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Obama Urges Americans to Welcome Immigrants, But Protests Continue in Southern California

President Obama used the Fourth of July to urge Americans to welcome immigrants to the U.S., saying opening our arms is “central to our way of life,” but a group of anti-immigration protesters in Murrieta continued to try to prevent the federal government from sending more undocumented immigrants to their Southern California town.

“We have to fix our immigration system, which is broken, and pass common-sense immigration reform,” Obama said at a White House ceremony for 25 foreign-born men and women who gained American citizenship for their service in the U.S. military.

The Murrieta protesters were emboldened by their success earlier in the week blocking buses carrying 140 undocumented immigrants sent from a Texas Border Patrol station, where they were to be processed before being moved to await deportation or asylum. More protesters showed up yesterday, believing more buses were due to arrive, but instead they were met by a group of pro-immigration activists who staged a counter-protest.

Protesters told the Wall Street Journal they were concerned that Murrieta and its residents would now be labeled as racist.

“We’re not like that. We’re very good people, very compassionate people,” said Anita Radosevic, who said she opposes Central Americans coming to the United States. “But the people that are coming in, they’re not from Mexico. We’re more than willing to help our illegals from Mexico. They’re more like Americans. They come here and they work hard.”

Immigration supporter Joey Johnson of San Francisco, who drove hundreds of miles to show his support for the immigrants, said, “This is horrendous, what this government has done to all of Central America, economically dominating it for decades, causing the conditions where people have to flee their homelands.”

This current crisis has been prompted by thousands of children and families in recent months flooding into the U.S. to escape violence, murders and extortion from criminal gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Officials say more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained since last October. The government has faced such an overload in the Rio Grande Valley that officials have been forced to fly immigrant families to other Texas cities and to Southern California for processing.

The situation in Southern California has put Obama in a difficult position because while he pushes for immigration reform, he has had to concede that most of the recent migrants will be sent home—underscoring his much-criticized actions in recent years. He has deported 2 million undocumented immigrants since he took office, prompting  many advocates to call him a hypocrite.

“The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life,” Obama said during the White House ceremony for the 25 new citizens, coming from 15 countries ranging from Australia to Guatemala to the Philippines to Ukraine. “It’s in our DNA. … We shouldn’t be making it harder for the best and brightest to come here.”

In response to the furor in Murrieta, federal authorities told the media they will stop publicizing immigrant transfers among border patrol facilities.

In Murrieta, residents tried to explain their anti-immigration stance.

“This is a way of making our voices heard,” Steve Prime, a resident of nearby Lake Elsinore, told the Wall Street Journal. “The government’s main job is to secure our borders and protect us—and they’re doing neither.”

Melinda Ward says Murrieta’s processing station isn’t equipped to handle such a large group of people. She said she was worried about the costs of housing and medical care.

“It all comes down to the tax dollars. We’re paying for it,” she said. “The government has dropped it on us and now we have to pay for it.”

But supporters of the immigrants say they need to be treated as humans, and that migrating to survive is not a crime.

“We’re celebrating the 4th of July and what a melting pot America is,” high school history teacher Raquel Alvarado said. “They don’t want to have their kids share the same classroom.”

Media reports have pointed out that other towns have accepted the new immigrants without complaint. As a matter of fact, in Nogales, Arizona, residents have donated clothing and other items for the hundreds of children who are being dropped off daily at a large Border Patrol warehouse.


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14 thoughts on “Obama Urges Americans to Welcome Immigrants, But Protests Continue in Southern California

  1. Will Rock says:

    Let em Come. As long as they are not Haitians or any other type of Afrikans in the Amerikas…Right?

  2. William Rainey says:

    What the hell.if they can get let the terrorist in as well.seeing as were unable to guard our boarders

  3. Farntella Graham says:

    and yet, europeans are flooding into africa in droves. how they can be welcomed their after their colonial history is beyond my comprehension.

  4. Calvin Davis says:

    This has been the biggest swindler that has tricked black people in modern times. This colored guy from the beginning continued to say that he was not a Black President but, a President for the American people (apparently the people that interest him is definitely not Black). Now, here come a flood of breaking the laws, intentionally ignoring, stilling and forcing their way into a country for no other reason than greed, sloughfullness, selfishness and theft Invaders. Remember that these countries are not at war. They have not ask nor are offered a safe haven. They are not running from one of the too many starving African Countries that is so prevalent. They come for a ready made heaven that will be a cost to the people that laid the foundations of this country. But to put a foot in the rear after doing zero for blacks going on 8 years of nothing. This sell-out none-black president purposes $2,000,000,000 for illegal law breaking non-citizens and a continued $0 for African Americans who is 38% unemployed but is less that 11% and declining of the American population. For the 500 years of their have been no reparation and will not be a repair-ration due to the racist mind-set that says that we have no rights nor human standing to demand payment for building this country and this world's thriving financial powerhouses.

  5. Bruce Richer says:

    Farntella Graham the main europeans flooding Africa are Islamists and I'm not so sure that's a good thing. But I do say welcome to all to America…it's a bit difficult to see our land becoming so different, but perhaps we can spread the wealth a bit better in the future.

    Farntella, I must say that where I live there is a fair mix of peoples. I went through our local park today and I saw hundreds of people from all over the world and they were all having fun. I mean basketball, Soccer, cookouts, swimming, Bike's and Kites and nearly everyone of the kids were having a blast.

    There were Africans, Hispanics, Chinese, big, little old and new. I think it's the children that intrigue me the most though as no matter what sixe or color they are, the kids all seem to act the same on such a day..simply laughing and playing, running and there's not much better than that

  6. Immanuel Hozem Hekalod says:

    @ Will Rock: Why not Haitians or other type of Africans in the Americas? Are others special than them.

    The Whites created the and are still greatly influencing the status quo in the black world. Consequently, they must reap the fruits of the seeds sowed by their forefathers and the present generation.

    If they always broadcast famine, diseases and the likes on their controlled media about the black world instead of helping to stabilize these areas, floods of immigrants would continue to show up on their shores, be it via the Mexican border, via North Africa in the Mediterranean cities of Manila and Lampedusa.

    Who wants to live in a negatively portrayed world? Very few who have the balls would dare do so but many more would try to escape for the positively portrayed one. That's the reality.

  7. Jessica Perkins says:

    So he should do whatever he wants and work just for black people?

    That makes sense….If you believe this is a dictatorship…-_-

  8. Bwire Vincent says:

    Calvin Davis – You sound like a tea partier.

  9. Jessica Perkins says:

    Bwire Vincent

    That's the rhetoric that bigoted conservatives used to instilled doubt and hatred into black folks mind because fools like Calvin think that President's job is to focus on black issues because he's black which that's not how government and the world works. Example of this is when that tool Sean Hannity had a "black panel" and asked the other fools in there if Obama has done enough for black people while in the same breath bitched about the president talking "black" to a predominately black crowd.

    And also this garbage feeds into that "Crabs in a barrel syndrome" that is prevalent in our community.

    Things don't change if we sit and complain about things not changing.

  10. Bwire Vincent says:

    Farntella Graham You are right; it's beyond your comprehension. Let me help you, by asking you this; is anybody stopping Americans of African origin from even traveling to Africa? All I hear from you people is the same old 'take us back to Africa' song, which, by the way, has been out of tune for a while now. What are you, babies in need of babysitting? Most of those White people 'flooding into africa in droves' are actually helping the underprivileged in the continent (of course, you wouldn't know that, considering the fact that the majority of you love the finer things in life, which, in your corrupted minds, are not to be found in Africa). What beats me is the fact that you insist on being referred to as 'African Americans', when most of you can't even stand Africans. Wait, before you jump on me, ask yourself why BET has never hired an African.

  11. Bwire Vincent says:

    Bruce Richer '… the main europeans flooding Africa are Islamists …' What are you, stupid? And I suppose you are not a racist because where you live, '… there is a fair mix of peoples …' You don't always have to say something, especially if you have nothing to say.

  12. Bwire Vincent says:

    Jessica Perkins I hate to say this, but I couldn't have summed it better.

  13. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    He say the American people should welcome immigrants, really? More propaganda bs coming from him. He says nothing about why these people are fleeing their country to come here. Read what the US government has done to these countries. They destablized the governments and installed puppet governments who would favor the US interest and not their own country and people. NAFTA is the reason why Mexicans are coming here. Corporate America took their only way to support themselves, their farms. The American government, as they do everywhere else they go, flood these countries with guns. The American government does not want the Latin countries or any other country to be independent of their greedy monetary and capitalistic system. Obama has the same imperialistic mentality of the presidents that came before him and for him to go down in history as the first black president is a slap in the face to every black/african in the world.

  14. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    Hold up Brotha! First you need to hold the US governments foreign policy accountable for what they did in the countries these people are fleeing from. I am not a fan of the president, but this issue didnt start on his watch, he just continues the bs. Read about the history between the US and Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The US does not want not only the Latin countries, but any other country to be independent from the US and the former colonial powers France, Britian and the UK. It's not just the people from Latin countries fleeing their homeland, but Africans are fleeing to Europe to escape the violence their that was created by the US, Israel, Britan, France and the UK.

    As far as what the president doesnt do for black people, he's not going do anymore for black people than any other president will do because we don't stand for anything. We as black people refuse to acknowledge and be proud of our history and who we are. We allow others to dictate the voices that we hear or don't hear. We have been indoctrinated into another culture, have been brainwashed into assimilation, not intergration. There is a difference. We are cowards, materialistic and easily brainwashed. We can't even take control of our own communities. To this day, I have not read one word about Ice Cube making a movie about NWA. With all the gun violence in the black community, we are silent. We allow our own people to poision the minds of our young people. NWA sang about violence, their video's gives a visual of the reality in our community today and he is proud of it. We don't need that movie to add fuel to the fire and don't tell me that the music and video's that the racist music industry is paying black folks to do. What was black folks saying when the media attacked Rev Wright? Instead of standing for truth, blacks were saying Rev Wright should go away because if he kept talking, white people wouldnt vote for him. That was the perfect opportunity for black people to stand for something, the TRUTH. What Rev Wright said in that sermon the media took snippets from WAS the truth. But as usual, black people don't want to make white people feel uncomfortable or threatened. We need to understand, when we do stuff like that, all we are doing is supporting racial superiority. We do not use our economic and political power. We are dumb consumers because we buy things from them filling their pockets and not our own. Just look at the beauty supply stores. Black people trying to open beauty supply stores are shut out and the koreans are making billions off black woman. We should be demanding that the sorry ass black caucus do something to help remove the roadblock that was created to keep black people out of that industry. I can go on and on, but at the end of the day, we need to acknowledge that we are mentally enslaved. Understand that everything was taken away from our ancestors when they came to these shores. Our names, religions, culture and language was taken away and replaced with everything European. We need to standup and became independent of the brainwashing that we are indoctrinated into. This is the 21st century, time to brake the cycle and change the rules of the game!

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