‘The Challenge: Free Agents’ Season 25, Episode 11: ‘The $350,000 Dollar Pyramid’

the-challenge-season-25-free-agentsThe Challenge: Free Agents season 25, episode 11: The $350,000 Dollar Pyramid airs tonight on MTV.

The players have one final elimination before heading to the final.

Past members of The Real World, Road Rules and first-time cast members called Fresh Meat compete against each other for the chance to win a cash prize. The 25th season, Free Agents, forces players to compete on their own in a battle of perseverance and luck. The players will have no idea if they’ll be competing in teams, pairs or as individuals until moments before each challenge begins.

The Challenge: Free Agents season 25, episode 11 airs June 19 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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