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Mugabe: Remaining White Farmers Must Go

robert-mugabeFourteen years after Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe shocked many in the West by using his army to take the land of as many as 4,000 white farmers and redistribute it to Black Zimbabweans, he is demanding that the remaining 100 to 150 white farmers give up their land and “go.”

Mugabe, 90, made his demands in a speech to Black farmers at a rally in Mhangura, a small mining town about 120 miles north of the capital Harare. Mugabe, who has led the nation since independence in 1980, decreed that whites may no longer own any land in Zimbabwe. He said they would still be allowed to own businesses and urban apartments.

“I have been given a list of 35 white farmers in Mashonaland West alone,” said Mugabe, who won re-election to a fifth term last summer. “We say no to whites owning our land, and they should go. … They can own companies and apartments … but not the soil. It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States.”

Mugabe, in particular, singled out the practice of white farmers renting land from Black owners, which many of his associates have used as a way to make lucrative profits. He said it was unpatriotic.

 “There are white farmers who are still on the land and have the protection of some cabinet ministers and politicians as well as traditional leaders,” he said. “That should never happen. They [whites] were living like kings and queens on our land and we chucked them out. Now we want all of it.”

Mugabe’s many critics characterized this latest declaration as his attempt to detract attention away from the country’s collapsing economy, which many say is on the verge of bankruptcy. Observers have said the seizure of the white farms is directly linked to the economic collapse because many of the Black farmers lacked farming equipment and expertise, leading to a drastic fall in agricultural production.

But Mugabe has blamed the drop in production on drought and the cumulative effect of sanctions against his country.

“Don’t be too kind to white farmers. Land is yours, not theirs,” Mugabe said at the rally. “They should get into industries and leave the land to Blacks.”

Mugabe’s perspective is considerably affected by growing up in a country where white farmers made up less than 1 percent of the population but owned 70 percent of the best farming land.

Mugabe’s family owns three farms that were taken from whites.

Commercial Farmers Union director Hendricks Olivier said the president’s speech had caused much anxiety among the remaining white farmers.

“We’d like to move forward and work with the government of the day,” he told the BBC.

Barnabas Thondlana, editor of The Observer weekly, told the Christian Science Monitor, “I strongly and vigorously denounce someone who expects me to hate someone because of the color of their skin. I think what the president is doing is out of order because the problem with our country at the moment is not whites.”

With the collapse of many banks and the government unable to pay the wages of many in the civil sector, Thondlana called for the nation to focus on the real problems.

“The problems with our country at the moment are dictatorship, [bad] governance, corruption, kleptocracy and other, all forms of prejudices,” he said. “We should be fighting these prejudices like tribalism, regionalism and racism. I say no to racism.”


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36 thoughts on “Mugabe: Remaining White Farmers Must Go

  1. Donna Hamilton says:


  2. African resources for the benefit of Africans

  3. Paul Cooley says:

    Zimbabwe sounds like the place for me. I bid this brother peace. He has the balls and intelligence to do what every African in the world should do which is reclaim our resources. Every country has laws for foreigners so why should the Black countries of Africa be any different? Since whites have come into Africa they've wreaked nothing but havoc so this is Mugabe operating out of pure common sense. Salute!

  4. Shawn Mc says:

    its unfortunate people are unable to read past the title. this guy is using the white farmers as a way to detract from corruption, dictatorship ,inept leadership and a collapsing economy.

    his associates get paid from renting the land to white farmers yet he criticize it , this is a joke.

  5. Blasphemy Gluttony says:

    Are the associates white?

  6. Shawn Mc says:

    Blasphemy Gluttony naw they are his friends in government, they do alot of back end deals yet the money never make it to the average citizens who dont have connections

  7. Shawn Mc What the heck are you talking about? After all the years these racist devils ruled black people land, stole it, stole the resources, enslaved the people, killed millions of people, and you got ythe nerve to talk about President Mugabe? Where are you getting your information? Don't tell me from white media. Even if it is true, what you said, there still is not enough fo criticize the president. He doing doing a lot for the people. What about all the thief they do in America, and the thief that went on, when whites came in (invaders) colonizing every Afurakan country in Afuraka. When you see blacks trying to do good, for the people, please do not criticize. It make you look like the bad guys, wishing bad luck on Afurakan people. We all need to stick together, even if you have been influenced by negative media source. If the economy is collasping, it is because of the sanctions by whites, and where did you get that information? Zimbabwe seem to be slowly progressing, even with the embargo. They have discovered resources they did not know they had.

  8. Blasphemy Gluttony says:

    It seems like he is freeing up the land so black people can actually own the land. If it is so bad there I don't think white people would have stayed judging that they are the minority and this genocide has been going on for almost 20 years

  9. Shawn Mc says:

    Nzingha Shabaka i get my info from Zimbabwe websites reporting the current conditions.
    so your rationale is to ignore corruption, dictatorship and inept leadership because we all should support any African nation, what about the hundreds of thousands of people living in extreme poverty while those associated with the government makes all the money, you keep comparing Zimbabwe to america yet Zimbabwe uses american currency due to their own dollar being worthless.
    Zimbabwe use to be one of Africa's biggest exporters and now it must rely on foreign aid to feed its people.
    do some research this man is killing his own people through greed

  10. I wish all African countries would rally to his support and show that they are united and this would send a clear message to South Africa to do the same.

  11. Beautiful! Get the white farmers out of our beloved South Africa! Get the white race out of our Continental Africa in whole!

  12. Rory Grieve says:

    Unworthy of any journalistic merit whatsoever, the man is an old bigot., meanwhile, here on earth, the Imperial Colonisation of Rhodesia and South Africa by Charter (the nowadays Zimbabwe and RSA) began in the 1880's-90's You would have to be 110 years old today AT LEAST, otherwise, how would any living white be a founder, aka "settler"? Those people are born there they are not European (sorry for you) like any other person there of their generation and age today, regardless of skin colour they are African. Zimbabweans and South Africans feudally occupied their tribal land thats how they got it in the first place- same as the white people did later on. There are no original white settlers left to persecute in any case and havent been for years, decades more like. You are persecuting people for the crimes of others who came before them- you must be so proud. The "settlers" have all died of war and old age, literally. Africa, for centuries before white people even knew it was there, was and clearly still is very much a feudal continent as documented in history, ie they like to fight and go to war, ultimately to take stuff and claim stuff from one another that is not theirs to take (usually the purpose of war). How else did the Bantu tribe claim superiority inland over the minority tribes and the Zulu their claim on the coast? They went, they saw, they fought hard and 'stole' and claimed for their own. That is a fact. What was Imperialism? No different, People coming, fighting, claiming and taking for their own. The difference is, the Empire basically ended up giving it back. You like to base events on skin colour rather than action, only because it is convenient to your lies and hate. Anyway, yes the empire(s) took a lot in terms of commodities and natural resources, really alot BUT they also brought schools, education, writing, christianity, technology, agriculture and stock farming, roads, science, mechanisation and so on. They also created the world markets today where tea and coffee are some of the highest priced commodities and they come from africa, india and south america….. to the white devils ….. who pay dearly for them so they created YOUR trade and commerce you take for granted, the fact you never see prosperity even though all the money is made is somewhat disturbing to us is it not to you? Was value paid in the early days, who the hell really knows eh, no one alive today anyway, probably not quite but the addition of those advances mentioned above are immeasurable for the advancement of any and all races and societies yet they are completely disregarded for the purposes of rational thinking here apparently.. People only like to focus on what was taken, not what was left behind or given- that is on top of what was IN FACT paid for- even though it was almost always won outright in a war and no money was payable. The colonials did not have to give them anything, not a thing, yet they did. Did the Zulu and Bantu go around giving stuff back afterwards and being all nice and neighbourly? WELL? No, the surely darn did not- no surprises. So basically this is a "blacks" only game (well was a blacks only game, the days of that kind of migration are long over) according to you and we are the bad ones? Meanwhile go to Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and even more outlandish places like China haha> you find african/black people who have moved to other peoples countries and homes and "taken jobs" and all that you complain about ….. yet those societies adapt and EVOLVE. Why is it that Africa must be the only country to expect reward for nothing AND refusing to participate and co-inhabit? Your friends, relatives and ex country men, all black, all living all over the world peacefully with others and yet you still go on and on like this blaming dead people and harassing their descendants whilst reaping the benefits of what is there. Your problem is that you are so indoctrinated in hate against "whites" that your beloved south africa is going to look like decimated Zimbabwe next door soon. You are distracted by your lying government, they tell you they will "give you that whites land" but believe you me they cannot …. for he paid for his land to the state (all transaction like that originate back to the state for the big farms you want so badly) and got his TITLE DEED. Now, the land is worthless to you because you have no title, and rightly so. If you want the title, you can buy the farm or your leaders can buy the farm for you- I am sure the farmer will be very happy to leave you to ruin the land and go off to a better place. Money was paid for it, "The State" does not change just because the faces in parliament go from white to black it is still "The State" and fully documented as always. So, when as you like to think that is, you threw the whites out, they actually just left and thats it they had enough of the hate (not the politicians, the citizens, the ones that kept the economy and finances growing so well, workers, like you, just white). If you want farms, buy them back. Money was paid in the beginning by private individuals and "The State" can now deal with your 'claims'. As for whats next? You full well know your government lie to you and tell you to "blame apartheid" for your problems and like a brain damaged child you keep smashing your head against that apartheid rock/wall. You need to stop fighting amongst yourselves and make those greedy thieving politicians of yours accountable. That country, that land that BOTH black and white died for in the HUNREDS OF THOUSANDS, where you stand now> is a mess, you ONLY have yourselves to blame because you are too busy squabbling like petty children. It used to be the land of hope and proimse, rich beyond all imagination and with unlimited potential, the envy of every king and queen in Europe and LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Shame on you all. Eventually, as you seem intent on keeping on murdering all your ethnic minority of whites, the UN will beat your countries ass down so hard you will never recover because racial hatred and persecution of minorities are a crime. You wanted a "Truth and reconciliations commission" the last people behaved so badly towards you (NO ONE denies apartheid was an abomination) yet now you commit similar and much more horrific and violent acts against people who are actually innocent and fought for YOU to have rights. Either grow up, or go to hell. I hate bigots like you hate whites and you are one extreme case of bigotry.

  13. Rory Grieve says:

    your name is gluttony, ur proud of that? You are a pretty bigot I will give you that BUT a bigot nonetheless. Have a nice day.

  14. Rory Grieve says:

    Shawn Mc NICE Shawn, glad you know the truth they are so corrupt in their governments, south africa is pretty much the same obviously. Funny how the veil of deceit gets lifted when it goes truly "international" 🙂

  15. Blasphemy Gluttony says:

    How am I a bigot and thanks for the back handed compliment ha

  16. Rory Grieve says:

    Blasphemy Gluttony well you are pretty…. :p seriously though, the whole story is all about racial hatred and filled with lies and propaganda too to be honest. Bigotry is (dictionary here next) "a state of mind where a person strongly and unfairly dislikes other people" and that is exactly what happens in Zimbabwe because lets face it hating a few whites in a country of millions is just unfair, like a bully. Robert Mugabe is a monster and unless your a Zanu PF (his political party, not sure where you are etc) it doesnt matter how black you are because you wont get a thing. It is a tyrannical dictatorship and hopefully time finish him off soon- the devil is surely waiting. Zimbabweans will pick themselves up again, what elese can anyone do except start again, like Rwanda but the cost of his tyranny is that the whole country is set back by at least 20 years. I saw photos from Harare taken last month and (I went there when I was a child for safari) it looks like a time warp. That is arrested development of a nation, a bitter legacy, Mugabe's legacy. I only feel sorry for the normal everyday people there, black and white alike it must be hell, literally.

  17. Blasphemy Gluttony says:

    How many whites are impoverished there?

  18. Rory Grieve says:

    Blasphemy Gluttony you go straight to impoverished, do you deny that they persecuted as an ethnic minority? Or that they are murdered all the time in hate attacks? They bought their land from The State (the governement, so Mugabe owns it these days obviously) and thats how they got their Title Deeds. If you want some land, go buy some like they did with their own money , hard earned like anyone else), if you want their land, then tell the government to buy it for you from them because they paid for it in the beginning and thats just the way it is. Value is due to them upon transfer. Everyone would love something for nothing- doesnt happen. The land is stolen and now individual black peole want "their piece" back, yet, in actuality the laws of those tribal kingdoms like Bantu, Sotho, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu etc dictate that there is no land ownership by individuals. So then how can we now be demanding "my land". Seems quite hypocritical to chastise one set of people and do the same, the only difference being their skin colour. There is no original white colinial settler alive today they are all born in africa just like the rest of the africans. They are not european, they cannot "go to europe" because they dont have countries there. It's very naive to think they have a homeland as a mixed ethnicity themselves. White is not just one white, the same as with black. Do you consider Ndebele to be brothers and sisters with Bantu? To love each other as "one" …. p-lease they hate each other they are a different as apples and oranges. I think you are much more intelligent though than to believe the mainstream nonsense and propaganda or any word from Mugab'es mouth anyway and you know how life actually works hey 😉 The world is actually mixing at the moment, not segregating so they should actually join us its really fun weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀

  19. all the haters can say what they want, invaders want africas land and riches, they actually claim it as their own, what coruption is there in zimbabwe can actually match the centuries of torment , pain and torture that the invaders inflicted upon africans for the resources that nature bestowed upon them? every black person on the planet should support mugabe , africa for black africans , the original owners , time for the invaders and infidels to go home, i support bro mugabe, no african has ever invaded europe or any other location and subjugated their people and unlawfully deprived them of the resources, inflict them with aids , ebola etc, black people wake to fuck up and let the invader know that he's not welcome anymore…

  20. Rory Grieve says:

    AND stop all the aid supplies being sent to africa too, best to cut all ties completely from both sides for sure agreed

  21. Rory Grieve says:

    Shawn Mc facts from Zimbabwe, wow, how impartial of you in your assessment.

  22. Rory Grieve says:

    Blasphemy Gluttony read some of my other posts the man is a terrible old fart, really a wicked old man. Hopefully he will just die of old age soon, he's like a million anyway 😀

  23. Rory Grieve says:

    get your facts straight sunshine. black americans born in the usa then …. shall we take their land away in the usa? certainly not, on what grounds>? so why is it different for whites born in africa? You know some white people are born there, right? Generations, in fact. Know the truth and be impartial. If Zimbabwe is SOOO great, by all means> go there, I dare you 😀 😀 😀

  24. Rory Grieve they can rent like many of my people who once owned land are doing in America.

  25. Rory Grieve says:

    Melcolm Melcolm Melcolm hahaha ok so you pick and choose. Black people are LAND OWNERS in America too let's tell the truth. This is a social welfare mentality (renting, no money, no job, etc etc) it has nothing to do with skin colour, just lazy people and alazy politician ruining lives black and white alike. Still very hypocritical position to have anyyway, you know thats not just how it is in America ….. Detroit has been hit hard by the recession but go look at Michigan and tell me all the black people there rent- none of them own? That would be a lie 😉 Skin colour is just used to distract you all whilst the politicians steal us blind HAHA. Obama is black after all so if it was gonna be better he would have done it …. or does he disappoint black Americans just as badly as everyone else? 😀

  26. Rory Grieve says:

    Melcolm Melcolm Melcolm it's so funny you rely on a few afro-americans who had homes seized> IT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE WHITE, INDIAN TOO. Come on grow up! As for South Africa and it's current problems, inflicted by post-Mandela politicians JUST AS MUCH as any apartheid, the crime, the insane murder rate, raping babies and children to cleanse ones self of HIV, setting people on fire in thhe street (black on black there 99% of the time). Really I think Zimbabwe is wha South Africa will look like in 10 years ….. a thriving metropolis with untold potential, ruined. Fact. Dont try to blame everything on the past, you have to be ACCOUNTABLE for your own time ……. 🙂

  27. Rory Grieve says:

    Robert Mugabe is no more in charge of his country now than if Rhodes or Smith were standing next to him right now. Zimbabwe's feeble economy, whatever credit they may have left and most importantly, the Reserve Bank (aka "The Gold Bullion") are owned by (not a white man actually!)….. Jews , right wing ones at that….. the whole country is owned by them…. like the rest of us…… enjoy that 😀 😀 😀 Africa is a pawn in a centuries old battle between Christianity & Judaism…. now the Muslims come to help us because they know this devil very, very well, from the days of Pharaoh actually.

  28. Ikem Chibuzor says:

    Rory Grieve why ranting like a dog, africans can survive without whites, come to my country Nigeria, u will know that we dont need a white evil, we dnt need ur financial aids, we dnt need u in any way but as for me WHITES MUST COME TO MY COUNTRY AND SERVE ME THEN GET PAID. SO STOP MAKING NOISE

  29. Ikem Chibuzor says:


  30. Rory Grieve says:

    Ikem Chibuzor shhhh Nigeria you have your own problems and the white devils are not to blame for yours hahahaha. STOP WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS too it's very annoying all you do is make noise ranting nothings …. you racist scumbag …. filthy bigoted racist not even worth the effort 😉

  31. Cant waste my time to read what that moran is saying

  32. Cant waste my time to read what that moran is saying

  33. Chris White says:

    We see how that's worked out.

  34. Chris White says:

    Demanjia, only 150 farms are left that are owned by whites. Every time more farms have been forcibly taken from the whites (born and raised for generations in this crap-country), food production goes down. A country that was once considered the "breadbasket" of Africa (when whites ran the majority of farms) is now not able to feed it's own population (now that almost all of the land is owned by blacks). Freeing up land for the black population has been the demise of this country.

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