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15 Stunning African Models Who Are as Beautiful as Lupita

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Lupita Nyong’o’s catapult into stardom in both Hollywood and the fashion industry has certainly indicated a change in the mainstream definition of beauty. In April 2014, the Huffington Post reported that Lupita signed a contract as brand ambassador for the internationally famous skin care and cosmetics brand Lancome.  Before Lupita’s big debut as a fashion industry favorite, African models have been enduring stereotypes and shattering Eurocentric beauty standards for decades.

Mykel Smith, fashion creative director and founder of Mykel C. Smith Creative, believes the choice to use African models boils down to the preferences of designers, casting directors and photographers. However, many Black fashion veterans have been quite proactive about promoting Black beauty authentically and without apology.  Smith states, “I was casting diversity 10 years ago.” He continues,” I love that diversity is back on the runways due to Bethann [Hardison] and Naomi [Campbell] speaking out. The impact sends a powerful message.”

Lupita’s success has undoubtedly been a victory in the battle to erase the concept of standardized beauty entirely. Her predecessors should also serve as a reminder of how far African beauty recognition has come and how much further there is to go.


Name: Ataui Deng

Country: Sudanese

Her Impact: At the age of 16, Ataui Deng debuted on the runways for the spring Jeremy Laing, Kai Kuhne, L’Wren Scott, Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen New York shows in 2008. To date, the stunning superstar has graced runways all over the world.  She’s also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Lurve magazines.

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18 thoughts on “15 Stunning African Models Who Are as Beautiful as Lupita

  1. Special Sanders says:


  2. Taya Mahachi says:

    Not forgetting the likes of Nana Keita & Ajak Deng

  3. Mykel Cortez Smith says:

    jenell williams

  4. Nebraska Jones says:

    Grace Jones is the most iconic of all!

  5. Julian Reid says:

    Love my beautiful African sisters

  6. Most of them have not tried to change their hair, no weaves, no blonds, or straight hair. I hope I am not the only one thinking, someone is trying to send black women a good message. Especially with Lupita. Especially interesting, it was the whites saying this about black women. So we cannot accuse whites of pushing white beauty on us any longer.

  7. Audra M. Akins says:

    I don't like the title of this article. They are simply beautiful. This is a time when Lupita is being recognized for her beauty. Which in is a product of mot only her physicality but her character and grace.

  8. Marilyn Ama Maher says:

    The truth is every African born anywhere around the world is beautiful. I don't wait for my sisters and brothers to become stars before I call them beautiful. Just because the western media plays a part in describing them as such. They were beautiful before they became stars and will forever be. Beauty to me has nothing to do with one's external features, it glows from within.

  9. Marilyn Ama Maher says:

    I agree with you 😉

  10. Lena Anum says:

    Sure it is, i am touched by your words Marilyn Ama Maher.

  11. Marcus Wood says:

    Notice how most of the women come from the same region of Africa. The earthes FIRST people should naturally be the earths most beautiful people.

  12. Zita M. King says:

    The title to this post is altogether "WRONG." What is wrong with the caption being "BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN MODELS?" It seems as if this was a feeble attempt to detract all of the "WELL DESERVED" honor, respect and attention that the GORGEOUS MS. LUPITA NYONG'O is receiving.
    I've never seen an article named models that are as beautiful as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum,… You get the picture. "CEASE THIS LOW KEY HATE." It CAN NOT STOP HER SHINE.

  13. the Women of "GANAN" are extraordinary!!! #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  14. True, Nadine RootsAndCuture Brown.

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  16. I just posted a comment of black America trying to undermine anything African and perhaps dont realise their own hangups/isms or whatever and however they wish to classify their 'orities either superior or inferior its with the same result – to make anything from the continent lesser and try to distance themselves from being African. I dont know if its worth supporting their 'cause' as clearly the magazine wishes 'black' support but sorely lacks unity, compassion, vision and mission. Its as if black Americans only wish to know Africa if there are long dollars attached to 'success' which is typical white thinking or if its contentious about black Egyptology or history African trading with the Mayan or artefacts of blacks in China but not proud of Africans in the NOW. Fortunately we grew up with history written in our genes, we grew up hearing stories around fires of who we are, we didnt take to heart distorted white history in their books – as with all they said – our cheek bones ugly, lips too big, boobs too big our butts too big and no designer would design. We loved being plain ugly. Because our blood told us differently, we walked gracefully, tall and elegant, we spoke with dignity not cussing and profanity, we laughed through our 'slavery', the air we breathed brought hope, the soil with the bones of our ancestors preserved us, the wind carried our cries and stories to Great Grand Father who assured us of bigger dreams to come, no eye seen, no ear heard. We knew we were beautiful long before Dark n Lovely and we didnt have to hide or pretend to be anything other, because we saw it our diversity as CHOICE and things of beauty to see, listen, eat and mingle with different cultures, dress, different foods, different languages/expressions and at the end, celebrating different shades of human – even the whites who hurt us. Until they educated us … and tried to make us the same – white. Viva AFRICA, unite in purpose but celebrate your diversity, love who you are. Thank you Lupita. Its your time to shine – bring greater BEAUTY of heart, mind and spirit.

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