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5 Devastating Religious Conflicts in Africa That Will Make You Question All You Thought About Religion‏

Since Arab expansion in the eighth century and European expansion in the 15th century, Africans have almost completely converted from their indigenous, traditional religions, to that of Christianity and Islam. Today, traditional  African religions are followed by a majority only in Togo.

Has this transformation been for the better or for the worse?

Religion is the spark for disputes throughout the world, but especially in Africa. Although conflicts are often caused by a variety of other factors, such as ethnicity and race, religion has also been at the heart of much of today’s atrocities on the continent.

Here are five African countries that are currently torn apart by religious violence between Muslims and Christians.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Although the Central African Republic has no significant history of sectarian conflict or deep-seated religious tension, the United Nations, France, and other international groups have recently been warning the world that CAR is facing widespread religious violence that could take on genocidal proportions.

According to The Washington Times, the conflict became increasingly religious when members of the Seleka rebel coalition looted, raped and killed Christians upon seizing control of the capital city of Bangui last year. Muslim civilians then became targets of attacks by armed Christians, who wrested control of the capital back from the Seleka coalition.

The violence has forced nearly 1 million people from their homes within a year, and at one point, The Washington Post reports, nearly 100,000 people sought shelter on the grounds of the Bangui airport, which has been guarded first by the French, and now by other European peacekeepers. No official death toll numbers have been released.

While most media portrayals of the CAR conflict have focused on a Christian vs. Muslim narrative, some journalists have noted that political and economic instability led to the overthrow of the government in March 2013, which resulted in the protracted violence.

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12 thoughts on “5 Devastating Religious Conflicts in Africa That Will Make You Question All You Thought About Religion‏

  1. typical stretch, where sensational headline has little to do with any conclusions from the text; the conflicts in these countries don't cause reflection on the faiths or their basic concepts; that they are used in relation to other long-standing conflicts only add to the intolerance & simplistic practices of the "faithful"…the faith does not change & has never been the ROOT of conflict…it is always a recognizable LEAF…

  2. Ibrahimi Qurani says:

    So how is Togo doing? And it was Africa with its traditional religions who expanded its empires and sold all of its war captives to the Europeans. The Ashanti, Akan, Dahomey and Congo empires were the worst slavers. Stop this Anti-Islamic nonsense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The arabs and the europeans are funding the wars, supplying both sides with the weapons you dumb a%$. It's called ethnic cleansing so that when both sides kill each other they can have full access to the mineral wealth. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

  4. Yolanda Yrt says:

    “White supremacy is a complex social phenomenon. It is also a relatively new invention that was created to make Europe’s efforts to colonize and conquer the world resources seem like a “natural” process wherein white races would dominate non-whites” – By Chauncey DeVega, 10 Things Everyone Should Know About White Supremacy

    They ruthlessly gain control of a Country’s Resources (Land, Labor, Gold, Oil, Gas, Diamonds, etc.) for example – 500 Nationals of Native Americans. Settlers manufacture wars to take the Natives resources, used advance weapons, spread disease, murder, turn people against each other, isolate people in an area and gained control the people by implementing a hierarchy which they enforced.

    Africa isn't Poor! This is same system which has been going on in Africa for Centuries but it’s hard to control 1.5 billion+ people over expansive land areas. You work to control enormous Resources of wealth through foreign governments (Britain, France, Germany, United States, Russia, China and …), foreign individuals, and fake missionaries. They play major roles in the setting up puppet rulers, supply the use of advance weapons for internal wars, spread religious conflicts, manufacture wars, murder, starvation, diseases, create 2- 5 tier divide and conqueror systems based on skin color (Black, White, Indian, Coloured, Asian and..) hierarchy which is implemented and enforced.

  5. Dont you ever get tired of spinning your lies,african traditional religion is still practised in many countries my country included and i can tell you it makes much sense than your islam which teaches kafirs must be killed

  6. Michael Olouasa I believe the point is, most African countries are into religion, so much so, that they are destroying each over someone else's religion. Religion has destroyed Africa, and black people in the diaspora. Black people, and people in general, need to understand, when someone got the idea to write the bible, there was a reason behind it, and that was to control people. The people who wrote the bible, are the most destructive on the planet, and they use the bible to control people, will tell them anything, using God and the bible to convince people. Those Africans, out there on the battle ground with their weapons, killing each other over religion, or that their religion is the right one, or please, they look just like clowns, and acting the part. They need to learn their history. The Arab African slave trade lasted 1500 years, that killed one hundred forty million (140, 000, 000) African people. The European slave trade lasted 500 years, and just as many African people lost their lives in that attack, as the Arab war against us. My question to you, is it true, most African countries, are into other folks religion?

  7. Glad to see some of us are not asleep on this Arab shit.

  8. Heru Salmon says:

    Nobody sold anybody. Europeons and arabs kidnapped the slaves and took them in captivity.

  9. religion has been used by non religious culprits of violence to fulfill their interests

  10. Redicolous & very funny my friend! This language that you Inkado Mulditoe and me are using it's the 1st & biggest total brain colonized in the human history. Count in fingers how many black african nations have arab as as a official language or colony country?? The great side of Mats (Al'gebras; Trigonometry; Abu'IbnMecine aah sorry "Medicine"; numbers we use 1-2-3…;)made the human descover excellent high development in thecnologies today! And you call that arab tribe "shit"(?!?) When the arabs received islam as religion automatically they stoped almost 1500 years in slavering humans, and then went out from arab world to preach Islam by book which millions of asians, africans, europeans and native caribeans etc etc acepted it for its beauty & purity. Now…, came the europeans 5oo years ago what do they did with africans,asians,native americans,australian aborigines??? A part of the african hygiene ways, social morals, and even west and north africa traditional wearing ways are brought by Islam with the Quran. I'm mozambican, the name of my country comes from hundreds of years ago of an "arab" well comed relligious & busyness man that that time the northern coast natives of my land loved him so much that his name-Mussa Ibn Beik- =Mossambique became the lands name, but 500 years ago the europeans(portuguese, french,english,germany,…)did not like that as usual and then they changed to be in their ways today"Mozambique"(!), who to call SHIT?? Who is still colonising, rubing, and organizing civil wars and even strange epidemics in Africa today, arabs??NO, No! Who is the tribe/race which is destroying the entire world…arabs?? No!!! My friend Inkado Mulditoe the arabs are also being played as africans are and other races in the planet with the same player(!!!). PS: I'm not arab, and too proud to be black african, some arabs as well as some africans or even europeans can be bad or "shit"as you said,but…please DONT GENERALISE ok!

  11. Khassam Amade Shaide ,The history of Arabs is simple, enslave the men and fuck the women. Use the children they produced against other Afrikans. I don't trust arabs or europeans or mentally lost Afrikans who refuse to understand how both of these groups have worked hand in hand to contiune oppressioning,murdering and using Afrikan people. There is no generalization, but there is a long history,that support me not having love for Arabs,in the past or the present. Does that mean all,of course it doesn't. But it dam sure means the ones ,who come talking with the koran while ,still tryna fuck Afrikan people.

  12. I Qurani, you sound like the typical brain washed arab afrikan house boy.

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