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8 Iconic Black Leaders Whose Wives Deserve More Recognition

betty shabazz malcolm x

Betty Shabazz (May 28, 1934 – June 23, 1997)

Malcom X is one of the most well-known figures of the Civil Rights Movement. After his wife Betty Shabazz, who was pregnant with twins, witnessed his assassination alongside their four daughters, she continued her husband’s work.

Aside from raising her six daughters on her own, she got a Ph.D. in education administration, delivered countless lectures on civil rights, directed the department of Communications and Public Relations at Medgar Evers College and pushed forward her late husband’s work on social justice. She also was a key player in establishing the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center in New York City’s Washington Heights, the site of her husband’s assassination.

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9 thoughts on “8 Iconic Black Leaders Whose Wives Deserve More Recognition

  1. Medina Farm says:

    A splendid joe. I agree. Thank you for highlighting our mothers and sisters.

  2. love this ,so true…


  4. Alisa Lee Powe says:

    Love this✊

  5. It should be noted that Malcolm X was NOT a civil rights leader and did NOT believe in civil rights as relief for our people from oppression

  6. Brothers need to take note of this.
    I know I am.

  7. Another iron black leader whose wife derseved recognition is the one and only Mrs Zodwa Sobukwe wife of the late Prof Robert Sobukwe ( the father of pan africanism).

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