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One thought on “Neo Colonialism: This Video Will Shock You As To How Far The IMF Goes To Control Developing Nations

  1. Pak Posse says:

    nice lickle snippet for our attention deficit generation, and of so of no lasting use. Come on now it's 2015, No Excuse for this Khadishain type hype. Give some info. That is Michael Manley the JA prime minister who wrote 'Jamaica: Struggle in the Periphery' over 30 years ago, talking about how Jamaica was destabilzed as part of US (IMF) policy. The documentary I think is Life and Debt from 15 years ago.
    In short this shit is not knew anymore, and better today it's readily available on YouTube as well as sites like this, so we all can be 6% in this millennium.

    signed – ol' radical island posse who would get run out by our own people when saying that US and IMF and the Royal WELFARE dysfunctional family 'Don't Care About Us' back in the day when our majority shit in the pits bush island people didn't have access to info like today.

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