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33 thoughts on “Kerry Washington Passionately Schools Republican Pundit on Racial Inequality in America

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    1) white people leave out the fact white women take home 70% of affirmative action benefits
    2) Kerry prioritized womanhood over her race, which makes me wonder
    3) the fag tried to slip his agenda in there at the end. watch the signs

  2. Joan Coulter says:

    Whenever there is talk about the disparities of race, something else is aways thrown into the mix – homophobia . Hispanic is always added to the mix. There has NEVER, on this planet, been a people more vilified, murdered, tarred and feathered, burned out of their homes and towns; and in modern times, still thwarted from achievement, gaining a quality of life that is made super difficult than Black people, The Black Experience in Amerikka is a whole other MONSTER for Black people. NOBODY else's experience needs to be coupled with those facts to make it seem less devastating, or that Blacks are not alone in this plight. Get real people. Better yet, get HONEST!

  3. Roslyn Price says:

    She didn't finish her opinion

  4. Shedrick Mid-Term Sims says:

    What did she say was so great. She made sure she didn't piss off daddy by saying im not speaking against the way the government works. Did yall notice that

  5. "to make it seem less devastating, or that Blacks are not alone in this plight" Everything up to this point in your argument is certainly true. Now, just WHAT do you mean by alone? For STARTERS, and before I elaborate MUCH much further on, are you implying that whites had nothing to do with the Civil Rights Movement? I'm just trying to be clear.

  6. She must've really went in because they took the video down lol.

  7. Fariha Abena Theresa Hijazi says:

    I disagree with you on this. Many people who have lead the way for Africans all over the world when it comes to understanding global inequalities and the 'black experience', argue strongly that systems of oppression do not operate separately but rather that they overlap each other and therefore cannot be discussed in isolation. Its called 'Intersectionality' and we should be proud of the fact that this was an idea pioneered by women of African heritage.

  8. Kasia Norine Karen Elphic says:

    Joan you are absolutely correct!

  9. Joan Coulter says:

    Jonathan James Bresnihan Not at all what I am saying. Be clear, that notion was not even an inkling of an issue. My statement speaks for itself. I, in no way, addressed the Civil Rights Movement. I don't even know how you could get that from my statement.

  10. Joan Coulter says:

    Fariha Abena Theresa Hijazi I am speaking specifically to oppression in the U.S., the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free – Where "all men are created equal."

  11. Joan Coulter says:

    Jonathan James Bresnihan I in no way implied any such thing. That notion was Nowhere in my train of thought. I had initially written a longer response, but it somehow got lost.

  12. Joan Coulter says:

    Fariha Abena Theresa Hijazi Iam not talking about globally. Im talking about right here in these good ole United States: The Home of the Brave and the "Land of the Free." Again, I had written a longer response, but that got lost too.

  13. Kasia Norine Karen Elphic says:

    I see all your responses, Joan.

  14. Joan Coulter I see your point as much as I do relate the issue to being an American problem. The topic of discussion above is about affirmative action. Is it a necessary now at it was 20 years ago? Is it as beneficial to those for whom it was intended? One way or another, I believe we need to MEND it, but not end it.

  15. I find it hilarious how certain individuals can not make it through TWO sentences without using words of impunity and insulting someone.

  16. Scott Rose-Smith says:

    Agreed, which has me thinking that ABS (this site) over exaggerates the caption of the video to achieve the button click.

  17. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    No one every say what need to be said to white people with racial issues. Europeans has oppressed people of color around the world. They started with African people. Our history did not start in this country, it started in Africa and that should be made clear. You cannot talk about what is happening to black people in this country with out talking about our ancestors, period. When African people were taken from West Africa, they were brought to these shores by immigrants from Europe who slaughtered the Native Americans, created America, brought free slave labor from Africa, excluded both groups of people from the constitution that they created. They gave reparations to the Native Americans, land and the right to govern themseleves. They kept Africans enslaved, took their names, faith, culture and language and replaced it with everything European. Kept them enslaved, denied them basic human rights. Then they were freed for ten years during Reconstruction, then put them back in bondage with Jim Crow laws and blantant discrimination. Passed a civil right bill brainwashing black people into thinking equal rights had finally arrived. Then they went underground and continued with the racism.

    So here we are today, a cultureless people who have assimilated not intergreted. That's where ownership of our destiny ends. This is the 21st century. Time to stop trying to explain our plight to them. It's time to stand for truth. It's time to take responsibility of educating out children and stop depending of them to do it. We need to demand the same resources their children get. It's time for us to use our economic and political power. Time for use to interact with the people in African and Latin America to build our economic power. They have excluded us out of the process so we need to build alliances else where. They know how to divide and conquere us, that need to change. There will be black people who will be against this because they can't live without the white man telling them what to do. They have adopted the imperialistic mentality of their oppressor and think they are part of the crew, not knowing they are being used by the said system that oppressed black people in the first place. They need to be shut out and their voices should be silenced. We have got to change the way we think. This is no longer the white man keeping us down, it's the mentality of black people keeping ourselves down.

  18. Nicol L Lami says:

    i can't tell you how annoying it is!

  19. DC Price says:

    Her statements were appropriate but I find it hard to digest based on the role she portrays in Scandal, an African American woman hungry for power so she sleeps with a Caucasin. The dark haired panelist isva horses arse.

  20. Keke Eccentric Turner says:

    #TimWise and #MichelleAlexander would have brought the straight debate, with immutable facts, and endless truth… They didn't even let Kerry get her point across thoroughly 🙁

  21. Keke Eccentric Turner says:

    #TimWise and #MichelleAlexander would have brought the straight debate, with immutable facts, and endless truth… They didn't even let Kerry get her point across thoroughly 🙁

  22. Jack Toone says:

    There will never be equality intil there is equal OWNERSHIP. Equality has more to do about What you OWN than anything else. These debates are comical, we are responsible for our own, Educating, empowering, and protecting. If you really are about equality put your money together and build a school, not a church!! Just my opinion. Sick of the Talking!!

  23. Lawrence Rweyemamu says:

    "There can never really be justice on stolen land"
    -Knowledge Ranked Supreme Over Nearly Everybody aka KRS One

  24. Lawrence Rweyemamu says:

    KRS said this in 1993, over 20 years ago, eventually we will learn

  25. Joan Coulter says:

    Jonathan I absolutely believe it is as necessary today as it was 20-years ago. Is it as beneficial to those for whom it was intended? No. It never was. The people who gained the most from Affirmative Action, the Civil Rights Movement or whatever else, was and is white women.

  26. Joan Coulter says:

    Fariha Abena Theresa Hijazi Just from your name alone and where you are located is evidence enough to know that you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. You certainly don't understand or even know the Black experience in Amerikka. Plus, as young as you look from your picture I doubt you know much about the subject anyway.

  27. By Daddy do you mean Obama?

  28. Nieisha Hill says:

    Let's all just get along please. World peace, but first peace within the United states. I love all my brothers and sister in christ. We are all one race and that's the human race.

  29. Joan Coulter says:

    Jonathan James Bresnihan Did I say that? Don't get it twisted.

  30. Systems of oppression, like Fariha said often work together. You say there's never been a group more villified? Completely incorrect. Try women, here, and abroad at one point or another have been villified, and are still being villified, beaten, and metaphorically tarred and feathered for a variety of issues. As black women, we deal with being seen as lazy and only capable of greatness because a company passed over a more qualified white candidate when we're not portrayed as hyper-sexual objects. Native American women are like 3 times more likely to be murdered than any other group in this nation. Do you think this would be acceptable if white women were murdered at these rates? Not at all. Race and gender help and hurt in different ways in different situations. White women have more access to economic resources like connections, the benefit of the doubt in police and social interactions, ect. However, white women have less privilege than white men in social interactions and negotiating salaries. This is a tiny snippet of how the oppression of different groups are intertwined.

    There is also no reason to feel like we only need to address one injustice at a time. LGBT youth commit suicide at I think twice the national average. They use drugs at 3 times the national average (I think). They're denied the idea that their desired relationships and families they create are legitimate, while being more persecuted in other countries worldwide. We are ALL in this together.

  31. I don't think her character sleeps with him because she's power-hungry. She sleeps with him because she loves him as pathetic as his character is.

  32. I don't think her character sleeps with him because she's power-hungry. She sleeps with him because she loves him as pathetic as his character is.

  33. Kala Genesis says:

    What I hate about White liberals is when they pandering and patronizing of Black America.First of all quotas are illegal.No one gets into Harvard unless they deserve it.Now one of the criteria for admission is background, to get a so called diverse student body.What benefit does that do to Black America we do not know, but it makes racist liberals feel noble and then entitled to the Black vote forever.Here is the thing.There is no evidence that the masses of Black people benefit from social programs.People like Kerry Washington will play the race card to get what she wants a role on tv.The average Black person working 9-5 never benefit from the hatred and the White resentment for nothing out there.

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