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136 thoughts on “Video Exposes The Lengths Europeans Went to Deny Africa’s History in Civilizations

  1. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    #Usurpation on #WorldStage by #whitesupremacists

  2. Alan Flagg says:

    "the only thing new under the Sun is, history that you don't know." Dr John Henrik Clarke

  3. Brucee Tillman says:

    They can try,but most people know that there were civilizations of dark skin people before there was a such thing as white people as a group…. they come from darker people,even though coming up with the term white and nonwhite helps them pretend they're a separate group..

  4. Ricky Negus says:

    The racist ignorance of Europeans is limitless. Also before some European sees this and says "were not all like that." If you honestly are then im not talking about you

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    man when Africa becomes a superpower, the first thing we or our children need to do is invade europe and get all of our artifacts back. and we need to destroy their s**t on the way out.

  6. Anthony Herring says:

    I'm trying to figure when did the Queen of Sheba become white. Biblically speaking, it was Nimrod (Son of Ham and Cush) who tried to build the tower to Heaven.

  7. Thoughtful Ed says:

    Trust No Historical works reported By Euro-americans Only

    Notice they are the first ones on the scene in OTHER PEOPLES Country, tomb raiding and grave robbing, stealing there ancient history, FLYING it back overseas to europe and studying it ALONE out of sight of OTHER RACES and then release the INFO they want you to know.

    They want sole control over all ANCIENT HISTORY and its secrets.

  8. White people are just upset that they have no ancient history. Queen of Sheba is Black

  9. bottom line is this we are created in the image of GOD from the earth, there is no white earth, ,,,white people come from black folks

  10. Sometimes history is so good. ,it makes you cry.

  11. Sometimes history is so good. ,it makes you cry.

  12. Farntella Graham says:

    stop saying that they come from us. these devils do not come from Black people.

  13. Vincent Purdie says:

    They don't even understand how better off they and all of humanity will be when the accept the truth.

  14. Farntella Graham says:

    Ezra Ben Israel godly people of all races are the chosen of God.. not just the jews and certainly not white people.

  15. Farntella Graham says:

    they are not ignorant. they know the truth. they do not want you to know it.

  16. biblically speaking ? that in of itself is european

  17. Morgan Alana says:

    Farntella Graham white people did come from blacks there where blacks that were cursed by god (canaanites) that derived from cane you know the one that killed his brother and covered him up. that where the name caucasian came form. these people were cursed with the palest of skin blond hair and blue eyes. they were sent away they lived in caves etc. blacks are the first people to inhabit india, asia, spain etc. those that were cursed followed and when a non cursed black had a child with a cursed black they were only allow to stay if they had more moorish(black) features such as brown or black eyes, pigment in their skin , brown or black hair, wide nose etc. if they had more white features the child was out cased and sent away. Moors were the first to have cities street lights indoor bathrooms hospitals schools libraries streets etc. we were the ones that brought europeans out of the dark ages we were the ones that taught them how to clean themselves properly how to change clothes based on they time of the day taught them to drink out of crystal in stead of metal and wood how to properly cook clean, taught them how to build their cities schools etc. we have over 200 libraries and schools before they had one. and just a little knowledge in order to be classified as white you have to have the palest of skin blue eyes and blonde hair. anything outside of that your black.

  18. Anthony Herring says:

    Anthon you're giving credit where it's not due. Jesus and His people were Jews and most of the events take place in Israel, so that would make it Asian.

  19. Shelia T Martin says:

    Please provide a name for this documentary. Is this something shown on television?

  20. Whites have a racial inferiority complex

  21. John Harris says:

    Biblically speaking… let's examine this phrase. The bible as we know it is the KING JAMES " VERSION"…version, meaning HIS take on it …he commissioned it's writing, he was European, the writers were also… so the bible cannot be used as a TRUE REFERENCE of anything African. KING JAMES made sure of this… EVERYONE was white… the Negus of Ethiopia, Jesus, Solomon, Cleopatra, queen of Sheba etc, etc…NOW, after more than 1,300yrs the TRUTHS are being uncovered and as TIME goes on MORE TRUTHS Will be uncovered also. No TRUTH stays hidden forever.

  22. Unati Gwija says:

    I was taken aback when I watched a documentary about Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman and how there was a legal battle to have her remains brought back to South Africa! A lot of our history, heritage, atifacts sit abroad and truths like these is what will bring them out and this will be real (true) history we should be teaching our children.

  23. Sundiata Keita says:

    Unati Gwija you know sista, i cant even finish watchin that doc or begin watchin the first 5 minutes about her. i feel your pain sista


  25. Dan Grif says:

    Anthony Herring There was never a country called Israel. It was the name GOD gave to Jacob(look it up in Genesis 32:27-29 . The Children of Israel are the lineage of the Prophesy promised to Abraham and his offspring. Remember that Moses took them out of Bondage in Egypt(Africa) away from the Pharoah. That fake as country that stole the Palestine land from it's people, was created in 1948 for the fake Jews that terrorize the whole region. Send they fake asses back to Poland, Germany, and Europe where they came from. Hebrews and Jews were colored… Fact

  26. Anthony Herring says:

    Oh ok lol

  27. Anthony Herring says:

    Dan Grif Israel was named for Jacob just like the 12 Tribes were named for his sons. Don't overthink it, bruh.

  28. Glacier Don says:

    The Bible didn't say these people were white. It days the exact opposite…. SMH

  29. Eddie Cole says:

    My brother I think all of us should study things from its origins. What if I tell you that King James looked like you and I? Deception is alive and well! Who was the very first slave traders?

  30. thank you dan grif. and I would like to add that king james was European ,the man whose name is accredited for the Christian bible .

  31. @john harris, you're absolutely right and to eddie cole you're being mislead by your delusional ideas that this white European was colored,(black). if so then queen Elizabeth is black too, since her bloodline is linked to king james. then how could anyone follow a people that until this day eats human flesh and take baths in human blood. may sound like a myth but do some research.

  32. created from the image of GOD? I'd like you to explain this since your bible says that GOD says, there is none similar to HIM not in the heavens above or on earth.

  33. Anthony Herring says:

    @anthon Christopher you do understand that King James lived 1500 years after Christ right? The KJV is not the only or original translation of the Bible. Come on man.

  34. Farntella Graham says:

    Morgan Alana if you want to believe that white people come from you, fine. I choose not to believe that. I am made in the image of god. white people are made in the image of the devil. their actions prove it. it is not that complicated. it is simple and easy to understand.

  35. Farntella Graham says:

    Menelik Charles which is why they oppress us so badly. they are afraid of genetic annhilation and we should not be procreating with them, let them die out in natural selection. why are we promoting their continued existence?

  36. John Harris says:

    @Anthon Christopher, yeah didn't think Mr.Cole needed to be responded to . He's on some matrix kick …i.e."what if I told you…" smh. He should have taken the Education pill ,the black one. Thanks Mr.Christopher.

  37. Morgan Alana says:

    Farntella Graham obviously you didnt unerstand what i wrote fully

  38. Morgan Alana says:

    Farntella Graham obviously you didnt unerstand what i wrote fully

  39. You are certainly correct concerning the truth – the Truth shall prevail, it always does! Global technology is a friend to humanity, especially Black folks!

  40. Anthony Herring So the original text translation can be found where ?

  41. DeOnna White says:

    I am crying…I now know who I am at 44. Tears!!!

  42. The Arabs and the Europeans totally devastated Africa's rich history… Its so sad.. This happened all over Africa. they robbed us and the world of our splendour. The real question is what are we Africans doing about it??? it still takes Europeans to prove our legitimacy.

  43. John Francis says:

    He also make a satanist book also.

  44. John Francis says:

    He also make a satanist book also.

  45. Kathy Gleasman Pisaro says:

    As a historian, this reminds me of how difficult it is to have a truly objective view of history – or at least, realize your subjectivity and the biases of the sources you are using. Of course, it is much harder to see our own biases and the biases of our time than those of previous generations!

  46. mr osunbade, the problem isn't what was only but, what is presently. if you're going to look back into history you must also have to look into how you will govern the future paying keen attention and avoiding potential mistakes that harmed us in the past. it's surprising to see how black people take firsthand information from the very source that once lied throughout history and oppressed the black man. I do think that, most black people thinks that whites are superior and even gods ,to the point that they fear the leadership or to be lead by a person of color. now we know the problem, the question is, can we fix it? and bare in mind that hate doesn't amounts to nothing.

  47. Its not about hatred. It about recognising the situation, analysing it and objectively verifying it… Then it is finding/suggesting olutions. I think the black house has been so devastated, fragmented to the point of ingrained self dought… It will take a lot to undo the damage we especially have allowed on ourselves subsequently.. I honestly don't know what will work for black unity??? Individual geniuses but collective dummies!!!

  48. I thought i heard something of that nature, before. and he was freemason. I want to leave a question for the audience to ponder i.e. ,why did Europeans needed to conquer the outer world and implement a new world, as in new world order?

  49. John Harris says:

    @Anthon Christopher… my understanding is whenever a EUROPEAN culture gains power they set out to change everyTHING every WHERE… under the title of CONQUEST. the British "to make the world ENGLAND" the Germans under Hitler was to bring the WORLD under Nazi control…before them, it was the ROMANSetc, etc… remember the cartoon series Pinky and the Brain?…"what are we gonna do today brraain ?"…"Same thing we do EVERYDAY pinky, try to take over THE WORLD!!!"…funny how those two mice were EUROPEAN. this is the EUROPEAN mind set …i.e. to make everyTHING, everyWHERE like itself or destroy it.

  50. Joe Brilly says:

    The same pattern occurred all over Africa. The colonial British destroyed kingdoms and stole Artifacts from West Africa to South Africa and either created fables about the Queen of Sheba or destroyed them totally and took the spoils back to Europe. That is how the Benin Bronzes got to the British Museum. To this day there are ruins of civilizations that were destroyed by the British that are not being being explored. Case in point: the Great Walls of Benin, which by some accounts are longer than the great wall of China. The British destroyed these walls and then created some fable about the Queen of Sheba being there. Today those walls are all but forgotten and the modern archaeologists often act like it is a "mystery" what happened there. One of the reasons for the lies is to cover up the fact that Africa was well known for its Gold. The Islamic States of the Moorish empire were built off the gold trade with West Africa. In East Africa the Gold from Southern Africa was being traded with Persia and Asia. Africa was not isolated from the outside world and had extensive trade, travel and contacts in the world. And this wealth of gold is what attracted the colonists in the first place. But they had to create the lie that the "Africans didn't know anything about gold" and that any gold there was part of "King Solomon's Mines" and that white settlers were needed to take back that gold from the 'savage' natives. This promise of fabulous wealth is what they used to entice white settlement in Africa and to justify stealing from Africans.

  51. Yes they did. They are a genetic mutation = albino or biblically speaking lepers. We are the only race that can make a white or shall i say person with no pigmentation. They were cursed and ostracised so they plotted and planned to take over and here we are today..just my opinion and theory

  52. Stacie Weaver says:

    Colonial white people were so incredibly pathetic, no matter how successful they were with their violence.

  53. PJ Brown says:

    Insane Jealousy

  54. Looking at history who were the first people to sell Africans to slavery. It was the Arabic people. That's is why Africa is so poor. Since the best of us African were stolen and sold. So we can not put all the blame on whites but our sell out brothers who sold us into slavery for profits. And these are the same people we today call brothers.
    The reason slavery started was to get spices from the east to west. Since no animal with four legs could not navigate the terrine so two legged humans were used us Africans. History belongs to the African before the world split apart to form continents.
    there are no versions of the bible from the African context but the bible which was created by the whites to suppress other colours. So following the king James version only enslaves us to a life with chains. Only way out of this is to free ourselves from this by following our own traditional values . There is no true. Bible which has not been converted to suit what i would call instituted by the Africans. The true bible for everyone is your traditional values. The bible was created in Africa and that was the ten commandments. The rest of the bible is story telling. Why is there no stories of Africans. Is the bible only about whites and Arabs. This is why they are always fighting each other for superiority . The bible is only the ten commandments the rest are stories .

  55. Shelia Smith says:

    First and foremost it's not rocket science (Pale faces) couldn't survive in that heat….and there known to be EDOMITES, thieves! they want to erase our HISTORY because they need our Identities….But my QUESTION black people what are we going to do? As a black nation.. How are we going to over come and take back our history. Be better people AND lead our nation BY GOOD EXAMPLE… Be better parents to our kids… Be better wives to our husbands….Black MEN when are YOU going to retrieve your throne….

  56. Brian George Piper says:

    Anthon Christopher Actually Queen Elizabeth does have some African ancestry, Charlotte SC is named for her ancestor who was a Queen of England herself…

  57. Brian George Piper says:

    Anthon Christopher Actually Queen Elizabeth does have some African ancestry, Charlotte SC is named for her ancestor who was a Queen of England herself…

  58. Brian George Piper says:

    And here is another black Queen of England….

  59. William David Bland says:

    What is the name of the documentary this comes from?

  60. Brick Mizer says:

    Thank you. Please remember it's called land of ham, not after a Roman General.

  61. Brick Mizer says:

    Great analogy JH.

  62. brian George,,, I'm sorry, really am sorry for your dribbles.

  63. mr Wilson, I don't think for one second that being a slave has anything to do with black resentment except for the treatment. however, being sold or bought by arabs/white people etc, the remnants of the past is still there, of as to who were good masters and bad. it is quiet obvious that white people still have their desired intent on keeping every other race , culture and beliefs submerged to their's by all means and to the point of genocides, holocaust, wars , terrorism etc. seems fair enough to say that they're desperate to save their white nation from being extinct, hence it's too bad that you've designed your own world of fantasy and now living in regrets. your take on the bible is misleading. bible means book, so you've just said there is no true book. the torah is the law not bible , hence bible is a concocted book by Europeans to steer the teachings of the prophets making it to suit their pagan beliefs. if I can get you to read and like my comment then perhaps I can gradually make you a fan of mine since it had been already established that we share common interests from my comment(hypothetical speaking) so is the same for any other writer and specifically in this case of the bible.racism is present in America and in any other predominant white nation therefore trying to shift the focus from the culprits to some other isn't going to help. even if arabs or blk Africans sold other black isn't the problem, what is the problem i.e.
    during and post enslavement of black people , their outer appearance improved but the emotional scars, trauma coupled by present treatment resembling that of the past.

  64. you've made a good point but why ask, which of the mouse is going to tie the bell on the cat's neck? I have a question, with due respect, how much are you willing to sacrifice due to the fact that a revolution requires more than just talk, minus the life customary of most black westernized women, high heels, make ups, brand names etc? lol

  65. Matthew A. Pigatt says:

    Where does this clip come from?

  66. Delvin Edwards says:

    King James was not European….. He was a Hebrew.

  67. No reference? What's up with that? I want more…. I also want to know their source. I find my self having no comment here. I know nothing about African history.

  68. Michael Wilson, your first paragraph is one of the dumbest thing I've ever read. The reason Africa is poor is cause they want to be…. When England was in Africa they was a thriving economy, they had farms schools, hospitals churches. England wasn't perfect but they did a lot of good. Now look at Africa? What happened to the economy? all the farms? The locals were not good stewards to what England left them…

  69. And obviously you've never read the Scriptures and have no idea about the history of the King James Bible.

  70. Not just the Europeans, remember Genghis Khan? The Babylonian Empire? England wasn't as bad as the rest…. Where ever they went they built the economy, along with roads, schools, hospitals, church's. When England left Africa they left farms and hospital…..

  71. Anthony, your not wrong. She was always black. The Problem is that some people don't believe what they read.

  72. Dan Grif : you started it, finish it…. God told Abraham that he would make of him a great nation, also that all the nations shall be blessed in him. That promise was passed on to Issac and Jacob. GOD changed Jacob's name to Israel. AND GOD Promised to give the land that he showed Abraham FOR EVER. GOD led Israel out of Egypt and brought them to the land Promised to them by GOD. That's where King David was and that's part of the land where Israel is TODAY…. According to the Scripture all of world history revolves around the Jew… NOT America, Not Africa, Not Asia; when the end of the world comes in the next 50 years or so , that will also revolve around the JEW.

  73. I looked at Deut 28, Your statement makes no sense… Your taking it out of CONTEXT, this is GOD promising and OLD Test Jew following the OLD TEST Law if he follows God's law the Jew will be blessed….. This has NO bearing on any Asian, African or European any where on the planet ant any time in history…… Any one who uses this for any other reason is CRAZY……

  74. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    Ah, a Neanderthal misinformed son of Cain. How quaint. 1st of all, nephilim-seed, check your entitled generalizations @the door THEN check your etymology of words, pagan patriot. G-d(gad, gawd) means luck/ fortune in babylonian, fool. You people in your Eternal snarky arrogance, CHANGED Yahweh & Yahshua into your generic g-d &white

  75. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    White jesus AND THERE'S NOT EVEN A DAMNED J IN THE ENTIRE HEBREW ALPHABET, GOOFY. I would tell you to go to hell, grey man, but you'll merely be in another comfort zone after this YOUR TEMPORAL SATAN-ASSISTED AMERIKKKAN HEGEMONY. Punk.

  76. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    A savage usurper progeny trying to have a theological rebuttal. YOU WISH you could "rightly discern the Word of Truth". You don't even know what tribe of Yehudah consists of, trying to smart alecky talk about what's a jew. Certainly NOT your evil grey gatekeeper doppelgangers holding the Holy Land for satan & your kind's nefarious, diabolical PROPHESIED purposes. SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, indeed! Good day, inbred, mountainous cretin!

  77. Heru Thumankhamen says:

    Jaymi Banton Thank you Sistah!

  78. Typical racist ignorance.

  79. Damn, the so called white man tells us the Bible is his book and we believe it without studying the Bible for ourselves as we should. The Bible was written by Hebrews for Hebrews and is our history book. The so called white man turned it into a religious book and used it against us. They did not want us to read the Bible during slavery. If it was a book about them why would they have a problem with us reading it. Lets use some common sense here people and stop believing our oppressors. Trust me, they do not have the wisdom to write the Bible that condemns them and all nations that took us into captivity.

  80. Brian George Piper says:

    William Closson….There are such things as libraries, and educational sites on the Internet on ancient African and African history…..I was taught that "history" is "His Story" which means that it's always written, rewritten and destroyed or denied by those in power to fit their own views and agendas…
    I'll get your education started for you…

  81. Charles Townsend says:

    What's the name of this documentary?

  82. Charles Townsend says:

    What's the name of this documentary?

  83. Winnie Diamond says:

    you are so right! I was going to put him in his place and then I realized it would be a true waste of my time I'd rather try to convince our ignorant people who might listen to non african telling them about africa's history.

  84. you are so right! I was going to put him in his place and then I realized it would be a true waste of my time I'd rather try to convince our ignorant people who might listen to non african telling them about africa's history.

  85. Yes, I agree history is slighted in favor of the victor. The conqueror is always righteous and the defeated is always evil, whether or not it's true. Thank you for the link. History is probably one of the most subjective studies. I with it could be more straight forward like math.

  86. Matthew Nunes Jr. How can anyone possibly know that ALL the best and brightest were stolen away? That is absurd, And what IS RACIST is to say that we are the same people today, as they were. At least not all of us, I do agree that their is, and will always be a small portion of the population in America that wished things didn't change. Do I dare say who these Americans are? These Pro Slavery types were the same ones who were against women voting…. As Far as the Scripture is concerned, the Bible is a Jewish Book, NOT White, Not Black or Red for that matter.

  87. The Bible is a Jewish Book if anything, but in the end it's GOD's Book. King James didn't write the English Bible, he authorized the translating of a it into English. The actual translators didn't readily trust the King, and resisted him in his trying to help them. I don't remember the details anymore, but their were over 100 men working on it in at least 5 separate groups that had no knowledge of what the others were doing. The Bible doesn't belong to any race, or it belongs to US ALL.

  88. Brian George Piper says:

    Anthon Christopher……I'm an older guy, so I don't know what a "dribble" is….No need to apologize to me……All I can say is that there is a much larger influence of Ancient and Middle Age African culture and peoples in European history than most people care to believe.

  89. Ahkeyah Israel, Your partially correct, EVERYONE needs to read it. The Bible is more than just history, consider it as a diary, it's GOD's thoughts, feelings and intentions for all mankind. Men have been using GOD and the gods in general for thousands of years to further their agendas, and it wont stop till Christ comes back. And No, not all slave owners were bad. From what little research I've done, I believe it was Darwin and this theory of Evolution that dehumanized the slaves. During the Colonial period, slaves were people with souls that needed Christ, they had their own churches and pastors who preached and taught the scriptures. It was Darwin who believed that the African was man's evolutionary "missing link". That gave bad men the excuse to be EVIL, because slaves were not real humans, they were soulless and became property. Yes men don't have the wisdom to write it, and we didn't, we just translated it into English. As far as "oppressors" go, they come in all colors and backgrounds. NO ONE RACE HAS THE MONOPOLY ON THAT….. EVERYONE IS GUILTY…. But the Fact remains that if ASIANS AND INDIANS can come to America and live very well, their is on reason why blacks can not do the same thing… Or white people for that matter…. I hear the same BS from my white friends, and I tell them the same thing, IF YOU DON'T DO WHAT THEY DO, THEN IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT IT AS MUCH AS THEY DO….. As far as I'm concerned the greatest oppressor in America is the Government… They are the largest slave owner in American history, and the Democrats don't care who they enslave, they are going for broke, and now opening up the boarder to illegal aliens, their going for white, black, red and everything in between.

  90. why would England need to be in Africa for them to have success, besides the entire idea of white superiority is against the grains as well.

  91. William closson," the conqueror is always righteous and the defeated is always evil whether or not it's true," sounds exactly like white supremacist strategy and resembles what the Christian west is doing to muslims especially in Palestine.

  92. Glacier Don. That's true to an extent. Successive narrators (Preachers/storytellers) have and so over time that became the common consensus and the Rulers (powers that be) never attempted to change the misconception. Throughout the ages all icons (idols) /statutes were of blue eyes, blond/brunette hair and fair skins.
    The reason TV is more successful is because of the power of moving visuals and the correlation.between sight n thoughts (brain). Why many elementary schools use the "see touch' method of relating lessons. I am sure you will agree, that before the 21st century and the advent of the Pentecostal Churches, parts of 'the bible' referring to those people's skin colour and hair texture were hardly ever addressed in or out of the congregation.

  93. Michael Wilson, are you saying Arabic people and Blacks are the one and same?

  94. Delvin Edwards says:

    William Closson The bible is not a Jewish book. The Jews you are thinking of are Khazarian Europeans. They have no relation to Abraham Issac and Jacob. Dr. Eran Elheik has confirmed that. Every single prophet was a black Hebrew and so was King James who commissioned it to be written. To show you how you know about the bible. Jewish people study the Talmud and do not even read the bible. Torah is only the first 4 or 5 books of the bible. If you read the Talmud which the Rabbi's contribute to, says that Christ is burning in Hell in his own extrement. Says his mother Mary was a whore… You can read it yourself. So you have been deceived to even say this without knowing the facts.

  95. William Closson so why ALL the X colonies are in disrepair n can't get to 'developed' status?

  96. William Closson this begs the question why?
    And for your information England nor the other Europeans never pulled out. They granted POLITICAL independence BUT they are very present in the workings in x-colonies. continually stripping them of their wealth and constantly instigating conflict n discord. Divide n Rule. Those G8 nor indeed no developed country can exist let alone succeed without the spoils of the African continent and to a lesser extent Asia.
    'the scriptures' as a reference text is VERY POOR choice for substantive discourse and empirical data. No scholar can refer to ONE Text or a compilation of texts by the same source for serious scholarship.

  97. yes England was thriving in afrika, but only for themself's you don't seem to know the history of white man in a lot of reseach then come back.

  98. the same with me the bottom of the site it says denied.

  99. He's right, you know!

  100. Otee Phillemon says:

    The history of post-colonial African Christianity is the history of a people searching for their lost identity. “African’s have lost their own story and absorbed another people’s story. An enduring theme in African history is how to exorcise the humiliations from contacts with the Western world: the battered self-image, distorted identity, and challenges to the cultures and religions.” The dominion of the Western colonial powers strongly affected African politics, education, culture, and religion. This is particularly true of Christian missionaries to Africa, who tended to view the ‘Dark Continent’ as nothing more than unwashed pagans, completely ignoring the history of Christianity persistent in Africa since the time of the Early Church. For example, “Early Pentecostal missionaries frequently referred in their newsletters to the ‘objects’ of mission as ‘the heathen’, and were slow to recognize indigenous leadership.”Similar attitudes abounded among Christian missionaries, and this shaped mission endeavors in Africa for nearly a century.

  101. Anthon Christopher, Christians are not killing people, Christians don't kill….. I can only think of one instance in history where a crazy Christian caused trouble and that's the Salem witch trials, and a few abortion clinics in recent times. No Christian has ever caused so much death and destruction as the muslims are doing. Only Facists and Communist Dictators cause the horror that islam is doing……. The Politico/Religious idealism of Islam is EVIL…. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if anyone has done HELL justice like islam has done…. Not true, the Roman Catholic Church; when she came to the new world she slaughtered the natives in S America. No, Islam is still worse than they are…. Islam is trying to do to the world what Rome did to S America….. BUT, as much as Islam HATES me I still don't want to kill them all. I'd be just as happy to send all worshipers of islam back to the mother land…..

  102. Monique Boyd says:

    For one king james was not white,for 2 the white man did not write the bible he just injected words in there so u would not catch on to his lies. Ps. Get out the church n research the bible for ur self.

  103. what film is this series produced by? where do we find the whole expose?

  104. The FIRST to dispute you will be brainwashed Black folks. The first mathematical instruments were created in Africa, as well as astronomy. The Ishango bone is a complex calculating tool from Africa. It is 20,000 years old!

  105. Sorry guy.. I don't know which King James you're reading, but he never changed the descriptions of the people in the Bible. All the Hebrews were described as people of color. Gentiles in the new Testament were white, and they were still under Paul, the Hebrew.

  106. I'd like to encourage my people to study the works of john henric clark Chandler Williams Dr Ben Phillip Valentin this part of our history is not taught in American classroom if what you find their works viable start study. groups . Know self!!!!!

  107. Lets start here sister !

  108. Shelia Smith says:

    Guess what my brutha? that will work! and thank you Phillip Carroll.

  109. A european act and it works for him an african is an imitator he doesnt want to do his own things if I tell you I have ideas to change black man life no black man will come to help me put my ideas to fruition but a european willl act anll show if only blacks can work on that we shall make a change in the world of afica

  110. africans were enslaving one another for centuries before arabs even got into africa—europeans were enslaving europeans —people regularly captured their enemies and either ransomed them back home or kept them as slaves.

    arabs did not start slavery in africa or anywhere —it is ancient.

  111. You don't know what the hell your dumb ass is talking about Monique Boyd.

  112. Keith Dawson says:

    No King of England ever looked any way close to people from that part of the world.

  113. King James Stewart I of England, and V of Scotland, was Black as were all of the monarchs of Scotland, Ireland, ad England from Nigger Kenneth, King Arthur, as well dating from Henry VIII. He came to the throne of England as successor to Elizabeth I, also Black. See the Negro Monarchs of Scotland and England by Dr. John L. Johnson at On the contrary, the KJV is the most accurate recording of African history dating from the Nile Valley (Chapter 2 Genesis) to 1st Century AD. Connecting the Hebrew text, and Greek, with the Metu Neter, and ancient Kushite… it is starkly plain that Maat, and ancient Adhamism, remain as literal and cognitive fossils of the primeval faith, spirituality called by Adam (Atum) Adamism, Atenism, Amenism, Maat, which found its way into Hebrew as Emeth (Maat, truth). The Ruach (Spirit, in Heb,) is none other than the Ra akh, Spirit of Ausir, etc. Much of the debunking of the KJV comes from a substrate of European propped up scholarship. Peace.

  114. Eddie Cole Also, the translation of the KJV was in response to the Millenary Petition, in order to counteract the detrimental influence of the Papal edited Bible which continued to influence those in the England that could read to sympathies for the Pope and the Vatican, notwithstanding it having been ousted in 1435 by Henry VIII when he founded the Anglican Church. He only did so after the Jesuits attempted no less than three plots against his life. the last the Gun Power Plot (Guy Fawkes Day Nov 5, 1603), Guy Fawkes fell asleep in the Cellar of Parliament amidst the 36 kegs of gunpower he was to ignite… found sleeping on the job. Only then did he agree to finance the KJV. Read the Dedication to James, and the Preface to the Reader in a KJV Bible pre- 1979 edition. Yes James financed slave trading as did most of the European monarchs, but the industry was controlled by the Kazaria Jew [east European converts to Talmudism (called Judaism by Josephus AD 59) in 746 AD]. Columbus as well as many others were of this "Jewish" secular order. The KJV still remains the most accurate history of Africans in the English language Bibles. You may consult the 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler, The Secret Relationship between Jews an Blacks by the Nation of Islam, Dr. Rice of Hebrew University, etc.

  115. Morgan Alana there are the humans of africa and all others are neanderthal or percentages of neanderthal. this has been proven and shown by your beloved science.

  116. I'd like to see her comeback.

  117. a vilization is from a person , to a people. not something needs be approved by western ideology /ideals.

  118. Eliel Israel says:

    She doesn't need a comeback, Monique is right. King James is black, they whitewashed the images and the writers of the bible through the most high are black. Research people, don't listen to mainstream, the devil is a lair

  119. Eliel Israel says:

    She is 100 percent right, white people just use the people for their own benefit. The churches won't teach the truth of the bible.. the bible is deeper than you think

  120. Eliel Israel says:

    I meant to say they use of the bible

  121. Kemet people under PHARAOHism destroyed their own history by muurder and castration war. 0 Dynasty-9,000BC-Narmer Palette-Papyrus People-Gilf El Keber-

  122. Jerome Cross says:

    William Closson how about shut the fuck up and maybe just maybe you'll learn something, or is that against the law.

  123. Jerome Cross says:

    Anthony Herring jus tso you know Isrealites are Africans.

  124. Thank all of you so much, I didn't thank us Nubian, african, black people were reading reading! Find and seek out the truth! Its there! The deeper you go the rabbit hole will expand your eyes will open, and you will wonder why you were sleeping this hole time! Wake up sleeping giant the time is Now! Glorious! Y'all reading all these comments I'm floored, doing the research and I wish I could tell the young lady that keep asking were to find th clip, just start digging, you will find it and much more. Also research in areas of DNA, people of Nubian decent, they can't keep the truth from us. If you seek out the truth, it will come to you, take yourself out of the box you been living in. peace!

  125. Lost white tribes really brah really.How in the hell do u stay white in africa?lost tribe of some red burned people.lost white tribe was lookin like a bunch of microwaved hotdogs lmfao

  126. Erika Hill says:

    It's so sad how white ppl feel so threaten by the black race that they lie and try to turn things into their favor its really pathectic they would go that far smh so weak ,give our black brothers and sisters their rose.

  127. Erika Hill says:

    Also the bible describes jesus as being a black man if u read the description of him.

  128. The thief cometh to steal and destroy that's what Europe are best at.

  129. Do the right thing and you will be safe!

  130. William Closson You are a racist. You are the one that's absurd. Europeans were living in caves while Africans in the Nile valley had attained high culture. Were it not for the Egyptians who taught the Greeks, you would still be living in the very same caves. You need to shut up and learn.

  131. Coco Keys says:

    John Francis "Demonology" is the title.

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