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Supreme Court Gives Police New Power to Stop and Search Drivers

Chris Wallace Interviews U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia On "FOX News Sunday"In a case that could have a huge impact on African-Americans, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous 911 tip.

At a time when white people in many different cases have shown a willingness to quickly call 911 when presented with an African-American stranger in their neighborhood or near their home, the ruling could potentially put many African-Americans in unnecessary conflict with the police.

The 5-4 decision in Navarette vs. California upheld the ruling of a lower California court and split along the usual ideological lines — except Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who usually votes with the more liberal members, joined the opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas to form the majority, while Justice Antonin Scalia dissented and joined with the more liberal members.

According to the justices, police stops after 911 calls do not amount to an unreasonable search or seizure, even if the arresting officer did not observe the vehicle speeding or swerving.

These are the details of the case, as described by the Los Angeles Times: In August 2008 a 911 dispatch team in Mendocino County, Calif., received a report that a pickup truck had forced another vehicle off the road. The caller did not give his or her name, but the report included a detailed description of the truck, including the license plate number.

When an officer saw a truck that fit the description, the officer stopped it and found 30 pounds of marijuana in the truck bed. He arrested Lorenzo Navarette and Jose Navarette, who were eventually convicted of trafficking marijuana.

When the men appealed, arguing the stop and search violated their rights under the Fourth Amendment because the officers did not have reasonable suspicion to pull them over in the first place without knowing the identity or reliability of the tipster, the case eventually made its way to the highest court.

The five-justice majority has now given police new authority to rely on anonymous tipsters, which changes a previous court ruling that said police officers could not rely on an anonymous tip to stop and search a pedestrian. In that case, the court worried that anonymous callers could unfairly target people for embarrassing searches.

But on Tuesday, the court majority agreed that police have “reasonable suspicion” to stop a vehicle if they receive a report that it was speeding, swerving or, in this instance, driving another car off the road.

In his opinion, Thomas said because the 911 tipster said she had been forced off the road, she was an eyewitness and police could infer that there was reason to believe the truck driver was drunk.

Thomas said relying on 911 tipsters is reasonable because “a 911 call has some features that allow for identifying and tracking callers,” and the calls can be recorded.

But fellow conservative Scalia wrote a scathing dissent that called his colleague Thomas’s opinion a “freedom-destroying cocktail” that would encourage “malevolent” tipsters to make false reports. It matters not whether the caller gave details about her alleged accident, Scalia said. The issue is “whether what she claimed to know was true.”

Scalia pointed out that the police officers followed the pickup for more than five minutes — and “five minutes is a long time” — without any indication of drunken driving or even bad driving.

“After today’s opinion,” said Scalia, “all of us on the road, and not just drug dealers, are at risk … “

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53 thoughts on “Supreme Court Gives Police New Power to Stop and Search Drivers

  1. Leave it to the black man, I think Clarence Thomas, is from another planet.

  2. cl Thomas is an idiot and we suppose to respect this nut as an chief Justice

  3. I remember how my next door neighbor used to call the police on me frequently saying "There's a Negro breaking into the house next door!" when I lived in Hollywood Hills or how I would get pulled over almost daily because my Mercedes Benz was reported stolen and I fit the description of the suspect. Now this…

  4. Damon DeLira says:


  5. Al Johnson says:

    another reason to grap on a person of choice private parts and look through personals thats more gay moves

  6. Farntella Graham says:

    it is becoming increasingly apparent that I need to get out of this country.

  7. Dan Lee says:

    Why don't we just dispense with the formalities and realize the GOAL of this so called court is to return to "The Black Man has NO rights a White is bound to respect". We're certainly going in that direction!

  8. Roland Clark says:

    The day I get stopped because of a false report, I will in return make 20 false reports

  9. Clarence Thomas is out of touch, he says he experienced racism, but he also think it ended with him. Clarence you need a reality check, racism is not over.

  10. I think all of us black need to do the same shit too bro to balance things out we have to fight the system like this they not going to play fear we not going to play fear Eather

  11. What the fuck is wrong with these crazy ass black man in power don't care about there own black brother.

  12. Decisions made by Clarence Thomas, will definitely destroy black people.I think I'm going to write him.

  13. I think I'm moving to a all black country, we treat each other properly.

  14. Doris Evans says:

    Clarence Thomas thinks he is white and he thinks he is accepted, he has self hate, and he will do anything to please massa, he is to stupid to know that he is not accepted and when they go home they crack n—– jokes about him and about all black people and other people of color. Clarence Thomas is a house negro and he is stuck in his own sick world.

  15. L Taj Lapierre says:

    I have a simple solution… walk away from this system. Get off the grid! Want free housing and free food?

  16. Kikay Exum says:

    Bro. Antonio, Please own all the homes you desire on this planet, however we need you here to assist us sister's, and children! The false system of white supremacy plagues the entire planet….we need you!

  17. Smuve Thpoit says:

    a lot of brothers dont care about each other if we did and took a stand more than just on facebook we probably could get somewhere but too many brothers and sisters want to get stuck in the streets like that pays but they dont know or realize the streets is just a white mans trap..i.e..the "trap house" trap in there and them crakkkers come drag your ass out and put you in the hole..the streets is nothing more but modern day slavery and the entertainment industry is it's leader. any famous moor that talks about blacks and wanting to help them and shit is looked at as crazy or somehow disappears with no trace…lupe, pac, almost "ye" til he fucked kim, positivity in our community is rarely or never promoted in comparison to the negativity..but we do nothing physically about it its more of us than them if we bonded together like the Asian men did to the police..we would literally run this shit..

  18. Smuve Thpoit says:

    we can make that here if we eradicated the white man like they trying with us..and stop mixing our genes with theirs…i blame "Olivia Pope" want to put they seeds in us so we can't have full moor babies they want them to be fused with that devil evil blood..

  19. Nathan May says:

    Any decision the supreme court make u as black people must by all means counter act

  20. Farrakhan Muhammad says:

    Minister Louis Farrakhan has the solution to these problems we face

  21. Kevin Dudie Bond says:

    We are being whisked back to the 1950's via these court rulings. It appears that we will continually be faced with situations (through no fault of our own) that put us at odds with authorities. Be prepared and be legally armed if possible. We can't give it all back without a fight.

  22. Do we really think anything will ever get better for us as a ppl ,race or culture..It was foretold everything is happening as it was prohpesiesed

  23. Yes brother, it is in the bible.

  24. Natasha Renee says:

    Yeah I hear Afghanistan is nice this time of the year.

  25. no. just start calling 911 on krakrs for absolutely minute issues just as they do on us.

  26. Pernell V. Williams says:

    This is the nonsense that gets us all locked up for no reason at all.
    THINK: this gives the cops the clearance to act, not the obligation. Whom do you think they will use this on, Black folk or white folk?

  27. Sundiata Keita says:

    they fenna start rounding niggas up. think about it. they get 911 calls 24 hours a day. somebody breaks in a house every few minutes, all they have to do is say they got a call, they dont have to prove they got a call. them they find any reason to get you in their jail and in their system.

  28. Betty Burch says:

    Clarence Thomas needs to uncover all his mirrors in his house an look at what color he is.He think he is high yellow and can pass for white excuse me brothers who are high yellow iam just trying to explain something .Clarence think his wife has rub her color on him he need to wake up .

  29. Andre Young says:

    I advocate Blacks having two(2)passports. Logistics. As for Mr. Thomas, Clarence; remember he is not an attorney. Not that that means very much, but to qualify for a position on the United States Supreme Court, a person does not have to be an attorney. Listen up, what we need to do is focus on the State and Local Judgeships. The State and Local Judge elections and appointments are more important than the U.S. Supreme Court appointments. Register to vote, and start paying attention to, who is on your Superior, Appeals, and State Supreme Court benches. Strategy.

  30. And I like being called a cracker, or "krakr" as much as anyone else likes to be randomly pulled over by the cops…

  31. Farntella Graham says:

    Natasha Renee you are the ones the afghanistan dessert rats have beat back. you, and all of your european brethren. yes, you might be right. any place where you are not is good enough for me.

  32. Why leave your own land!!! Inquire into the Moorish Science Temple!!!

  33. Our people have a high tolerance for abuse and pain. Until they get their head out of the sand, and get their nationality and status corrected nothing will change!!! Period

  34. Farntella Graham says:

    Carlton Glover I know what you are saying, carlton. As the first people of the earth, Black people can be found in every country and cultrue in this world but I feel that our original home is africa.

  35. Farntella Graham says:

    I agree. Black people in america have been silenced. I mean, most americans have been silenced. you turn on your radio and you hear spanish people not Black americans. you hear white conservative and libral talk radio but no talk radio by Black americans. when I grew up, there were more Black voices on the radio. what happened to them? why don't we hear them anymore? there is something brewing. I don't like the direction this country has turned on us. passing laws to further harrass and kill Black people outright? we gotta watch it. this country is controlled by nazis with extermination experience.

  36. Theo Shannon Smith says:

    Since Obama has taken office there have been more crimes committed against African-Americans and more laws passed in favor of white-Americans since the segregation era. There are some pretty scary things going on in this country.

  37. Farntella Graham says:

    Theo Shannon Smith Is this the kind of legislation coming out of the obama administration.? what impact has his appointees had? crazy rulings are coming in from the supreme court.

  38. Farntella Graham says:

    clarence is an idealist. he is is denial of the reality of being Black in this world and especially here in america. he has not advanced our progress in any way. he has failed to represent us.

  39. Smuve Thpoit says:

    Carlton Glover agreed..but who will be the pioneers to start the revolution??? cause a lot of us have the knowledge but scared to utilize it in the proper places..or the police come try to shut us down or kill us if they find out we know what they dont want us to and hid for years..what are ways we can combat that and start moving forward with positivity??? our leaders wont do it so it is definitely up to us…the citizens..i'm first on the petition of action who else is with me??

  40. Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the pioneer we're just carrying on his work.A lot of our people are not remotely aware that the prophet made claim to the land. North, South and Central America which is the Vast Estate/Express Trust that is recorded in Cook County ILL!!! Our people love the abuse that Rome dishes out. When you try to explain that our true history was hidden from us and that christianity was forced on us they look at you like you crazy and tell you that you need Jesus!!!lol…

  41. Smuve Thpoit says:

    Carlton Glover i know christians and any other religion we are looked at as crazy atheistic idiots when in actuality they are the ones being suppressed. if most of the christians knew the truth we could really start a revolution because most of the people that are in the christian faith are the majority(blacks..not minority)..yea the same way they forced christianity on us the christians do the same thing to people by handing out tracks and saying jesus is the way and you're going to hell..i dont know but that religion there has the biggest hypocrites…hmmmm i wonder why..but not really..

  42. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Ladies and gentlemen of all races. Hysteria is infectious and creates many of the posts written here. It discusses me (a retired LAPD officer when I read absolute hatred from whites and I'm equally turned off by members of Americas blacks when they automatically read with fright they might be stopped by the police. Personally, if a police officer stops me (and they have) I hand them my keys and tell them I have THING to hide. I address Ms. Fantella Graham….Though I do not agree with your comment regarding laving this country, I can say with certainty that you are an educated young woman by the way you express yourself (the way you write). You know well you don't have to leave. You and I know there are good police and there are [some] bad apples in the barrel. Politeness, friendliness, and a willingness to cooperate wins. Besides, your pretty. 🙂 Now that comes from an old great grandpa.

  43. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Farntella. Clarence Thomas is a judge, not a social worker. The only way anyone in America can advance themselves individually) is to do it themselves. Education and hard work is the only way. If we all waited for someone else to "advance" us we'd never accomplish a thing. No, not ever, and being black or white has nothing to do with it.

  44. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Theo Shannon Smith. You know this is not true. Please be kind enough to give statistics sir.

  45. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Jesus Christ IS the solution.

  46. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Antonio. Have you read what the people in Africa are doing to their own?

  47. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Sorry Sundiatra. ALL incoming calls are record.

  48. Sundiata Keita says:

    Lee Kirkwood no shit sherlock. you managed to convince the world there wasnt a slavery loophole in the 13th amendment, sell black bodies on wall street with privatized prisons, bypass the 4th amendment with stop and frisk. im pretty sure you demons will come up with a way around it.
    also, fuck you pig.
    fuckin sock puppet, how the fuck did you manage to find this site?

  49. Farntella Graham says:

    Lee Kirkwood don't give me that "pull yourself up by your own bootstrap" mantra. you think white people got where they are by hard work and superior intelligence? no, Black people did the work and they were given hand outs and hands up by the white government of the united states of america.

  50. Farntella Graham says:

    Natasha Renee why the hell would I want to go to afganistan. you think you are being funny, clever? you are not funny and you are not clever. you sound like a brainwashed slave to me and trust me all the citizens of america are nothing but slaves to those who control it.

  51. Farntella Graham says:

    Carlton Glover this is my home, carlton, but I understand what you are saying.

  52. Farntella Graham says:

    Doris Evans clarence thomas is like "sarge" in the movie, "A Soldiers Story" and stephen in the movie, "Django Unchained." his character type is prevalent in the Black community. remember, the nazi, GHW BUSH, appointed him to mess us up. he knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed thomas.

  53. Farntella Graham says:

    thank you for the compliment, lee. I still want to get out of america

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