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‘The Game’ Season 7, Episode 10: ‘The Birth & Vows Episode’


The Game season 7, episode 10: “The Birth & Vows Episode” airs tonight on BET.

Tasha goes into labor on the day of the vow renewal service; Keira and Blue take their relationship to the next level; Malik’s relationship with Yana becomes strained.

“’The Game’ is a half-hour comedy that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the dysfunctional football family of the San Diego Sabers, as they navigate fame, relationships and the pressures of professional football. “The Game” is executive produced by Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, Kenny Smith, Erica Montolfo-Buro and Kelsey Grammer.”

“The Game” season 7, episode 10 airs April 29 at 10 p.m. EST on BET. Check out a sneak peek below:

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21 thoughts on “‘The Game’ Season 7, Episode 10: ‘The Birth & Vows Episode’

  1. Diana Fox says:

    I can't believe Jason told Chardonnay he was still in love with Kelly at the wedding jason is so triflingI hope brandi is not leaving the show now and I hope she makes jason pay

  2. Melvin N Cherie Dickerson says:

    Omg!!!!! Jaw still dropped!!!!

  3. Wow I'm too upset. I did not see this coming. What's going to happen to Chardonnay? I don't want to see Brandi leave. She is so good.

  4. When is season 8???????? This is crazzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  5. Sharon Dean says:

    Talk about being upset!!! I'm hoping like heck they make this a nightmare Chardonnay is having and she wakes up next episode. If this is not a nightmare…I'm through with this game. I can't believe Jason would be THAT trifling to do her that way in front of all her friends. The producers better think about that.

  6. Maye Anderson-Snowden says:

    This is the worst ending if Brandi leaves ratings are going to drop

  7. Maye Anderson-Snowden says:

    I agree I no this is just a tv show but Chardonnay and Tasha make the show if she leaves the show will be making a HUGE mistake

  8. I can't believe it. Jason does not know how good he has it with Chardonnay. She is willing to be by his side through all his junk from his triffiling daughter to his frugal attitude, to him cheating on her with his ex.
    I think the next season will begin with him THINKING he loves her but in reality, it's over. He will be begging to get back with Chardonnay.
    Keira and Blue are not getting married.
    I'm glad Pookie is stepping up to his responsibilities, and hopefully TT will be back on track.
    It's funny how the show shifted from Melanie and Derwin to Jason and Chardonnay.

  9. Kelly should have never left in the first place… Jason and chardonnay didn't fit.. can't wait for next season…. 🙂 and i knew pookie was the baby daddy…..

  10. Rena' Martin says:

    Really! Hated the ending! Chardonnay (Brandi) brought the Game back in play for me!! This is a joke right! I love the Jason and Chardonnay together! Wow!

  11. Linda Lasher says:

    What was the song playing when the show opened

  12. Quiana Bell says:

    When does season eight start…..someone please inform me…..smdh….. really

  13. Sandy Farmer says:

    This is so wrong on all levels. Every time a black women find someone to love, marry and be faithful to a TV show the producer always want to break it up or get rid of the black wife. Chardonnay and Jason should be together and be a example of a good marriage. A good woman sticking by her man. If Bandy or Tasha leave the show then you should just end the show all together. Kelly had her chance with Jason so please give Chardonnay and a black woman a chance to have a good successful marriage on TV. I really didn't like how the ending went down… This was so disrespectful .

  14. Damani Mckie says:

    The real reason Kelly left was because she had cancer, she's now recovered and BET had to find a way to bring her back in.

  15. Damani Mckie says:

    Season 8 will start March 2015

  16. They had to bring kelly back because the show has become all black main characters so Kelly make the show versatile and less descriminative! Just my opinion

  17. I meant to say he may think he Loves Kelly, but he will realize Chardannay is the one for him.

  18. Gail Simpson says:

    I've been watching the GAME since the first episode, and I'm trying to remember have I ever got as mad as I did last night. I'm going to try and chalk this up to being the finale but I am praying that Chardonnay (Brandi) is not off the show. Jason and Chardonnay replaced Meleanie and Derwin, and I'm not feeling Kelly popping her as back in….. sitting there on the front pugh smiling like "he's mine" always. WRITERS of this show, get it together and get them back together! NOW!! LOL!!!

    But I thought it was sweet about Blue and Keira and I'm glad Pookie is the daddy, because that's going to be interesting in the next season.

  19. Anonymous says:

    First Grey's Anatomy and now the Game? I am so tired of these shows bringing in characters that we like and are invested in, only to have the man realize he doesn't want her at a wedding no less?! This is even worse because Chardonnay did so much for Jason and she loved him through alot. Wasn't it just a few episodes ago he crashed his car because he was afraid Char would leave him? I hope Chardonnay never comes back to him even if he begs, he doesn't deserve her.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I agree Jason should have never done that at their wedding very tasteless of the writers. They better fix this or I'm threw with the game.

  21. Jason had me lmao when he was talking to blue and kierra at the vending machine

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