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7 thoughts on “Black Woman Recalls How South Carolina Government Sterilized Her

  1. Ericka Shonta Williams says:

    this makes me sick to my stomach when people think they know what is best for others. This program probably killed thousands of doctors, nurses, and future businessmen/businesswomen.

  2. Mamadou Diop says:

    what a shame, they are doing same things in israel with the black women! some one said.

  3. "Her father abandoned her" …and so it began.

  4. Madeline Brashear says:

    I hope she's aware of the compensation being given to victims of that awful era. There was a deadline for applying which may already be past. It wasn't disseminated and I suppose it wasn't because they really didn't want these women to know about it.

  5. There are still doing it to day the white fear that black was going to rule over there descendants, seeing that blacks is the most Damien color. The proptice is still in effect

  6. Octavius Coleman says:

    Please correct the title to indicate NORTH Carolina.

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