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Italian Tourists Luring Poor Kenyan Children Into Prostitution

kenya child slave 1Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi may look like a tropical paradise, but it is host to a hidden child sex trade. Children as young as 12 years old say they are being lured into prostitution and pornography by tourists willing to pay handsomely for sex in secret locations.

Charlotte Attwood of BBC Africa went to Malindi to investigate and reported the following.

Just beneath a wall on one of the busy tourist beaches in Malindi, children loiter in the hope of attracting a customer. I met two girls and a boy – all under the age of 18 –  and all who admit to selling their bodies to foreigners for sex.

In a good month, they can get a client every day, one of the girls said.

Most of the tourists in Malindi come from Italy, and their clients are mostly Italian men between the age of 50 and 80, she said.

With a dull look in her eye, 16-year-old Maria explained how she goes about her daily business.

“I ask my friends who work as beach boys to find me a male tourist. When I get a client, we strike a deal, say for $60 (£35, US$58),” she says.

While I was sitting with the children, I saw an elderly man approach the two girls with money in his hands. Once he spotted me, he signaled to the girls that he would be back later.

The authorities in Malindi have been trying to tackle the problem, and hotels now bar young local girls from visiting tourist rooms.

But Naomi Kazungu, the local government child protection officer, said that this has created another problem, as the trade has been driven underground.

The children are no longer going to hotels, but to private villas, Kazungu said.

Peter is one of the beach boys in Malindi who admits to facilitating this business.

He took me 300 metres (1,000ft) up the beach, around a rocky escarpment to a cave. It is a favorite spot for sex tourists, he told me, especially those who go for children.

A cave where young Kenyan boys and girls are sexually exploited.

A cave where young Kenyan boys and girls are sexually exploited.

The trade is illegal in Kenya and this is a perfect hideout.

As the tide comes in, the caves become cut off from the rest of the beach. There is a lot of dead seaweed on the floor that is used as a mattress, Peter says.

The tourists prefer girls aged 15 to 17, he adds.

Some of these men, Peter says, like to involve dogs and pay the girls up to $500 to film this.

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11 thoughts on “Italian Tourists Luring Poor Kenyan Children Into Prostitution

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    Najee K. Hampton excuse me brutha. a lot of white supremacist agents have been coming on black websites posing as africans. i noticed it a month ago and then i heard tariq nasheed mention it last week. so beware brutha

  2. Amah Jones says:

    White sex tourism in Africa has been going on for well over 50 years and growing stronger. It's truly troubling to see how our young boys and girls are routinely sexually exploited with little or no meaningful intervention from neither fellow citizens nor the government.

  3. Charles Hill says:

    They know you are Queens, It is just some of you beautiful black queens do not know their worth, you are the mothers of Civilization act accordingly.

  4. It's been going on for longer than just over 50 years, more like HUNDREDS. Even during slavery the white slave masters would rape and abuse the women AND CHILDREN even though they claim black people were not even classified as human.

    They do it in Cambodia and Thailand among many other countries, non Caucazoid children being used and abused by rich perverted bastards world wide. Sick.

  5. Charles Hill… You too Charles… If we are black Queens… our men must be Kings…right.

  6. Saba Dakama something not right with you, your prejudice against your own race. It does not matter the location country or place. People don't like to see stuff like this going on. No one is downing Africa…No one likes this happening in the states or there. To only see one side is sick, everything that happens to African Americans is always posted in media rather its right or not.

  7. We talk about oristitution in Atlanta what is wrong with you !! This is against whites who pretend they do nothing ! Yes we are just as messed up in America where they have socially engineered homosexuality and they do this crisp to African people in the Caribbean like Haiti ! Don't be so silly as to think we are doing something to you as if we are separate that is a dumb illusion! Used by our same abusers !!!!!!

  8. Kamitu Damas says:

    Frankly,speaking i did not understand why perverted whites including women are so attrated to dark skin people ? Here in the Cameroon, many of them ,particularly white men from france,having fun with black girls.they travel thousand of miles just to play with them on our natural sea side.really sad

  9. Kamitu Damas says:

    Their target:young boys and girls.very sad!

  10. Kamitu Damas says:

    Saba dankama,plz,mind you west African bantu,just to remind you that Africa or kemet is mother land of the dark skin or melanine people.beside,afro Americans have more consciousness as to regard our race than we do.africans can be traced around the world including India,Malaysia,Philippine,Cambodia.most of them knose exactly, where their ancestors came from as whites do with Europe .most where kidnapped by the same people we see today,as sex tourists all over Africa .

  11. Kamitu Damas says:

    Why are those perverts so attracted to us?nearly,7african countries have accepted homosexuality as way of life.still wander what our ancestors will say?

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