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6 Ancient African Architectural Marvels Built Before Greece or Rome Existed


South African RuinsSouth African Ruins

The recent discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone structure site in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is thought to be at least 75,000 years old, pre-dating any other structure on earth, according to South African author and politician Michael Tellinger.

Tellinger founded the Ubuntu Party in South Africa and is a self-proclaimed authority on ancient civilizations of southern Africa.

Tellinger estimates that there are well over a million ancient stone ruins scattered throughout the mountains of southern Africa. Various tools and artifacts that have been recovered from these ruins show a long and extended period of settlement that spans well over 200,000 years.

The most spectacular example of these ancient ruins is called the Adam’s Calendar, claims Tellinger. This spectacular ancient site is aligned with the north, south, east and west cardinal points, solstices and equinoxes. It is still an accurate calendar although it has been dated at least 75,000 years of old, based on scientific evaluations, according to the author.

The calendar was reportedly rediscovered by pilot Johan Heine in 2003, and named by Tellinger as Adam’s Calendar because it is possibly the oldest structure on earth that is linked to the human species.

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36 thoughts on “6 Ancient African Architectural Marvels Built Before Greece or Rome Existed

  1. AtlanticBlackStar, you folks are doing it up. I am so sorry I just recently found you. I have been a regular on the other sites, that suppose to be black, like Newsone, and The Grio, but those sites are not fit for blacks to visit. There is hardly ever subjects to read, that leave us feeling positive, or informed about issue, we should know about, we see no where else, but here.

  2. The Arabs, and Europeans, say they built the pyramids. How is that so, if they were built before they got to Kemet/Egypt? Beacuse, they do not want to say, these marvel, wonderful creations, were built by the great Africans. That is the only title, that can be truly used on a people. The Great Africans. Beat down, nealy destroyed, look at us now, and we are still beaten down, their foot our our necks. The powers that be, knows we will out live any other race on the planet, so we are pretty much guranteed we will get back, what has been stolen from us. How log that will be, we dont quite know. Their genetics scientist are racing before the clock to see how they can do something to make them last as long as the Africans. Guess what? If it is melanin, that will carry us for billions of years down the road, they have perfected genetic engineering, where they can put melanin in people who does not have melanin. They can change skin color, all kinds of stuff, so if they can develope people to last as long as us, how are we going to get Africa back, and how will we ever be free? That is a question, that came to me from the universe. Come on black people, talk back to me, what is your take on what I just said?

  3. Sly Django says:

    We need to all get back to our roots throughout the entire diaspora… We are spiritually confused. That to me is the key.

  4. @Nzingha Shabaka, I read your response which got my attention as a first. I will say to you that you know the answer that you seek, it's in your statement. There is a greater power than "the powers that be" in man and His will, will be done on Earth as is in Heaven. I will tell you patience & faith, and you will see with your own eyes how the last will become the first.

  5. Leanna Morris Thank you sister. I use to be a real estate broker.

  6. Nzingha Shabaka Oh really, great. What do you do now? Do you know anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home? Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is global. I have referral networks in various cities, keep me in mind if you do. Thanks!

  7. Tracy Dornelly says:

    I second that!

  8. Tracy Dornelly says:

    I second that!

  9. Leanna Morris Will do.

  10. Bullshit on the first one in South Africa. It might be true but their expert is a politician? How about citing an actual expert? Instead your publication admits that Tellinger is a "self-proclaimed expert…" Hell why not get Cee Lo Green to verify it next time?

  11. but remember the real can never be all the way duplicated, and the artificial is never as real as the original. the creator knows, and so does the earth. so it don't matter about injecting them with melanin it still want turn out the same.

  12. After a career that allowed me world travel & actually working day to day in a country on project basis. I continue to haunt all ethnic type venues on FB (many times FB really ticks me off on their incompetence) to continue broadening my education, outlook, perspective , et al. Specifically, on the existence of life & cultural development (even animals-insects) as we know it. One of the things I notice is exaggeration-expansion of facts etc. Nubia WAS ahead of the herd. But when the herd caught up, they imparted great influence on what was happening. Construction, culture, religion, social-eco systems, etc. No need to aggrandize something that in itself is already grand. Do understand from whence I come. BTW. Wasn't Queen of Sheba, in King Solomon history-legend a Nubian?

  13. Thankfully some common sense, good words Kenneth. Self proclaimed expert…that has to be the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard…what is astonishing is how people are easily fooled / tricked when the word 'expert' is mentioned.

  14. THE GREATEST PEOPLE THAT EVER WALK THE EARTH!!!!!!!! Now look at us….completely dominated by the Johnny Come Lately Pink Savage People.

  15. we as a people need to stop worrying about who did what first. it really is about what lasted. we hate to acknowledge that Egyptians refuse to identify with black people. the bottom of the story though is 'WE SHOULD CONCERN OURSELVES WITH WHAT WILL LAST NOT WHAT WAS FIRST"

  16. There pretty much doing the dirty work for us…

  17. Gray Matter says:

    I've been thinking about that a lot since my chosen-colored glasses just came off not too long ago. I just wonder how true that is. I get the Abraham lie now, but I feel more abandoned than obligated. I don't understand how a people were able to rename, rewrite, recolor ideas of god systematically, and then use the power of our ancestors against us. Just really trying to figure it out. And I'm also trying to figure out what lessons we're supposed to learn… because the last thing I want to do is come back.

  18. Gray Matter says:

    All of the Egyptians I know are proud Africans.

  19. Gray Matter says:

    When history is looted, it's difficult to find the truth. I'm wondering if my great grand children will ever know who the real Isis is. It's a system, so I'm taking back EVERYTHING. If it turns out not to be mine, I'll adjust as I go.

  20. Jordan GeorgiaGirl Mack says:

    ??? I never heard that the Arabs or Europeans built the pyramids. I mean it's kinda obvious that Africans built the pyramids. After Africa use to be known as the white man's grave.

  21. Is not true, that's the problem is usually dated from 1000 to 500 years old. Keep in mind, natives from south africa like the zulu barely got there a few centuries before theeuropeans, africa is huge, and south africa was one of the less populated areas and had barely any contact with other cultures prior 1400. Tellinger is like many others a propaganda creator, The empowering narratives part of this page is important, they don't care if what they post is true, they care if it fits their narrative of afrocentrism.

  22. Gray Matter Afrocentrism is not history is propaganda, just read this article, the first one is a lie from a afrocentrist politician, and a really retarded one, nubia was the greatest black empire ever, but this page is so obssesed to claim egypt as a black country they dissmis the greatness of nubia (so great that at one point invaded and conquered egypt saving egypt's own culture, blacks ruled egypt for an entire dinasty. Africa black star does not want you to learn your own history, it wants you to learn bullshit that will make you proud but ignorant.

  23. Freedom Cobra Couragewolf Why is it Afrocentrism? So is the bullshit they taught us in schools in the United States Eurocentrism? The way you put it if something isn't supported by Eurocentrism is just wrong. I never hear words like Asiacentrism, Americentrism, Austraucentrism, or even Antarticentrism………..I wonder why?

  24. Ayo Maakaa says:

    Yah I listened to that Tellinger dude many times on various videos.he sent my inner.
    Bullshit Detector into overdrive…….he uses the phrase "slave species of god" WTF IS THAT.

  25. Steve Marx says:

    you have only yourselves to blame.your leaders are corrupt

  26. This should be called, "Egyptian antiquities plus totally bogus hoax" (modern humans didn't even exist this long ago, and there is no respectable archaeological research behind it).

  27. Well 75000 years is just nonsense, at this time the neanderthal was still existing.

  28. he is an expert in bullshit —

  29. Ray Barnes says:

    Neanderthal existed in Europe, no proof of any in Africa. Homo Sapiens existed in Africa for a million years. So it may not be nonsense based on Homo sapiens development in Africa.

  30. Ray Barnes says:

    You are wrong about Egyptians did not identify with black people. First of all the Egyptians were black. Called Kmt. The Egyptians themselves said they origins were from the upper Egypt which is south of Egypt. The truth must be told. Lies can't help evaluate the human experience.

  31. Ray Barnes My Reference to the Neanderthal by way was only to show the time frame. At this time there is no proof of a civivilization which could build stone buidings – not in Africa and not in Europe either. These structures in south Africa are recent ones. He gives no proof (must be kind of dating like radio carbon dating) that the structures are really that old. One of the most ancient Houses in Göbekli Tepe are only 11000 years old.

  32. Forgotten World
    The Stone-Walled Settlements of the Mpumalanga Escarpment

    Author(s): Alex Schoeman, Peter Delius, Tim Maggs
    Publication Date: 2014
    Dimensions and Pages: 240 x 200 mm, 180 pp
    Paperback EAN: 978 1 86814 774 8
    eBook EAN: 978 1 86814 775 5

    The Black Pharaohs
    An ignored chapter of history tells of a time when kings from deep in Africa conquered ancient Egypt.
    By Robert Draper
    National Geographic Contributing Writer
    Photograph by Kenneth Garrett
    In the year 730 B.C., a man by the name of Piye decided the only way to save Egypt from itself was to invade it. Things would get bloody before the salvation came.

    “Harness the best steeds of your stable,” he ordered his commanders. The magnificent civilization that had built the great pyramids had lost its way, torn apart by petty warlords. For two decades Piye had ruled over his own kingdom in Nubia, a swath of Africa located mostly in present-day Sudan. But he considered himself the true ruler of Egypt as well, the rightful heir to the spiritual traditions practiced by pharaohs such as Ramses II and Thutmose III. Since Piye had probably never actually visited Lower Egypt, some did not take his boast seriously. Now Piye would witness the subjugation of decadent Egypt firsthand—“I shall let Lower Egypt taste the taste of my fingers,” he would later write.

    North on the Nile River his soldiers sailed. At Thebes, the capital of Upper Egypt, they disembarked. Believing there was a proper way to wage holy wars, Piye instructed his soldiers to purify themselves before combat by bathing in the Nile, dressing themselves in fine linen, and sprinkling their bodies with water from the temple at Karnak, a site holy to the ram-headed sun god Amun, whom Piye identified as his own personal deity. Piye himself feasted and offered sacrifices to Amun. Thus sanctified, the commander and his men commenced to do battle with every army in their path.


  34. Reinhard Klöpper Take a trip, Go visit the sites and learn about them first hand… Bon voyage

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