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12 Black Celebs Who Succumbed to Drug Overdose

Rob Pilatus

Rob Pilatus (June 8, 1965 – April 2, 1998)

Rob Pilatus was half of the pop music duo Milli Vanilli, the group that suffered public disgrace in November 1990, when their producer outed them for lip-syncing on their records.

In the years following the collapse of Milli Vanilli,  Pilatus struggled with substance abuse and even attempted suicide.

In 1998, on the eve of a promotional tour for a newly completed Milli Vanilli album, Pilatus, 32, was found dead from an accidental alcohol and methadone overdose in a Frankfurt, Germany, hotel room.




Chris Kelly (Aug. 11, 1978–May 1, 2013)

Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s rap duo Kris Kross, died of a drug overdose on May 1, 2013. His mother  said he used cocaine and heroine the night before his death, and an autopsy report  revealed the illegal  drugs were in his system. He was  32 years old.


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10 thoughts on “12 Black Celebs Who Succumbed to Drug Overdose

  1. most not drug overdose. they we murder by making look like an overdose

  2. Overdose is the easiest way to prove they didnt kill them

  3. Troy Banks says:

    No Charlie Parker.

  4. Sundiata Keita says:

    cant believe we let white people steal Jimi Hendrix. they wont let a nigga keep a cold.

  5. Chelsia Latney says:

    Drug overdose and death related to years of drug and alcohol abuse are not the same 😐

  6. They-the establishment loves killing the best and the greatest of black artists. So sad. I believe that the majority, if not all of the people on this list were murdered. Including Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix.

  7. Rocky RoRo Sanders says:

    Witney was murdered!

  8. Susan Harris says:

    Wow! Fame is overwhelming for so many artists, they seem to reach for something beyond what they already have. Suffice to say, that something rest in their mental unconsciousness, and in search for consciousness they somehow get lost in the nightmare of drug and alcohol.

  9. Donyale Luna looks like Kerri Hilson. I thought it was her before I clicked on the link.

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