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8 Racist Insights Decoded From The Comments of LA Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling

This past week, two audio recordings purportedly of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making inflammatory racist remarks hit the Internet and rocked the NBA and sports world.

The audio clips, yet to be officially authenticated, supposedly reveals a racially charged conversation between Sterling and his alleged mistress Vanessa Stiviano, where the sports mogul could be heard berating her for posting pictures of herself on Instagram posing with African-Americans, including basketball legend Magic Johnson.

The conversation between Sterling, who is Jewish, and Stiviano, who is half-Black and half- Mexican, provides intriguing insights into the white supremacist worldview and the complexity of racial dynamics, particularly between lovers from different races.

While there are many more, here are eight of those insights gleaned from the clips.

donald sterling's girlfriend instagram photo with magic johnson

According to many of Sterling’s comments, it is clear that he and and some of his associates feel a white woman — or someone who is perceived as one — is devalued if she is seen with a Black man, even if that Black man is a multimillionaire businessman like Magic Johnson.

Sterling:  “By walking, and you’re perceived as either a Latina or a white girl. Why can’t you be walking publicly with Black people? Why? Is there a benefit to you? ”  

Sterling: “Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me.  And don’t bring him to my games.”

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111 thoughts on “8 Racist Insights Decoded From The Comments of LA Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling

  1. Phee Laurence says:

    I had a Mexican coworker who thought it was okay to tell me that her Mexican friend had an abortion because she was pregnant by a black guy. Don't get it twisted, we are hated by ALL!! I all but called her friend a w#t ba(k. I was pissed!!

  2. Farntella Graham says:

    It is time to separate from white people. why aren't our leaders negotiating for separation? we need to separate from them, NOW! I refuse to do any more marching. we want land or a one way ticket back to africa. handle it.

  3. Farntella Graham says:

    who knew that we would come from begging for integration to begging for separation. we should have known. we had it better for a little while. I am sick of them.

  4. Donald Sterling race scandal:

    This incident speaks to a largely ignored, greater reality beyond the opinions and words of Donald Sterling as an individual.

    His primary concern throughout his taped conversation was safeguarding his position and reputation within his immediate circles.

    When one takes the time to carefully listen to the recorded conversation it is clear that his true issue was with the fact that his "people" (friends / colleagues) have contacted him to alert him to his girlfriend posting Instagram and social media content showcasing her befriending Black people.

    Therefore, the deeper underlying issue here is that his girlfriend is playing against the "rules" of whatever club he is a part of – and the fellow members of said "club" made a point to alert him of the infraction.

    Further to that, Donald Sterling's "Jewish" identity was a running reference and theme throughout that conversation. (This is important to understand – it is also helpful to realize that many major media corporations, TMZ included, tried to side-step or overshadow this particular element in the story.)

    Sterling clearly has very little regard for Blacks as this is evident by the way he spoke of his multi-million-dollar-generating 80% Black composed L.A. Clippers NBA Basketball team. ("I give them food, clothing and cars …")

    He also referenced the "world and culture that we live in" as a justification for him wanting to segregate himself from Blacks – even the NBA legend Earvin Magic Johnson, no less.

    Donald Sterling also went on to highlight the fact that HE is the individual responsible for the very existence and opportunity for the LA Clippers players – to which he hinted that there are 30 more individuals like himself (fellow NBA team owners I presume?) doing the same.

    Folks, if there is one good thing that came out of this scandal it is that the world has received an insight into the mindset of the power structure in much of the NBA and many other professional sports in America (and Europe for that matter).

    Trust and believe that Donald Sterling is NOT a one-off in this regard. (Remember, the beef with his girlfriend was initiated by complaints sent his way from "his people".)

    Therefore, the natural question now is: Who exactly are "his people" to which he repeatedly refers? If anything, judging by the following context of the conversation, it appears as if the "Jew" element was front and center of his objections to his girlfriend's behavior. So, to what extent does one thing have to do with the other in this regard?

    The implications of the above serve for uncomfortable contemplation as it concerns the ownership, power structure, and culture of the entire NBA franchise. The makeup of the powerful members of the sport clearly support this statement.

    Interestingly, as has been the case on many occasions in the past, the mainstream media is portraying this as yet another typical instance of good old, traditional American "White on Black" racism. It is not.
    Those that have a clear understanding of history and a realistic grasp on the current "racial" reality view this incident in its proper context.

    At the end of the day all forms of racism are unacceptable, and without a doubt, the attitude of Donald Sterling is most appalling. However, as identifiable groups seek to organize and present the struggles and perseverance of their people, they must also be held accountable in the court of shame when the time comes.


    Personally, I view this incident as an uncensored, light-shedding moment on a largely present but widely unseen reality in regards to our perception of the world today. There are super-powerful entities within the worlds of media, sports, entertainment, the MUSIC INDUSTRY etc. that modify and tailor "reality" as they see fit.

    However, on most occasions, said entities sit back and distance themselves from the bunny or monster they've created … all the while reaping the significant rewards. Privately, many of these entities are fiercely "patriotic" to their identity, however when the doo-doo hits the fan they are more than willing to blend into the mainstream.


    (Generally, the world would be none the wiser to their true beliefs unless they experience the misfortune of being betrayed by their innermost inner circle of personal connections … like a lover, for example.)

    This entire incident is scandalous from the top to the bottom, and none of the directly involved individuals appear to be of any decent moral fiber, however, I believe it is important for the wider world to view it in its proper context as the implications thereof are very far-reaching.

    Peace and Shalom to each and every one.

  5. Adilah Muhammad-Pickett says:

    Don't have anger. Speak to them with a smile on your face brush them off. Continue to take their money spend it in community. Arm yourself. Get your carry permit. Get rifles n ammo. Don't be angry. It's never been a secret.

  6. Sambo Jallo says:

    Ce qui est le plus surprenant ce sont les noirs qui sont surpris par le racisme avec tout ce que l'histoire est censé nous avoir appris.

  7. Farntella Graham says:

    the GF is suppose to be Black and mexican. She looks asian. who knows. the whole thing is bizarre.

  8. Farntella Graham says:

    no one is surprised. we are just too punk to acknowledge anything. we don't have a publically expressed opinion about the powers that control america. we were here from the beginning and yet we act like we do not know what is happening. he was never suppose to feel comfortable enough to express those thoughts to anyone, except maybe his psychiatrist. these greedly ungrateful sports franchise owners get good return on their investment. once again, investing in Black people but yet feeling such disdain. the players need to buy these mofos out and invest in themselves and their own people.

  9. Flo Ryda says:

    Farntella Graham You are soooo on point Sista! They don't hear you tho'! SMDH

  10. Flo Ryda says:

    Great analysis!

  11. But they dont….they're too afraid of losing that money…These are the best "controlled athletes" in the world…

  12. Sundiata Keita says:

    they snitch on me any chance they get for crumbs from white folks. you know they claim white on the census bureau, you can look it up. thyere considered white. stay away from em sis

  13. go back to Africa then!!!

  14. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    When are we going to wake up as a people? Not just blacks in America but around the world. There is no respect because we don't respect each other. We are so mentally enslaved to think money is the beginning and the end. Don't you know no matter how much money you have, when you walk out the door, you're still black and will be treated as such.

    In most black households, education to stressed. We're told to get an education, that will put you on an equal playing field. What most of us are not told is how the world really works. How things became as they are. We are not told our history did not start with slavery. We were not told that African tribesmen sold other Africans into slavery. We were not told how the stereotype of black people begin and why. We were not told the role that the African man and woman play in relationships. We don't understand unlike any other ethnic group in the world, we were forced this country, losing our language, faith, name and culture and indoctrinated in a culture that would never respect our being, our place in the world.

    What we were taught was to assimilate, not intergrate. To beg to be accepted into a racist society that was here when we were all born. A country that was concieved with racism, violence and greed. A country that hid the history of an entire people. No, I'm not talking about the history of blacks in American, but the history of Ancient Africa. We were not taught that all the sculptures, pyramids in Egypt was of African creativity. We were not told that it was the Africans who taught the Greeks and Romans. We were not taught of the pride and self confidence of our ancestors. That it was the unity of a people, not selfish indiviual gain.

    So here we are in the 21st century, the year 2014. No pride, no respect for each other. Consumed with materialism. So easily divided and conquered. Money rules, not pride and respect. We don't demand it, so it's not given. We believe as long as we get the money, that's all that matters. We allow the entertainment industry and every other enitiy to use us to make money no matter how filty, disrespectful it is. We play right into the stereotypes that have been created for us. We let others choose the voices we hear or don't hear. We don't stand for anything. No principle. No morals. No values. We put those on a pedestal who are selected for us giving them a pass because they are black. Even when they do to things to other human beings that were done to our ancestors. We won't read to discover information about us that our parents and grandparents never had access to. We don't stand for truth. We believe in things that we don't understand, just go with the flow. We celebrate holidays that have nothing to do with us and won't reconize our own history. We believe in pagan gods that were created for mind control not knowing those pagan gods were created after pieces of your history was taken and manipulated and repackaged and sold to you.

    Now you mad! Pissed because a Jewish guy said what he felt. What he's been taught. You hear a white dude say in North Vegas, blacks there don't know what work is because they never picked cotton. He wonders if slavery would be better than waiting on a welfare check.

    At this stage in the game, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If you don't demand respect, you won't get it. If we continue to teach our kids to assimilate, not intergrate, our future generations will become slaves again. Wake up and understand what is really happening not only in this country, but international affairs. Everyone else is. Riding on the coattail of a country that was not created for you, depending on it. Thinking you're an American and America has our back, will be our downfall.

    A tree that has no roots, can't grow!

  15. No problem let's go to Africa.

  16. Sundiata Keita says:

    Dante Hancock sock puppet

  17. Kevin Hall says:

    WWMAD? What Would Muhammad Ali Do? Probably more than wear his shirt backwards.

  18. Marckus AintgoinBack Pelaez says:

    Dis whole situation fuckin disgusting fuck donald sterling evrybody bleed red my gurl iz black and she my future wife so fuck what dis faggot tlkn bout n fuck da ppl commentin on dis thinkin that they r holyer than thou wen all u doin iz stoopin 2 hiz level n returnin with racism dat shit iz childish n pathetic u gt a prob wit wat dis dude said den black ball HIM protest HIM hate HIM dnt single out a race n mimic sumtin u hate i love all races n hav dated jus bout evry race nmost my freindz r hispanic n black i love all races bt all da Racists on da other hand no matter ur ethnicity can eat a dick n die u bitch u

  19. Marckus AintgoinBack Pelaez says:

    Bt shit if i waz a black clipper player i wouldnt play anotha game or b caught dead in a clipper jersey til justice is served in sum way bt at da same time ppl aint thinkin bout da fact dat regaurdless wat happened they under contract n we do not kno wat da stipulations 4 da contract r or wat consequences there r 4 breakin da contract by refusin 2 play after bein paid all dat momey not sayin itz right tho

  20. No need to separate because we were here first. We need to demand our respect and do that with our dollars.We have to start practicing group economics, In addition learn our history beyond civil rights and slavery and continue to expose racism, coons and negropeans.


  22. Howard Pitt says:

    What's new? Don't pretend as if you were not aware that this mentality still existed in America. We are talking about this because it was caught on "tape". What about the numerous similar conversations that take place daily which are not recorded? Are you ignoring the fact that this guy has friends who apparently support his views. These are the friends who are "calling" him with complaints about his girlfriend's behavior.

  23. Why ask a question which answers itself looool

  24. We can buy up where we live now and boycott none-businesses in the community….we can separate right here just like they do 🙂

  25. Dante Hancock you, go back to Europe !

  26. Gail Pellum says:

    As long as we don't realize that slavery is alive and well. Players are property. The "master" .of deceit doesn't hang out with the hired help. We should not be alarmed by this man's truth. Nothing has changed just the name of the game. We are now selling ourselves to the highest bidder. We must wake up. I realize players are making millions but boss man is making BILLIONS.

  27. Finaly somebody makes sense…I have never seen any group of people attempt to build a future with the same people that destroyed them….the so-called jews got the hell out of Germany and established their own in the world….most people who see themselves as soverien make this move.


  29. Chris Dube says:

    Farntella Graham my black sista , problem with you African American ,dont want to be associated with the motherland from what i gather and if a brother increases his bank balance he wanna marry a whitie , so problems is yours my black brorhers and sisters…

  30. Best comment. I will just read the comments, because I am not going to say anything better than what you have said here. Who gives a s… these pigs don't want to be with us. I know I don't want to be with them never have. The Africans, the very first day they set foot into freedom, they wanted land, and they said, "We just want to go and live in peace, just us, by ourselves". This was told to Wm. Sherman, general of the Union Army, I believe it was ten thound blacks who were paid 400,000 ares of land, and they took it back. Sister you get it, and so do I.

  31. Farntella Graham Your comment is the best. You get it, and so do I.

  32. Theresa Parrot Fot the most part, I like your comment. But the one about out people sold us into slavery, it did not happen like that. When you read, 14 African countries forced to pay colonial tax for the benefits of slavery, you will know that did not happened.

  33. Francis George Most balcks are suprise, especially those players, half with their white wives, come on now, a black man walking around with a white woman, making millions, you can't tell them NOTHING. Black people walking around here talking I forgive, none of them ever ask for forgiveness. Wanting to even look like them, no race consciousness. I just want to say to black folks, come on back, let us get together, to save our race, do for ourselves, build our communities, teach our children who they are. We cannot forever take a back seat to racist. We all need to realize no meetings, no coming together will rid racism, besides the racist ones will not be coming to meetings, you cannot teach a people not to be racist. Even the ones who treat us half decent, they really, really, think they are superior to us. They look at our condition to affirm their racist perception of African people. How you going to keep your foot on my neck, holding me down, and then call me inferior. No ,you are the inferion one, that is why they had to go around and take all the people of the world land, and other resources, especially Africa. They have Africa all wrapped up, it is unbelievable.

  34. Farntella Graham Say that, sister.

  35. Howard Pitt Oh no my man, I have been talking and trying to point racism out to every black person I have had the opportunity to tell it too. I am talking years, and years. But guess what, it is going to get worse. They want to lock up every black man, no matter what you do, they see you as a criminal, as they wear the label of criminals everywhere they have touched down. That is how white supremacy works. They want to be the only one who commit crimes, and not be charged. Once black people see these criminals for what they are, and what they have done in this world, black people will be on their way, because black people think we/they are the worse humans in the world, told them them by someone who are slave holders.

  36. Flo Ryda Oh yes we do. I have been saying this forever.

  37. Farntella Graham says:

    Sundiata Keita LOL

  38. Farntella Graham says:

    Dante Hancock this is my dream. I would be honored. Can you help me go home?

  39. Farntella Graham says:

    Chris Dube it is not true that we do not want to be associated with africa. this is a lie they disseminate to divide us. many Black americans are involved personally with africa. they will not tell you about them. they do not want you to know about them. we just don't know our greatness. our birth right was taken away by the white european converts to the hebrew religion. Black people are the real "jews". many of us just do not know it. they do not have africa wrapped up and we are suppose to see to it that they do not.

  40. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka let them keep talking. our brothers and sisters around the world will hear their thoughts and know them. this is the irony of our association with white people. they need us and cannot live without us but at the same time they hate and despise us. leave the schizophrenic white man alone and his woman, too.

  41. Brenda Franklin Cooper says:

    Mr. Howard Pitt. Remember the letter Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers owner posted about LeBron James when he chose Miami over Cleveland? Just think about the behind closed doors conversation he had before he posted the letter!

  42. Khary Small says:


  43. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    Nzingha Shabaka….It's true. Truth does hurt. Both Benin and Ghana recently have apologized for the role in the slave trade. It's still happening today, not selling of bodies, but on the continent they are selling the natural resources for their own financial gain and here in America, some blacks too sellout for financial gain assimulating into the same mentality of the Donald Sterling types. Google it!

  44. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott I remember those countries apologizing. However, they problem, do not know how and why that took place. Again, read the information I suggested to you, and you will see things differently. Yes there are many leaders today, essentially doing the same thing, because they are encourged by the the whites and others stealing the resources, and paying very little. The only leader who will do right by our people, will not allow these criminals to come and rob them of their resources, taking the resources reselling them and making billions of dollars, as African people suffer. Besides the leaders apologizing, where else are you getting your information? I hope not from a white source. You need to do the research, once you are done, you will understand what really happened, how it happened, and why it happened.

  45. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    Nzingha Shabaka …I read all the time. Have you read any books on the history of Africa? I've read several. We can agree to disagree. I standby what I wrote!

  46. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott I hope you are not getting an attitude, because I suggest to do some more research, instead, you start talking nonsense. If you do not wish to clear up the lies about our people selling us out, that is fine with me. And yea, I know a little about Africa, and trying to learn more and more, and if you have something to offer, I certainly will listen, or read it. No more imput from me. Instead of answering the question, you go off on the deep end.

  47. Zach Kolthoff says:

    The fact is he had no right to say what he did. He is the owner of a NBA team, I would think of all people this man would have understood diversity. Obviously people do not learn that their actions will come back to them eventually.

  48. Bandana Black You don't really believe the Jews did all that, do you?These folks got reparations from everybody and their mama, countries paying reparations that did not have anything to do with the holacaust. They are still being paid reparations. I tell you something else, I read years ago, how the Jews in Isereal treated the black Jews from Ethiopia. As for the Jews getting out of East Germany, no they did not do that, it was the west who found a place for them to go, at first, they started to place them in Uganda, they changed their mind, and decided to put them into an area that would be more beneficial to the west.

  49. Howard Pitt says:

    Brenda Franklin Cooper What we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg. If there is anywhere racism is most evident in America, is in sports. Have you ever wondered why the the NFL has a majority of Black players while the overwhelming majority of QBs are Whites? Is it that Whites are better QuarterBacks or that Blacks kids who really want to play the game don't bother trying for the QB position because they know instinctively that the White kid is going to get the nod over the Black most of the times

  50. Bandana Black I have been told they have just as many weapons as the US. Take a good guess, how or where did they get them?

  51. Bandana Black Can you believe, after what they went through, they treat black people like that. They controlled the TransAtlantic Slave trade, let's get it out there, once and for all. They control the gold mines in South Africa, thanks to Cecil Rhodes, the killer of five million Africans in Zimbabwe, when he left Britian, he was a poor broke European, when he die, he was the riches man in the world, accumulated all his wealth in Zimbabwe. And now today he has his Rhodes scholarship foundation, blood money, from killing African people, colonizing Zimbabwe, and changed the country name to his name Rhodesia. Not anymore, President Mugaba changed all that.

  52. The Jews are all over Africa robbing the people of their resources.

  53. Warren Boykin says:

    Zach, I think the man had every right to say what he did. Perhaps what is wrong is that people think that everything is fine as long as nobody says what they really feel. That conspiracy of silence is more hurtful to me, because it turns a blind eye to the offenses being committed and ultimately allows the perpetrators to accuse those who point out racism of being racists themselves.

  54. Ron Wood says:

    @Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott Nzingha is correct. Benin and Ghana are both European constructs created in 1884 long after the AST was abolished. In fact no African country besides Ethiopia existed in their present form during the AST so it's difficult if not impossible to pin the selling of slaves to the European to any African nation in existence today. Ive heard African leaders apologize for 'selling' their own before but when you ask for details 'who, when, where' they come up blank and one realize that they are just regurgitating the European talking points.

  55. Garry Thomas says:

    lmao i love hearing that, go back to africa, now we know that is a lie, every leader we had that was trying to go back home whites imprisoned or killed, you do not want us to leave, you need us to work for you, to spend our money on products and most of all you need our blood, you have to mix with us, or get our blood for your blood banks, so that is a bold faced lie, and we are indigenous here in the americas, only 14% of blacks here are from slave trade. this just shows how uneducated and ignorant most whites are, like this is their country you came here without permission from the people here, killed us off and stole our land, set up laws to protect yourselves and expect us to follow them, nah you leave and go the way you came with nothing but lace and disease…..go back to the caucus mountains and leave our lands and us alone and we will be alright, and take your destruction with you and your racism. All you have done is destroy the planet and lie about our history and past and made yourselves seem like you are great and supreme when mentally, spiritually and genetically this is not a fact, it is actually the opposite, regressive, bye, beat it

  56. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka not to mention of the money control they also have.

  57. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka the african people need to rise up against the land grab NOW. The leaders have to be ready to die when they are given the offer they cannot refuse. another must be ready to rise in his place. the leaders message to the people must be completely contrary to that offered by the puppets of the west.

  58. Farntella Graham says:

    does she look mixed with Black and mexican to you? we are being played..

  59. Sundiata Keita says:

    Farntella Graham i heard her real name is perez. also, have you seen the video where she is wearing a halo helmet while she walks the dog?

  60. You can't separate the color of man ..that day is gone

  61. that's why this channel exist the google plus page isn't bad either

  62. until another revolutionary period like in the 60's-70's begin again this bs will continue until we as a people unite and don't stand for this ignorance what's sad is that thank god martin or malcom x isn't here to see this mess its like an insult to their legacy

  63. Dante Hancock Who are you ? Do you know who you are ?

  64. Farntella Graham Yes mame, you make me proud, stay strong. I have been on the case for a very long time. If this is a current picture of you, you look around my daughter's age. She talks good too, not as strong as you, because, she need to read more, and learn more about our history. We talk a good bit, about black people suffering, causes, and solutions. I am waiting on South Africa, they need to get that mess straighten out.

  65. Farntella Graham I hate to disagree with you, but, yes, they have Arfica wrapped up. Why do you see all the suffering in Africa. Africa has everything she needs to take care of her people, and still have enough to help others, right now, others are benefitting more from Africa's resources that her people. Once we get these robbers out of Africa, and we control our own stuff, we will be on our way. Africa should be ruling the world. How are we going to get them out, only the creator knows. There are resources they are taking out of Africa, if they were not allowed today, to have them any longer, all these progressive countries, most would shut down within six months, US, maybe a year. They know this, and that is why, their ultimate goal is to take Africa completely from African people.

  66. Garry Thomas Wow, When a black man speaks like that, it shows how strong and powerful the black man is, the powers that be got us tied down. Because we are, who we are, dictates, we will not be this way for very much longer, the black man hears his calling, to be supreme again.

  67. They kill All our leader while we stood aside and looked…We have no "True" leaders all we Black People have now is sellout non-leaders who have joined in with the white people. We need to Unite, Organized and Centralized as a people to be able to take what is due and granted unto us Black People

  68. Mexicans are notorious for disliking black people. I wish they would all go back!

  69. Jews are racist as hell. I have been called "nigger" by them on more than one occasion. Yet they are presented by black "leaders" as "friends" of black folks. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  70. How about moving out of Amerikkka? Believe me, I have considered it.

  71. Who takes Donald Trump seriously besides other nuts?

  72. Simon Si says:

    The Black elite wanted integration, not the poor Black masses. They wanted to send their Black kids to white schools, and dine with whites in five-star restaurants, and live in their gated communities.

  73. Leslie Eyjaflallajökull Berry says:

    Melissa Tulin – White people. AkA "other nuts".

  74. Bwire Vincent says:

    Leaders? Let's see; Obama is half White and raised White, which disqualifies him from effectively addressing Black issues and Al Sharpton is on a payroll; a one way ticket back to Africa will automatically render the Rev. jobless, a road I highly doubt he's ready to take. Point is, Blacks need functional leadership.

  75. Bwire Vincent says:

    He is a Jew; the most hated amongst the species. They tend to be racist towards Black people to divert attention from themselves.

  76. Dante Hancock unless you belong to any of the native american groups especially the American Indians, you have no right to tell anyone to go back to a land, people that take this form of defence are ignorant and really sad.

  77. because of the centuries of mental and physical abuse we have lost our sense of community, as long as we work on that we will be unstoppable, and I am up for the challenge.

  78. Farntella Graham says:

    Simon Si suckers

  79. Farntella Graham says:

    yes, because like the idiot said, "it is our culture." imagine that, the dirty bitches leave their home in europe and proceed to go around the world terrorizing humanity.

  80. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I agree with you when you say they would like to take africa for themselves. this will not happen. things are different this time. the leaders have to stop letting them buy the land. no, they cannot buy land in africa. they will bring in their GMO food and their lifestyle which is contrary to our african lifestyle. they will ruin ther country. they have zero credibility. ZERO.

  81. Farntella Graham says:

    they drugged us. they neturalized us so we are passive. it is hard for the people to rise up. not because they are indifferent. we just are not physically able. the flouridation of americas water supply needs to stop NOW. remember the scum of germany came here after ww2 and they brought all of their nasty nazi ways with them. that includes their belief that they are the chosen ones of God ALSO KNOWN AS, the master race.

  82. I responded similarly to an original article on ESPN (only place I could find an article at the time). My question was: Can no one be an analytical thinker by forgetting about the simple race issue and ask the real pressing questions? Who are the 'people' calling him about the Instagram pics? What and whom obliges to this 'culture'? What does the culture consist of other than inequality for 'blacks'?

    There were a couple of elements at play in the 15 or so minutes of conversation spewing from Sterling's mouth. 1) His CLEAR inferiority to the black man. He pleads with her to not associate with them, then in desperation states that she can have relations (including sex) with them but don't promote it on social media and do not bring them to 'his games'. 2) He clearly was under the impression, as you alluded to in your dissertation, that he was the SOURCE of the Clipper players sustenance and livelihood (I feed them, buy them cars, houses, etc.)
    3) He is not an originator of thoughts. He continually alluded to the plight of blacks: Black Jews compared to White Jews, and the treatment of those Black Jews; the 'I feed them, clothe them' comment; "why do you have to associate with them in public comment"; and the "why can;t you just be a good white or good latina girl" comment.
    4) He lacks a mind of his own, or an opinion on reality of his own. The 'culture' runs how he lives, the 'people' he associates with guide his decisions and perceptions, and he is TRULY powerless to change it, "I can't change the culture…. its the culture we live in…. its too big for me to change".
    5) Finally, although there are MANY other instances in his 15 minute tirade, he is under the impression that blacks should have no opposition towards this treatment which he has adopted, and if they do, he could care one bit. "whom do you think makes the league (which represents the world's wealth for him in this conversation) the owners (his people and their culture) or the players (blacks, minorities, those outside of his people/culture)? We know whom he thinks makes the 'league'?

    I finish by pointing out that he was removed/disgraced pretty quickly for one reason above all. the culture he speaks of transcends and is above any one individual. He was not supposed to inform a non-member of the culture, much less you and me whom heard the tape after release, of the culture. So when the pressure increased, and there was a chance that an uprising would culminate in the 'culture' being exposed, they threw that motherfucker to the wolves, billions of dollars and all! No one is above the culture. We NEED to expose that 'culture' and its inhabitants, without accepting a 'sacrifice', like Sterling, and kill the 'culture' to make any REAL changes here. PEACE and LOVE!

  83. You are asking father-less sons, young millionaires, and coddled young men, whom have been, for the most part, guarded from race dis-relations, to make a stand that Ali made, in the midst of the race war?!?! That's not fair to those young men. They did the best they could, without "hurting their money", as this 'culture' encourages!

  84. Ellis Marcelle Amen, amen, amen! My sentiments exactly. Very well said brother. (Your last paragraph perfectly summarizes the reaction and result of this scandal.) Now begs the question … is this it? Are we all friends again? Ridiculous.

  85. Leonard Cork says:

    Thanks Garry finally someone has there eyes open and sees things as they REALLY are. Looks like you did some research, I salute you!

  86. Leonard Cork says:

    Make no mistake young lady,not just the germans but the Dutch ,Arabs, Spain. French, Italians and pretty much this whole globe has issues with the black race because deep down they are intimidated by us
    . We are a great, intelligent, strong and Beautiful people, Think about that for a moment.

  87. Everybody knows the Jews hates black people. Let's get that out there. You have a racist Jew with a slave mentality, treating young black men like slaves, and not showing any appreciation for the wealth they have helped him to accumulate, you have a Jew who is head huncho of the NBA organization, and we hear Sterling on audio telling the world the Jews in Isreal treats black Jews like dogs. Do you believe they are angry as hell with him, and so they punish him. Take everything away from Sterling, using the power of Silver, a Jew,head man of the NBA. So you all are wondering, where am I going with this. This where I am, the position the commissioner of the NBA took against Sterling, letting the hammer fall on him, is not about what he said about blacks, but what he told the world about the Jews treatment of blacks. They are embarrassed. Think about it, we all, everybody were in shock and awe, when Silver handed down the punishment for Sterling, I know I was shock. All the experts, attorneys, everybody predicated, he would get maybe a years suspension, and a few other penalties, but not this. Think about it black people. Put on your critical thinking hats. I put this out there several days ago, and we will be seeing something on the Jews reaction to this matter, if no response from them, it will be talked about, stay tune. If sterling had not said ,what he said ,about the Jews, he would not be in this hot water.

  88. If I have seen 200 black people responding on TV, about Sterling racist rant, about how much he hate blacks, including the black basketball players, 99.9 percent of them, gave weak responses about the issue. They made us look bad. They made us look like we are a bunch of unintelligent people. Most of them were, just down right embarrassing. What is wrong with black ppeople?

  89. Farntella Graham says:

    Bwire Vincent I doubt that al sharpton will remain jobless no matter where he goes in this world. you now, I don't know about. me, I could probably get a job. you like to make back handed soft slaps at Black people. you been in the books? haven't heard from you in a while.

  90. Whodatis Kman Thank you, my brother! I try to look for the hidden message in everything, for that is where the real TRUTH of the matter is. Decoding to uncover the veil that many accept as perception. More Power (Knowledge) to My People!

  91. 9. For the Black elite, confronting racism takes a back seat to protecting their elite status:
    MAGIC JOHNSON: "Donald Sterling has had issues in the past. So this is not the first time….” Yet he goes on to say, “…I met with Donald two or three times. He wanted to discuss the issues with his Clipper team. So, I had a friendship with him…”
    Really?! You had a "friendship" with someone with a known racist past? See article below…

  92. Bwire Vincent says:

    Farntella Graham Fact of the matter is, Blacks of today are too soft and divided (Exactly how the White man wants it). Look at the way they are shooting young Black men and getting away with it, at a time when we are supposed to have a 'Black' president. As for the marching obsessed Reverend, someone ought to tell him that marching has and will never work. Whites are scared of Blacks. So the only way to obtain positive results is to keep instilling more fear in them. It's good to hear from you again, Sista.

  93. Bwire Vincent says:

    Start another Negro League and kill this ignorance once and for all!

  94. Bee So says:

    Every think will remain the same when black men become famous they only want want white women , that says so much as to how they feel about their blackness sterling looks like a racist,in this society we will never overcome

  95. John Dough says:

    this whole thing is so blown out of proportion that it's insane. his comments were racist but not THAT racist stop acting like he's the grand wizard of the KKK. as far as this stupid article
    1. he showed no plantation mentality that's a quote taken out of context. she accused him of being a racist and he said how can i be a racist when ive done all these things for black people. he wasn't acting like i did this and that for them so now they owe me their lives
    2. he didnt imply that the holocaust isnt comparable to lynchings he said that comparing the holocaust to ot wanting black people at basketball games is rediculous which of course THAT IS REDICULOUS
    3. no kidding people in inter-racial relationships can still be racist like all the black guys that are
    racist against white people but fiend for white women. that isnt news at all.

  96. John Dough says:

    because an 80 year old white guy doesn't want his girlfriend taking pictures with black people? calm your ass down

  97. Farntella Graham says:

    Ellis Marcelle I am sorry ellis, but the generation following my own (60s) are soft. not all the blame can be put on them because they grew up at a time when all americans were distracted while they were extracting the country's wealth. we all became complacent not to mention the grief we were all feeling following the murders of dr, king and the kennedy brothers. not to mention the flood of immigration that followed before we even had time to process the killings that followed our protest of the viet nam war. everything happened so fast after the coup. they got played. ok I understand that, but once you see what is happening, you have the duty to speak out.

  98. Farntella Graham My point, sister, is that those whom preceded us faced more of the alleged race-relation up front. It is much more decoded and reverberated differently so as to keep one step ahead of the consciousness. Our young men and women, unless they actively well-verse themselves in what to look for, are blinded to it, therefore rendering them unequipped to 'fight back' or respond, as we are asking them. Sad and unfortunate as it is, it also is reality!

  99. Farntella Graham says:

    Ellis Marcelle I understand what you mean, ellis. my daughter will not allow the label of Black and white to be used when describing people in her house. she does not want to grow her daughter to "see" color, but she will see and she will come to know everything about it.

  100. Don't see color? Then how do you dress yourselves everyday? We do not live in a post racial society. The Europagen wants us to believe that when they don't.

  101. Farntella Graham Its a real issue. I understand why your daughter would take that approach, although I don't know her exact reasons, I would assume that it has to do with the perception that if you see color, you will not be able to effectively co-exist with others, especially in lieu of the atrocities WE have endured in the past. Its a very jaded conversation that some will want to avoid, and some will mishandle when attempting to explain. I will be teaching my son and daughter, when they are past the age of innocence, that the facts are this, and your choices are this, this and that, how ever many 'approaches' they have at their disposal. I will also explain the consequences of each choice, so they will be ready for the repercussions of their choice. Finally, I will allow myself to be a conscious and enabled example of how-to based on my approach, which is Enlightened Civility mixed with Measured Responsibility, and give them a blue print to follow. I hope that it works to their favor!

  102. Clarence Rutland Jr. To your point, just like I would tell my son, that he his the smartest in his class, because he is my son, why can't I ALSO tell him he has the best skin color because it is similar to mine and because he is my son. Just like when I go to the store to buy my son shoes, I'm not interested in what the next parent thinks I should buy my son, I make my own choice and live with it, why should I care whether the next parent is telling their child they are better than my child or not, because I am telling my son he is THE BEST! I don't believe in over-confidence because confidence is something I think you need an abundance of. Just saying

  103. Bwire Vincent says:

    Muhammad Ali disowned Brother Malcolm X. That means he has no solid ground to stand on.

  104. Bwire Vincent says:

    There are no White Jews in the Holy Bible; These are White people posing as Jews.

  105. White woman devalued if she is seen with a black man, even if he is a millionaire bussinessman. Yes that is how they think, money will not, or does not change how and what they think about black people. We have seen this for a long time. Rasicm is much bigger than money. They do not care what you have, but you cannot tell that to their white women, the more money black men make, the more we see white women with them. Rich black men, prefer white women, even though the white woman will allow their racism to subside for the money. But you cannot tell that to the black man, he feels she wants him for who he is, not his money. Am I the only one who internalize these things.

  106. Craig Johnson says:

    we were here 1st, if anybody should leave its them.

  107. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka they could not go to uganda because idi amin wasn't having it. he kicked out the foreigners in uganda which is something all african countries can learn from. idi amin was THE MAN.

  108. Farntella Graham says:


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