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Empowering Narratives: The Atlanta Blackstar Manifesto

The Preamble: The Power Of Narratives

In all instances where human values, personality and behaviors are incongruent with those that are desired, a new level of consciousness is required. And for over a hundred-thousand years, humans have effectively used narratives to develop the type and level of consciousness necessary to achieve their goals and objectives. As such, human consciousness is developed based on the narrative that dominates the mind.  Therefore the creation of any level of consciousness requires a narrator with the necessary authority to create, authorize and propagate the requisite narrative.

Consequently, Atlanta Blackstar was created to publish empowering narratives for all people of African descent and everyone who adheres to our culture.


The Manifesto: Empowering Narratives To Change Our World

1.   We believe that all major social transformations in the history of the world have been linked to changes in the dominant narratives of the time.

2.   We believe that the state of the world and the condition of our people, are functions of the dominant narratives of the day.

3.   We believe that the condition of our people can be measurably improved by providing them with empowering narratives that will permanently alter their consciousness.

4.   We believe that our own cultural values should serve as the dominant narrative in the minds of our people.

5.   We seek to reverse the falsification of our people’s consciousness by exposing and invalidating false and disempowering narratives.

6.  We will create and distribute narratives to empower our people to be their best selves in all areas of civilized activity.

7.  We will not publish content that will disempower our people.


Join us in our efforts to enlighten our planet with empowering narratives!

1.   Make a commitment to find or write at least one empowering (local, national or international) narrative about our people per week, and email it to us at [email protected]

2.    Make a commitment to share at least one empowering narrative from on your social network of choice each day and ask others to do the same.

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