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Comcast and Time Warner Cable Are Most Hated Companies in America, Study Shows

The only consumer survey that matters has found that among all businesses across every industry, Comcast and Time-Warner Cable are the two most hated companies in America.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, which is put out quarterly by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and is considered the most comprehensive customer satisfaction survey in the United States, has just come out with a new survey showing once again that Comcast and TWC have the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any ISPs in the United States.

And that’s not even the worst news for the two companies in the latest survey.

ACSI was asked to provide customer satisfaction scores for every company in every industry that they cover, and it turns out that Comcast and TWC also have the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any of them.

In fact, Comcast and TWC’s Internet service businesses were the only two businesses in the United States to score below a 60 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale. What’s most amazing is that both Comcast and TWC have even lower customer satisfaction ratings than United Airlines, which has a notoriously bad reputation in an industry that, due in part to government security requirements, is known for delivering a miserable experience.

The ACSI says that the continued dismal customer satisfaction ratings of both Comcast and TWC should really make regulators think twice before signing off on a merger that would turn them into a behemoth in the American broadband and pay TV markets.

“The combination of low and downward-trending customer satisfaction for both Comcast and Time Warner Cable is cause for concern amid merger talks between the two companies,” ACSI writes. “The issue at stake is not that the proposed merger will limit competition as the service territories of the two companies do not overlap. Instead, it is the question of whether a combination of two pay-TV providers with such poor records could possibly create a better customer experience, especially given the volume of evidence from ACSI data suggesting that mergers in service industries tend to damage satisfaction — at least in the short term.”

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