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75-Year-Old Grandmother ‘Very Irritated and Angry’ After Police Raid Wrong Apartment

elder grandmother arrestedRuth Hunter, a 75-year-old Virginia woman, said she was tied up while police invaded her Henrico apartment on April 10.

She said officers told her during the raid what they were looking for, and court documents also show the information. She said she had nothing to do with the investigation.

Virginia State Police said a drug investigation is what prompted a Henrico County magistrate to issue a warrant for an apartment in the 5600 block of Crenshaw Road.

The woman claims that officers ultimately arrested a man who lives two doors down from her.

“I thought someone was breaking in to rob or kill me,” Hunter said.

Seconds after her front door flew open, Hunter said she heard a voice yell, “Police!”

“… Took my hands with a tie-thing and said, ‘You’re under arrest,’ and started asking questions,” she recalled. “The more I told them I didn’t know these people, the more he continued.”

“[The police] asked me if I ever stored drugs for anybody,” Hunter recalled. “I said, ‘How dare you insult my integrity.'”

“He asked if maybe my granddaughter was involved,” Hunter said. “I sat up in my bed like how dare you try and bring my granddaughter into this stuff. She’s a law-abiding citizen, works for a living. She don’t even like coming here.”

Police left Hunter’s apartment and the innocent grandmother with her hands pulled behind her in a zip tie to arrest her neighbor.

Virginia State Police refused to comment on detaining Hunter, who is going to have to pay for the damage done to her front door by the officers.

“I’m very irritated and angry. He never said, ‘I’m sorry.’ Never apologized for having the wrong house. He said, ‘You got to get someone to fix that door.'”


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