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12 Great African Women In History You Should Know

As a Black man and an African historian, I have found that one of the most inspiring aspects in the annals of humankind is the outstanding role of African women and their contributions to history. In this brief article, we highlight and pay tribute to some of the greatest of these women.




Queen Ahmose-Nefertari (circa 1570-1530 B.C.) was an active participant, along with her husband King Ahmose, in the final defeat and ejection from Africa of the hated Hyksos invaders and occupiers. As such, she was regarded as a national hero and one of the outstanding figures in African history. Indeed, she was a co-founder of the glorious 18th dynasty of Kmt — called “The greatest royal family that ever mounted a throne.”

Ahmose-Nefertari was born a royal heiress to the thone and became one of Kmt’s most beloved and audacious women. After her husband’s brilliant reign, she ruled the land with her son, King Amenhotep I.

It would not be inaccurate to say that Ahmose-Nefertari was venerated, a practice that continued for more than 600 years after her death. To her memory was attached a special priesthood, who recited in her honor a prayer only used in addressing the pantheon of the most powerful deities in the land. Ahmose-Nefertari was titled “God’s Wife of Amen” and held a position as a priestess in the national religious center. It is interesting too that the surviving portraits of Ahmose-Nefertari are all painted Black — a sign further illustrating her great prominence.

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22 thoughts on “12 Great African Women In History You Should Know

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    "when a woman takes over, its because the males have been decimated in a war"
    – Phil Valentine

  2. what about Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana

  3. Yes, what about Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana

  4. Kariuki Anthony Kiragu says:

    Excellent reading!

  5. Super Thanks, as always.

  6. Carlton Mccarthy says:

    these women ruled in their own right and the venerated status as princess/queens very few if any mentioned here were simply" filling a vacuum"they were all patriot,s and their reign,s were the defining moments -year,s-decade,s in african history a good and informative read.

  7. Now see I wholeheartedly believe if they taught us truth/real history in America, instead of always teaching us our history began as slaves, we would personify purpose, a people who do not know where they come from, is a lost creation

  8. Cmae Robeson-West says:

    Thankfully read..

  9. Modern Black Goddesses' — Wendy @4blackgoddesses

  10. About Nzingha…. he wrote "The fact that she was a woman was not an impediment to her ability to lead. He could as well have wrote " the fact that she was blind… or handicaped". That sentence is so horribly offensive and insulting that it is ridiculously obvious that the writer is a misogynist hidden behind this "Hail to Queens" article who thinks that being a woman is an impediment that these females overcame to do extraordinary things. Well done… asshole.

  11. What about Nehanda…she led a revolution in Southern Africa! there's a few more missing from this list! Respect!

  12. Maame Boatemaa says:

    YAA ASANTEWAA???How cud u leave her out. Smh

  13. Yaa Asantewah,how can you take her out of this list?? she wore the ever first bulletproof in the world which was made by Okomfo Anokye,the chief priest of the Ashanti kingdom and she led the Ashanti kingdom in 1900 in the last war against the british.

  14. Simone Blaze says:


  15. Yawa list! Where is Yaa Asantewaa, a whole Queen mother who Bravely led some soldiers of Asante, fight to defend the THRONE OF KING DAVID which God glorified a part of the lost tribe of Israel, the Asantes. By giving them the throne on earth through his preist 'Okomfo Anokye'. This Holy Throne of King DAVID is literally and commonly known as the 'Golden Stool' and it's in Ghana.

  16. Ebony Curley says:

    Wow im enlightened someone knows the truth
    Now african Americans need to realize it.

  17. Please support my Egyptian short film featuring an African American cast! Your help would be greatly appreciated! Please pass it on as well!–2/x/8887737

  18. David Joyner says:

    That was great! Even if someone was not mentioned ! We have to be greatful this Knowledge was shared. It's up to all of us to inform each other !!!

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