green/Yellow/Red. "The failure of Ethiopia to respect the Emperor and what he means to the Black people world wide"?- That statement really bothers me. I am Ethiopian and I know millions and millions of Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians that love and support H.I.M. After the Derg overthrew the Monarchy rule in 1975, until it was overthrown in the late 1980's and early 1990's. ALSO Can you elaborate when you say *Ethiopia doesn't respect H.I.M*???

  37. Romi Tsol says:

    Fitsum Netsanet Kassa Hun I dont know where you're getting your information… tnx for your opinion though.

  38. Farntella Graham says:

    Fitsum Netsanet Kassa You talk propaganda that was spread about the Emperor worldwide. . this is what my father and others in his generation told me about the Emperor until I learned that is a LIE.

  39. Farntella, yes the illuminati revolution of 1974 coupled with the foreign borrowed theory of Marxism, Leninism has brought Ethiopia so much problem in the last 40 years.

  40. Karen Goodall Karen Italy was defeated at ADWA and then again in 1941. musolinis army stayed in Ethiopia for a mere five years facing unrelenting insurgency. We are Ethiopians, NOT "Abyssinians". "Abyssinia is a given name of foreigners who hate to call Ethiopia by her own name Ethiopia. King Haileselassie was NOT killed in a coup, that's what his enemies claimed.

  41. Farntella Graham Ignorance means lack of knowledge and you are showing how much you really do not know about this topic…..scroll up and read the other comments…The only black people I know who even recognize Haile Selassie are the Rastafarians who created a religion worshiping Haile Selassie …….my brother was one in the 60s when it was a new religion ….and yes, I am Jamaican…….I am no expert, but our country knows more about Ethiopia back then and the plight of the Emperor than Black Americans did then or even knows of today……I lived during a time when he was the Messiah for Rastafarians and their Jesus in the second coming……my brother showed me convincing passages from the Bible of why he believed that prophecy……Selassie lived a long time…and he actually did great things……but in the end his people were suffering and that is why his reign ended in a coup…exactly how he got the crown in the first place…….as to Black people in america…..only a few even know his name…..I'm no expert, but I remember how Rastafarians were treated as bums, nasty, weed head….and yes, Bob Marley was considered as such until he got famous……the whole country questioned their sanity for believing in Selassie… the knowledge of him was a national debate……anything happened in Ethiopia was first on the news….we were very enlightened back then……you can't change history… only can read it….

  42. Maria Hassen says:

    "I met certain Rastafarians. I told them clearly that 'I am a man,' that 'I am Mortal,' and that 'I would be replaced by the oncoming generation, and that they should never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that the human being is emanated from a deity."-Haile Selassie I (Interview with Bill Mc Neil)

  43. Farntella Graham Please educate yourself before pointing finger against 90 million Ethiopian. Ethiopians are under dictatorial regimes since the Emperor overthrown and killed, 17 years under the communist regime who killed the Emperor and around 20 years until now under the worst form of ethnic dictatorship (the current regime hate Haile Selassie's ethnic group). We are fighting very hard to bring democracy in Ethiopia and you will see what the people will say about Haile Selassie!!!!

  44. Eyob Z Mariam Maybe you have the wrong name……I said Ethiopia was never colonized in answer to the original post…. As far as the coup….he was 83 and died during that captivity…so he was killed during that coup…..his son said he was in good health a month before he died…..doesn't matter how he was not a natural death…as for the name……it is historical….Ethiopia has always been referred interchangeably as Abyssinia or Ethiopia ever since the Biblical times while most countries of Africa were created and named by their colonial masters for example,Eritrea formerly a province of Ethiopia by the name 'Medre baher';and the governer named as 'Bahere Negash'.

  45. Steward B. Clinton He went to Europe…..I doubt the writers even thought about the Queen of Sheba traveling out of Ethiopia 3000 years ago……..the whole area was called Africa back then before the map changed……and they renamed areas such as the middle east that was part of Africa….considering that Selassie was a direct descendant of King Solomon and Queen Sheba I guess he should have included that….but he was sticking to the 20th century with this King……..

  46. Haile Selassie defied expectations of the Jamaican authorities,[144] and never rebuked the Rastafari for their belief in him as the returned Jesus. Instead, he presented the movement’s faithful elders with gold medallions – the only recipients of such an honor on this visit.[145][146] During PNP leader (later Jamaican Prime Minister) Michael Manley’s visit to Ethiopia in October 1969, the Emperor allegedly still recalled his 1966 reception with amazement, and stated that he felt that he had to be respectful of their beliefs.

  47. He enjoyed the worship from the Rastas and ruled in his land as a King appointed by God because of his lineage from King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

  48. Maria Hassen says:

    Karen Goodall Well, I am not talking about what people said or the authorities said, but I am talking about his speech… he said "I am a man", in another interview he said "Man cannot worship man."-Haile Selassie I (Interview with Bishop Yesehaq). That is his own words, so I don't understand how people can worship a man. I would understand if people love him for his works or for his personality or leadership etc but not his worship. By the way, I am not trying to be offensive please understand.

  49. Farntella Graham says:

    Karen Goodall like I said before, Selassie was very close with the US presidents up to and including JFK. He was very close to the people of the united states. do not say that Black america did not know about the Emperor and support him. you are one who likes to divide Black people. you do not even look Black yourself. as an african american, we were especially proud of the emperor because unlike you, from jamaica, you saw Black leadership and royalty in the face of the queen of england, Black america saw none of that, except in the person of the emperior and we were very proud of him too. he left land to any Black person in the diaspora who wished to repatriate. I have done the research and I have exposed, for me, some questions regarding the coupe, the murder of the Emperor, the removal of the lion from the flag, the propaganda fed to us about the Emperor and more questions which lead me to believe bolshivek russia had more to do with the overthrow and destruction of our birthright, than you know.

  50. Farntella Graham says:

    sounds like bolseviks to me. they did the same thing to the russian royal family before the bolshevik takeover. you speak the truth Austin Robinson, thank you. there are propagandist agents on this site trying to maintain the lies. the people cannot be deceived, especially those with discernment to understand.

  51. Farntella Graham says:

    Enndelbu Worku I pray you are right. right now, as I see it, america is there. they have set up their drone base on ethiopean soil and they are buying up land with 100 year leases. this sounds like ethiopia has been captured by the west, sorry to say.

  52. Maria Hassen Jesus was a man. Mohammed was a man. Buddha was a man. Selassie never let his own people forget that he was appointed to the throne by God……. that is historical fact…….when he came to Jamaica he met the rastas and never denied he was their King….that is a disgrace……any denial he made after that was never taken seriously because he did not do it in their presence…

  53. Farntella Graham lol…..why the personal attacks? Wouldn't it be more prudent to actually get some real facts than trying to insult my heritage? I thought we were having a discussion and now because you are sounding like a blazing idiot. What does a Jamaican really look like? Damn idiot…. Now you are really sounding like some body who live in a cave…..sweetie…….Bob Marley was a Jew….his grandmother was a Jew…..lots of people of Jewish descent lives in Jamaica……also lots of Chinese originally from China and Indians from India, Syrians after the slavery was abolished in Jamaica….the first place that got rid of slavery….our national heroes are all black……our leaders are all black. We have more pride among ourselves and respect other cultures than you even have in your little finger……just so you know….I am black….my mother is black…my father is black….my grandmother and grandfather are black. I have nothing to prove to anyone since my heritage can be traced back to slave ships….you american hater cannot even trace your ancestry since your ancestors were traded like cattle after leaving the islands…yup…the slave ships came to the island first…..idiot.

  54. Live YR says:

    Romi Tsol thanks 4 the knowledge…bless

  55. Farntella Graham Marcus Garvey is a Jamaican and he was the one who spoke of the prophecy…he said started the idea of the Black people going back to Africa….he started the rasta movement by indicating the Emperor was a diety…..

  56. Farntella Graham If selassie was so close to the US Presidents then why did he go into exile in England and not the US? Why did he look to England for support and not the US? Just because he traveled to the US does not mean he was close to them.

  57. Live YR says:

    Romi Tsol I wonder what war strategy Haile Selassie used to keep the Italian army at bay?

  58. Farntella Graham says:

    Karen Goodall you are the fool. I do not care what your nationality is, the one thing all of those groups you name have is common is that you are not BLACK/AFRICAN. you need to do some research on the relationship between the united states and ethiopia under the Emperor, you think you you know but you do not. bob marley is not jewish. I do not know where the hell you got that from, you would like him to be which is why your people took that lion off the flag. you want to claim that for yourselves. you probably weren;t even born when the emperor came to america and jamaica. marley's ancestory on his fathers side is either angelo-saxon or irish, which are the same people as far as I am concerned. he is not a jew, so stop spreading that lie. you have yet to answer my questions. I do not need the likes of you or your kind to give me a history lesson. your statements have been discredited on this post. nuff said? I am not going to stoop to your level of divide and conquer. Black people. you sound and look just like a white woman. your mind is white even if you claim to be Black. you think you are so clever, but you are an agent of disinformation.

  59. i am ethiopian and ethiopian tewahdo believer… even tho i dont think haileselassie was perfect or god but i do believe he was very wise, graceful, charsmatic and always think 2 steps from the average people… for the people that think "haileselassie was a coward/or dead wrong for leaving his country for dead when Italy was terrorizing Ethiopia " … this is your answer… first you got to ask yourself and history why and how did haileselassie went to england?! ….. well, haile Selassie didn't go to England because he was scared, feared for his life or because he didn't care for Ethiopia… the reason is actually the exact opposite… haileselassie went to England because there was a meeting between him and Ethiopian official military heads like abba araya, ras emeru etc… and he was outnumbered by their votes saying he should go to Europe and report Ethiopia's situation to genev instead of fighting the war with Italy… and he wasn't happy about their decision either but they forced him and begged him to go because that was the best choice there was at the time & our "arbegnas" were dying left to right because the Italy learned their lessons from menelik and came back with very modern war weapons… ethiopia was helpless at the time … if haileselassie wasn't wise enough to get England involved and wait for the perfect time to strike and win over Italy, our country would have been under the colonization of Italy for a long time and the culture that we cherish now would have been influenced by Italians…. do you know The emperor who you and a lot of Ethiopians refer to as a A "Coward" fought for his country by risking his life,leading a war in maychew??? how many modern emperors have you seen risking their life for their people and was brave enough to lead a war…. ??? don't be ungrateful.. it is up to us to learn our history.. & separate the factual history from opinions. happy i dont blame anyone tho… most of us ethiopians are hating janhoy because the derg and now ehadig have been pushing made up stories and false accusation of him and been force feeding us for decades, in the result our people took them as facts and some of them think haileselassie is evil and coward to this day… remember like 6 months before me and you (zion king) was debating about haileselassie leaving the country because he was coward.??.. that was fault of mine being ignorant and not digging deep on our history… now i know better… the more i read , the more i apperciate this great emperor of ours… he was a shinning star to ethiopia better yet Africa… this is a photo of haileselassie leading a war in maychew,tigray.. at the time when the soldiers told him to get in the back because there was 3 incidents that almost took the life of the emperor , he was quoted "lekakugn! , ezihu emotalhugn" translted in english = leave me alone, i will like to die in this battlefield …. i hate to say it but we (including me) should read and dig deep on our history before we accuse such great men and emperors…. 122nd bornday to abba janhoy!!! peace!

  60. Farntella Graham lol….one thing Bob sang was about loving eveyone…..God loves babies and fools……the truth hurt huh? you thought you knew some things until the truth hit you……lol….. see it yah…..yu waan fi know di truth? choke pon dis….yu better go educate yu mind….the way you talk you are still in mental slavery… your mind..only when you open it will you learn…..The Marley name comes from Syrian/British Roots". This news is confirmed by Heather´s father, Mr Michael George Marley Bob's uncle: "Per what I was told by my mother, grandmother and uncle, the Marleys were Syrian Jews that migrated from the Middles East to England and then to Jamaica. About ten years ago I did research on the surname which also showed that to be true"

  61. Farntella Graham so racist…don't you have enough people hating Black people for you to be spouting the same hate? Why don't you try to learn instead of being narrow minded and stick to the ignorance you hold so dearly…..I happen to be educated…..being educated is something Jamaicans are proud of ….we likkle but we tallawah…..every one wants to be Jamaican or people like you are jealous…this is a first for me…most people love my accent and question me about my people…..I don't discriminate…our motto is OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE…..emancipate yourself from mental slavery,None but our self can free our minds. Sad case of bad minded people… on the internet and don't know how to do you own research…..shame….waste of time…give the computer to someone who will at least search for the truth instead of whining about lying……seriously…

  62. Farntella Graham News flash….Jesus was a jew…… 🙂

  63. Farntella Graham News flash! King Solomon and Queen Sheba were jews…….Haile Selassie's ancestors were jews….lol…..

  64. Anonymous says:

    Farntella Graham You don't know much about what you even started do you?

  65. Maria Hassen says:

    Karen Goodall even Haile Selassie believed in Jesus Christ, that he was the Messiah, the Son of God. All the other names you mentioned above are dead. There is no one talking about them still be alive. It is a fact but only Jesus Christ the only one that rose from the dead and was witness by 500 people after his resurrection.. To this day Jesus Christ is worshiped. It is written all over the bible (the Book Haile Selassie believed in). There is no where online, on interview, on any historical book , or any of his speeches or any of his family members saying that Haile Selassie was the Messiah. He never said it, he might have liked or enjoyed it, like you stated, the worship but it doesn't mean he was. listen to his speech from his own mouth….and he did say he told them (Rastafarians) that he is not…

  66. Farntella Graham says:

    Karen Goodall not the same jew as you.

  67. Farntella Graham says:

    ackeegrl obviously I do. I have no interest in hiding the truth.

  68. Farntella Graham says:

    thank you for the history lesson. you are brave and courageous for admitting your ignorance about the Emperor. your humility does not go unnoticed.

  69. Farntella Graham says:

    Enndelbu Worku yes, just like the west wants you to be so they can set up their drone bases and continue their land grabs and usurp all that rich african culture.

  70. Karen Goodall Who told you it was called Africa? As far as the truth goes, a continent or place is not renamed just because some fascist who speaks your language names it after himself.

  71. Descendants from Solomon and Queen sheba or not.he help develop ethiopia.with the little resources the country had .

  72. Dawud Gaston says:

    why do Rastas still believe he's devine

  73. Farntella Graham , hi! I know Ziggy Marley. He is Jewish. His wife is Israeli and they live part-time in Israel. My father produced some of his father's work and talk of him being of Jewish descent but I don't know if he was actually Jewish.

  74. Don't be arrogant to people seeking truth!! Smh I thought I was in a forum with racists black and white people the way you people are coming at each others necks!! Some of your comments are disgusting!!!

  75. like every country not influenced by the west – debt free and independent.

  76. What Ethiopianist drivel is this? Read 'The Emperor' by Ryszard Kapuscinski if you want to know the truth about Haile Selassie, the man whom even the late PM of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, called "a feudal tyrant.", the man who was content to throw scraps of food (leftovers from his own meals) from atop his palace to hungry people huddle in wait down below while his pet lions were fed fresh red meat, the man who parceled off Djibouti and gave it to the French to build his damn railroad, the man, who, upon being asked (via a translator) how he felt about being the first black dignitary to be formally received at the White House, said "I'm not black." I agree with the tenets of Rastafarianism insofar as it relates to afrodiasporic liberation and black identity, but this deifying of Haile Selassie has to STOP. YOU ARE PERPETUATING A LIE!

  77. What Ethiopianist drivel is this? Read 'The Emperor' by Ryszard Kapuscinski if you want to know the truth about Haile Selassie, the man whom even the late PM of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, called "a feudal tyrant", the man who was content to throw scraps of food (leftovers from his own meals) from atop his palace to starving people huddle in wait down below while his pet lions were fed fresh, red meat, the man who parceled off Djibouti and gave it to the French to build his damn railroad, the man, who, upon being asked (via a translator) how he felt about being the first black dignitary to be formally received at the White House (JFK administration), said "I'm not black." I agree with the tenets of Rastafarianism insofar as they relate to the ideas afrodiasporic identity, black liberation, and humanism, but this deifying of Haile Selassie has to STOP. *YOU ARE PERPETUATING A LIE, ATlANTA BLACKSTAR!*.

  78. What Ethiopianist drivel is this? Read 'The Emperor' by Ryszard Kapuscinski if you want to know the truth about Haile Selassie, the man whom even the late PM of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, called "a feudal tyrant", the man who was content to throw scraps of food (leftovers from his own meals) from atop his palace to starving people huddle in wait down below while his pet lions were fed fresh, red meat, the man who parceled off Djibouti and gave it to the French to build his damn railroad, the man, who, upon being asked (via a translator) how he felt about being the first black dignitary to be formally received at the White House (JFK administration), said "I'm not black." I agree with the tenets of Rastafarianism insofar as they relate to the ideas afrodiasporic identity, black liberation, and humanism, but this deifying of Haile Selassie has to STOP. *YOU ARE PERPETUATING A LIE, ATlANTA BLACKSTAR!*.

  79. Andre Parker says:

    the name of the country that Haile Selassie was king of wasnt name ethiopia… do some research.

  80. Karen Goodall Karen , Invasion and colonisation can be one and the same, first you have to invade before you can colonise. America did invade and colonised Iraq, The first thing that the USA did, in her colonisation of Iraq was to have Saddam murdered. There was court case from that sentence was passed for his execution. There were no laws in Iraq in for some time that the Iraq could pass or operate. The Army was disarmed by the USA, the rule of laws was what the USA said, and that makes it a colonization of a country. May it be long or short ….The difference between Ethiopia and Iraq is, that the rules that governed the country was not held by foreign invaders, like in the case of the USA in Iraq. If a Country can’t pass it own laws or governed itself, by its own constitutions at the time of a foreign Invasion that makes colonisation……….. Invasion, Generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country. After the war the usa did not leave and continued to influence the politics of that nation.
    The withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq began in December 2007 with the end of the Iraq War troop surge of 2007 and was completed by December 2011, bringing an end to the Iraq War. The number of U.S. military forces in Iraq peaked at 170,300 in November 2007.
    The withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq was a contentious issue in the United States for much of the 2000s. As the war progressed from its initial invasion phase in 2003 to a nearly decade-long occupation, colonization.

  81. Karen Goodal, l Emperor Tewodros II supervising crossing of the Blue Nile river..does this mean he went abroad? must of cross in to one, of the following……Nile flows though Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt. The Blue Nile starts in Ethiopia. DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzanian, Rwanda, and Burundi.

  82. Romi Tsol the ethiopean leaders are influenced by the west, made up of white people and their culture. america has essentially turned ethiopia into a colony. lots of political oppression going on inside ethiopia over resistance to increased influence of the west over ethiopean society and culture.

  83. ziggy marley is not jewish. the so-called white converts of judaism, "captured" him. he sounds the most like his father and they made sure they would not get a bob #2 in ziggy, which would have defeated their whole reason for killing bob in the first place. no revolutionary talk from ziggy like you heard from his father.

  84. Give thanks for that wordsound and Gnosis…Bless!

  85. Tom Gruber says:

    Kapuscinski is long proven to base his information on fantasy. 'The Emperor' has no basis. Get informed, and read real history books and eyewitness accounts.

  86. Tom Gruber I've read multiple books on the subject of Haile Selassie as well as spoken to people who met and worked with him personally, thank you, so go get informed yourself. Judging by the fact that your cover photo on FB is a picture of Haile Selassie and your many sychophantic posts about "HIM" and Rastafarianism, you're just another wet-behind-the-ears European student who's been sold the false and hallow idea of Ethiopian exceptionalism. Piss off.

  87. Fitsum Netsanet Kassa the emperor dealt with the traitors and there were many just as there always is in situations such as these.

  88. Aweke Diress not fully. there was influence brought to bear by the west.

  89. Karen Goodall bitch, you still ain;t black, after all your rant, you still are not Black, probably jew.

  90. Karen Goodall negotiations were taking place in england. your people had to do a false flag to drag america into the war you created.

  91. Karen Goodall I thought your jew something came down thru the mother, just like Blackness comes down thru the mother. meaning what? if your mother is Black than you can call yourself Black, just like you say if your mother is jew than you are jew, right? bob marley's mother was a Black woman so bob was Black, too and very proud of it. I used to love to hear him say, "Black Man." It was almost as good as an orgasm.

  92. your comments are like a cool drink of water. it is refreshing to hear all the history you outline of the relationship between the emperor and the Black diaspora in the west and the carribean. I was not aware of many of the points you made in your comments. Reading them has solidified my position that the international bankers and makers of western foreign policy could not have such a powerful leader in africa and he had to be eliminated in the least obvious manner.

  93. Moses Abiola says:

    OK. But half of the story have never been told. Ma' Lucy is one aspect, science always "discover" artifacts in a location convenience to the sources that finance their expedition. Read "Origin of Humans" by this author.

  94. you are not telling the truth or to put it bluntly, you lie.

  95. he is our direct line to the house of judah.

  96. Farntella Graham Is that supposed to be a comeback? Substantiate your claim and lets get this debate going. I realize that the truth might be a bit jarring, but you'll never hear this from closet-racist Ethiopians. It's in there cultural hegemonic benefit to have Black Americans deify Haile Selassie much in the same way that you'll never hear the truth about Gandhi from Indians.

    The only reason Mr. Mohandas K. Gandhi (Mahatma is an honorary title used out of respect, which I will not use here) became a lawyer and championed the "plight" of Indians in South Africa is because he saw that they were being treated akin to the Black South Africans. He goes into detail about his indignation at the parallels between the types of treatment in terms of first and second person accounts of life under segregated conditions, the racial epithets used for each respective group (negro, coolie), etc. Furthermore, he takes this very personally not only as an Indian, not only because he regarded those of South Asian extraction as being better than the indigenous African, but also because he himself felt a diminution of his status (while he was of the merchant caste in his homeland, he was not held in such esteem in South Africa). He is being lionized on false terms, especially in the context of the Black American civil rights movement, about which it is taught that Dr. King borrowed the idea of nonviolent protest from Gandhi when he visited India. While this may have some truth to it, I doubt that Dr. King was fully aware of the nature of Gandhi's views and the full extent of his doublespeak. If you doubt what I say, read Gandhi's autobiography. It's all there in black and white, from his experience of being told to exit a white-only passenger car and being subjected to the same segregation laws (the indignity!) that Black South Africans were subjected to, to the reason why he became a lawyer.

    We (African Americans and Black Americans) need to be careful whom we put on a pedestal and teach our children to look up to. These types of historical truths must be brought to light!

  97. Kimion Jones says:

    All these ARGUMENTS about my Predecessor ars meaningless I am the Title Bearer and He was NOT KILLED as many THINK He passed the Title BEFORE DEATH and NOT in the Homeland I am WELL and awaiting the directions of YESHUA at which I will ARISE to GATHER MY PEOPLE !!!!!!!

  98. His majesty King and King selassi I of ethiopia

  99. hello gays iwes tinking about joinign

  100. Phoenix King says:

    Haile Selasie is a fraud and a deceiver, he is definitely not related to King Solomon or the Queen of Sheba. He is not even African. That is why his body was hidden for so long after his death and his children and grand-children refuses to have a DNA Test done; because it would expose their and his FRAUD and DECEIT!

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