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5 Ancient Black Civilizations That Were Not in Africa

The Minoans Ancient Greece

Archaeologist Manfred Bietak conducted extensive research on ancient Greek civilizations and their connections to ancient Egypt. Bietak unearthed evidence from artwork as early as 7000 B.C. that depicts the early people inhabiting Greece were of African descent.

The Minoan culture of Ancient Greece reached its peak at about 1600 B.C. They were known for their vibrant cities, opulent palaces and established trade connections. Minoan artwork is recognized as a major era of visual achievement in art history. Pottery, sculptures and frescoes from the Minoan Bronze age grace museum displays all over the world. Palace ruins indicate remnants of paved roads and piped water systems.

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181 thoughts on “5 Ancient Black Civilizations That Were Not in Africa

  1. DeOnna White says:

    Love this History right here.

  2. I love it.This is our true story.

  3. Sinclair Grey says:


  4. Can you smell the unreferenced bullshit?

  5. Grace Bartlett says:

    The truth cannot be hidden… Only the lies that have been told are now being exposed…

  6. Ras Aleph Judah says:

    Of course. Black people were and still di world round. Youd have to be asleep not to know that

  7. what is bullshit? Most of American History is just what you said this is. In fact Europe would not be if it was not for the Moore people.

  8. what is bullshit? Most of American History is just what you said this is. In fact Europe would not be if it was not for the Moore people.

  9. Bullish eat my clit bitches

  10. Lifah Bifah says:

    How kan you still be sleep after viewing this?? Call it bs? Yeah And the day your mom popped you out was bs too.

  11. Nate Bowe says:

    worst reference section ever.

  12. Oh no..looks like this article is bringing out the undercover white supremacist and negro bed wenches. LOL.

  13. Something is wrong here, Mesopotamia is in Africa, it should be Four Ancient Black Civilizations That Were Not In Africa.

  14. Stephen Shaw says:

    Mr. Baldwin do you really believe this is BULLSHIT or you just like talking shit…. because this is rererence on its on… you just choose to give credit were you people gets the credit…lol

  15. Stephen Shaw says:

    Hey, that for us to do…tell them to eat your shit…lol

  16. Do I believe that claiming the Olmecs were black is bullshit? Yes, I'm afraid I really do think so. Why? A little thing called the Atlantic ocean, something else called genetic ancestry. If the Olmecs (or any of the civilisations described above) were black then the genetic echoes of those people would live in the blood of the current populations of those areas. Please understand, I am not a racist- I have the utmost respect for the African civilisations of the ancient world (for example, the Benin bronzes are some of the finest ancient art known to man). I'm not sure why the author has so little respect for africans that he has to claim that other civilisations were the result of black intelligence- isn't the archaeological heritage of the African continent already evidence of that?

    Stephen Shaw , I don't really understand what you're trying to say. However, there is literally no evidence whatsoever that the Minoans were black Africans, and considerable evidence indicating that they weren't. On the most basic and simple level, the fresco above is one of the only dark skinned depictions in their entire artistic lexicon (which is considerable). They are exclusively depicted as very white skinned women, and red skinned men- basically, it's a middle eastern depiction of women that were kept away out of the sun, and men who were tanned, but not black.

    Furthermore, they were not "my people" either. Don't tar me with that brush. This article is written from the perspective of modern prejudice- that's not MY interest at all.
    They were a culture very similar to many kinds found in the middle east at the time, who were also quite obviously not black Africans. Yes, I'm "white" (although not American justin), but frankly I don't give a damn about race, I care about history. This article is total nonsense, and contradicts a huge body of work conducted by many generations of archaeologists and historians. It's the worst kind of "politicised" history, and so yes, I'm sorry, but it is bullshit, propagated by people who are trying to impose a modern political agenda on historical events that simply do not apply. There's a great deal of evidence for very vibrant and interesting Black African civilisations in ancient times. There really is no reason to try to detract from their wonder by making up stupid stories about the racial background of civilisations in other parts of the world. I'm sorry, Minoan Cretans simply weren't black people, and neither were Mohenjo-daro or the Indus civilisations.

  17. James Baldwin No disrespect but this is not the forum for you. Please note the name of this blog. I suggest you stop following this blog.

  18. I agree if you read they cam before Columbus and child of Africa by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima you will know the the truth.. it all points to Africa plain and simple

  19. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson in refrence to the olmec heads many depictions in carvings show varied features and many of these features were exaggerated.
    google and you can see many of the carvings.
    if the olmecs are the founders of mexico that came over the atlantic where are the AFrican cultural artifacts? Where is the radiocarbon evidence? Where are the african plants? So some indigenous people have black in them, so what. Slaves were brought over here during Spanish colonialism and some mixture between certain groups was inevitable. This does not prove that that a handful of Africans created the Olmec civilization. All of this evidence would be expected if there is "overwhelming evidence."
    Sertima claims that Africans originated civilization in Mexico. Recently, due to a total lack of evidence and support in academia, he has retracted that statement, saying now that it was confined to trade.
    Why is maze, and not wheat (african) the crop of the Olmecs?
    I would also like to know why didn't 'Olmec' pyramids, heads, and other artifacts never appear in west Africa?

  20. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson The shang dynasty book they cite isn’t a book its just a essay from a unknown person, its no proof backing up their statement just them making the statement.
    by the way its common knowledge that Researchers believe that modern humans left Africa between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.
    you have to understand during that time we were not like the men you see before you today, we were still evolving,

  21. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson those reference links in the back are not legate sources its just independent people website and Wikipedia which should never be used as a legitimate source

  22. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson those reference links in the back are not legate sources its just independent people website and Wikipedia which should never be used as a legitimate source

  23. Malam Vee Mansour says:

    Why all the other race are against us.

  24. Darryl Hines says:

    Seems to me and judging by your comments you haven't conducted any empirical research on your own. It is easy to attempt to discredit others by predetermining an objective then casting doubt because the data is incomplete, as it always will be when we investigate long lost cultures and civilizations. I'd like to know where is your independent data and research and what papers, thesis or studies you have published?. Please list your bibliography otherwise you merely cast doubt upon the hard work of others.

  25. Darryl Hines says:

    Your comment is full of supposition and you present no proof or evidence to contradict the writer's premise. As you should no nearly all ancient cultures were nomadic and the first humans originated out of the African continent. So where is your proof that the Olmecs were not black? Again, you make assumptions but where is this mountain of evidence to disprove the article's conclusions? Again, you have none. Finally, the political agenda you speak of was long established and imposed upon the world by the Europeans in a patently Euro-centric attempt to degrade the accomplishments of those who were not Caucasian.

  26. unite brother…… time for the kings and queen to reclaim their throne,..the movement is growing

  27. Good Stuff Darryl. But at the end of the day this is a blog for African people and I think its just wrong for him to be here expressing his view knowing full well the history of Europe in the world. The blog was meant for African people to express ourselves and our history and culture base on our own research.

  28. Shawn Mc

    Okay, good, some specific points to discuss. Important to note, when I speak of ancient Africa that includes ancient Egypt. To start of, I think you are getting points of contact with ancient Africans and ancient America confused. Remember, there's the Mandigo voyages around 1310 A.D., and contacts with "Egypto-Nubians"around 1200 b.c as well as the "Nubian" dynastic era or the 25 dynasty with ancient America. Keep those points of contact in mind.

    I think it's clear to most of us when sculpted features are being "exaggerated"to depict hybrids of people with animals or mythical creatures, and when sculptures are attempting an accurate depiction of people who where significant in their world. Plus, It would make sense to have varied physical depictions in those carvings, because there are a variety of facial types among people. Speaking of sculptures, there are pictures of 7 braids carved out on the side of several of the olmec heads. What's the significance of those braids? The number and style of braiding is found throughout ancient Africa, and they carry significant meaning to Ancient Africans, plus, those braids are foreign to pre-columbian American natives up to 1200 b.c..

    Ivan Sertima never claimed that Africans created the Olmec civilization, he stated that Africans heavily influenced it. I think this is the "retraction" you're talking about. The Author of this article I believe made that claim, not Ivan Van Sertima, that's where you and I agree when it comes to exaggerations being made.

    I think the dating of those Olmec heads go back more or less around 1200 b.c.. This is around the time of "Egypto-Nubian"rule. Ivan Van Sertima and others provided many pictures of sculptures around this time showing similarities between the "Egypto-Nubians"and the Olmecs, and in particular the seven braids and where they are supposed to be positioned on the head. And, as you know, there are a plethora of pyramids in Egypt and what was called ancient Nubia. Ancient Nubia is what I believe is now called Sudan.

    Now the Mandingo voyages to America is what I think you are contesting and this contact is several hundred years after the Olmecs, and I don't think Ivan Van Sertima and others are making the claim the Mandingo had anything to do with the Olmecs civilization.

    Though, there is considerable evidence that the Mandingo had contact with America pre-columbus, too numerous to mention here. For instance, zea mays decorations on Pottery dating back to 1100 a.d. in the former Yoruba capital. Columbus himself getting reports from natives in Haitti that black people are trading gold speared tips. Columbus had this gold tipped spears analyzed and the composition matched perfectly with gold speared tips being forged in Guinea. I could go on and on here man.

    The important thing is to be critical of ALL academics and historians.

  29. Bekim Bacaj says:

    Shawn Mc of course, the red, black, white and even blue tanned figures in ancient vases and murals of the Aegean are of symbolic conceptual semantic value – they are not 'literal' depictions of human skin color. Humans figurines painted in red, are normally expired kings (or other forms of royalty) who are about to die and/or get sacrificed conform to their particular ritual.

  30. Travis James says:

    James Baldwin…sorry to say, I don't agree with all that you're saying. Blacks were and still are everywhere on this planet. They explored and settled on other lands before anyone else. The Olmecs were black, that's been proven…People in Mexico are quite dark-skinned to this day, even after mixing, so that proves that they were always dark-skinned. There are still Black Tribes in China (who did not mix) that look Chinese with very dark skin. There are still Blacks in many other countries that have ancestry in those countries that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Whether you think that all these people came from Africa or not, they are/were black. Scientists believe that the first humans were in Africa, therefore, no matter where they ended up, they were all decedents of Africa. By the way, Africa is a name given to the land by a European by the name of Africanus. The real name is Alkebulan. There were Blacks in Europe before whites…they had blue eyes and dark skin. This was a very long time ago, and we know that a change that drastic in surroundings will over time cause people (or any other living thing) to evolve. Whites may have come about due to a mutation in DNA similar to albinism because of the change in habitat according to a number of scientists. Its hard to say though, but to say that the people in Mexico or China or anywhere else for that matter were not Black is a bit ignorant. Even if the info in this article isn't 100% accurate, it's definitely more reliable than the texts given to us in schools that were written by a bunch of racists. We have to take information and find what makes sense…much of what we read is not 100% reliable, but our job is to take all sides of each story, analyze it and figure out what makes sense using our common sense. So let's not be too hasty with our opinions and be willing to accept some knowledge from another point-of-view sometimes. Let's all continue to research and share with each other whatever knowledge we acquire. Peace and Love.

  31. Shawn Mc

    I don't know anything about the essays on the shang dynasty the author mentioned, if they have a bibliography that backs up their claims then maybe there is something there. If there isn't a bibliography on that page then it is garbage and I agree with you.

    Just curious, in what ways have we evolved since 60,000 years ago or so in your estimation?

  32. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson You are wrong there are many sculptures that exaggerate the features. The Olmec’s when turn sideways were flat, go ahead and google the pictures. Sertima took one pic to trick people.

    Braids are not unique to Africa. You can find info on braids from many nations, also are there braids on all the Olmec’s or just 1?
    You are doing what the authors of those books want and that’s to look at a single picture and create a story. The problem is when those books were written the average person didn’t have the time or resources to research but we have the world wide web where you can actually see proof, research cranial features and check dna .
    There is no writings of Columbus stating he seen black people, he did say something of seeing painted people, that’s what these authors do they try to find anything to prove their point. Oh yea those vases were of painted people not black people.
    are there any boats to show there was a voyage that took months ?
    what did they trade?

    once again anytime you see the word negro or moro it does not mean they are referring to African people, on many occasions they called anyone that’s darker than them negro or moro

  33. Travis James , thanks for a reply that a person could actually engage with. I agree with a lot of what you say. It's been proven that "first populations" out of Africa were black people (of course), and there are vestiges of these people's descendants in small and rare spots in the far east (called "Negrito" people, although that's not a term I feel comfortable with using, to be honest). If you consider Australian Aborigine's black then what you're saying is absolutely true- it was black people who first populated Eurasia. We are all africans (or the descendants of africans, if you prefer).
    So the picture is basically this: Black settlers came out of Africa and spread all over Eurasia (I'll mention America later). There, most of them bred adaptations to their environment like paler skin to get enough vitamin D from the sun in areas where it was weak etc, and evolved in to the other types of human (Caucasian, Mongoloid etc- all 19th century terms I wish we could change, but there we are). A few communities did not interbreed (the aforementioned Negrito people- forgive the term, it's not mine), and so retained their African characteristics.
    Now, here's why this article is bollocks- those people are VERY ANCIENT populations- they have hardly interbred with other humans for tens of thousands of years. That is why their black characteristics have been largely retained, while everywhere else they've been "washed" out.
    It's perfectly possible, with genetic study, to put a date on the age of these populations, and they are tens of thousands of years old- older than the settlement of America by the First Nations, and certainly older than the people of Mohanjadaro, Crete etc. The civilisations mentioned in the article are not actually that old, and so far more evidence, genetic and visual, would be present in modern populations if the founders of those civilisations had been black people.
    I don't feel the need to cite evidence particularly, as only a cursory investigation of the facts at hand will disprove this article. For example, take the time to google "minoan frescoes", and see how many black faces the minoans regularly painted:
    There really is little point in referencing the entire gamete of scholarship on Cretan civilisation to disprove a lazily written article that has made no actual attempt to reference any of its own ideas. It should be enough to say that NOBODY who's actually studied Cretan civilisation thinks those people were black.
    (I'm going to strongly dispute the settlement of the Americas, because all the genetic evidence points towards settlement by Asian people about 15,000 years ago. Now, there is also just the tiniest hint that perhaps America had been settled by an earlier group of migratory people, perhaps black people from one of the first waves of settlement, however at the moment so little information has been found that it's not possible to form a theory. Furthermore, due to genetic study it's certain that these people did not survive, either at all, or at least in a great enough number to be responsible for the Olmec Civilisation (which was one in a family of ancient Mesoamerican civilisations which lead right up to the Aztecs, and bears many cultural similarities with all meso and northern american civilisations (I.e. The First Nations of American Indigenous peoples).

    As for your comments Reynold Walters, I personally can't imagine why anyone would want to exclude someone from debate on the basis of the colour of their skin. Frankly, I am a student of the world, and unlike you I don't have a political axe to grind (unless it's the axe of fair and equal treatment of all peoples in human history). I'm personally interested in Black culture, literature and history, and one of my pet peeves is the lack of attention the civilisations of Black Africa get compared to European, Middle Eastern, South American and Chinese civilisation in the western world.
    I personally don't think that trying to claim that the other world civilisations were the work of black people is a very good way to resolve that injustice. I wish articles like this were talking about the Kushites, Ashanti Empire, Kingdoms of Mapungubwe or Zimbabwe, and trying to reverse the negative trend in Western scholarship of rating civilisations "sophistication" by the types of metal they were capable of using, by what we find they had left behind. There's no way for archaeology to "rate" the sophistication or advancement of verbal culture for example.

    Anyway, I digress. I think what I mean to say is that this article and the people who defend it should stop clutching at straws, and promote the highly undervalued cultures that are not heard about very often, and undoubtably and indisputably theirs.

  34. Shawn Mc You can actually date the addition of African DNA to the Mexican gene pool- it wasn't 2000 years ago unsurprisingly, it dates to the slave trade. Like so many other conspiracy theories this opinion is based on some very weak visual connections "the olmec heads look a bit black, so they must be black). However, this is a pretty good alternative idea:

  35. Mesopotamia is Iraq.

  36. Darryl Hines None of the cultures mentioned were Caucasian according to the "traditional" view either, so how does pretending they were made by one non-caucasian race over another further a "white" agenda?

  37. Shawn Mc

    You keep saying the features were "exaggerated."What proof do you have that the image provided in this story is "exaggerated?" The image provided in this story looks in proportion to me, and resemble many black folks I've come across. Shit, the sculpture in the picture looks like Raekwon from the hip hop group Wu-Tang clan.LOL. Plus, whether the features are "exaggerated"or not, a significant number of the olmec heads have negroid features, that's without a doubt. Also, facial features in any medium of art can be "exaggerated"but still resemble the likeness or race/ethnicity of that person, right?And, you are right about not seeing braids on the side of olmec heads, that's my mistake, they are on the back of the heads, google, "the back of Trez Zapotes olmec head." Another thing, show me the evidence of the use of seven braids on the back of the heads within ancient America prior to 1200 b.c..

    You asked me about evidence of pyramids and megalithic head sculptures in west Africa resembling those in Olmec civilization. I made it clear to you that Ivan Van Sertima and others stated it was the "Egypto-nubians" in east Africa who made contact with the ancient Americans in Mexico and influenced the Olmec civilization, and as you know, there are megalithic head sculptures and pyramids in Egypt and the Sudan. And much later there were west Africans (Mandingo) who voyaged to the new world. There is botanical evidence, metallurgical evidence, linguistic evidence, and yes, historical accounts from Columbus, and other significant historical figures who reported sites directly and indirectly of West Africans and other Africans in the new world. This is how it works with ancient history, you have to gather evidence from a variety of sources to come up with history that can be substantiated. And, sometimes, the web isn't enough, you have to get the book and check the sources in them. Get the book," Early America Revisited."In this book a significant portion of the book Ivan deals with his critics. And there is a significant bibliography in this book.

    What's good is that you're critical of this article and the sources that are provided, and you should be, because some of the sources are questionable, the essay on the Shang dynasty has some serious problems, and the author this article misrepresented some of the facts,the author might be doing that to sensationalize this story, but the other sources are fine with me. But, be critical of the critiques as well. Also, it takes a long time to undo the white washing many black folks have undergone.

    I'll look at "classical" historians work and the historical heretics work on the use of the word moor as it was used in ancient times and get back to you.


  38. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson they took down my post about the shang dynasty and doubled my original post. who knows why,il re post the info later.but from what i remember the article is incomplete and trying to trick you. 90,000 and 30,000 years ago was the first wave of humans who left Africa and end up in Asia and that essay reference is just a guy writing how he feels, its nothing legit. or reference material

  39. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson The Neanderthal originated in Africa but migrated to Eurasia long before humans did. All non-African people have Neanderthal dna in them and African people have no DNA in them, archaeological evidence suggested the opportunity for modern humans to mate with Neanderthals would have been common once they expanded out of Africa, studies suggest that Neanderthal genes involved in skin and hair were favored by natural selection in humans, What this proves is that these genes were helpful for non-Africans in adapting to the environment.
    google study published in Science, Benjamin Vernot and Joshua M. Akey of the University of Washington.

  40. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson just like I said in earlier post; just because a head looks like a familiar person to you that is not factual evidence. Just as it looks familiar to you it looks familiar to someone else but if you wanted to go by looks the Olmec’s have broad lips and flat noses and those facial features do not resemble the people in the Sudan or Egyptian region
    if the time stamp for the Olmec’s are 900 bc and Egyptian Nubians ruled 760 bc how can they influence the native Americans?
    I’m curious; what’s the significance of 7 braids
    I thought Nubians had a head full of braids and not just 7

  41. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson jeeez your here to tell me the Nubian empire which is the 25th dynasty who conquered Egypt sailed ships around Africa across the Atlantic to South America?
    Come on my friend rethink what you are saying, think about advancements at that time to sail a ship across an ocean or around a continent, the Egyptians went up and down the Nile and the Mediterranean.

    I tried to find evidence of Egypt sailing to the Americas but there is no evidence of this besides in Ivan books, once again he considers painted Native American which they still paint themselves black people.

  42. James not to say that I don't agree with you our that I am trying to exclude you from debate. I was trying to make you aware of the forum you choose to debate. I am also trying to prove to you that so much of black history and legacy has been stolen and made to be associated with other cultures that we simple can only trust the research of other black scholers such as Ivan Van Sertima and Dr John Hendrick Clark and other black researchers. What you suggest above is still an attempt to discredit the contributions of Black people to the world. For example, Egypt was built by black people and the blacks were later forced out by the Greeks and Arabs. Yet Eurocentric people try to disprove these fact and even saying that even if the Egyption were black they were still European even though evidence suggest that the came from the same type found in ancient Uganda, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. The same can be said for the Sumarians, which were and ancient black Kingdom who were forced out due to Arab advancements. Not all civilizations were black but the ones in these articles were. Simple put I don't accept any European sources and I know that most Blacks wont either. Do everyone have place their egos in their research then I say yes. Lastly, please don't assume that you know about black history as you cant fully know unless you walk in our shoes.

  43. It is in Iraq but it was started by a Black man called Nimrod. A Cushite. Go look him. At the time of its peak these lands were all black lands.

  44. Travis James says:

    Reynold Walters and James Baldwin…I love to see these types of discussions. There is no hate here, and all people are of African (Alkebulan) decent, so all people are free to share opinions, facts and to learn from others. I do agree that anyone that is not willing to do this peacefully should definitely reconsider where they choose to start conversations, but I feel that we should try to educate each other, especially if we find flaw in a brothers' statements or observations. I hope everyone was able to take something positive from this discussion. Peace and Love.

  45. Tj Monsta says:

    Yea albinos from africa became the white race that stick their nose up at u you today, thats y albino whites have a inferiority complex n obsession with subjicating n denigrating black people.

  46. Tj Monsta says:

    There is only one race on earth the black race, all else are subgroups n submutations n interbreding created sub races from one single race, THE BLACK RACE

  47. Tj Monsta says:

    Blacks have no religion of their own bcz the last great empire from khemet egypt was that place, christianity white jesus, judiasm jew moses and islam arab mohamed all have a religion, which they took from the crumbs of the envied n falling egyptian empire that lasted over 15000 years n a long list of dynasties. Look up the meroe pyramids. Voodoo in guinea n nigeria n congo from inland africa is the last remnants of african religions, egypt was the washington dc of its day n africa a united african empire with the pharoh as king. All our modern religions came from stolen n imitated egyptian religious ways of life n concepts….know your history black people, after all your ancestors memories is recorded in your blood, all you gotta do is knock n ur dna will show u ur genetic memories recorded in it… people unite n rule wisely like adults, all other races are your children n came out of the black race. N I salute obama even as hes hated n envied by these albino white apes…

  48. Shawn Mc

    Someone mentioned there wasn't genetic evidence of Africans in America, particularly Mexico prior to to the slave trade. Well, apparently there is genetic evidence, check the source below and look at the bibliography offered and tell me what you think.;jsessionid=611DF014DFFD5707EDE993AA584F00E1?root=18395

  49. No features of flat broad noses and no thick lips in ancient Egypt or the Sudan? Or none of those features in current day Sudan? Really? Come on bro. Below is a bust of the Narmer/Menes who ruled the 1st dynasty in Egypt, which began around 3000 b.c. Below is a painting in Ramesses the 3rd tomb, this is around 1200 b.c. Take note of how the Egyptians saw themselves compared to others. You're right about the "Egypto-Nubian" date, but I mentioned Ramesses 3 as well. Notice I put "Egypto-Nubian" in quotations, when you see the bust of Narmer/Menes and the paintings in Ramesses tomb, you'll know why. The rein of Ramesses 3 is more or less around the time of the beginning of the Olmec civilization as well. You bring up and interesting point about African features, they are varied, more so than any other group. You have straight and wide flat noses in east and west Africa, and for the most part full lips among many Africans. Plus there is genetic evidence of pre-columbus African presence in America. And, apparently, pre-columbus east African and west African gene types have been found among Mexicans.;jsessionid=611DF014DFFD5707EDE993AA584F00E1?root=18395

  50. How come you have an Anglo-Saxon last name but African descent?

  51. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc there is dna evidence in the priest kings of the Olmec civilization. You may want to research more. There are also native African plants such as cotton that were brought to the America's during the Olmec time. This has been scientifically and anthropologically proven many times over. Even the Mexican government recognizes this as fact.

  52. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc there is dna evidence in the priest kings of the Olmec civilization. You may want to research more. There are also native African plants such as cotton that were brought to the America's during the Olmec time. This has been scientifically and anthropologically proven many times over. Even the Mexican government recognizes this as fact.

  53. Yatonte Merideth says:

    China, MEXICO….HAHAHA… An attempt to boost Black peoples since of pride while intentionally clowning us if we believe some of this. Then go out in the world and try and speak to them…. HAHAHA… Nice try..!

  54. Barry Pierce says:

    I have the book Unexpected Faces in Ancient America by Alexander Von Wuthenau. Hard to argue with all the evidence there.

  55. David Marr says:

    many people will never believe that the source of all civilization comes from an African base..

  56. Daniel Tawio Ishakamusa Adetomiw My last name was passed down because of slavery that's why.

  57. Joe DePratto says:

    Notice when you prove a point they get mad & call you names. I was pointing out that yes the people of Israel are lighter skinned now because of invasion & slavery over the centuries but before Greece & Rome those people were darker. I was called all kinds of niggers & they even threatened my children. They hate the truth.

  58. Please read "The Ancient Black Hebrews and Arabs" by Anu M' Bantu and Gert Muller for further information on this subject. The book is referenced by Biblical Scholars and other sources that are cited. It is known that the first humans originated from Africa.

  59. Funny how White European tried to hide the fact that Jesus walked the Earth as a Black man…. All evidence is in the Bible where Ethopia is mentioned over 40 times and Egypt over 100. Black man, don't be mislead. We are the chosen people.

  60. And by the way, I have BA in Humanities and a Masters of Divinity and have researched evidence from Theologians, Archeologist and Biblical Scholars- PhD.

  61. Adam and Eve originated in the Garden of Eden, according to Genesis that existed between 4 great rivers- Pishon, Euphrates and two other rivers I can't recall but are in Genesis … These rivers flowed from Africa-Ethiopia

  62. Kenny Smith says:

    It started in Africa and branched out. All human beings have DNA from black people..

  63. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson Why do you believe this guy, just like I said earlier he takes quotes from any source to justify is unproven points.
    It would be funny if not disturbing how he’s distorting history for the elevation of a movement, il explain that later.
    1. The early presents of Negroes in South America suggest a migration of Sub-Saharan Africans into the Americas 40000-15000 years ago
    of course that was around the time a migration left sub Saharan Africa for other parts of the world so. Once again only non-Africans have a portion of Neanderthal DNA , Mexicans are characterized as mongoloid and mongoloid have Neanderthal DNA.
    2 I love how Winters write: This suggests that we need to look further into or Evidence should exist, nothing factual just his theory
    3 winter got his info from a paper called Genetic Structure of Autochthonous Populations of Meso-America: Mexico
    Winter site the literature of Lisker but lisker papers was not talking about African presence 15000 plus years ago he was talking most recent about the blacks that lived there and continue to this day.
    There were large ex-slave communities all over Mexico as early as 1502 and many cities still have statues in remembrance.
    A rebellious Muslim man name Yanga ;a slave from Nigeria In 1609 resisted capture for 38 years and negotiated with the Spaniards to establish a free black community
    3. Winter states : The genetic evidence for Africans among the Mexicans is quite interesting. This evidence supports the skeletal evidence that Africans have lived in Mexico for thousands of years.

  64. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson i wanted to send you this link because it shows a better angle of the olmec. if you click on the small pics a full image appears showing a side view.

    can you honestly say all these olmecs resemble black people or are they distorted, you notice its more than 1 but your author only seems to show the pic that will get a response because it has full lips and a flatten nose

  65. Shawn Mc says:

    Rico Law cotton was not brought to the Americas by the Africans.
    who told you that ?

  66. Rico Law says:

    cotton is native to Africa. How do you think it got here?

  67. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc The Olmec Priest Kings were not the majority. No ruling clan is the majority in any part of the world. Nobody is saying that the Olmecs were all Africans but the ruling dynasty and creators of that civilization was. You are using broad generalizations. The Mexican Government and University of Mexico has studied the DNA of the Olmec Kings and they were found to be African with about 3 % of the population having African ancestry. Of course we know the natives were from Asia via the Bering Straight and the Polynesian Islands

  68. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc so you're saying cotton is native to the Americas? Oh, you think Europeans brought it here.

  69. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc presence and evidence is the correct spelling by the way. Presents are given away as gifts but evidently you know that already

  70. Rico Law says:

    Shawn Mc there were thousands of years of trade between Africa and the America's. The trade winds and currents that the Europeans used were used by Africans for thousands of years. Why do you think the Canary Islands were such a major port area and launching pad for the Spanish and Portuguese? I think you have a lot more to learn. Your "facts" and references are one point of view but in my point of view very flawed.

  71. Rico Law says:

    Collin Johnson Shawn Mc has a Eurocentric mindset not a Worldy one! I search for the truth I believe you do as well! Great references.

  72. Shawn Mc says:

    Rico Law where did you get that info about Africans bringing cotton to america ? thats a incredible statement

  73. Shawn Mc says:

    Rico Law what country in africa and what time period?

  74. Mark Anthony says:

    Shawn Mc You know they actually found ancient African artifacts on in Peru and reeds to boats that could only be found in east and west Africa. There was a trade route established there long before Europeans came here. Just as there were full African tribes living here with the "Native Americans" research where the name California comes from.

  75. Shawn Mc

    Lister did say that most of the African genetic admixture seen in Mexico was attributed to the Portuguese bringing over slaves as early as 1502. But, Lisker and others raised the question of how is it possible that certain isolated Mexican tribes historically and in the present, that could not have had contact with black slaves and African Americans but these isolated tribes have considerable African admixture given those circumstances?

    As far as the skeletal evidence, according to Dr. Weirchinski , and Marquez there is skeletal evidence of pre-columbian Africans in Mexico. If I'm not mistaken they took measurements of Olmec skeletons and found distinct African skeletal markers among the Olmec remains.

  76. Barry Pierce hey can you send me pdf links?

  77. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson
    jeez mark i dont know where you are getting this information, well i do but its shocking.
    which group of Africans traded and what time period ?

  78. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson i would think people moved around especially when you are a slave trying to evade capture, as i said earlier slaves were all over mexico and many of the towns still have statues in remembrance.

    Dr weirchinski technique in obtaining his findings is very questionable and have been refuted by various professionals in the field of Anthropology.

    Finally Wiercinski classifies the skulls into various
    racial types based on what he calls the procedure of "the
    Comparative-Morphological Trend of the Polish Anthropological
    School." Don't ask me what that means, he doesn't describe
    it in this article but says it is described in an article
    published in the 38th Congress of Americanists held in
    Stuttgart in 1968. I couldn't find this article but here's
    what he reports.

    many of the skulls he acquired were not in the best condition for a accurate measurement. many of the skulls were missing key cranial features. with out many of the features you are just guessing at best.

    also in his findings Weircinski also found 12 different races among the 52 Tlatilco skulls he identified and 15 races among the 36 Monte Alban/Monte Negro skulls he identified (Wiercinski 1970:247)

  79. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson . On page 238 Wiercinski mentions that racial types are not necessarily equivalent to population descent. This means that just because his classification identifies a skull as "black" it doesn't necessarily mean the person is from Africa. Many studies have demonstrated that there is more variability between members of the same race than there is between members of different races (for example see Lewontin 1972). For example, there are many people who the U.S. gov. classifies as black who nonetheless have many "white" physical characteristics.

    there is more info in weiercinski findings that Winters never stated in his book he just found some quotes to justify his agenda.
    il send the link

  80. Hahahahahahaha. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. This is funny in one hand, but it's also very sad that some people can believe this.
    We (white people) didn't gave you the freedom of speech to hear about these bullshits.
    Mesopotamia was white Aryan land before they mixed with Arabs during Jihad. It's land where white Aryan people came from to Europe.
    In India there lived blacks, than Aryans from Iran invaded India and bring culture and civilization there, it all collapsed when white Aryans mixed with blacks. All Aryan culture, civilization was destroyed after mixing with blacks.
    Same thing in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was founded by white Aryans from Mediterranean. After mixing with blacks (at first they were slaves there, then whites set them free and gave them full rights, than race mixing in Egypt started) all knowledge was lost, and after mixing with them ancient Egypt became 3rd world land. Look at them now!!! Tutankhamon was white, just like his grandmom and his mom. Their mummies shows us that they were blond. After genetic research, scientists found that Tutankhamon shares 50% of his genes with nowadays Europeans, but 0% with black Africans nor Arab Afircans.
    Read book: Whites and Blacks – 100 facts and 1 lie.
    Just one thing. During 6000 years of written history, african blacks invent NOTHING, not even letter or sewn clothes. Same houses where they lived could be constructed by rats or beavers.

  81. Shawn Mc

    What you posted about Wiercinski apparently demonstrates his understanding of the limitations of this "classical technique" of skeletal measurement. The fact that he made the statement that "racial types are not necessarily equivalent to population descent"indicates this. But, apparently, the skulls were in good enough shape for him to make definitive findings and assertions that "skull deformations" among some of the Olmec skeletons that you typically find among certain Africans you find no where else outside of Africa, indicating those skull types are foreign to America. Plus, Wiercinski's findings, as it relates to the African types were repeated by Marquez. Does this mean that Marquez and Wiercinski have an Afrocentric agenda? Anyway, I don't know of "many studies" indicating GREATER SKELETAL VARIABILITY WITHIN GROUPS COMPARED TO BETWEEN GROUPS, but Lewontin describes greater GENETIC variability within groups compared to between groups. I think this is an important difference.

    It would make sense in modern day America that US gov. "racial" classifications would misclassify some blacks as white. Given Americas history, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of "racial"misclassifications.

    When it comes to ancient civilizations, there will be incomplete evidence, but when there is evidence showing so many "coincidences"and similarities between two ancient civilizations then there's something there. Bart Jordan a mathematician who pointed out startling similarities between American and Egyptian pyramids, said"The overwhelming incidence of coincidence argues overwhelmingly against a mere coincidence."Bart Jordan is a white guy, but maybe he's an undercover afrocentrist, who knows?

    Winters and others are not the only ones with agendas, and I agree, some of them have an agenda. But, historically and many would argue presently that some scientist and historians that are white, Arab and others have and had an agenda. How much of that damage from Eurocentrics and Arabcentrics has to be undone or uncovered? I like to look at both the Afrocentrist, Eurocentrist and others to get at the truth. I don't let either one of the hook.

  82. Davetta Jones says:


  83. John McAchran says:

    You may want to learn what it means to recant if you want to use it in a sentence.

  84. You gota be high and stupid to believe what you preach.

  85. You can check these things easily. It's all true 😉 Cheers from Europa, a land of master race 😀

  86. Mind Kanyoka says:

    I am very disturbed by people who think Black man origins are important don't worry about Africa rather do something about it you lost generation you don't even know whats happening on the ground in Africa but you are busy using words that 75% of Africans won't even understand.
    its not about black ,or white origins its about family is your family together or disbursed this race card origins doesn't bring change it start with the man in the mirror his responsibility which is family and leadership.
    I was disappointed today here in Africa to see all other races with their families and enjoying and we could hardly count a few black men with a family unit together what more in far lands.
    You have been programmed to school yourself and work whilst the other races are building family foundations. The most important origins is family not to run away from responsibility how are you going to build an Army if all your offsprings doesn't even know you? They obvious fight you because they don't know you same blood different mind.

  87. Waltros Koh says:

    Please find us a single credible academic source that claims "Mesopotamia was white Aryan land before they mixed with Arabs." How do you define "white Aryan land" anyway? Let's get one thing straight – an "Aryan" or Indo-European language has NEVER in recorded history been the lingua franca of the Mesopotamian region. Neither Sumerian, Akkadian, Aramaic or Arabic are Indo-European. Of course Greeks and Persians ruled over Mesopotamia, but their respective IE languages were never became the common tongue of the people. Mesopotamia has basically been Semitic-speaking at least from about 1800 BCE. These languages are part of the Afroasiatic language family – the same family in which Ancient Egyptian belongs – whose origins are in Africa. So, linguistically speaking … there is no evidence to suggest that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia were "Aryan". That being said, I don't believe that they were "black Africans" either. However, there is evidence that suggests that the land of Egypt was ruled by black Nubian pharaohs for about 75 years during the 25th dynasty.

    Regarding ancient India and the invasion of Aryans there … yes, it is true. that India was populated by darker skinned Dravidians before the Aryan/IE invasion, but where on earth do you get the idea that "Aryan culture" was destroyed after the invasions by blacks? If anything, ancient Aryan culture is the strongest in India than anywhere else on earth today – ancient Indo-European gods are still worshiped in India today. The Sanskrit language, perhaps the holy grail of Aryan culture, is still spoken by the priestly classes today.

    Lastly, for the record … etymologically, the word "Aryan" has nothing to do with the color white! It is an Indo-Iranian word basically meaning "noble". It was of course Nazi Germany that decided to associate this word with White supremacist ideology.

  88. Waltros Koh says:

    But yeah .. most of what this actual article says is BS. The black Shang dynasty in China? Oh dear …

  89. First whites came from nowadays Iran and Mesopotamia to Europe (first to nowadays Russia and than to other parts of Europe) 50 000 year ago. It was the homeland of white people They (Aryans) lived there till Semitic tribes from Arabia started Jihad, they moved from Arabia there and mixed with Aryans. You can search for the video on youtube that shows that there are still a lot of blonde, blue and green eyed white skinned people in middle East (video shows pictures of people per every country of middle east)
    Iran is named like that because it was land of Aryans (Iran-Aryan).

    I said that Aryan culture was destroyed after mixing with blacks. Same thing in Egypt. Like I already said: "Tutankhamon was white, just like his grandmom and his mom. Their mummies shows us that they were blond. After genetic research, scientists found that Tutankhamon shares 50% of his genes with nowadays Europeans, but 0% with black Africans nor Arab Afircans." Just one thing – There was my mistake, where I said that he shares 50% of his genes with nowadays Europeans, the truth is that he shares SAME genes of his origins with every second European, which means with 50% of Europeans, but not any with African blacks and Semitics/Arabs.
    White blonde mummies were also found in China and they (white blonde people ruled China some, probably short, time). You can google it, or watch documentary on youtube about that.

    Those black people are so ignorant. Your ancestors didn't sailed anywhere till Jews brought you as slaves from Africa to America. I could find on internet even the names of Spanish Jews that ordered enslaving of blacks in America. Not even single white European person brought you to America as slaves. Even everyone today thinks that whites are responsible for slavery in America, that's not true. Jews brought you there. After that white people bought your ancestors with money from Jews. Only people that were enslaved in America by Europeans were other Europeans, mostly Irish people. First slave owner in America was black guy. And only 1,6% of American population were slave owners, when slavery was on it's peak. During 6000 years of written history, african blacks invent NOTHING, not even letter or sewn clothes. Same houses where they lived could be constructed by rats or beavers. Blacks in Africa today, are so dump, with IQ in avarage, not above 80 points. People with IQ lower than 80 points are half retarded, just to know. Same thing in America. Not any single black organization could proved that whites aren't smarter than blacks. Just to know, in America blacks that live the same kind of life like whites (not ghettos or something like that), that are same paid, or if blacks are adopted by white family, shows 10-20 points lower scores on IQ tests than whites in avarage.
    Native people of America live in worst area than blacks, and they score better IQ tests than blacks in America.
    Even if they made 12% of America population, blacks are responsible for over than 50% of all murders.
    Scientists proved that whites are smarter than blacks. You can check that in book "Whites and blacks – 100 facts and 1 lie", at the end of the book you got legit sources, where you can check those facts.
    Cheers, and sorry for my bad English 😉

  90. " The Shang were also called Nakhi, which literally means “Black” (Na) and “Man” (khi). " I call bs on this.

  91. Waltros Koh says:

    You are simplifying and condensing history. Arab invasions of Mesopotamia – around 700 CE. Earliest recorded civilizations in Mesopotamia (Sumer) – around 3500 BCE. So, that is over 4000 years of civilization before the Arab "admixture" in which Mesopotamia was not IE speaking that you are glossing over.

    Look at this map here. It shows the expansion of Indo-European/"Aryan" culture and language in from 4000-1000 BCE. See how Mesopotamia is *not* highlighted? Iran and Turkey yes, but not Mesopotamia. The two main propositions for an Indo-European homeland are either a) Turkey or b) the Caucuses region of Southern Russia (thus, Caucasians, right?) … I don't know where you are getting your ideas of population from 50 thousand years ago. I guess you could say that Indo-European populations moved through Mesopotamia on their way out of Africa to the Central Asian steppes, but that is so far back it's really just a lot of guesswork.

    White mummies have been found in the Western edge of modern China only, pretty much on the border with Kazakhstan. This is an area that has little to do with actual ancient Chinese civilization (centered around the two rivers on the east side), and is not really even considered China proper, so that is pretty much a moot point. And the idea that these "white" people (who are called the Tocharians) ruled over China proper is laughable, sorry. Do you believe everything that you see on YouTube?

    The question of why "civilization" existed in Europe before say .. sub-Saharan Africa is of course a complicated issue. But we can point to a much simpler explanation that does not require racial stereotyping. Civilization (by that I strictly mean "living in cities") began in Turkey, Egypt, the Levant and Mesopotamia (the Fertile crescent) around 8000 BCE. Civilization spread from this region to Greece (a pretty short distance), and thence to Rome – the two cultures pretty much responsible for civilization (city-dwelling) in Europe. Before their contact with the Greco-Roman world so strongly influenced by Near Eastern/Levantine culture, Germanic and Slavic peoples certainly did *not* live in cities, period. To use your analogy (not mine), they lived in beaver-like conditions – I take it that you are referring to small villages composed of wooden abodes.

    As for "IQ" testing … the whole idea of an objective intellect test is ridiculous. There is no way that such a test can be devised without being shaped by the notions and general worldview of the dominant culture (ie. old white men). Studies that investigate race and IQ often claim that African "bushmen" have the world's lowest IQ, equivalent to an American eight-year old. But how relevant is a written test, or solving IQ-riddles, to such a person, who is perhaps not even used to the idea of storing/transmitting/deciphering information in a written or textual format. What is intelligence? The word intelligens in Latin means "understanding" – would an American eight-year old understand how to survive or live in the conditions that these African bushmen do?

    Lastly, the statistics you cite regarding the high percentage of crime and incarceration in America that involves black people are true. But we have to ask ourselves, fundamentally, *why* this disparity exists, instead of just playing the outdated racial blame game. To simplify matters, I will just state the simple fact that a white man in the US is often able to get away with committing crimes (including murder) that a black man would get jail time for. And another simple fact: people who are born into poverty are much more likely to commit crime than those who are well-off.

    "Scientists proved that whites are smarter than blacks." I am skeptical to label anyone who performs such "experiments" a scientist, really. I will address my last remark to you personally: what is the appeal of racial stereotyping and the claim of white supremacy? What sort of happiness/satisfaction does it bring you? I am honestly very curious, because I do not understand.

  92. Jorge-Alejandro Armando Rivera-Robles says:

    As an archaeologist I have to say that this is bull. Nice try op…

  93. Quarta Spoon says:

    I would like to know what you consider a legit reference source? I researched the Olmecs a tad and seen that they were called The Rubber People because they made shoes and balls with rubber…which came from the rubber tree native to West Africa. Also, if you study pyramids, the ones in Mexico are similar in math to the ones in Egypt! Mound pyramids along the Mississippi river PREDATE the pyramids in Egypt. And evidence of Ramses was found in one of those THOUSANDS OF MOUND PYRAMIDS! Columbus, in his memoirs said, when he landed, that "These people look like the children of the Queen of Sheba!" Africans settled the world and you would waste your time trying to disprove that!

  94. Cb Lever says:

    Research the name Europe, and you will see where that name came from…

  95. Cb Lever says:

    China is apparently finding out now what Black historians have been reporting for many years, the first inhabitants of China were in fact black.

    H. Imbert, a French anthropologist said in his book, “Les Negritos de la Chine”,”The Negroid races peopled at some time all the South of India, Indo-China and China. The South of Indo-China actually has now pure Negritos as the Semangs and mixed as the Malays and the Sakais.”

    Another author and professor, Chang Hsing-Lang, revealed similar information in writing “The Importation of Negro Slaves to China under the Tang Dynasty”, “Even the sacred Manchu dynasty shows this Negro strain. The lower part of the face of the Emperor Pu-yi of Manchukuo, direct descendant of the Manchu rulers of China, is most distinctly Negroid.”

    These professors through their research and studies have reason to believe that a Negro Empire actually existed at the dawn of the country's history citing evidence of substantial populations of Blacks in early China, including finding reports of a major kingdom ruled by Blacks being frequently mentioned in historical Chinese history documents. And, Chinese chroniclers report that a Negro Empire existed in the South of China at the dawn of that country's history

    The notion that blacks were the original inhabitants of China has been thwarted by white scientists and even some blacks as the result of a sweeping message of white superiority and inferiority of black Africans and their descendants spreading worldwide.

    In 2005, DNA testing proved that the first inhabitants of China were black Africans. The study was conducted by a Chinese DNA specialist named Jin Li and a team of Chinese and other scientists. Li admits that he wasn't trying to prove this fact, instead he initially wanted to prove that the Chinese evolved from hοmo erectus independently of all humans. After collecting more than 12000 DNA samples from 165 different ethnic groups, Li and his team found that early humans belonged to different species but modern humans had descended from the East African species.

    One scientist on the team, Li Hui, said that 100,000 years ago humans began migrating through South and Southeast Asia into China from Africa. Their testing showed that 65 branches of Chinese all carry similar DNA mutations as the people of Southeast Asia.

    Another scientist on the team, Jin Li had this to say about their findings, “we did not see even one single individual that could be considered as a descendant of the hοmo erectus in China, rather, everybody was a descendant of our ancestors from Africa.”

    When asked how he felt about these findings, he responded, “after I saw the evidence generated in my laboratory. I think we should all be happy with that. Because after all, modern humans from different parts of the world are not so different from each other and we are very close relatives.”

    The team of scientists participating in the 5 year study of geographic and genealogical routes tracing the spread of settlements of ancient and modern humans were from China, Russia, India, Brazil and other nations.

    Richard Leaky, a well-known, Kenyan-born Paleoanthropologist who has dedicated his life to studying fossils and the past believes that we must study the past if we are to have a future. He had this to say, “If you get to the stage where you can persuade people on the evidence, that it's solid, that we are all African, that color is superficial, that stages of development of culture are all interactive, then I think we have a chance of a world that will respond better to global challenges.”

    Wow, so it appears that Africa truly is the cradle of all civilization after all.

    Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.

    This article has 1 comment, leave your comment.

  96. So, what I get from you is that you're siding with people who don't care about you. Everything you're saying is what they're telling you.

  97. Quarta Spoon says:

    Hacksaw Printez Stroman LOL And who TOLD me? And who TOLD you what you think you know!? EXACTLY! Unlike the majority, who googles and wikipedia EVERYTHING they know, I read BOOKS that are NOT provided as curriculum. I have been doing this for 15 years & have an EXTENSIVE library of books on various topics of Ancient African history! So, what I get from you is that you're siding with people who dont care about you! Thats funny considering you go to a University where they TELL you everything too! Im sure Richard Allen had sum Jewish help getting your school started, like so many other "historically black colleges" but hey, handle that!

  98. Quarta Spoon You know who told me what I know? My brothers told me what I know. The people who care about me as a black man told me what I know. Me going to Allen University has nothing to do with what I'm saying and I didn't learn any of what I'm saying from their curriculum so stop trying to project your lack of knowledge onto me just because of a tag on my Facebook handle. If you want to remain blind and be exploited by the white boy, that's fine, but none of us need to get in the way when someone tries to educate their brothers and sisters.

  99. No wonder I like Chinese food

  100. Shawn Mc says:

    Quarta Spoon ok hold up lets dissect what you are saying. whats the book called that stated they were called the rubber people because they made rubber shoes?
    if the mounds in Mississippi predated the Egyptian pyramids how did the mounds have evidence of Ramses presence?

    there is nothing to disprove; you have no proof just the same tricks by either DR. CHEIKH ANTA DIOP,Runoko Rashidi.John Henrik Clarke,Ivan Van Sertima

  101. Shawn Mc says:

    Quarta Spoon queen Sheba time was BC, Columbus reached the Bahamas in 1492,

  102. Quarta Spoon says:

    Hacksaw Printez Stroman Kind of like how your parents TOLD you about Jesus, huh? They loved you right? lol In the famous words of The African Buddah, "The ONLY Truth Upon Earth Is That There Is NO Truth" *Drops Mic and ends conversation!

  103. Lance Murray says:

    @ Shawn MC….what you say may be what you've learned, but fact is….there is much more to learn…..Chinese DNA has been found to originate from Africa.

  104. Quarta Spoon says:

    Shawn Mc And what does that have to do with anything? Being DESCRIPTIVE is not saying he was around at that time…I think you missed the point fam! But Im not here to be your teacher…you heard what I said now go RESEARCH for yourself!

  105. Shawn Mc says:

    Lance Murray this isn't new info. pre-man from what we know now left africa over 1 mill years ago to europe and asia.

  106. Shawn Mc says:

    Quarta Spoon you couldn't be my teacher spouting unsubstantiated garbage. you need to believe you created all the wonders of the earth for your own self esteem which is sad.

    I ask you simple questions about your sources and rather explain they are from the Afrocentrism doctrine you say i missed the point, I'm all too familiar with your point and its bullshit.
    either prove your statements or go back to your books full of fantasy and feel good.

  107. Shawn Mc says:

    Quarta Spoon african buddah; jeez what are you reading lol

  108. Arthur Wamback says:

    You seen? Are you kidding?

  109. Arthur Wamback says:

    You seen? Are you kidding?

    All civilization came out of Africa. It's not difficult to figure out Black people branched out onto other continents

  110. Shawn Mc says:

    Arthur Wamback that doesn't make any sense, what do you mean all civilization came out of Africa?

    this is how we looked when some groups started to leave africa 1.5 to 2 mill years ago, we dam sure didnt look like black people.

  111. Heather Neely says:

    If this article encourages anyone to pick up a book, or research an article because it has captured your interest – it has done its job.

  112. Anthony Davis says:

    This is what i would like too see more of on one end we have ppl like james baldwin who would disagree based on his beliefs are questionable resources this article linked to this article an others who believe this just off face value wizh but

  113. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Shawn Mc , that is NOT homo sapiens [modern human beings] that is a precursor to humanity as we know it. that is homo erectus, one of the first "ancestors" [if you follow the theory of evolution] of human beings. The true humans that came out of Africa are the same humans that exist today, homo sapiens–NOT homo erectus

  114. Dwayne Jackson says:


  115. Shawn Gillespie says:

    Why is it that when ancient people dipict themselves as black or have black features "ya'll" claim they were made to look that way for some other reason. Why don't ya'll say that about Greek, Roman, or any other culture. I think those people know what they looked like. European historians want to make everything about Europe. None of what they have recorded as history is backed up by DNA evidence. The only time they give DNA evidence is when it jives with their story. They never did tell the real results of the Egyptian mummies.

  116. We're not all African. "All from Africa" is simply not true. Differences between races are so big that we can consider whites and blacks different species. Scientists today are saying that that is not possible just because we can mix with each other and gave fertile offspring. But Homo sapiens could mix with Homo neanderthalensis, which was different specie and gave fertile offspring.
    When Carl Linnaeus found the name Homo Sapiens (wise man) it was reference only for European man.
    There should be these genus of people: Homo Europeanus, Homo Americanus (native people of America), Homo Asiaticus, Homo Africanus.
    Skin color is not race. Even Negroids have probably been white, but because of sun they became black. Just see their palms and foots, bottom parts are white because they are hidden from sun light, while other parts of body are black.
    I saw article few days ago, that 7000 years old mummy of white Caucasian woman was found in Chile.
    We can clearly say that European race (better to say specie) is superior to all other races. Our intelligence and physical strength are superior to others. Europeans found almost all inventions and almost every piece of technology. Europeans sailed across the world and made first maps. Europeans were the first people in space and on the Moon. European built magnificent cities, mansions, castles, colosseums etc. etc. While (pure, not mixed) Black Africans invented NOTHING. Not even written language (letter), sewn fabric, wheel (the only transport of stuff was on the top of their heads), for their shelter they did not go far from shack that even rats, beavers and birds built better shelter.
    This is not racist post at all, I did not said that I hate anyone, these are just facts 😉

  117. Forgot to say, that Europeans divide on few racial types such as: Nordic, Mediterranean, Alpine, East Baltic, and Dinaric race.

  118. Alvin Booth says:

    "These people were chiefly Cushites, children of Cush, or Ethiopians, who over-ran Egypt, and conquered the former inhabitants of that country. Others, under the generic name of " Ammonites," occupied the principal islands of the Aegean Sea, also Sardinia, Crete, and Cyprus, apparently extending their journeying into the Isles of Britain, where the ancient Druids showed evident traces of Ammonite ancestry in the doctrines they taught, as far as they can be ascertained, and the religious rites which they practised" -Secret Sects of Syria and the Lebanon (1922) by Bernard H. Springett

  119. Alvin Booth says:

    "Mr. E. R. Hodges also declares that " before the dawn of history overspread Assyria and Mesopotamia, Media and Etruria were the earliest colonists of Britain, Spain, Italy and India." In short, the black Dravidian races are considered as having preceded the whole European family of nations; peopling Asia Minor, Armenia, the country of the Caucasus and Asiatic Ethiopia west of the Indus, as well as France, Spain and the British islands, long before the Semitic and Aryan nations had appeared on the surface of history. " -Serpent and Siva worship and mythology, in Central America, Africa, and Asia. And The origin of serpent worship. Two treatises (1877) by Hyde Clarke, C. Staniland Wake

  120. Alvin Booth says:

    "It is believed now, that Hamitic or Cushite tribes, of dark complexion, extended along the whole southern coast of Asia. They settled in Arabia, and Beloochistan, and Kerman; the cities on the northern shore of the Persian Gulf are proved by the inscriptions to have belonged to them ; they ruled for a time in Babylonia and Susiana, and relics of their language exist yet in Abyssinia, Nubia, and among various African tribes."

    -The Races of the old world (1863) by Charles Loring Brace

  121. Alvin Booth says:

    "The people who thus preceded the Aryan Greeks in the march of civilization were known to the Hebrews as Cushites or Hamites, and to the Greeks as Ethiopians and Phoenicians. It is now generally admitted that in all the literary records of the Grecians, Arabia, or the land of Cush, is described as Ethiopia."

    -The builders of Babel (1871) By Dominick M'Causlan

  122. Alvin Booth says:

    "In particular, India and Indo-China first belonged to the blacks. Invasions and infiltrations of different yellow or white races have split up these Negrito populations, which formerly occupied a continuous area, and mixing with them, have profoundly altered them."

    -A Philological essay concerning the pygmies of the ancients (1894) by Edward Tyson

  123. Alvin Booth says:

    "Thus the Negritos were part of the native population of China when, in the twenty-third century B.C., the civilised Bak tribes came into the land." In Japan we have also evidence of their existence. This country, now inhabited by the Niphonians, or Japanese, as we have come to call them, was previously the home of the Ainu, a white, hairy under-sized race, possibly, even probably, emigrants from Europe, and now gradually dying out in Yezo and the Kurile Islands. Prior to the Ainu was a Negrito race, whose connection with the former is a matter of much dispute, whose remains in the shape of pit-dwellings, stone arrow-heads, pottery, and other implements still exist, and will be found fully described by Mr. Savage Laudor in a recent most interesting work."

    -A Philological essay concerning the pygmies of the ancients (1894) by Edward Tyson

  124. Alvin Booth says:

    "Upon the ruins of Black culture, the Yellow and the White seem to have built. In prehistoric times, probably through conquest, the Blacks, who dwelt where civilisation and enlightenment have flourished, have become slaves or serfs. "

    -History of ancient peoples (1897) by Willis Boughton

  125. Alvin Booth says:

    "Finally, in this direction, there seem to have been near Lake Zerrah, in Persia, Negrito tribes who are probably aboriginal, and may have formed the historic black guard of the ancient kings of Susiana. "

    -A philological essay concerning the pygmies of the ancients (1894) By Edward Tyson

  126. Alvin Booth says:

    "Duff, a surname adopted from the Celtic, in which language the word means black. Sibbald, in his History of Fife, says, " that as Niger and Rufus were names of families amongst the Romans, from the colour and complexion of men, so it seems Duff was, from the swarthy and black colour of those of the tribe," or clan of Macduff."

    -The Scottish nation; or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland (1877) by William Anderson

  127. Alvin Booth says:

    "DUFF, king of Scotland, son of Malcolm the First, succeeded Indulph in 961. The name was Odo, according to Pinkerton. By the Celtic part of his subjects he was surnamed Duff, or the Black. "

    -The Scottish nation : or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland (1859) by William Anderson

  128. Alvin Booth says:


    "The earliest of these two races would seem to have inhabited our islands from the most ancient times, and may, for our purpose, be described as aboriginal. " "In physique it was short, SWARTHY, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and long-skulled; its language belonged to the class called "Hamitic ", the surviving types of which are found among the Gallas, Abyssinians, Berbers, and other North African tribes; and it seems to have come ORIGINALLY FROM some part either of EASTERN, NORTHERN, OR CENTRAL AFRICA."

    -The mythology of the British Islands; an introduction to Celtic myth, legend, poetry, and romance (1905) by Charles Squire

  129. Alvin Booth says:

    "This remarkable race of people—whom the earlier Greek writers mentioned as Ethiopians, whom Iranian traditions designated as inhabiting " Cusha-Dwipa," and who claimed for themselves a descent from the twelve sons of Chan—had overrun the then known world with their conquests, their colonies and commerce, long before the Arian and Semitic stocks had issued from the barbarism of ethnic infancy"

    -An account of the Polynesian race, its origins and migrations and the ancient history of the Hawaiian people to the times of Kamehameha I (1890) by Abraham Fornander

  130. Alvin Booth says:

    "In many parts of the East, particularly in Japan, there are stupendous and magnificent temples of very remote antiquity, in which the idols are represented as negroes with woolly hair, though the present inhabitants of those regions are straight-haired. And what is very remarkable, among the Japanese, whose records are of the highest antiquity, black is a color of good omen. Among the Siamese, also, their chief deities, called Budha and Amida, are figured nearly like negroes."

    -The Unity of the human Races proved to be the Doctrine of Scripture, Reason and Science(1850) by Thom Smyth

  131. Alvin Booth says:

    "These people were chiefly Cushites, children of Cush, or Ethiopians, who over-ran Egypt, and conquered the former inhabitants of that country. Others, under the generic name of " Ammonites," occupied the principal islands of the Aegean Sea, also Sardinia, Crete, and Cyprus, apparently extending their journeying into the Isles of Britain, where the ancient Druids showed evident traces of Ammonite ancestry in the doctrines they taught, as far as they can be ascertained, and the religious rites which they practised"

    -Secret Sects of Syria and the Lebanon (1922) by Bernard H. Springett

  132. The Olmec, the “people of the rubber country,” represented the first elaborate pre-Columbian civilization ofMesoamerica. Much of what is known about them has come from archaeological excavations at sites in modern-day southern Mexico, where structures such as large earthen pyramids and giant stone carvings, including colossal heads, have been uncovered. ~~~Britannia

  133. Frank Lee says:

    Nigel Ferguson,"Civilization:The West and The Rest'.
    Wonderful explanation of why Western Culture rose to great heights,and surpassed Asia,Africa,and Persia. In every area too:medicine,science,mathematics…..Sad for you to feel so inferior,really.

  134. Frank Lee says:

    Making up your own history….nice try,but really pathetic.

  135. Marla Walsh says:

    Shawn, You are an idiot. That's why it is hard to believe you could have formed functioning civilizations.

  136. It's wonderful to know our story, but what are we doing about our present situation? We on here disagreeing with the history about our story, so how can we overcome our present situation? Think about it…

  137. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Genetic evidence from the tombs of the Shang dynasty show them to be closely related to the Northern Chinese.

  138. Mike Reese says:

    Hmm…yes, the Olmecs just happened to 'stylize' their carved head faces with wide noses and full lips. And if they had just 'happened' to 'stylize' those same head face with narrow noses and thin lips, I'm pretty sure what the books would say. Even if 'you' who say there was no African presence in Mesoamerica are right, I don't believe' you'. Because 'you' have no more credibility to sell (to me, anyway). 'You' have lied so much about us and to us, that I don't think 'you' even know the truth 'yourself'. And 'you' know who 'you' are.

  139. The picture accompanying the Shang dinasty is incorrect. That is a picture of a ancient model of Nubian archers in kemit.

  140. DeOnna White says:

    @Shane Josef….let's understand something right now…that Last Name "White" is by default. That is a married last name and the husband is 100% black, Indian and cerole. Nothing White about it. You know… a slave masters last name! You do know the good book says seek knowledge of him for yourself. I'm not scared of the truth…are you and why?

  141. Gee Ess says:

    To all the ppl going out of there way to refute all support this article, you should make yourself look credible and site your sources. And when you do, guess what? WE STILL WONT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION! Anything that you say that goes against the greatness of Blacks will not be heard! European historians, archaeologist, etc. are no longer the sole standard bearers for scholarly research. For a lot of us, you never were. Just my 2 pennies!

  142. Going to have to do more research outside of the internet. It's hard to trust the internet these days, especially when there's an article circulating about the Statue of Liberty originally being a built in the image of a Black woman. The problem with the article is that it purposely failed to acknowledge that the original Statue of Liberty in France looks just like the one we have in New York, but only that it was a lot smaller and sculpted in copper while maintaining Caucasian facial features. Instead, it used an image of the Lady Liberty statue, which is an actual image of a Black woman, from St. Maarten Island (built in 2007 to commemorate the Emancipation Proclimation's 159th anniversary) as "proof" of the original Statue of Liberty being "black" in order to trigger race-related responses from both the White community and the Black community.

  143. The history lesson was great. I loved it. It leaves me asking myself; "Where are they now, and where are we (today) heading?" These civilizations no longer exist, why? Are we repeating the same mistakes they made? Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.


    1. The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nation of North America need to learn to love instead of hate; and to know their higher self and lower self. This is the uniting of the Holy Koran of Mecca, for teaching and instructing all Moorish Americans, etc.

    2. The key of civilization was and is in the hands of the Asiatic nations. The Moorish, who were ancient Moabites, and the founders of the Holy City of Mecca.

    3. The Egyptians who were the Hamathites, and of a direct descendant of Mizraim, the Arabians, the seed of Hagar, Japanese and Chinese.

    4. The Hindoos of India, the descendants of the ancient Canaanites, Hittites, and Moabites of the land of Canaan.

    5. The Asiatic nations of North, South, and Central America: the Moorish Americans and Mexicans of North America, Brazilians, Argentinians and Chilians in South America.

    6. Columbians, Nicaraguans, and the natives of San Salvador in Central America, etc. All of these are Moslems.

  145. Kash Milly says:

    Dosent the picture speak for itself??????? And look up different types of blacks we ar e not all gorilla look a likes

  146. For me, Africa people brought the all civilizations in the worlds.Because all people in the worlds come from AFRICA CONTINEN.Yes the trust is the OLMEC come from AFRICA.I can provable it if you go to ETHIOPIA the capital ADISABEBA CITY, you wold fine there the one BIG OLMEC STATUE HEAD IS THERE.The first NATIVE People from America come from Africa that is trust history from Africa.AND BLACK PEOPLE PRODUCKT WHITE PEOPLE BLACK ALBINOS WHITE PEOPLE COME FROM BLACK ALBINOS, and that is the trust History.Je vous remercier.

  147. I am related to ancient egyptians and I am not "black". I would have darker skin if I was to tan, but I am not negroid. The Ancient Egyptians did not have negroid features if you look at all the art and sarcophagi.

  148. I know that some of this information is true; I've known about the Olmecs for years and the Chinese in recent years have written about their African origins. The book, "From Babylon to Timbuktu is a joke though; it's listed as reference material. I read that book and although it contains some facts, it's very poorly written and provides absolutely no proofs for the claims that it makes. The book caused me to spend hours in the library as I sought to refute the claims of its author. I was surprised to find corroboration for many of the things that are in the book though. The book has lots of half-truths and other deceptions though. For instance, the author wrote that Tacitus, the Roman historian states that the Jews were transplanted Ethiopians. That's a very small part of Tacitus' true quotation. Tacitus listed several theories that were prevalent in his day about the origin of Israel. One of the theories was of an Ethiopian connection but Rudolph Windsor, the author of From Babylon to Timbuktu would have us believe that's Tacitus's only explanation.

  149. Black people of Asia; from W. Asia ('americas); Central Asia (Africa), all of East Asia (far east); we are the Original inhabitants of 196,940,000 sq. mi. of the entire planet. Central Asia (Africa) was not our home; it was our throne; the whole earth was our home.

  150. Sean Kane says:

    Cultural Apropreation on parade.

  151. They said author Wayne Chandler "recanted" his amazing discoveries about india – I think they meant "recounted" to recant means to take back.

  152. The bible says "God created man in his image". Europeans then created God in their "image". They would rather follow a white to hell than follow a black to heaven. This sector of people will not even acknowledge God unless he looks like them. Keep in mind, an eastern country where brown skinned people are everywhere…..doesn't that sound similar to the "Tarzan" myth. If possible, Michael Jordan will be described as a white man in historical annals years from now!

  153. Uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric idiocy at it's finest. Absolutely no physical anthropological or genetics to back it up actually quite the opposite

  154. Uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric idiocy at it's finest none of these people or cultures were black

  155. Alex Vanhook says:

    Of coarse they were black…. everybody in ancient times had color. Even the original inhabitants of the Caucasus montains. Fair skin is something that developed gradually due to the climate and terrain people lived in. It's a result of the Pinary gland being calcified over due to lack of sun, diet, etc… think of white people as a sub species of the original man of color.

  156. Alex Vanhook says:

    DNA proves the first people were a people of color… white people as we know them today haven't been around for more than 2000 years or so… it disgust me that these white Caucasians would even suggest a group of ancient people looked anything like them. Taka for instance these Caucasian khazirs that claim to be so called "jews". What a joke! Am I to belive that king david had german features. Or maybe that the Messiah YAHUSHA, a hebrew from the middle east was a blonde haired, blue eyed Caucasian named jesus… or that Hannibal had Caucasian features. 1000 years from now when the majority of Americans are all mixed up there will be a movie based on the Trans Atlantic slave trade… and there will be a bunch of blonde haired, blue eyed white folks playing African americans. It'll be like Charleston Heston and christian bale playing moses…

  157. Shawn Mc- You are the only voice of reason here.

  158. I am so sorry to all of you who were lied to for so long. lmao
    but there are actual facts that prove that each and every race is of african decent.
    oh well most who don't believe are just butt hurt. sorry not sorry.
    look it up.

  159. It's amazing how white people will go to great strides to protect their lies….it's a fact we are the original man, the king of the land, the first born, and will be the last man standing….for it is written that the circle will not be unbroken. So denial of the fact that all so called races are simply our offspring allowed a current state of prominence.

  160. Nixon Manuel says:

    Page 2, "Author Wayne Chandler recanted his amazing discoveries…" Did he recant [take back what he said] or did he 'recount' [to tell about]? Very important distinction for the editor to correct.

  161. Do your own research and don't believe everything you read.

  162. Gary Tucker says:

    This is why I like genetics, both the common sense application and the scientific version. However, since no has claimed to have expertize or degrees in the subject matter, just so that there is an "even playing field" of understanding, let's go with the common sense side, fair enough? OK. TRUE: Black and White are the two end absolutes of color. OK. It has be proven that two Black, Negroid, African etc. parents can produce an Albino child, it has been proven that the only way two White parents can have a child of melanin is to have breed with a mate with melanin skin, otherwise THEY CAN NOT, naturally. OK, naturally, all other colors fall in between them right? And if we were to transfer or include ethnic names of people with the common colors associated, I.E. Asian = Yellow), we can agree that all other colors/races would fit in between this scale. Hmmmm, sounds pretty fundamental to me.

  163. Joe Smith says:

    I thought columbus discovered all these places?


  164. It reminds me of Black Athena! Total rubbish! Τhe Minoans as the rest of the Hellines were inhabitants of their land and they didn't come from somewhere else! And certainly they weren't black! Please don't believe any bullshit published on the net! Geez…..

  165. Brucee says:

    You'll argue all day if you look at it from a geographical perspective, and not from a biological one. Pigmentation is something that was lost in hue-mans.All humans had dark skin Caucasus means dead or dormant in stasis.vitamin D not being activated by the sun to product more pigment in the upper epidermis.(EU melanin).

  166. Shawn Mc, I am impressed with your knowledge of history and your patience. I never get bored learning about anthropology and archaeology!

  167. Shawn Mc says:

    DrGlenda Clare could you please google Lucy because she wasn't a black women unless every black women you know is under 4 ft and look like a monkey, please enough with this mentality that you must be the first.

    before you compare yourself to these hominids please LOOK AT THE DAMN SKULLS FIRST.
    A sculptor's rendering of the hominid Australopithecus afarensis.

  168. Jack Newtown says:

    This story is forgetting something, Ancient Israel.

  169. Never seen, in my life, such a similar hash of bullsh*ts.

  170. AHAHAHAHAH! You're so funny man, you should participate to a TV program.

  171. Some white folks hate to hear some truth coming out. I don't know how to participate to anything. That just doesn't make any sense.

  172. What truth? That minoans, chinese etc. were black? Is that a truth? Ok if it's true… so, Mali empire was a white sovereign.

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