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6 Ridiculous Myths You Were Taught About the Founding of America

When the number of myths taught to schoolchildren about the founding of America are taken into account, one has to wonder about the objective of  U.S. institutions of learning. The consistent distortion of the historical records has painted a false picture of the process of building the nation, resulting in widespread miseducation of the population.

Here are six of the biggest myths and the truthful accounts on the founding of America, according to historical records.


european slavery

The first Enslaved Africans Were Brought to America Long Before 1619

The Myth:

From history textbooks used in the United States, it is taught that slavery in North America began when the Dutch brought the first kidnapped Africans to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619.

What Really Happened:

According to the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, slavery in North America began with the first Spanish settlement in what is now South Carolina in 1526, 93 years before Africans were brought to Jamestown.

In the early summer of 1526, a Spanish conquistador, Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon, sailed from Hispaniola to found a settlement called San Miguel de Guadalupe, probably at the mouth of the Pee Dee River (Winyah Bay), in South Carolina.

This settlement housed 500 Spaniards and 100 enslaved Africans but lasted only about three months after an outbreak of disease killed Ayllon and many of his men.

In November, the Africans captives revolted, killing the Spanish and escaping to Native Americans.  Only 150 colonizers returned to Hispaniola in December 1526.

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9 thoughts on “6 Ridiculous Myths You Were Taught About the Founding of America

  1. Fred Taylor says:

    Every black man and woman should look up Atlanta Black Star and check the like box. You can learn about your history in this country. " The Real History"

  2. The fallacy of Abraham Lincoln's compassion on black slaves is to be transcribed and shared with all. This was a political ploy by Lincoln that compared in its falsehoods to such atrocities like Affirmative Action. As for Thanksgiving, I choose to honor the national holiday as a means of reaffirming my thanks to those who are important to me, family and loved ones, while being conscious of the foolery that most people celebrate when they line up like drones for a parade commemorating a massacre and hostile takeover of the terra firma we currently live on and benefit from.

  3. Janai Robinson says:

    To the writer of this post, do you have the references to back up your points? It's very interesting and I would love to read the source material myself. Particularly the ones concerning Thanksgiving and the religious faith of the Founding Fathers.

  4. Toney Hines says:

    we most realize that all is as the Indians said white man talk with fouls tong….to hide a nation history .I hope a day will come when al this wrong can be put to right seen with true eyes for our nation sake rise you black nation four corner of the earth truth must over lies and fouls hood

  5. Radio Shrine says:

    All other vocations and industries have been prohibited, no one cultivated the lands anymore what was left was human traffic you can see here the dynamic phenomenon. This is important for those brothers and sisters, who say we sold them into slavery, have they stopped to ask what life was like from the moment they were captured and put on the boats up-to the plantations. If they don’t know I affirm here that life from the boats to the plantations were never quiet, there were constant revolts, sabotage activities, etc.

    The captured slaves always taught their children, that their White masters kidnapped their parents and brought them to Europe and the Americas by force. To put end to this historic consciousness form of education among Black slaves, what did the White plantation owners invent as punishment? They took the father who taught his children that he was kidnapped; put him in a cage with a large bird, to be devoured before the assembled members on the plantation. His children were sold-off to other plantations. The master would finally announce to the other assembled slaves, that this is what will happen to whoever say’s again that they were kidnapped from Africa. That was how little by little, the idea was implanted in the heads of the slaves that they were sold by their folks back in Africa – this is what we call the dynamic phenomenon – after one, two, three Centuries it becomes the only truth – an unquestionable truth. Read More:

  6. John Harris says:

    Our ancestors did not go quietly from freedom in the homeland to slavery in the new lands… for most, i always believed that it was "get free or DIE trying".

  7. Janai Robinson, you can find all what you need in J. A. Roger's "Africa Gift to America" Can purchase at African American Art in the 4-Season Mall, Greensboro, NC. PH: 336-292-3209.

  8. Stephen Zahn says:

    I fixed this picture

  9. Uriah Taylor says:

    Yes are u the historian. Bullie

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