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27 thoughts on “Actor LeVar Burton Highlights Terrifying Effect of Police Brutality on Black Male Psyche

  1. Farod Oneal says:

    I don't trust Tim Wise for Nothing.

  2. Vincent Vin says:

    loool… Watch Neely Fuller's videos on Youtube.

  3. Farod Oneal says:

    I have both Neely Fuller Jr's Books; "The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept; A textbook/workbook for thought, speech and action for victims of Racism/White Supremacy", and Mr Fuller's "U.I.C.C.S.C Counter Racist Word Guide". Order them at

  4. Aaron Grey says:

    I've watched some of his YouTube videos and Neely Fuller speaks the truth!

  5. Aaron Grey says:

    Farod Oneal I need to get those books!!!

  6. Bev Robets says:

    What will they get away with next,?

  7. Robert L Horton says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Anybody can speak about racism. It is even better coming from someone like Tim Wise. Tim can articulate the issue better than most African Americans I know. If you ever hear Tim speak live, he always acknowledge that fact that African Americans understand the issue of white privilege better than he.

  8. Robert L Horton says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Anybody can speak about racism. It is even better coming from someone like Tim Wise. Tim can articulate the issue better than most African Americans I know. If you ever hear Tim speak live, he always acknowledge that fact that African Americans understand the issue of white privilege better than he.

  9. Farod Oneal Or order my book from It's called The Constitution and The New Jim Crow. It's a detailed history on white supremacy and the exception in the 13th Amendment.

  10. Join the movement at to petition President Obama and Congress to remoe the exception from the 13th Amendment. It's about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. Sign up and get involved.

  11. Robert L Horton I never said he couldn't can't speak about racism. That's not the point I was making, so "What the hell are you talking about?"

  12. It is so refreshing to see a white man speak honestly about racism against blacks. He truly understands that there is a difference between the way the races are treated in America…..
    He truly has his heart in the right place……

  13. Robert L Horton says:

    Reginald Johnson; I'm sorry but when I read "but it bothers me that simply because he's white, he can talk about Racism/White Supremacy and get away with it". My badd!!! I really did miss your point. So what was your point ???

  14. Robert L Horton Let me clarify this again. I have nothing against Tim Wise. I have listened to him speak many times. I am simply making an observation that because he's a white person, he gets to talk about Racism/White Supremacy and people will not criticize or attack him. On the other hand, men like Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and Dr. Amos Wilson (to name a few examples); men who are well versed and have been talking about the same thing for decades, were criticized and attacked for saying the exact same things Tim Wise has said. Dr. Anderson is still criticized to this day, and I think that's messed up. I've explained it as best as I can. If you still don't get it, I don't know what to tell you.

  15. Farod Oneal says:

    @Robert L Horton, the fact that any person would only validate the injustice practiced by The Racists/White Supremacists, only when a person classified as White discusses it, after all the brain power People Of Color put into battling Racism is the Main reason I would not trust him. He should be talking to his buddies, some of which may practice Racism/White Supremacy.

  16. Robert L Horton says:

    Reginald Johnson OK.. I understand.. I also mostly agree. However,Tim also gets more heat form not only White hate mongers but from Black – African American people that take issue with him for speaking the truth. That boggles my my mind…We should be trying to end the race disparity as a whole. It makes no difference to me who the spokes person is. To me, Tim is our secret weapon. He is the best one that can speak to the dominate race of which he is a member.

  17. Robert L Horton says:

    Farod Oneal With due respect but, that is precisely who Tim address in his book : DEAR WHITE AMERICA…A LETTER TO THE NEW MINORITY.

  18. Robert L Horton I agree that whites do need to discuss racism in a realistic fashion with other whites, because they don't do that. There's nothing we as black people can really do to end the system of Racism/White Supremacy. However, I think that we should focus on taking measures to protect ourselves from it, like practicing group economics, building our own economic base and creating wealth as a community. The majority of problems blacks have collectively can be directly traced back to economic deprivation, and if we start there, many issues can be fixed easily.

  19. L Blake Brown says:

    Robert L Horton You make a very good point… We would tend to bring way too much emotion into the conversation thus never learning or teaching anything. It takes a level headed person to discuss race relations and to allow free speech when the subject arises… My example is when a white person says "YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS" and let them finish then I would retort with "WELL YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS" and 99.9% of the time I'm interrupted and not allowed to get my point across until later… But trust me I always love to teach a lesson they would never learn…

  20. L Blake Brown says:

    Why would you ever Trust any of them anyway???

  21. Robert Your missing Reginald's point he's not saying that Tim doesn't have the same right as we do to address the issues of racism he is saying that he would get a different reaction while he would get a sympathetic ear we would be told to get over it or we are being too sensitive. And no he can't articulate the issue better because he will never ever experience the issues on the level as you and I. He might understand the issues of white privilege but he could never understand the depth of fear oppression as we do

  22. Robert L Horton says:

    Leroy B. Adams II I agree with you. Tim has often made that same statement. I really do understand Reginald's point of view. I admit I was a little confused at first. I believe we all have our own assignments in life. "Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and Dr. Amos Wilson (to name a few examples) all have there assignments. We know that when truth is put forth, people(black and white) are going to disapprove and criticize. That is part of being a social activist. Tim is a anti-racist activist. Dr. Cluad Anderson is a black economist, Dr. Ben is a historian…on and on. Each person has their calling. I'm just saying, each one us has their own cross to bear. Not one much different than the other. WE ARE IN THE SAME FIGHT AND ON THE SAME SIDE.

  23. What he is doing is a good thing, however if black children are not inclusive, yet here again blacks are not inspired to learn. Coming back, the right things he should have said, "They had made improvements, to help inspire black children to read and enjoy reading more". That did not happened because he is only there for white children. Please notice, everytime, they would announced him coming back, he would be surrounded by white children, the times they had one (1) black the child was so fair (mulatto) you could not tell the child was black. I have no problems with mulatto, but these devils are always trying to present something that does not include blacks. Our black children desperately need something to inspire them to read. It is not happening in the schools, and it will not happen with Levar Reading Rainbow.
    Excuse me yall, this post is suppose to be on him coming back with reading rainbow. My bag. But look, in that he is talking racism, I hope he realize those people who are bringing him back, are committing racism on him, and our black children, because we have not seen black children in the TV spots, only white children. If you folks think I am wrong on this, just check out the books he will be using, 100% of the time they will be white books for white children.

  24. Farod Oneal Other than Dr. Cress Welshing, you are the second person, I know of who read the book. I heard it is a best seller. All praise is due Dr. Neely Fuller Jr. I have been wanting to get the book for years, no excuse for not having it. I will order the book in a couple of days.

  25. Robert Robertson Could not pull up your site here for the petition, so I Googled it, I signed it today 7/9/2014. I will spread the word, I am glad to see this. Why Obama has not seen the need to do this?

  26. Tahrell Moor says:

    We live in a nation where Michael Vick goes to prison for animal cruelty and George Zimmerman gets away with murder. A black man's life means nothing to these people. The dominate society wonders why we can not let go of slavery? Because mentally and emotionally we're still in whips and chains. Systematic Racism at it's best!

  27. Time Wise is a Small Hat agent

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