12 Great African Women In History You Should Know


Queen Tiye


Queen Tiye was the beloved wife of King Nebmare Amenhotep III, the mother of King Amenhotep IV (who as Akhenaten is one of the most significant figures in all of human history) and the mother or grandmother of Tutankhamen—perhaps the most famous king to emerge from the ancient world.

Tiye is one of the most interesting figures in history, even in the realm of love and romance. Amenhotep III and Tiye married while quite young and shared one of the great love affairs of the ages. The colossal statue of Amenhotep III and Tiye found at the temple of Medinet Habu is Luxor, Egypt demonstates a degree of love and respect that probably has no equal.

That Tiye was of great ability and powerful influence is proved by association with her husband in all of his ceremonial records. She was such an integral part of Africa affairs that in more than one instance foreign sovereigns appealed to her directly in matters of international importance.

The surviving depictions of Tiye show her with distinct African features.  And these depictions are numerous, found now in museums in New York City, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.  Indeed, there are probably more depictions of Queen Tiye than any African woman from ancient times.

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