Major Lazer, Sean Paul Release ‘Come on to Me’ Video

DJ group Major Lazer has always featured music that is heavily influenced by dancehall. Today, a new video has been released for the group’s latest single “Come on to Me,” which features one of dancehall’s hottest artists, Sean Paul. As reported by

“At this point, after ‘Scare Me,’ ‘Bubble Butt’ and so many more, we can count on Major Lazer to put together a very entertaining music video. In the clip for the ‘Apocalypse Soon’ EP’s Sean Paul collab “Come on to Me,” director Ruben Fleischer (probably best known for M.I.A.’s ‘Galang’ video) incorporates kabuki actors and taiko drums. It’s fun to watch, and compared to [singer] Avril Lavigne’s recent choices, it’s pretty tame on the whole Japanese-cultural-appropriation scale.”

Check out the Major Lazer and Sean Paul “Come on to Me” video above and tell us your thoughts.

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