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35 thoughts on “Global Racism: Find Out Why Some Egyptian Arabs Refuse to Identify as African Despite Living on the Continent

  1. Tesean Bond says:

    The Arab didn't invade north Africa until 700 AD. They know this. The original inhabitants of ancient kemet/Egypt were black. They know this. "Sub-saharan" is a term whites created as a means of stripping us from our cultural identity in the north. It's sad that we bought into it…

  2. They were brainwashed to believe that they are better than their darker counterparts

  3. Dom Jú says:

    they are brain-washed the creators of chips is a negro, the creator of water guns for the kids is a negro and there is more, so let it go we dont need them, Iam African untill I die, so we have rich naturally countries but the presidents are a shit and mansons or Illuminate they ruin everything, centuries ago Timbuktu in west of Africa was the "el dorado" of Europe…

  4. Dom Jú says:

    They were king negros and queens but we gave the books to them, now they have the power…

  5. Like the lay said, ask those invaders left their racist mark on Egypt, just like the Spaniards, with the Mexicans.

  6. These ppl in Cairo are not African; they are Turks, Non Black Arabs, Greeks, Romans etc. They are not Black ppl and they certainly are not Africans in the true sense. They are impostors. The ones in UPPER Egypt are BLACK AFRICANS. There is no such thing as Sub-Saharan, Whites came up with that term to cut off North Africa from the rest of it. White ppl are a disease.

  7. Farntella Graham says:

    they are arabs not africans. these are the people who enslaved Black africans first and showed the white man how to do it. let them stay with the whites. this is where they belong. the arabs are not the originators of ancient egypt. they are not the ones respsonsible for the glory of egypt. that distinction goes to Black people whether you like it or not.

  8. David McNeill says:

    Um, how is this a BAD thing? Uh, I swear.

  9. David McNeill says:

    I don't want no freaking Arabs claiming our land! If you are not so called Black, you are NOT African!

  10. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    Arabs are Aryan. Mixed with edomite. Pagan. You can't expect someone who is trying to pass themselves off as "white supremacy east" to be counted as men of color when they are covetous of world hegemony. These people of former dog-headed god & Nephilim worship have nothing but antipathy for Blacks. Lookhow the Libyan rebels acted toward Blacks when Khadafi fell…

  11. Kon Swaby says:

    What do you expect from invaders? You can't invade, try your best to steal history and achievements and then align yourself with the people you are stealing from? Arabs are just as jealous of Africa as the rest of the world…they're just a bit nearer! Do you know on my third trip to Egypt I had to ask where the Egyptians were? all I saw were Arabs? I had to go to Aswan before I encountered any indigenous Egyptians!

  12. Stanton Alleyne says:

    There is nothing Aryan in Arab cuture. The birthplace of Islam has no Aryan association and never had. Al Jahiz has written a scathing account of the matter but the present background is that monetary wealth adds to the priviledge of honourary whiteness so it works where it can until it runs out. That is the game! What do you think will happen when the oil runs out. Just another sandnigro otland desert suitable for savages and others.

  13. Stanton Alleyne says:

    Elisha Bar Edwardz Nature has a way of providing equity before the Universe! Before they had oil, Saudi Arabia used concubines from East Africa and similar location but when they hit the mother lode, they found the Syrian 'Circassian' women as part and parcel of that social environment. The village Syrian poverty stricken women now found her willing equal (money) in the Saudi household and rose to great heights now that many have a preference for those physical types as part of their haram but it will only lead to internecine quarrels when the oil runs out because of this inbreeding! Regardless of the designation of African, Muslim, Arab, etc they are all the same to the European. Just ask the French and their allies! Humanity goes a long way for decent people! khoda hafez!

  14. Stanton Alleyne says:

    I forgot to mention that the Syrian, Turks, etc look upon all Egyptians as 'abd' in private but as usual there is distance in the roots of arabiyya since that was only a recent modernist term. The concept of al-Arabiyya in true submission to God can be a positive force when used as brotherhood and solidarity against oppression. Speaking with both sides of ones' mouth is the norm, I have seen!

  15. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    Your rhetoric concerning "nature" & "humanity" is disturbingly "leaning on your own understanding" as well as PAGAN in scope. These things of ishmaelites are PROPHESIED way before p*ckerwoods developed their white supremacist "histories" and "sciences" for you to draw soooo heavily upon. You need a "refresher course" in Genesis 16:12. And a less condescending delivery of your purported "facts"…

  16. That's exactly right. Arabs have been enslaving, raping, and commuting genocide long before the white man came to Africa. That's why whites love to say we were sold by other Africans…

  17. Dom Jú says:

    Its politics and shit for the rest of population.

  18. Those people don't even belong in Africa. They are not the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians were Black. That is why they have no respect for Africa and her people. They really need to go back to where they came from. They can take their racism with them.

  19. Arabs have NEVER been aryan lol!!! you should know that the aryan race in general is notging more than an inbred mutation of africans that were force to adapt to a new environment during the last ice age.i would encourage you to talk to a few anthropologists on the matter.egyptians called themselves kemetuians (sp sorry) which means black.despite what the anthropologists and archeologists will tell you from scientific findings why would a race of people describe themselves as black if they weren't?

  20. the glory of ancient egypt ( KEMET) is BLACK AFRICAN. Leave it to CNN to present this distorted view of africa.

  21. Omo Oba says:

    Another divide and conquer tactics by the few white supremacists. Don't buy into their agenda. Humanity must be our concerns. We must all endeavor to keep moving humanity forward. Those bastards benefit from war at our own expense. Endeavor to ALWAYS read between the lines and SAY NO to their age old strategy of divide and rule… May Afirika Rise Again soon. Ase.

  22. Omo Oba says:

    What's the concern of CNN? Are they reporting or are they setting up a stage for rancor?

  23. Amah Jones says:

    They are not Africans, they are TURKS! Turks rule Egypt and Turks rule the former black nations of north Africa and the so-called Middle East.

  24. Amah Jones says:

    What you have in modern Egypt and indeed the entire Middle East and north Africa are Turks and their mulattoes. The original black African inhabitants of the region have been so marginalized to the extent that they have very little political power;they have no voice at all. It's interesting that it was the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) who first brought in the Turks (the Seljuks and Mameluks). Today, they dominate the area. There are two groups of Turks or people of Turkish descent who rule the Middle East. The Prophet Mohammed wasn't a "white" man, but the religion he founded and indeed his homeland, are now dominated by the descendants of his former slave soldiers or mercenaries. History tells us that the enire area was once the domain of Egyptian pharaohs and later, Ethiopian kings. Mohammed himself once sought and received protection from one of the Hebrew kings of Ethiopia. If you subscibe to the lies you've been told, you'll mostly likely believe that a black Ethiopian king protected a "white" Prophet Mohammed—-and that's not true at all. Modern Turkic Arab Muslims are always quick to mention Bilal, the Ethiopian. And when you listen to the story about how Bilal (a black man) worked with Mohammed (also black man), you get the impression that Bilal was a slave to Mohammed, a 'white" man. Bilal had to have understood the language spoken by Mohammed and Mohammed had to have understood the language of the King of Ethiopia. The King of Ethiopia had to have, racially speaking) looked like the Prophet Mohammed, too. It's just like Pharaoh, a black man, believed that baby Moses, brought to him by his daughter, was indeed his child, too. And why did he believe that? Well, it was because the baby was black like him. Please see the Dura-Europos images of Moses and his brother Aaron here: Ancient Yemen, Arabia, etc, all shared and still share cultural traits with many indigenous African groups, but don't count on CNN and their Turkish, fake Arab allies to tell you that. Another group of Turkic people, the Khazars (Ashkenazi), dominate the religion of ancient Hebrews.They constitute the majority of modern Jewry. So, ask yourself:How did Jesus and the Hebrews become "white"? Here is the earliest known representation of Jesus on a gold coin:

  25. True however their ancestors are Nubian they are mixed southern white European and Black Nubian people the ancient people called ARABS are descendants of Blacks tribes.The name of Egypt was Nubia SUDAN and Egypt were once one country called Nubia.

  26. So true DR IVAN VAN SERTIMA, google his works.
    He did the historic and anthropological research to establish the truths that you have here on the lineage of Blacks, Arabs and other races.
    The Arabs are a mixture of Blacks and Southern European tribes.The root tribes are black Arabs the Berbers , Moors and Nubians from Sudan and Egypt.That land was called Nubia in ancient times.They came from Nubia the foot of the Nile river valley.The major inhabitants in some areas are mixed Arabs the original Arab tribes were Black.Oman, Yemen, Arabia all have large Black Arab people in their current populations.Also many of their familys have roots and branches from Oman and Yemen to Mombassa Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania and the Comoros islands.

  27. Jazz Gvara says:

    Seems like everyone wants a piece of the mother land and claim it there own..

  28. Chris White says:

    Humans evolved IN Africa, the Sahara has NEVER been a boundary to Africans who lived there for the past 200,000+ years. It wasn't until historical times that non-African people began migrating into Africa and mixing with the native northern Africans. All of Africa was "black" until then. The middle east itself was black until the historical migrations of central Asians into the region, the source of the invaders of north Africa later. People have a very distorted view of population dynamics and human history because Europe's been crafting a fake history for itself for the past 500 years. Kemet was black. Kush was black. Canaan was black. Sumer was black. Arabia was black. Elam was black. Carthage was black. True Berbers are black. The speakers of Afro-Asiatic languages are black, with the exception of most of the modern speakers of Semitic languages because they became mixed with invading central Asians. The white people of north Africa are not natives, they're all descended from Asians…including the "Europeans" who also come from Asia. Their ancestors were Vandals, Goths, Romans, Greeks, Turks and mixed "Arabs". Those people are "Egyptian" in name only, but there are true descendants of Kemet still there…western media don't like showing them.

  29. Edith Jaynes says:

    Actually they were Persians and part of the Persian Empire before they were part of the Turkish empire. All of those regions was influenced by Persian first.

  30. White Supremacy at it's finest.

  31. And this is exactly what is meant by this news story how to make us more a part

  32. This is true..Africans have been living on both sides of the Sahara for thousands of years. Hell, black Africans live in the desert in bordering countries of Mali, Niger, Sudan, etc. If they can live in the desert, they sure can live across it and have been crossing that desert forever.

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