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5 Cultural Phenomena Created By Black People That Other People Get Credit For

egyptian martial artsMartial Arts

Although the term “martial art” was originally used to describe the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s, it became heavily associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, and now ultimately encompasses all known codified fighting systems.

However, Korean karate master Masutatsu Oyama wrote about the origins of codified fighting systems  in his book “Advanced Karate,” published by Japan Publications in 1969.  Oyama asserted, “The oldest records we have concerns unarmed combat on hieroglyphics from the Egyptian pyramids.”

Oyama was inaccurate in saying the evidence was found on pyramids, but it was found on other Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 4000 B.C., where military training fights similar to boxing and wrestling were depicted.

In his book “The Saga of The Fist,” author John Grombach states that Herodotus, the father of Greek history, claims that long before Rameses II ruled both Egypt and Ethiopia, perhaps as far back as 8000 B.C., boxing and wrestling were introduced to Egypt from Ethiopia.

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46 thoughts on “5 Cultural Phenomena Created By Black People That Other People Get Credit For

  1. Joel Xaviera says:

    Love it! Keep it coming.

  2. keep up the education!!!

  3. Flora Ichiou Huang says:

    I remember my colleague telling me about Egyptian yoga, and I definitely know about monotheism with Akhenaton, as well as the Olympic games, but why does this Korean karate master have a Japanese name? Just wondering.

  4. Jamie Ho says:

    Masutatsu Oyama's birth name was Choi Yeong-eui.

  5. Flora Ichiou Huang says:

    Thank you, Jamie. That explains a lot.

  6. Excellent information. FYI: Mas Oyama was a japanese grandmaster and founder Kyokushin Karate. He took up Judo as well but never Korean Karate. I want our (black information) straight on everyone point. Keep up the great work. Hotep Family

  7. J.O. Bankole says:

    We love those hieroglyphs! Otherwise, we never would know any of this history.

  8. Lamont Dowell says:

    List like this upset alot of people. Keep them coming.

  9. I am fairly certain that Egyptians were from West Asia and not Africa. -

  10. I am fairly certain that Egyptians were from West Asia and not Africa. -

  11. Lamont Dowell says:

    Chris Mulhall being fairly certain, isn't being certain at all

  12. Lamont Dowell says:

    Chris Mulhall try this study out…might give you a little better insight

  13. Lamont Dowell So it seems that Egypt was a mix of races being multicultural from top to bottom. Thanks for the article!

  14. Lamont Dowell says:

    Chris Mulhall Depends on which period of time you are referring to, the most Ancient Kemetians were undoubtedly black..Kemet's culture spawned out of pre-dynastic Nile valley civilization that is indigenous sub-Saharan African. All cultures/ethnicity/races share common ancestry every human being can be linked to the oldest modern human, found in Ethiopia (A BLACK African). So it seems like the Egypt was multicultural, when in reality Africans DNA is just all around the world in every cultural.

  15. Yep, you're right. The most recent study which involved genetic testing identified an Egyptian mummy as containing DNA associated with people of West Asia.

  16. Don't forget random wanton violence and rape!

  17. What a disgusting pig, go back to the Sty!

  18. Egyptians are not black they are Egyptian.

    Not to mention that African Americans come from the west coast of Africa. Because we were robbed of our history we continually steal the accomplishments of other great civilizations that happen to be on the same continent as our homeland as our own… This has to stop.

    You never hear the Spanish calling themselves Spartans or Trojans…we need to start really educating ourselves on who we really are and not who who we wish we were. The truth is always better than fiction.

  19. Quinn Sun Flowers says:

    Mankind is a kind of man that wants to steal all the glory of darker people. May the Sun shine on all you beastly haters…

  20. Gina Love says:

    This is not surprising to me,; many more ancient Egyptian practice and technology will be revealed, SO STAY TUNE…..what is in the dark, shall come to the light.!

  21. T Lok Bruh says:

    agreed. I don't understand why blacks wanna cling to the Egyptians so hard. Im not trying to be negative or anything, but Egyptians are basically inbetween asia and Africa, pretty much where the two meet. But I don't like the Egyptian culture, they seemed corrupt, and the blacks that I do notice from theyre society looked more like slaves then nobles of any sort. And theyre women all look promiscuous. Why would you want to associate with that. I see Egyptians as the first black "white people" honestly.

  22. T Lok Bruh says:

    I always read through the comments looking for that one rascist, ignorant prick; usually fat and white, who needs attention from a comment he knows will make a black person mad. Foooound you..

  23. T Lok Bruh says:

    I always read through the comments looking for that one rascist, ignorant prick; usually fat and white, who needs attention from a comment he knows will make a black person mad. Foooound you..

  24. T Lok Bruh says:

    But all people come from Africa… stupid…

  25. T Lok Bruh says:

    All people come from Africa.. Let me say it again so the retarded understand.. ALL PEOPLE COME FROM AFRICA. Damn… Just accept that shit an move on..

  26. Oh, hey, thanks guys. Somebody hacked my account account and commented on a bunch of stuff like this…things I wouldn't have said. But I see both of you jumped right in with the cruelty and name-calling, without even knowing the situation. You are hypocrites, and you're symptomatic of what's wrong with this country. And that has nothing to do with your race.

  27. T Lok Bruh says:

    An outburst of anger, that I do apologize for. Broke my own rule of keeping negative comments to myself. Was just a lil in the heat of the moment. I apologize.

  28. Lamont Dowell Oh I know that, and I would love if that could work in an arguement to get rid of racism but as of now we live in an age and day in which I would get ridiculed for that statement. There shouldnt be "racial" pride. There should be pride in humanity. We are all of the same fold.

  29. T Lok Bruh So I wouldn't get ridiculed for stating im black? Because I originate from Africa…

  30. Takes a bigger man to apologize and I thank you for it.

  31. T Lok Bruh says:

    Even though your being sarcastic.. yeah. And this is why ill never understand racism. we all originate from the same origin of species. Different races just have less or more amounts of melanin. And like it or not I consider each human being a brother and a sister no matter what skin color. So yeah you may be Caucasian but your still a brother to me.

  32. T Lok Bruh I actually wasn't being sarcastic, I completely agree with you. I just dont think that we can get rid of racial pride until we have something else to hate. We should have pride as humanity and not a compilation of skin colors, nationalities or races.

  33. Chris Mulhall Nope from Africa remember Early Egyptians used to trade with Arabic people but knowing human nature greed was inevitable and Arabs invaded Egypt and like colonisers claimed the history as their own.

  34. T Lok Bruh Dubious very dubious but you make a valid point.

  35. For those who say that Egyptian aren't black you're right. The people the ancient times were never called Egyptians they were called kemetic. People which were from Kemet meaning the land of the blacks. I advise you to know your fa ts before you speak and get your mind right. All the pictures of ancient eygptians were black. And by the way in ancient times black people heavily populated the world including Asia lol do you research.

  36. George Smith says:

    All evidence shows that pharaonic Egypt came from the south. The Egyptians themselves stated they came from the foothill of the mountain of the moon where the god Hapi dwelled. That is the Great Lakes region of Uganda Tanzania and Kenya. The old kingdom paid tribute to the south. When ever the Middle Kingdom was invaded, the liberators came from the south to restore the original ways. When the Nile was at piece the south and the north were in harmony and the pharaoh wore the double crown to signify this fact. Before pharaonic Egypt there is evidence of a pharaonic dynasty in Nubia, then ta seti, then ta meri aka KMT aka Egypt. All of the evidence comes from the south, even the trial an error of astronomical markers using megalithic stone. The Greeks like herotdus stated that the Ethiopian and the Egyptian is totally interchangble and one in the same. They called themselves kmu meaning black and the land KMT. Cheike ante Diop did the melanin dosage test in mummies from the old and middle kingdoms and proved they were 100% black Africans. Refer to, black genesis, black Athena, Egypt the light of the world

  37. George Smith says:

    Refer to the the writings of budge, count voulney and I am list all white writers on purpose because the coon ass sambos up here don't trust our master teachers. Before the 1800's it was common knowledge that Egypt is in africa as was Saudi Arabia and that all of these people were originally BLACK!

  38. Shen Terrell says:

    James Harkness…the ancient Egyptians was Black. Have you look at any of the recent DNA studies on them?? Did you know that ancient Egypt was also populated by West Africa as well?? Source:
    Yes the truth is stranger than fiction!

  39. Shen Terrell says:

    Xavier Figueroa…your mistaken. Can you give a reference for what your claiming? The ancient Egyptians was Black Africans Source:

  40. Shen Terrell says:

    Chris Mulhall your wrong!

  41. Chris Mulhall it's only a wishful thinker will say egyptian are not blacks.look at the ancient egyptian rituals believe system language art burial hair style all still visible among the west and east africans population.

  42. Beki Boneni says:

    Victor Mthembu and if they were ever from Asia then they must have been black Asians who probably were Africans who migrated to Asia before they became Asian (Asia an African derived name itself)

  43. Chris Mulhall …More attempt at WHITE-WASHING. "Fairly" my ass.

  44. Xavier Figueroa Original Egytians was black Africans (Kemet/Nubian)

  45. Original Egyptians were black Africans.

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