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10 Biblical Scriptures That Sanction Slavery, Rape, and Genocide


spanish inquisition

Kill All Unbelievers

“And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken to turn you away from the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 13: 5)

“If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers.” (Deuteronomy 13: 6)

“Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.” (Deuteronomy 13:8-9)

“Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword.” (Deuteronomy 13:15)



A Good Slave is a Good Christian

β€œSlaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” (Peter 2:18:Β )

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123 thoughts on “10 Biblical Scriptures That Sanction Slavery, Rape, and Genocide

  1. Derrick Williams i dont know you but from the way you are talking, i am made to believe that maybe you dont understand the scripture or probably you do understand but wants to have more explanation, therefore if you must understand the bible you have to interpret it dispensationally, not putting it out of context, most of the things in the old testament are meant for a particular people, in a particular time and at a particular geographical location, under the dispensation of law, but Christ came to fulfill the law and gave us a better testament, under the dispensation of grace, under the law, salvation is by your act or works but under our dispensation, it is by grace through faith not of works lets any man should boast, therefore study to show yourself approved unto God, workman that needs not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth

  2. Derrick Williams says:

    Franklin Benjamin Perhaps you are commenting to the wrong person in the wrong article. I've read the bible and you do not have any special knowledge or special access, any more than I do, you only cherry pick what you want to believe is true, the bible endorses slavery and you can not get around that. You are speaking cryptically sir, talk like a normal person, like I said, you don't have special access to anything.

  3. the culture and tradition of the bible is more African than European, i was born and brought up in Africa, Nigeria, particularly the Ibo tribe, the Ibo culture has 90% similarity with Hebrew culture and the Ibo people has traced their Origin to one of the lost tribes of Israel. I also want you to understand that the Origin of slavery is enshrined in our culture, when the white man came, they saw a tradition that was inherent in us and they capitalized on it. my sister do you know that even till today in Ibo culture slavery still exist and can never be done away with till tomorrow, there are disparity in Ibo culture between Osu (Slaves or outcast) and Diala (Free Born) till date, that even Christianity has not been able to do away with. (these were the people that was sold into slavery) nothing will make an Osu to intermarry with Diala otherwise the Diala will be regarded as an outcast, i repeat this practice still exist till this 21st century

  4. there is nothing like peter 2v18 in the bible but if you are talking of 1 Peter 2v18 then it is quoted out of context. it did not say "slaves" but Servants obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” ( 1 Peter 2:18: ) but the changin it to the word "slave" instead of servants changed the meaning of this particular verse, please let us read the bible with understanding, this is the lie of the devil to deceive people

  5. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons David Simmons What are you talking about? Do you think our ancestors in Africa worshipped the Christian god, I don't think so. Have you heard of the Moors? They were Muslim, I think that religion is ridiculous too. The Moors conquered a lot of civilizations like Spain and Italy and took on wives, that's why people in Sicily look a little different than the average Italian person. Read your history and not that backwards bible.

  6. i have gone through all this scriptures whosoever wrote these comments does not know the word of God and i wonder what you are out to gain by deceiving people. These verses are situations of things that happened during war time, in the history of a particular people (The Jews) so i wonder what the situation should have been like during war if not what is shown here and i also want people to know that the old testament is a History of a particular people with a particular religion (Judaism and not Christianity) Judaism practice is entirely different from Christian practice, and i also tried to see if there is any verse talking about slavery but there is not even one verse here talking about slavery, Even the 1 Peter 2:18 that was quoted was quoted wrongly to deceive people, Please every reader should disregard these quotations, whosoever wrote this, is writing from the devils point of view with the motive to deceive people, hence they are wrongly interpreting the bible. the devil is a liar and his duty is to deceive people. if you need more understanding about the scripture, you can like me on Facebook or like my page Dr frank and post any question you wanna ask, and i will be very glad to answer all your questions according to the light of the scripture

  7. Derrick Williams do you actually know the African History an origin?, i am an African from the Ibo tribe (Hebrew) in west Africa and i have studied African history. I schooled in the University of Lagos Nigeria and in school we took time to study the true History and Origin of most of the African tribes, with research, not what the white man told us. i want you to understand that the Ibo Culture is 90% the same as Hebrew culture and tradition and the Ibo people has traced their Origin to Israel with the prove that they are one of the lost tribes of Israel. if you sinceerly wanna learn more about the Origin of the black man, I am ready to teach you the real truth. About what is written here not one of it is talking about slavery read your bible with understanding

  8. Tim Merrill says:

    David Simmons – Here's the problem. The Israelites were more evil than the people they were supposed to kill. Why didn't God have them killed as Isaiah requested.

  9. Paul Aiken says:

    David Simmons< my brother you are a product of your ancestor's slave master's god. If you were born in India, or a Muslim country, you would not be having this conversation. Brutal historical circumstances, shaped your current believe and all black people in American and the Caribbean. This is a fact of history and life my friend. It is time for All Blacks to realize that their ancestors were forced into believing and then it was passed on and used as pacifier to keep the slaves quiet and submissive by our forefathers. We are now a much more educated people, we must stop being "sheepeople" and shed the bullshit of our past. Grow up, move forward and stop the fantasies, teach others to be kind, work hard in this life, and build a helpful, caring, productive society. Peace πŸ™‚

  10. Tim Merrill says:

    Those who know both history and the Bible will realize the Israelites borrowed both their language and religion from the black Canaanites whose land they appropriate. Abraham paid tribute to the Canaanite priest of EL on High who was later adopted by the Israelites as Elohim. After this they developed the cult of the Midianite (we think it to be Midianite) deity Yahweh.

  11. Derrick Williams Eph 6 v 5 said SERVANTS and not SLAVES please stop changing the scripture, there is a big difference between the word servants and slaves, what will gain by misquoting the bible?

  12. Paul Aiken says:

    The bible or any book can only be used out of context my friend. We can never quote a full book to make a point. But let me know any preacher who has read the whole bible at sermon including all the disgusting parts of the Bible. Let me know the day your pastor, is going to preach about masters and slavery. πŸ™‚ As quoted in this article.

  13. Tim Merrill says:

    The Greek word "doulos" can mean either slave or servant.

  14. Derrick Williams My brother maybe you read the bible with the motive to find fault not with the Motive to study to show yourself approved unto God as a workman that needed not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim 2 v 15. With all humility sir, i obtained my PHD in theology from a reputable theological seminary in the USA, and another Phd in Divinity and also specialty in comparative religion. if it is for academical understanding of the Bible maybe i stand in a better position to explain to you, depending on your area of specialization and apart from that, I have also been a born again Christian for more than 35 years and a preacher for the 34 of this 35 years, though i am not here to talk about myself, but has to say this because of your comment just to let you know that the bible is my life its not just what i do, its who i am. i read it, eat it, study it and i rightly divide it. I have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, i talk with him everyday, I know him, not just knowing about him. The devil is out to kill, to steal and to destroy, but the Son of God cometh that you might have life and have it more abundantly John 10 v 10, please i plead with you my brother, do not make yourself a victim of the devil. Thank you very much and may God bless you and open up your eyes to see the truth

  15. Tim Merrill says:

    Paul – I'm a preacher who has read the entire book, including all the disgusting parts, such as Judges 19.

  16. Derrick Williams says:

    Franklin Benjamin Semantics, servants in the general term means slave by Paul's context. They were not getting paid for services rendered, they were subservient to their "Masters" for life. They were not free to go as they pleased. Servant means slave in this context.

  17. Tim Merrill says:

    Derrick – I agree with you but I and many other source critics question Paul's authorship of the texts that support slavery.

  18. David Simmons My brother as i read a little of your testimony i was filled with tears, the only prove to our believe is the personal experience as of what you have, i thank God that you know him personally not just knowing about him and am so happy with the way you carried your discussion, keep it up, my earnest prayer is that God should open up the eyes of some people to know this same God the way we know him, keep up this walk of faith and my God will uphold you and bless you the more

  19. Derrick Williams says:

    Tim Merrill Yeah, I remember Judges, it's very repulsive, talking about a woman getting raped by a bunch of men all night and then the man whom she was subservient to (she being a concubine/slave) cut her up into different pieces because she was damaged goods. Just sick.

  20. Tim Merrill says:

    Derick Williams – My most recent task involves deciphering which parts of the Bible are Hebrew myth, which parts are Hebrew nationalism, and which parts reflect the will of God. This is where Jesus becomes a fascinating figure as he seems to direct us away from the myth and the nationalism and toward the spiritual worship of God. Unfortunately, as was the case in his day, he continues to be misread and misunderstood.

  21. "If you are black and a Christian – you have a short memory." — Chris Rock

  22. Garry J. Murray "If you are black and a Christian – you have a short memory." — Chris Rock

  23. David Simmons "If you are black and a Christian – you have a short memory." — Chris Rock

  24. All of these Scriptures MUST BE read within THE CONTEXT they were given!!! — Basic Bible Study 101 — All of these HAVE BEEN PULLED OUT of context people!!!

  25. Olivia Alfonso says:

    That book is like a fiction horror story.

  26. Farntella Graham says:

    Franklin Benjamin This practice is abominable. what other culture does this? the bible, in Leviticus, I think chapter 44, says you are to get your slaves from among outsiders and not from amongst your own people. therefore, I have to question when you proclaim your close association to the hebrew religion and the lost tribe of israel.

  27. Farntella Graham says:

    Leviticus 25:44 tells you where to "get your slaves."

  28. Jack Johnson says:

    Franklin Benjamin Selling Jesus and make money

  29. Derrick Williams says:

    The bible endorses slavery, what other context is there? Slavery is slavery, not just for some people over there or not picking from your tribe, it's saying that it's okay to own another human being. Let's not forget that the bible is supposed to be the word of god.

  30. i think people well tell themselves anything to keep believing. not asking you to give up your faith but you have to acknowledge that this happened. even if it was in the past or a different time or whatever it still happened

  31. Farntella Graham Sister if you simply have a problem with the bible and the God of the bible then just say so. You have quoted one scripture that is part of a very large book. This is the essence of taking something out of context. You, nor anyone else, can even begin why things were done by certain people(s) unless you know the whole story. Would you like for someone to cherry-pick certain words from something that you have said and attribute the few words to the entirety of your words? I think not so why do you do the same thing?

  32. Derrick Williams Slavery is not Slavery. There are different forms of it. Even in the history of slavery in America there were slaves who loved their condition. They were fed, did low-labor jobs, got fancy clothes, ate what Massa ate, were allowed to keep their family in tact, Lorded over other slaves, and, generally had a compartive good life (in comparison to the field Negro); but they were still slaves. Some even fought to keep slavery alive and cried and lamented that they were free. So, also, we have to understand that there were nations and people around the Hebrews who were evil and vile people with all sorts of evil ways (including sacrificing babies to Baal). Who are you to sit in the year of 2014, knowing virtually nothing, and sit in judgement of the creator? Oh but I forgot, you are arguing the validity of a fictional book with fictional characters, inspired by a God who does not exist. LOL what foolishness.

  33. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons That of course is dependent on your assumption that there is a creator which you have not proven. Slavery is slavery (owning another human being) and apologists like yourself continue to be slaves in your own mind by not thinking for yourselves by perpetuating these fairytales. By the way, field negros and house negros were all called slaves regardless of the job they were doing, man, you are really using some mental gymnastics to justify your make believe world.

  34. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons David Simmons As a matter of fact, even when the American slaves were free, there was still an institutional system in place to keep people in servitude. There is a documentary called "Slavery by another name" on PBS, I advise you to watch it.

  35. Farntella Graham says:

    David Simmons My comments are in response to F. Benjamin's defense of slavery in africa. he purports to be similar in belief to the hebrew religion and the lost tribe of israel. does the verse in Lev 25:44 tell you where to "take your slaves" or not, mr. simmons?

  36. Farntella Graham says:


  37. Farntella Graham says:

    David Simmons the innocent are dying, not the guilty. this is the devil and his childrens world.

  38. Farntella Graham Yes it does tell the Hebrews of thousands of years ago from whence they should take slaves. Maybe I read something wrong when I read his comments regarding slavery in Africa. Yes, he does seem to think that it is okay. Well, tribalism in Africa is somewhat strange to me. Hutu's and Tutsi's (Rwanda in 1994) made it apparent that tribalism in Africa is very dangerous. My apologies Sister.

  39. Derrick Williams I know and I actually saw the video when it aired on TV. You don't seem to understand what I am saying to you about your arguments. I cannot prove that there is a creator anymore than you can prove that there is not. I just use the good sense that I have to know that this universe, in all of its complexities, could not have spawned itself. A wise man put it to me like this: Son what if I carefully dissasembled a common household blender and placed all of its parts into a box and started shaking it, how long would it take for it to re-assemble into a working blender? I said never. He said "right!". So scientists have stated that the trillions of working organisms, planetary systems, etc. all started working by themselves. I was a child and I knew better. BTW you obviously didn't read what I said because I stated that field negroes and house negroes were all labeled "slaves" so you sat and repeated what I said. You do not pay attention young man and so I have have insight as to why you think the way you do.

  40. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons First of all, I'm probably older than you are. Secondly, that old tired Russell's Tea Pot argument is what is called a logical fallacy. And yes, I saw that show when it first aired too, congrats. You are doing what's typically called "shifting the burden of proof", I know all of those logical fallacies you are doing. You are basically saying that we can't explain how things happened, so let's just say god did it. Why stop there? Why not Zeus, Mohammad, or even Peter Pan? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, I can't just tell you that I believe in the tooth fairy, I know she's real and you can't prove that she isn't, that's basically what you are telling me, son. And that old blender in a box or tornado in a junk yard, another logical fallacy. You are inserting something that does not exist and can not be tested and be upheld to logical scrutiny. And your attempt at an argument from authority is vain at best. The further you go down this rabbit hole with your fairy tales, the more detached from reality you appear to be, Son. One last thing, I believe that your point was a slave was not a slave because of who they were and where they were and not because they were owned by another human being, which is a ridiculous apologetic way to defend the bible I might add.

  41. No actually Christianity was not forced upon black people. Ask yourself this Colton Salinas: Why did Massa not want the slaves to learn to read. What was the main reason? Because they didn't want them to read the bible which was the most popular and most read book of all. They did not want the slaves to see what the creator's message was to humans. THey didn't want them to know who they were and that they had a Savior (ala the Hebrews of Egypt).

  42. Colton Salinas says:

    David Simmons Yeah it was, without European Imperialism where The British, The Spanish, The French & all other Colonial powers didn't force their religion to Native Americans & Africans the majority of us wouldn't be Christian…

  43. Colton Salinas says:

    David Simmons & you would worship the old African deities depending on which ethnic group your ancestors were from.

  44. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons Have you heard of the terms, "Stacking the deck", "Special Pleading", or "One sided arguments"? You can not defend what the bible says when it comes to slavery, it doesn't stand up to scrutiny, because the bible endorses it multiple times, so you are actually trying to redefine what the term slavery means by saying it was who these people were and where they were from, while ignoring everything else, so it makes it ok. Your argument won't work because it's a logical inconsistency.

  45. Robert Bent says:

    While these texts do give a grave image of death and destruction you have to look at the whole context of its meaning. Most of the commands were given to the Nation of Israel as they are to enter the land of promise and remove all the idolaters and pagans from the land so that the people will not corrupt themselves or practice the evils that these nations were practicing. However and unfortunately, man has used these passages to sanction their evils upon others in these times. The crusaders and The Conquistadors used these passage to approve their barbarism against other races and nations. What they fail to realize is that Christ came and abolished all this evil and wickedness and we are redeemed in Christ when we call on his name and believe in the Father.
    A short note, many in these Biblical times were saved when they believe the Israelite's God, namely Rahab the prostitute. Take a note of that.

  46. It would appear that God sanctioned ruthlessness. God delivered the Israelites from the ruthless bondage of Egypt and led them to the Land of Canaan where the are now. In the process, some ruthless decisions against obstruction and contamination against diseases had to be made in order to clear the way for the journey, etc, etc. Those were different days.

  47. Derrick Williams Damn man you are a special tpye of dude (like Special needs). I cannot prove to you much of anything. I cannot prove to you have Neptune exists. I cannot prove to you that I exist. It is up to you to accept things and thus a thing is proven to YOU and you only. You keep asking that I prove to you God exists and I tell you that I know that I know. I tell you what he has done for me and you call me a liar and tell me that I did it all myself. How do you teach someone like that anything. Oh and I guarantee you that I am older than you. This pic is almost twenty years old. I probably have a child your age and a grandkid as old as you child. Honestly, I don't care if you believe. The bible tells me that you are a lost soul that you cannot be saved because deep inside you know that God exists. Now why do you have such emnity for God? I don't know. Maybe you were abused as a child. Maybe you have seen people you loved be killed and thought "why did god allow that?". Maybe you are gay and don't like someone telling you that you can't sleep with other men. Maybe you just think that you are so smart and have figured out everything there is to know and no 'god" can tell you anything. Who knows? Who cares? Not me. I have wasted too much time on you. There are millions of people who need people like me to tell them the wondrous things that God can do. People who have a willingness to know him or know him more intimately. People like you are the children of perdition. Your souls have already been condemned and the only one who can save you from you–is you; but it takes a change within your heart. A change that says "I don't know anything and my efforts have all fallen short". Or at least a desire to want to live beyond this life to live eternally in peace and love with those whom you love. I know what you are brother, I have seen you many times before throughout my life. You have said nothing new, your arguments are doo-doo. You claim that God is not real and the bible a "majic" book and full of lies but yet you quote it in order to prove your points. How strange. I would not use a book about unicorns to disprove the existence of unicorns; but that is what you do. So, may God touch you one day and may your heart soften and your mind open and whatever hatred you have for YHWH subside. May you find his peace and his love.

  48. Derrick Williams says:

    Well, I can tell you one thing, I've never dealt drugs, I've never been arrested, I've never went to jail and I have never needed the bible to tell me right from wrong. How about you? I don't care how old you say that your picture is, it's a foolish argument anyway, what does it matter? You are basing your assumptions that the god of your religion exists, I don't have any animosity toward your make-believe god because he/she/it only exists in your delusional mind. And your attitude is at the height of your religious arrogance in telling me what I am thinking, I am a well adjusted individual unlike yourself, I realized a long time ago that your religion is a bunch of bull as well as the other religions like Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Scientology, and Jehovah's Witnesses just to name a few, and do you know why? Because I actually read the bible and not just some of it or what your pastor tells you, how about you, I don't think you have. It's people like you that like to hide behind the bible and place judgment on other people. You can't prove to me that you exist? Are you an idiot? Faith is the belief in something in the absence of evidence, which is foolish. We as human beings base our beliefs on concrete evidence (what we see, hear, feel, taste, or smell), our senses and not some outlandish stories that people tell us about talking snakes, talking donkeys, whales that swallow people whole and spit them out alive after 3 days, zombies like Lazerus and Heysus, talking burning bushes, parting a whole sea in half, or people walking on water. Your only basis for your belief is an argument from ignorance a logical fallacy by the way. How would you feel if the surgeon working on you during a life saving surgery to say, well I will just leave it up to god and not do anything else or the airline pilot flying you somewhere to say during an inflight emergency to just forget his training and say he will leave it up to god, ridiculous. Oh, and I can't prove to you Neptune exists either, because he doesn't exist, thank you for proving my point, maybe you'll start to see reality.

  49. Colton Salinas Nah dude I worship who chose me from the beginning of time. I am in the right place and time and I belong to whom I should.

  50. Derrick Williams Damn man. When I said Neptune I was talking about the planet. There is something within you that drives you to argue with me. Why would a sane and well-adjusted person take so much time out of their precious life to argue with someone they do not know, about a book that they claim is written by stupid nomads, about fictional make-believe characters, all pointing to a diety that doesn't? Don't you see the insanity of that? It is like arguing with someone who beleives in Santa Claus. What eveidence do you have of our origins? Do tell! Does your proof come from the astrophysicists? How about Geologists? Do they have proof? Do you? NO YOU DON'T but yet you believe them! Don't you get it man? What do you believe in? Yourself? America? NATO? What? I have told you what I believe– now you speak about the truth that you hold. Provide your proof old wise man. I will await to be enlightened by you. Convince me. GO!

  51. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons You are projecting. Like arguing with someone who believes in Santa Claus, REALLY? That's what you are doing. Do I see the insanity? That's what you believe in, a mythical person, WOW! I have already told you what nonsense that I don't ascribe to. I do believe now that you area hypocrite and don't go by the teachings of your book according to your past posts on here. That's another thing I believe right now. It's easier for me to tell you that I don't believe in your mythical nonsense than to run down a laundry list of everything I believe.

  52. Derrick Williams Man please there you go again. I will dumb what I said down a little bit. You (Derrick Williams) are arguing with me, a guy you don't know about a subject, the existence of God. You contend that the book about God, the Holy Bible, is a work of fiction, and the existence of God is untrue; according to you Derrick Williams. You have spent a lot of time typing, thinking, and reading (sort of) on this page about said subject. Now, Derrick pay close attention to my request this time: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU BELEIVE REGARDING OUR (HUMAN BEINGS) ORIGINS. I did not ask you to "run down a laundry list of everything you beleive" I simply asked what you believe regarding our origins. Got it buddy? This is simple. Now you explain to me what you believe about how we, and all that we see, got here. I already know that you do not beleive in God so there is no need to reiterate that.

  53. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons I ALREADY TOLD YOU! I DO – NOT – KNOW how we got here and I am not claiming to KNOW THAT, GOT IT! How many times do I have to say this to you? I definitely do not believe that a MAGICAL PERSON DID IT by waiving his hand! You are the only one with the audacity to think that YOU KNOW based on a book of FICTION, a 2000 year old collection of books that was written about 100 years after Christ died, you know how the whole universe was started based on people without running water, sewage, and indoor plumbing. Can you comprehend this now, do I have to tell you in German or Korean?

  54. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons And I'm certainly not going to take the word of an EXCONVICT! Like yourself. Because isn't that what you guys do? After you've had your "FUN" while you were free, you find religion in jail? LOL! You're so full of CRAP.

  55. Paul Aiken says:

    Franklin Benjamin, I ask you to defend your thoughts and ancient believes after watching this short video.

  56. Derrick Williams says:

    David Simmons From the previous conversation, as for you being smarter than me, DOUBT IT. I'm not the one that's been locked up in jail, I'm not the one with a record that will follow me for the rest of my life, I'm not the one that sold drugs sold drugs to his own people (killing them), you were and still are a repulsive human being in my eyes and if by saying that you are a Christian now gets you in to your heaven, then more power to you, then I hope you chose the right religion, I wouldn't want to be a part of that. If your bible says that you (a self admitted drug dealer) can get in to heave faster than I can, then why would I want to be a part of that? According to your bible a person that murdered 100 people, a pedophile, a rapist, a swindler, a cheat can get in to heaven as long as he repents before he dies, but in the same tongue and cheek method says that I can't because I "don't believe"? I know your religion is full of crap and so are you.

  57. Per La Moda says:

    no matter what you do you can not free a slave that doent want to be free…..but i have a message for all of your……..the world will end soon and black people you better know where you are standing. because the attack will be mostly on you. and i quess that i am evil because the bible said all those that have Psychic are…..well i dont believe in the body nor any religion im just spiritual.

  58. Derrick Williams RIght got it. You do not know at all how we got here but yet your are sure that we weren't created. Makes real bad sense. I am not an exconvict dummy. I am a successful business man. I have almost always "had fun". I did not find religion in a jail brother; so who's full of crap? The one who assumed things–YOU. Also your assertion that the entire bible was written one hundred years after Christ is wrong -yet again. You are full of lies and misinformation and now I am starting to feel foolish for trying to debate you. You have made yourself out to be one self-righteous and pompous asshole. You're dismissed soldier.

  59. Farntella Graham says:

    Colton Salinas so what. rise up from the dirt and stop believing what your oppressor tells you. he wants to rule you. what about that don't you understand?

  60. Kaizer Solze says:

    It is amazing that the victims of the greatest human tragedy in modern times can still support a system that has and still is enslaving them. Looking at some of these responses, I can see that many MANY black people are victims of Stockholm Syndrome. You all love your captors and that is why you all are quoting bible verses left and right like it really makes a difference.

    I've said previously that religion is a scam. You all seem to think the bible is holy for some reason. Why? No original manuscripts exist so there is no way to verify its authenticity. Slavery is never explicitly condemned in bible. The bible also says that diseases come from demons. Diseases come from various microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. The bible condones rape and genocide as well as the abuse of women (yet black women love, and I mean *L-O-V-E* the bible).The bible also says god said let there be light on the first day, but the sun was made on the fourth day. That's impossible. If the sun was made on the fourth day, how had 4 days passed?

    Another thing you all don't recognize is the hidden astrology in the bible. Sun worship is obvious: you go to church on SUNDAY, the first day of the week is SUNDAY, jesus is the SON (homonym) of god. But there's also the winter solstice where the sun does not move along the horizon for three days, then on the third day rises again. No, that's not the story of jesus rising, that is the story of the winter solstice. The usual celebration date for that is December 24 and 25 or what you would call "Christmas". The same applies to vernal equinox which you all just celebrated as Easter.

    Please put your thinking caps on and ask yourself this: if jesus was crucified and everyone knew it, how come there is no exact date? Christmas is always Dec 25 (for reasons I have illustrated above), but Easter is always moving. That is because Easter always falls on the first SUNDAY after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, Sometimes it is in March and sometimes it is in April.

    Another problem with the bible's lack of authenticity is that no contemporary first century historian had ever heard of jesus. That is as insane as no 20th or 21st century historian never hearing of Michael Jackson.

  61. Kaizer Solze says:

    It is amazing that the victims of the greatest human tragedy in modern times can still support a system that has and still is enslaving them. Looking at some of these responses, I can see that many MANY black people are victims of Stockholm Syndrome. You all love your captors and that is why you all are quoting bible verses left and right like it really makes a difference.

    I've said previously that religion is a scam. You all seem to think the bible is holy for some reason. Why? No original manuscripts exist so there is no way to verify its authenticity. Slavery is never explicitly condemned in bible. The bible also says that diseases come from demons. Diseases come from various microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. The bible condones rape and genocide as well as the abuse of women (yet black women love, and I mean *L-O-V-E* the bible).The bible also says god said let there be light on the first day, but the sun was made on the fourth day. That's impossible. If the sun was made on the fourth day, how had 4 days passed?

    Another thing you all don't recognize is the hidden astrology in the bible. Sun worship is obvious: you go to church on SUNDAY, the first day of the week is SUNDAY, jesus is the SON (homonym) of god. But there's also the winter solstice where the sun does not move along the horizon for three days, then on the third day rises again. No, that's not the story of jesus rising, that is the story of the winter solstice. The usual celebration date for that is December 24 and 25 or what you would call "Christmas". The same applies to vernal equinox which you all just celebrated as Easter.

    Please put your thinking caps on and ask yourself this: if jesus was crucified and everyone knew it, how come there is no exact date? Christmas is always Dec 25 (for reasons I have illustrated above), but Easter is always moving. That is because Easter always falls on the first SUNDAY after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, Sometimes it is in March and sometimes it is in April.

    Another problem with the bible's lack of authenticity is that no contemporary first century historian had ever heard of jesus. That is as insane as no 20th or 21st century historian never hearing of Michael Jackson.

    One other point I would like to make is that the bible commands people to not eat pork, get tattoos, eat shellfish, wear clothes made of two fabrics (like polycotton), etc. Black people will quickly say "oh, that was in the old testament". You know what else is in the Old Testament? Your 10 Commandments, and they are mentioned twice and you all call yourselves obeying that, so put that pork chop down and put those shrimp down because you are not supposed to be eating that. There are also some pro-slavery references in the OT too. I know, that's was the OT. The New Testament has pro-slavery lines uttered by your saviour jesus himself.

    Why again are you all even involved in this religion? You look more silly than black people walking around with Arabic names who somehow thing the third edition of this nonsense (Islam) is a whole lot better. Islam condones a 50+ year old man marrying a SIX year old and having sex with her when she is NINE.

  62. Kaizer Solze says:

    Joey Lee Kirkman If you are black and a Christian, you have no respect for your ancestors.

  63. Kaizer Solze says:

    Not "like", is!

  64. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons "No actually Christianity was not forced upon black people."

    Are you nuts?! It absolutely was forced onto black people. This is part of the psyc-ops of religion. The white master made sure his slaves were afraid of a white god, and they made certain to get the message across that they were slaves forever in the physical life, but don't worry, you'll be free in the next. This was reinforced by beating where the master would be slaves almost to death and say to the slaves "its only because of gawd that I don't kill this nigger". The slaves thought "oh wow, this god must be real" and the idea virus was born, and you are clearly infected with it. That's why I shake my head when I see black people with pictures of white jesus in their house (especially very dark black people because they have the closest links to slavery).

    Black people NEVER got a chance to choose Christianity. We have never asked for it, it was violently beat into our ancestors in the slave "seasoning camps" in the south and the Caribbean. You really need to learn your history, sir, because you are an embarrassment to intellectual black people and to my hometown, Atlanta.

    You are only Christian because you happened to be born in a part of the world where there are a lot of Christians. Had you been born in China, you'd probably be a Buddhist, in Japan, Shinto, in Palestine you could have been anything, in the Amazon, an indigenous belief.

  65. Kaizer Solze You obviously do not know much about about what you are saying and you do not know much about the plan of God regarding salvation for ALL people who are living and are dead. There are Christians in virtually every corner of the planet. There are 6.9 billion people in the world and about 2.2 billion of which are Christian. So, I would have had a 1 in 3 chance of being Christian. To say that "black people never had a chance to choose" is ridiculous. What about the millions of people who choose to be Christian today? If you were referring to slaves then yes, they chose it also because we (black people) know the voice and message of our Lord. It is a part of who were are. If our ancestors didn't choose it, then it would have died within our community within one generation after the Emancipation Proclamation. All of those who found it offensive would have left it alone; but that is not the case, it flourishes within our community. Not sure why your are trying to be insulting man. I know our history I am simply asking the people learn to think beyond your hatred of the European and see the truth of God's power, message, and love. If it wasn't a true belief system; it would never prosper, especially within the black community.

  66. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons Wow, your reasoning is weak. You are positing that "since a lot of people believe it, it must be true". Really? A lot of people believed the world was flat, it wasn't true. A lot of people thought black people have tails. That isn't true. I doesn't matter if all but 10 people believe in god, that doesn't make the larger group correct. You are trying to apply a military doctrine, strength in numbers, to a religion and without proof, it won't hold water. At all. Only the foolishly unwise follow religion.

    Seneca, what do you have say (since apparently we are allowed to quote dead white folks)? "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." You are a commoner, you think it's true. I am wise. I know its false. And if I was in power, I would absolutely encourage you to practice it because that will keep you under wraps.

    Also, you are playing a cute game here. You said Christianity was never forced on black people. I said it was and there is PLENTY of evidence of it. NOW you say they chose it. So are you talking about the past or present? I can tell you for a fact that in West Africa, and virtually all of Africa except East Africa, Christianity was brought by force, particularly in non-English speaking countries. (The English were concerned about trade and not religion.)

    Another concept you are not familiar with is the idea virus. Religion is an idea virus and it is hard to stop the spread once it has started.

    You DON'T know your history and black people like you lead other black people right off the cliff because you all are sheep and sheep are not the most intelligent creatures on earth. They are easy to lead to the slaughter. You only hear about "the flock" and "the congregation" of sheep. That's another one they slipped past you. Male sheep are rams. You don't heat about rams being fed to the slaughter. Sheep have to be told what to do and think just like how you are regurgitating your pro-Christian nonsense with not one single shred of evidence.

    You talk about the "truth of gods power", well the first thing you need to do is to prove that he actually exists. I don't want to hear some semi-metaphysical nonsense about he can reveal himself to me. No, he needs to show up, I'm going to take him around town, I want him medically tested, and I want to film some interviews. That's how he can prove himself to me.

    And you last sentence takes the cake: If it wasn't a true belief system; it would never prosper, especially within the black community.

    And that's a good thing? Have you seen the black community outside of Atlanta? Take a trip to Baltimore or Detroit or Compton or East Palo Alto and tell me how great it is that all the black people are Christans. Thanks, gawd, for the highest rate in almost ALL negative life indicators: college drop-out rate, women with undiagnosed HIV, high blood pressure, heart disease, crime, violence, drugs, gangs, etc. Yeah, sure glad god loves us so much that he allows that to occur. Funny how white people, who invented this crap, don't have nearly as hard of a time and fewer whites believe in this garbage than blacks. There is very little going on correctly in the black community that the world is dying to see or know. Most of the world doesn't respect black people and the nearly-complete adherence to religion has a lot to do with it. First, it IS the white man's plan of "divide and conquer" (just go look at Nigeria, for example), secondly and much more importantly, it blocks blacks' natural scientific curiosity. Why study science when "gawd did that" is the reason you are told. Low intellectualism = low intellectual output = poverty and low wages = crime-filled neighborhoods. Wow, yeah god, thanks a lot for that. I sure don't want to live with intellectual and thoughtful people who care about their neighborhoods and get their friends high-paying jobs so I can donate to charities.

  67. Kaizer Solze nice! exactly.

  68. Kaizer Solze says:

    Garry J. Murray Awesome! I love how when you call on Christians to prove their religion to be true, the run right to an unauthenticated, anonymously written book that has no original manuscripts as proof of its authenticity..

  69. Kaizer Solze says:

    Garry J. Murray Awesome! I love how when you call on Christians to prove their religion to be true, the run right to an unauthenticated, anonymously written book that has no original manuscripts as proof of its authenticity..

  70. David Simmons my brother, am not saying that slavery is ok, but I am talking about the origin of slavery. everybody blames the white man for slavery but the truth is that they saw the situation in West Africa and they cashed in on it, you can never understand my point until you live in West Africa and see the amount of segregation between the people of the same tribe, color, culture and the same language. I have tried my best as a preacher and an educated person to talk, and that i all i can do "TALK" but this Issue in imbibed in the culture and tradition of the people. My brother i repeat you cant understand how bad this has eaten to the fabric of the society even in this 21st century.

  71. The christ-Devil-worshiper-lord-Serapis-christos, gjuice-zeus the Queer – is a Liar,a Murderer, a M`er-F`er(literally), a Bastard, a Harlot, a Pimp, a Prostitute, a Fool, and ANY body who be-lies the bib-lie is a G-D idiot , a Slave , Brainwashed ,robot and Sucker for the very people that enslaved your Black-A, to be sure. Religion was and still is used as a tool to make you bow-down like a pu**y to the Hypocrites that Propagate the illogical doctrine of Cesspool and Sadomasochistic Narcissism , in the first place.

  72. Jamel McCurry serapis Bs , and the bib-Lie are myth and written by Queers ,respectively .Now take the white-Boy version of the plagiarism and go to prverbial `H`!

  73. Shawn Mc says:

    been to Africa lately or Compton or the south side of chicago

  74. Shawn Mc says:

    wow very sad but i must correct you slavery was brought to the outside world from Africa by the arabs. they were slave traders for thousands of years

  75. Kaizer Solze Firstly, I am always curious about people who get on the internet under false names and no faces and try to debate people about serious subject. Why the anonymity? Borther beleive what you will but you discount the real life situations, miracles, and the power and love of my God. I know that I know. You know that you don't know. So what now? I can see that you have a seathing hatred for the European. Undestandable; but to think that just because something seemingly "came from" them makes it so destible that you will not partake of it is simply asinine. You use the internet–it came from white folks, You use the television–it came from white folks. You drive or ride in cars, etc. That is a stupid reason to not learn about something that is so important. Now to blame Christianity for the ills of the black community is absolutely idiotic. If you knew me, you would know that I am a staunch critic of Christianity. In its current incarnation it has failed millions of people-especially black people. If our community, as a whole, truly learned the Word of God, and applied them, we would not be in our situation; but do I blame the Lord for that? NO! But people like you do. Always crying about the plight of our people. It's the white man, it's the white man's Jesus. Blah blah blah. It is the overall defeatist mindset that permiates our collective mind. Lastly, for people to beleive that God did things does not exclude them from desiring to know the wondrous things that were done. I used to watch Carl Sagan, NOVA on PBS, all as a child. I constantly desire to understand science. You know what; nevermind dude, you are, like most people, to "smart" for your own good; but you lack wisdom. I am wasting my time with you.

  76. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons I'll give you a longer reply later, but I will answer your first concern. It is 2014 and privacy is basically dead. I don't like people searching for me, so I use an alias. If you had any sense, you would too. I am not able to be found in Google and that's fine by me. Since you use your real name, anyone could research you and find your name, your address, your family members, your neighbors, your age, and your house with a quick Google search and Google Earth. It would behoove you to take greater care over your digital ID, but you're a religitard, you I expect you think "gawd" is going to do that for you. Good luck when you are victim of ID theft.

    Actually, I'll just fully reply now. You are no critic of Christianity. You love it to death. Look at your reply: first you say I am blaming it, then you say you are a critic of it. You can't have it both ways. Either you are with it or against it. Again, you have not offered any evidence to substantiaite your claims.

    Please stop wasting my time. It is obvious you are deluded and smitten by the white man's religion which even white men don't buy. Only fools follow religion and guess what you are? I think for myself. I don't let an anonymous book do the thinking for me. Holla at me when you learn to think for yourself.

  77. Kaizer Solze Naw dude I am not scared like that. If someone wants to find you; they can brother. believe me. Nonetheless, I have ways to protect myself. I have never had my ID stolen-don't mean it won't happen- but hey whatcha gonna do? Maybe you haven't heard but the NSA, Google, and nearly every data-miner already has your info. WGAF? You again, are so eager to be right and seemingly intelligent, that you have missed my point. There is religious institutions that have peverted Christianity. They have made "God's Word to no effect" to many many people. That is what I am against. I belong to no denomination. I am a follwer of no man. I am not what you have imagined in your mind me to be. I have not grown up in a church system, I have not followed blindly any preacher. I am not what you think I am. True Christianity is a belief system, a clear way of viewing what most can't see. If you knew me then you would know, but hell, I don't even know who I am talking to–so how could you know anything about me?

  78. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons They might have my info, but YOU do not. I see you know as much about technology as you do religion. My ID has not ever been stolen and when people meet me, the next thing out of their mouths is "I couldn't find you on Facebook/Google/etc." That's intentional.

    And no, they can't "find me". They couldn't find bin Laden for years and they would have never found Snowden had he not talked. So please, go somewhere where your conjecture.

    Putting your weak red herring aside now…

    "True Christianity is a belief system, a clear way of viewing what most can't see."

    Again, here we go. You can't prove one thing about Christianity to be real. I read some of your other comments like that retarded one about "god is in our DNA". WTF? There is no "true christianity". God doesn't exist, Jesus didn't exist and the bible is unauthentic (basically a fake). You cannot disprove any of those three. Christianity is not a belief system, it's a faith system. Faith requires belief WITHOUT evidence. Belief requires evidence.

    Because I posses a lack of belief in god or gods, that makes me an atheist, and proud of it, quite frankly and too smart to believe in something without evidence. You believe without evidence. That makes you nutty, not me.

  79. Kaizer Solze Dude look. There is something that people like you do not get: I don't care if you believe. I really don't. It is your God-given right to choose and you have made your choice. Why do you want to try to berate me about what I have chosen Misery does love company. I do not care who you are, where you are, or what you do. You obviously are scared of something. You hide, use pseudonyms, like why? What are you afraid of buddy? "They" are gonna get you? BTW nobody was really looking for Bin Laden his whereabouts were known since 2001. That's another story. I will repeat: Nobody cares if you think that Yeshua is not real, Nobody cares if you think that the bible is a fake. Here's what takes wisdom to understand: Why would a person hiding on the internet , take time to try to belittle a man for stating that he believes? What do you gain? What good does it do you? NOTHING. So basically the life force that you are using to respond and try to make a point is USELESS TO YOU. It is just USELESS man. You are wasting your time. Go tell people about your great intelligence– and your disbelief. Stay with your kind and feed upon yourselves. I promise you this: You will have a time come in your life where you will seek your creator and he will laugh at you; yes laugh (Psalms 37:12-13). You will plead with him and you will make a case that you were a good person and treated your fellow man well. You will look at other evil people and say "Look at what they do. I did not live like them" and he will laugh. Continue on man . Continue to use your life to be the enemy of the Lord. He will not overlook you but will remember your words and your deeds. He will remember what you have done. I live in plain sight and I am not fearful like you who hide and bark loudly. You know within your deepest thoughts that God is, and will always be, but you, are a worker for the enemy and have an agenda to discourage those who seek God and to set them off of their path to truth and love. You are the saddest type of person-the kind who have embraced their own destruction but try to bring others with you.

  80. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons God doesn't give me rights because he does not exist. I keep asking you for proof and all you do is make personal attacks. That sounds like you have absolutely no proof. It doesn't matter who I am, your bible commands you to prove your faith to all who ask, so get to proving or shut your mouth.

    Keep hiding behind the "you're hiding on the internet" claim instead of proving what you have faith in. Good luck with that one. Let me know when you are ready to justify your claims with evidence. Until then, go back to your white invisible skydaddy and unverified book of myths, lies and bad advice.

  81. Kaizer Solze says:

    David Simmons David Simmons God doesn't give me rights because he does not exist. I keep asking you for proof and all you do is make personal attacks. That sounds like you have absolutely no proof. It doesn't matter who I am, your bible commands you to prove your faith to all who ask, so get to proving or shut your mouth.

    Apparently, someone does care about my words and beliefs, and it's YOU otherwise you would quit replying. I love getting under the skin of people who think they know it all πŸ™‚

    Keep hiding behind the "you're hiding on the internet" claim instead of proving what you have faith in. Good luck with that one. Let me know when you are ready to justify your claims with evidence. Until then, go back to your white invisible skydaddy and unverified book of myths, lies and bad advice.

  82. Farntella Graham No there were a number of "house Negroes" who, from their perspective, had a wonderful life. Granted they were comparing their situation to that of the "field Negroes" and thought that they were in a good position. Believe that!

  83. Onye Kambu says:

    I don't understand why Black Americans are so ignorant of Africa. This is particularly directed at David Simmons and Franklin Benjamin. I'm an Igo man, born and bred in Nigeria. My grandfather worshipped African gods, under Omenala, the Igbo religion and way of life. My father converted to Christianity because the British conquered Nigeria and only those who converted to Christianity could go to school and get jobs in the new government. As a practical matter it was a wise thing to do, he became the richest and most successful of all his brothers. …who refused to leave the Igo religion.

    All I want is to state the truth. Please stop all this disinformation. The Igo people are NOT Hebrews. We are just who we are. Today we are mostly Christian but it wasn't always that way.

  84. Richard Blumenthal says:

    Those out of context quotes pertain to specific situations for particular reasons. The Torah actually tells the children of Israel to honor and respect all nations. On Sukkoth, 70 bulls were sacrificed to bless the 70 nations of the earth. Sacrifices were always eaten and a great feast of brotherhood took place.

  85. Mark Veritas says:

    Nah, Jesus Christ set a perfect example for humble living for all of mankind of all races. He came to serve, not be served, so we all follow this example. Picking random verses out of the Bible without understanding the context is like trying to become a surgeon in 6 months by picking a page or two out of very complex medical textbooks that take years to master.

  86. Mark Veritas says:

    Joey Lee Kirkman Nah, rather, we've been taught anti-Christian propaganda in secular, godless schools. Most of us don't even know exactly who were the real businessmen, ship owners and bankers behind the trans Atlantic slave trade. Hint: They were not Christians at all. The same people who enslaved us are the same people who then took over and steered our civil rights agenda starting with the NAACP's founding.

  87. Mark Veritas says:

    Kaizer Solze That's complete nonsense and shows you have no clue about true history. You are filled with propaganda poison and your ego will lock that ignorance in you.

  88. Mark Veritas says:

    Nonsense. Christianity existed in Africa at least 2 centuries before western Europe.

  89. Mark Veritas says:

    Kaizer Solze Nonsense. As I said earlier, Christianity existed in Africa long before it appeared in western Europe. You also need to read about militant anti-slavery Black Christian leaders like David Walker. His faith was in no way forced on him, and he risked his life to travel the country preaching fervently against the evils of the godless institution of slavery in America.

  90. Mark Veritas says:

    Kaizer Solze You are the most ignorant commenter on here. But may you find wisdom at some point in your lonely life

  91. Mark Veritas says:

    No, your anti-Christ blasphemy is a scam. I notice from the dates of your comments that you repeatedly come back to this nonsense article like a dog returning to its vomit. Is there something about Jesus Christ you want to know so that you may humble your arrogance and follow Him, or do you just want to blaspheme endlessly?

  92. Mark Veritas says:

    Derrick Williams Nonsense. Define "slavery?" Have you ever truly studied the history of jobs and employment practices in ancient days? They didn't used the word "employment" like we do today. There was voluntary and involuntary slaver. But your secular mind focuses on one scripture without balancing with another. Did not the apostle Paul write the letter called Philemon? Did not Jesus Christ Himself criticize man's way of lording over others, while proclaiming His way of leadership, which is more bottom up? He said he came to serve, not be served. Did Jesus own any slaves? Did any of the apostles own any? They didn't even have their own land or transportation. So, Sherlock, go figure that before blasting a holy book your mind wants to hate.

  93. Mark Veritas says:

    But forgiveness of sin is a beautiful thing, regardless of when one seeks it. You mention various classes of sinners seeking forgiveness just before death. If anyone purposely leads a life of sin with the idea in the back of their mind that they can just simply seek forgiveness before he dies is ludicrous in thought. That's not heartfelt and the Lord will know it. Recall that two robbers were hanging on the crucifixes with Jesus. One of them asked to be in paradise with the Lord, and the Lord granted it. His was heartfelt.

  94. Mark Veritas says:

    Sounds like you need the love of Jesus ASAP

  95. Mark Veritas says:

    Unfortunately, this is one of the most pointless and unintelligent articles I've read online in many years. There's no simple scholarly context to bring purpose and meaning to it. I feel as if I lost a few IQ points wasting my time reading it, but may the Lord bless the author for whatever objective the author intended here.

  96. Mark Veritas- and you sound like a`fool` !

  97. Colton Salinas says:

    Mark Veritas Doesn't really matter where it started, a Bronze Age book such as The Bible should be obsolete right now since we have Science to look for the answers in life.

  98. Kaizer Solze says:

    Mark Veritas "Mark Veritas Β· Top Commenter Β· Works at The Lord Jesus Christ"

    I would expect nothing less.

  99. Kaizer Solze says:

    Mark Veritas No actually whenever I logon to Facebook, it always tells me people here are liking and replying to my posts. If the article is so non-sense, why are you commenting on it?

  100. Kaizer Solze says:

    Mark Veritas Proof, please?

    And as for David Walker, if there was slavery happening in the first place, GOD ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN *OR* GOD IS TOO WEAK TO STOP IT. Either way, he's imperfect. And in my book, he doesn't even exist. This is what you do not understand. YOU are positing that something exists, so you have to prove it. If I tell you I have a $100 bill in my wallet right now, I have to prove it to you, and I can do that. You are positing that a god exists and yet I have not seen any verifyable proof of that claim. Until that time, you are talking out your ass and quite frankly, you should not be allowed to vote or drive due to your delusions.

  101. Kaizer Solze says:

    Mark Veritas "Do not judge or you too shall be judged, and by the same measure you use to judge others, it will be applied to you."

    Where did that come from you arrogant dickhead? Your holey babble. πŸ™‚ Good thing god doesn't exist or you would be in trouble right now.

    I understand though, it's normal to get frustrated when a superior intellect brings you something that you don't understand (people hate what they don't understand). Go read some science books, moron.

  102. Love Queh says:

    Franklin Benjamin you're full of shit. Slavery is just like racism. It's still exist, even in the U.S., but is no longer in your face and behind close doors. I'm african, liberian to be exact, yes we take pride in our tribe but we never did slavery like the white man did. Slaughtering millions for gain, we had slaves and mostly treated them like indentured servants.

  103. Love Queh says:

    I think people should try to understand the bible. If you just believed it because you were taught you were suppose to, well you never really Christians in the fist place and now are finding nay excuse to get out. The bible is complex, many things can be taken out of context and be misunderstood.

  104. Shawn Mc says:

    Love Queh a slave is a slave is a slave, no difference. do you deny that slaves were sold to other groups by africans?

  105. Love Queh says:

    Shawn Mc There is a difference. Whites had slaves because they felt blacks were inferior. White slaves owners had nothing to lose but everything to gain. While African had slaves from disputes over land and resources. You can't get mad at african tribe for selling black american as slaves because if they hadn't, a black american ancestor's tribe would have sold them as slaves. That was how it was. Every man for himself to survive. Again, European were never part of this game, they had enough white european that they could have used as slaves to survive but they instead decided to use blacks because they felt they were inferior.

  106. Mark Veritas says:

    Kaizer Solze – Answer: I provide balance to anti-Christian articles

  107. Kaizer Solze says:

    Mark Veritas Have fun with that since I rely on hard, proven evidence while you just give out your opinion masquerading as fact.

  108. We develop our sense of self from the knowledge we retain and the environments we have to interact within. So it makes sense that if a child receives a first rate education, adequate health care, and proper nourishment, that, that child would preform at a substantially higher level than a child who is lacking in two or more of these important stages of brain development. If the condition of self-hate and white genetic superiority complex is not genuinely addressed, and corrected in just a few generations the young children will become the products of ignorance as adults, with the exception of a few. We are entitled because of the crimes committed against our black African ancestors of which we have overwhelming proof. Our ancestors where kidnapped from Africa and sold into bondage as beast of burden, and considered the property of white people in The United States of America. We should not be interested in comparing our right for self awareness and self preservation, with the plights of others groups of people around the world. We should only be concerned with being made whole, historically, financially, and politically. We should not be expected to participate in any effort that would undermine our goals, and the goals of other non-white people. We must be of sound mind and act for the greater good. We are the majority. #TooBeContinued

  109. Christianity = white genetic supremacy

  110. Kaizer Solze says:

    Derrick Williams That was straight up entertaining! Great work! You picked those logical fallacies right out!

  111. Jimmy Valmond says:

    Colton Salinas but when people actually read the bible they see its really bullshit… so slaves being able to read would be a bad thing for massa… not a bad thing for slaves.

  112. Jimmy Valmond says:

    Derrick Williams house negro detected lol… protect and impress massa by defending massa rules within other blacks.. these people are so psychologically wrecked.

  113. Jimmy Valmond says:

    Jamel McCurry corinthians is not hebrew its greek. what that got to do with the torah stolen and rebranded old testament? its a cooked up nonesense story.

  114. We must all remember that the Bible is the History of a people so good or bad they documented what happened at that time. The only part of the bible that was quoted after God in the old testament was the Ten commandment which clearly says Thou shalt not kill and be good to others. Do you know that every three Tithes are to be given to the poor ? Plus, the parts in red in the new Testament represents how Yashua aka Jesus is all about peace and good deeds. So How does it make sense that God condoned baby killing and mass murder? Please keep in mind that the Bible passed through the hands of humans and they can always say "God told me". Have a personal relationship w/ The all mighty and his will and goodness will guide you.

    P.S. Christianity was considered a cult at first because Nero and other Roman leaders were prosecuting Christians because of the unstoppable movement after the resurrection of Christ.
    Christians didn't enslave US; Europeans, Arabs and Africans did. The bible was used and a tool. Which is why it in important for us to READ and Think!!

  115. It's amusing to me that there is so much discussion on fairy tales. It is clear when reading the Bible it has no bases in reality, it's convoluted. The Bible has something for everyone. People see what they want to see. I've seen honest people perform mental gymnastics trying to hold on to their dogma. It is sad to me to see efforts of thought completely wasted.

  116. Foolish, unsubstantiated article. Can't drop scriptures in someone's lap w/out acknowledging context.

  117. any wonder I don't follow this book? not sure why anyone would.

  118. Exodus 23:22-25 KJV. (Start at verse 20)
    But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries. [23] For mine Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites: and I will cut them off. [24] Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. [25] And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

  119. Glenn Hudson says:

    Slavery spoken of in Peter 2:18, was referring to a agreement between two people to pay off a personal or family debt. Not forced slavery. This is easily researched.

  120. in Isaiah it is talking about the things to come , God made this world and unlike others he can do what he want to do. This is what he will cause to happen because of the injustice in the world. Did you notice in the latter part of verse 14 in chapter 13. We suffer at the hand of people who have no compassion for people who are not our people but here God tell us he will return us to our own and he did this with his people many times however they wanted the things of the people that was not his people and this has cause his people to suffer and this continue to this day. Jeremiah 10:2

  121. There's no religions. Religions Were Created by Man to keep people controlled and seperated. God spirit been in us since we came out of the womb. Why do many feel they have to go through man to know God. In the novel the bible didn't God said trust no man so what they do try to make a man half spiritual and man he still a man hahaha….the bible contradicts itself alot. Theirs some truth to it and also many many lies…. God which is not He or she is a spirit of energy. The soul is of all things…even though I'm a man or she a female when we die we are all simply energy in a mass consciousness. The soul is of all things don't let your physical human body's fool you. When God created us in his image spiritually we are like God. We are all mini Gods we are all spiritual beings. We all have powers and many many great gifts that God the universe the creator of all has giving us. We have the power to heal, manifest thing into existence plus many many more. All religions talk about the same thing get a relationship with God the most high. We are all spiritually connected #synchronicity we are all connected to the mass consciousness. There's no Heaven there's no hell. There's no sin. SIN is you simply miss the mark. The universe is based on Good and Evil, Light and Dark, and Positive and Negative. The positive good light always wins so you might as well do what's right while on earth…We all have lived many lives in many different realities. We do have the ability to change our realities you have to began living the reality you want to see. Our lives are like a film strip each square is a different life reality you have lived. Once you die you become your higher state of consciousness and you become the photographer and you will be able to control all your realities at once. I know many will read this and be like what he talking about but I kid you not this is the truth. Many don't understand what Einstein was talking about in #LawsOfAttractions…that is the secret of life…our souls are the filter to the universe…you know we can have anything we desire I mean anything…imagine it believe it and receive it… our imagination is a great gift we have….if you focus on something you desire and truly want and don't doubt it you will manifest it into existence….whatever signal you send out into the universe is what you get back…I can go on and on but I'm not If you will like to be enlighten more just add me and follow me on Facebook…blessings to all you my brothers and sisters…#OneLuv #Unity βœ”

    Same goes for races…that's why racism is alive and strong today. To understand the physical realm you have to understand the spiritual realm the spiritual realms are connected with the universe… there's no race blacks whites etc etc…we are all human beings a male human and female human beings. When you see other species such as ETs for example Star Trek you never see them call aliens blue red or green they are called by their name or species. That's us races and religion were created to control and keep people seperated…when you start to see the truth of the world u understand alot more. Our government and world has set up many many brainwashing mechanism that's how they control us yall have to break off that mass connection of thinking and venture off on your own to learn…don't think inside or out the box destroy the dang box….blessings to you all….!!!βœ”

    Many People of color believe the most in jesus and are some of the poorest on earth because they refuse to think for themselves only talking about belief and faith when faith is defined in the bible as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Some of us have actually read the bible from cover to cover. The more you read you know men wrote it to keep people of color and the poor in fear and looking to the sky as they steal everything on earth. I read the Quran men wrote that too. I am currently reading other books. One thing is consistent, the more religious houses the more you see crime and poverty. The less religious houses , the more you see affluence and less crime. Look around and see…!!!βœ”

  122. thinking of it and from the comments posted, it seems fair enough to justify slavery. My point here is that no one has to be from a religious perspective to justify and own slaves. The world as it is today is enslaved by the haves towards the have not. From the moment you venture into the job market and being hired you're automatically enslaved. Some being treated worst than some. If you're working your ass ff for over 30+ years and still ows the bank for the house you live , you're a slave, if you live in apartments you're even worst off. If you're on welfare it makes you indigent thus it changes the scenario making you a dependent. if your pay check doesn't allow you a decent living and you're surviving pay check to pay check, you're a slave. The clothing brands that you conform to are brands removed from the intended slaves' skin to the cloth makes you a slave by your own consent. Most of us having problem with religion are themselves consenting to a form of group that based upon their ideas makes them religious minus a diety. If religions are man made myth then so is aiethiest which derives from human thought and a looking glass (microscope). However, the case for slavery simply derives from our desires to be met , food , shelter, etc which can enslave us.

  123. Franklin Benjamin N—er Please!

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