NY Radio Host Unleashes Unbelievable Racist Rant After Alleged Attack

SiriusXM host goes on despicable racist Twitter rant Anthony Cumia, a radio host for a show on SiriusXM, took to Twitter on Wednesday to unleash a disgusting racist rant on the air after he claimed a Black woman attacked him earlier that day.

The “Opie & Anthony Show” co-host is no stranger to controversy and has been hit with FCC fines throughout the radio show’s history.

This time, however, he took his cringeworthy remarks to social media and set the entire Twitterverse ablaze.

According to Cumia, he was taking pictures around New York when the Black woman was caught in one of the photos.

He claims she immediately began attacking him and called him a “white motherf****r.”

That was supposed to justify his retaliation online.

“Savage violent animal f***s prey on white people,” he tweeted during the rant, which lasted for a full hour. “Easy targets. This c**t has no clue how lucky she was. She belted me 10 times. I had a gun.”

He said she was lucky he was a legal gun owner and insinuated that Black people never legally own their guns.

“She’s lucky I was a white, legal gun owner or she’d be dead,” He continued. “Then 5 blacks started giving me s**t! I hope a home boy beats her to death.”

Perhaps one of the most racist statements throughout the entire rant was when he tweeted that African-Americans “aren’t people.”

As the rant progressed, Twitter users began hurling their own questions at the radio host.

Many wanted to know why he didn’t just file a police report about the alleged attack.

Cumia said the woman threatened to tell police that she had been sexually harassed.

“Wish a cop was around,” he tweeted. “Although she said she’d tell them I sexually harassed her. Lying c**t. I hope she gets shot in her a** f**k. Ugh.”

While there are no visible injuries from the alleged attack, the radio host claimed that he lost vision in one of his eyes, but he has since made a full recovery.

Racist Twitter rants

Source: Daily Mail

He also said the attack “validated his beliefs,” although he never elaborated on what those beliefs were.

After the online backlash began pouring in, Cumia tried to convince his online audience that he was certainly not a racist and that his Twitter rant came after he was physically assaulted.

According to Cumia, he isn’t the bad guy for launching the racist rant because he was attacked first.

“I was assaulted and used ‘mean’ words on Twitter and I’M the bad guy in all this?? Lol!” he tweeted.

He also claimed that white people will always be called racist by African-Americans no matter what the circumstances.

“It’s really open season on white people in this day and age,” Cumia added. “No recourse. Fight back and you’re a racist. The predators know this. Good luck.”

SiriusXM has yet to publicly comment on the controversy.

**Update: TMZ reported that Cumia was fired Friday morning for the racist tweets. It is unclear if the show will be canceled or if a new host will be found to take Cumia’s spot. According to the celebrity gossip site, Cumia’s former bosses found the tweets to be “abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXm represents.”

Cumia responded by saying that we live in a “strange backward world” and claimed that people are supporting the attacker and painting him to be the villain.


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