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M.I.A. Goes Political in New ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ Video


Rapper M.I.A. can be describe as a lot of things, but being afraid of addressing political issues is not one of them. The Sri Lankan rapper has made a career of tackling tough issues in her art, and her new video “Double Bubble Trouble” is no different. As reported by

“Last week, M.I.A. stopped by ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ in support of ‘Matangi,’ delivering a truly zany performance of ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ that featured, among other things, crazy dancers and a mini UFO. Today, she unveils the track’s accompanying music video, and it’s just as out there, albeit much more political. The self-directed clip depicts a gang of rebels armed with guns made using a 3D printer, as well as various scenes of protest, including a group of women wearing burkas illustrated with images of their faces. The video culminates with images of drones, cameras, and the phrase “1984 is now,” making for a potent call to action against the NSA and other forms of Big Brother surveillance.”

M.I.A. is still promoting her latest album “Matangi,” which was released last year, and is about to go on a summer tour that will include dates alongside artists Solange and ASAP Ferg.

Check out the M.I.A. “Double Bubble Trouble” video below.


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