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Ziggy Marley Performs ‘I Don’t Wanna Live on Mars’ on ‘Conan’ show

Ziggy Marley has been making multiple media appearances over the past month to promote his new album “Fly Rasta,” which was released April 15. Monday night, Marley made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show to perform his latest single “I Don’t Wanna Live on Mars.”

Marley brought his Jamaican flavor to the show singing, “Don’t wanna live on Mars/I don’t wanna drive space cars/I just wanna be with you/And do the things we do/Don’t want to escape to the moon/Even if the world went boom/I just want to be with you/And do the right things to you.”

On the new album, Marley has returned to his Rasta roots. He told 

“For the past few albums, I haven’t spoken about Rasta in that sense,” he explains. “But it is something that is deep within me. It’s very common for people to use that word — Rasta this and Rasta that. But I don’t use it that much. For me, “Fly Rasta” is like lifting up the banner again. It’s a celebration of my philosophy.”

Check out the Ziggy Marley performance above and support his album on iTunes.

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