Caribbean-Based Tech Company Launches App to Bring Together Football Fans

World Cup football followers have a new way of sharing match predictions with friends and fellow fans.

Match Dominator, a new mobile app from Teleios Systems, lets fans earn points and bragging rights by predicting the winners and the scores of FIFA 2014 World Cup matches while interacting with other players across the globe.

“The Teleios family loves football and we’ve long planned to get more heavily involved in mobile application development. The 2014 World Cup tournament presented a wonderful opportunity to pursue our business goals and our passion at the same time,” said Kevin Khelawan, chief operating officer for Teleios Systems based in Trinidad and Tobago.

“The Match Dominator app allows users to enhance their World Cup experience by making predictions for the different matches and sharing them with fellow fans around the world. Users of the app can gain points based on the accuracy of their predictions. They can also earn badges and bragging rights as they move up the leaderboard.”

The Match Dominator app also allows users to receive alerts when their favorite teams are playing. In addition, users can view real-time match updates and enter live chat sessions with other users.

Khelawan said the app is free and available on GooglePlay for Android and in the iPhone App store.

Match Dominator already has a global user base. The app has been downloaded across the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people are enjoying the app. It’s been pulling together family, friends and co-workers to challenge each other in predictions,” Khelawan added.

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