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5 Acts of Self-Hate and Racism in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean region. The western three-eighths of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti. The first captive Africans were sold as slaves through the ports of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1503. Unlike on other Caribbean islands, the Spanish invaders found that many natural resources had already been exhausted. So livestock became important in Santo Domingo and did not require much slave labor. However, with the French occupation on the Haitian side of the island, a booming sugar industry was established. Hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans were imported to work the sugar cane plantations of Haiti.

Present-day relations between the neighboring countries are fraught with tension, the culmination of volatile incidents, comparative economic disparity and opposing perspectives on European influences.
The independent Hispanic website Voxxi News reports that Haitian and Dominican relations are currently the worst they have been in 75 years.

Dominican Republic’s Independence Day

Feb. 27, 1844, marks the day that Haitian military retreated its 22-year military occupation in the Dominican Republic. One hundred seventy years later, Feb. 27 is still celebrated as the Dominican Republic’s Independence Day.

In 1822, liberated Haitians invaded their neighbors, the Dominican Republic, to free slaves there in an effort to create Black sovereignty across the island. During the occupation of Santo Domingo, the Haitians drastically limited the Catholic Church’s influence by confiscating church property, deporting the foreign clergy and severing ties to Rome. The widely Catholic Dominican population was greatly insulted by what seemed to be attacks on their religion. Hatred for their Haitian neighbors swelled.

Culturally, the Haitians took steps to limit the Catholic Church’s influence. They confiscated church property, deported the foreign clergy and severed most remaining ties to Rome. To the pious Catholics who made up the majority of Dominicans, these practices were seen as a great insult and only deepened the hatred for the Haitians. – See more at: the end of their occupation, slavery in the Dominican Republic was abolished.

Despite the military occupation that led to the liberation of Dominican slaves, Independence Day celebrates the evacuation of Haitian military, not a reprieve from the grip of colonialism that still lingers today. Presently, many Dominicans refer to Spain as their motherland and not Africa. Catholicism is still the predominant religion practiced throughout the country.

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198 thoughts on “5 Acts of Self-Hate and Racism in the Dominican Republic

  1. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Honestly I don’t know is the Atlanta Black Star is a serious publication, but the title of this piece really leaves a lot to be desired. “Self-hate”? “Racism”? Let me start by saying the following: I am from the Dominican Republic, I was born there in 1968, grew up there and moved to Puerto Rico after high school in 1985 (I now live in Maryland).

    I keep in close contact with my homeland, having gone back almost every year to visit friends and relatives. I know that we have an issue with race in our country, that dark skinned Dominicans and Haitians face prejudice and outright discrimination. I know that our colonial heritage have a lot to do with our attitudes toward race, specifically the Spanish Casta System that you should read about if you really want to understand race relations not only in the Dominican Republic but also all Latin American countries that were a former Spanish colony.

    Having said that, what you write here is incongruent and full of misinformation. Yes, you correctly point out that cattle ranching became important in the colony of Santo Domingo and did not required much slave labor. But you left out (and almost every body else who writes about the history of the island does that too) how and why did the French ended up occupying the western part of the island. I don’t intent to go into details, but the Spanish basically removed everybody from that part of the island to prevent them from trading with their “enemies”.

    This is very important if you really want to understand the differences between Dominicans and Haitians and what you call “tension” between both people. So the Dominican Republic celebrates their independence from Haiti…and…that is a problem? That’s when the country was officially created, so why is that an issue or evidence of self-hate? You know what else you sure didn’t know about that occupation? The Haitians were invited. In 1821, when what was then known as the “Capitanía General de Santo Domingo” declared independence from Spain, the republic of Spanish Haiti was created with the intention of becoming part of the Republic of Gran Colombia.

    But there was a portion of the population that still wanted to be a Spanish colony, others wanted to become a French colony and still another group wanted union with Haiti. So when Haitian president Boyer arrived in Santo Domingo with his army he was received by the city council and honored as president. So how do you square your theory of “self-hate” with the fact that the union with Haiti was welcomed by a large sector of the population?

    Are you saying that people of the eastern part of the island ignored that Haitians were black? Another fact that you ignore: Dominicans do celebrate their independence from Spain. After the independence and war with Haiti, a group of Dominicans lead by Pedro Santana successfully annexed the country back to Spain in 1861. This was opposed by a majority of the population and a war to restore the independence of the country started in 1863. The Spanish finally left the country in 1865 and the restoration of the republic is celebrated every year on August 16th.

    In my hometown of Santiago there is a huge marble tower in honor of the heroes of that war. And another fact that I’m pretty sure you don’t know: one of the rebels who fought against the spaniards in that war is a man by the name of Ulises Heureaux, the son of a Haitian father who became our president in 1882. Did you knew that? No, you didn’t… you rather cling to your silly race theories that actually research the topic that you intent to write about…

  2. Carol Dale says:

    These people with those KKK sheet must don't know their hands are Black. The USA Klans would have you! Ya'll look like fools!!!!'LOL!

  3. I have been to the Dominican Republic. And this post is pretty accurate.. And as for the marble tower, all of those hero look white. The Dominican Republican erases any memory of their black history. Most of the darker skinned people don't consider themselves black.

  4. look sister, are you upset that they pointed out race relations in your country? cause if so, i have race relations in my country. it is evident that, everywhere the Spaniards traveled, they left behind a huge racial issue; in order to understand your countries, racial problems is to understand Spain, not just in the dominican republic, but also in other latin countries. Dominican people cannot go to Spain and say i'm home, i can tell you now that wont happen! spain is one of the racist countries in all of the earth. domincans would fair off in africa then spain. furthermore, the gentlemen wearing the KKK hats, would not fair off in america, they have a special name for latinos an you wouldn't like it. we know that spain played a great murderous role in the d.r. but you shouldnt recognize that, and just to let you know, the caribbean has just as much taino indian in their blood as one calling themselves latin. christopher columbus raped and murdered your ancestors, and he was the first man on record to commit genocide, i dont know how the d.r. recognize this man as such. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Antonio Martin, I'm glad you joined the conversation. I'm heading to work right now and I'm planning to continue posting on this subject later today. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not "sister"…



  6. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Antonio Martin, I'm glad you joined the conversation. I'm heading to work right now and I'm planning to continue posting on this subject later today. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not "sister"…



  7. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade
    Mr. Wade,

    Apparently you didn't look too closely. The main leader of the rebellion against, Gregorio Luperón was black. Google him and click on the image link and you'll see for your self that he's black. He's the man in the horse at the entrance of that marble tower that dominates the D.R. second largest city. The international airport in Puerto Plata, a city and numerous avenues and streets bear his name… and he was our 20th president… but yet the author insist that Dominicans don't honor our black heroes.

    Yes, most of the people you see in that monument are white…because they were white. But they lead the whole country in rebellion (with the help of Haiti, I might point out) and were willing to be lead by a black general against the white spaniards.

    When you travel with your prejudices you will not see a lot but what's already on your head.



  8. good read seems like every where the Spanairds turned up, they caused death and destruction and they gave this man Columbus a Hero's welcome.

  9. good read seems like every where the Spanairds turned up, they caused death and destruction and they gave this man Columbus a Hero's welcome.

  10. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Mr. Beckford,

    What do you mean "a hero's welcome"? By whom…? Sorry, I don't understand that part of your comment. I agree with you that the Spaniards caused a lot of death and destruction, and so did every imperialist power at that time.

    I'm not excusing it, just point it out. We tend to have a romantic view of what life was before the europeans showed up on the american continent and tend to overlook certain things. Hernan Cortes, the spaniard who destroyed and conquered the Aztec empire in what is today Mexico with only 500 men was able to do that because he had thousands of natives as allies who were desperate to get rid of the Aztec.

    People tend to overlook that the Aztec in Mexico and the Incas in south america were in fact imperialist powers…they just didn't come in to other natives tribes and ask nicely if they'd like to join them and form a big nation…they conquered by force, enslaved them, took their women and sacrificed in their altars as offering to their gods…and then the europeans came in and did the same to them.

    There is no moral equivalency here, these are the facts and we should know about and learn from them.



  11. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó hmm Columbus day, the Itailains hold's him in high esteem they(some) regard him as a saint

  12. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ms. Dale,

    These people do know their hands are black and surely know what the real Klans in the USA will do to them. I assure you that they were NOT celebrating the Klan, but mocking them. That is the purpose of a Carnival and I encourage you to travel to the DR, Brazil and any large catholic country with a carnival tradition and see for yourself.

    The idea is to mock and satirize the powerful. What you seem to be missing (and the author missed to, even though he wrote the piece himself) is that this was not well received. This happened in February and I followed the reaction at the time and was pleased to know that it was not well received in the DR and that people were reacting in social media about it. But still the author offer this as an example of Dominicans “self-hate”.

    Now, I agree with the Ministry of Culture that the DR is a free country and people are free to do “express their creativity” as they like. If it was up to me I would not censor or interfere with anyone, but I would at least ask a question “What’s the message? Are you protesting and mocking racism? Well, there is a lot of that in our own history and today, so why are you mocking something that is not part of our history or culture?”

    Sadly, the wearing of those KKK costumes is a reflection of the lack of education in our country and awareness of our own history. They got the idea right, but they choose the wrong target. I’m not saying that the KKK is not deserving of mockery, just that is not part of our history. The KKK was not active in the DR and we only know about them because of american media.



  13. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Mark Markab Beckford

    Mr. Beckford,

    I see what you mean and in all fairness people have this tendency of wanting to be associated with people who performed great deeds, even though in life Columbus maintained a tenuous connection to his place of birth.

    I’d like to add that if he was a devil or saint I leave that up to higher authorities to judge. Most people just know about his discoveries and that he was a great navigator (he really was); but we Dominicans know him as one of the first rulers that the Spanish installed in our island and he was really brutal to say the least.

    He put down a native rebellion with ferocious cruelty; so abusive was his rule that the Spaniards arrested him and sent back for him. That’s part of our history (I was taught that at school), and we can’t erase it.



  14. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó Yes, I have seen those statues, and those dudes all look white. I have 20/20 vision, so I would have noticed if one of them were black. The Dominican Republic does a lot to hide it's black past (Especially under Rafael Trujillo, who himself was half haitian)

    My wife is from Brazil, I have a home there. They too have there issues with race… But, things like somba, which slaves brought from Africa, and Capueria, the slaves started, Brazil does not concider these things black, they are embraced as Brazilian, and I noticed it on my very first visit. I did not need to research it, because there country tries to hide it.

    "When you travel with your prejudices you will not see a lot but what's already on your head" I see what I see.. I have been to more then 30 countries on 6 continents, not with prejudices but to see things for myself.

  15. Ulises, I agree with your overall perspective. Your responses to many of the commenters has been enlightening. The article lead most of the people you responded to to come to their assumptions. That;'s why knowledge is power. What I would say is, we are supposed to use the information that we attain from different sources on the same issues, i.e. race relations over the last 5-600 years to empower ourselves, as individuals and collectively, to NOT allow ourselves to be treated in such vile ways AND to also NOT perform similarly to others.

  16. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó Up to 90% of the contemporary Dominican population is made of Mulattos and Blacks. However, most Dominicans do not self-identify as black. During the Trujillo regime, people who were dark skinned were rejected. I know you disagree, but the issues with race in the DR says that this post is right. No one wants to be black in the DR, so why would they celebrate black heroes?? They do so by making them look white.


  18. Mario De la Rosa says:

    That's a lie, they go to school for free and get medical services for free and also they freely walk anywhere in the country and have business without any permits and no one bother them

  19. you'll don't say a word about the tainos, but glorify Chris and the boys. you don't recognize the African strain in your blood that gives you melanin in your skin, but call the Spain the motherland, Hugo Chavez, realized that Africa, was his motherland, he quoted, "i got my big nose and thick lips from Africa" he even admitted as he was growing up, they hid Africa from him. R.I.P. Hugo Chavez and thank you for recognizing your African roots.

  20. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    Mr. Wade,

    I’m sorry but again, here’s a picture of Gregorio Luperón:

    Here’s a picture of his statue at the foot of a monument dedicated to HIM and those who fought with him:

    If this “dude” looks white to you really don’t have 20/20 vision. If the fact that in the country second largest city there is a tall marble monument commemorating him and those who fought with him, the fact that he was elected president, that there are airports,cities and other landmarks named after him doesn’t convince you that we honor our heroes no matter what color they are… then I have no arguments to present.

    Good thing that you mention Brazil and how they embrace their “blackness”; according to the census in 2008 only 6.5% of respondents self-identified themselves as blacks (“pretos” in portuguese), while 43% self-identified as “pardos” (“brown”) and 48.8% as whites. Most experts agree that about half the population of Brazil is black. Are they self-haters too…?

    Brazilians have Samba (not “somba”) and Dominicans have Palos (aka Atabales, Bambula o Quiyombo) rooted in the Congo region of west Africa…and we also have Gagá, which came from Haiti and that we’ve embraced as ours. Another musical genre is “Música de Congo” (Congo again? These Dominicans most have some kind of African fetish apparently) which is typical of Afro-Christians rituals in the country.

    We also have what are called “Cantos de Hacha”, which are chants used in the fields in which a man and a woman sing as soloist and the other field workers would sing the chorus (I’m not expert, but I’m pretty sure that blacks slaves in the US also did something similar). Ah, and the most popular music in the country is Merengue, who has its roots in Haiti…

    As you can see my dear friend, there is a lot of black culture and heritage in the country (and I’m not even going into the food). You choose to ignore that because when you use prejudice as your guide you will not see things that are in front of you.



  21. Carol Dale says:

    Ulises G. Jorge Bido I stand corrected! I'm always trying to learn. Thank you!

  22. I'm not saying tha ulises is wrong bout the kkk customs but if they were wearing it to mock them why didn't the minister of culture say tha then . but he said was people can express themselves creatively . how is being a Klu Klux Klan member creator in any kind of way. I thought being creative was putting a new spin on something old or creating something new all together.

  23. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó
    "If this “dude” looks white to you really don’t have 20/20 vision. If the fact that in the country second largest city there is a tall marble monument commemorating him and those who fought with him, the fact that he was elected president, that there are airports,cities and other landmarks named after him doesn’t convince you that we honor our heroes no matter what color they are… then I have no arguments to present."
    Sorry for my slow response, I am currently in Afghanistan, and the internet is crazy slow….

    No I have not seen that statue, I mispoke. I thought you said MARBLE not BRONZE. So you got me here. But thanks for the info, now I know who he is. The statue I was refering to was this man Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (son of AFRO-Dominican parents… Funny, he doesn't look AFRO-dominican in this statue, he looks white)
    This is the statue that I am refering to:

    Now tell me he looks AFRO-Dominican???? The fact is if, no one had told me I would have thought he was some white guy.

    Anything with the word "Afro" is Black, if you did not know.

  24. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó "Brazilians have Samba (not “somba”) and Dominicans have Palos (aka Atabales, Bambula o Quiyombo) rooted in the Congo region of west Africa…and we also have Gagá, which came from Haiti and that we’ve embraced as ours. Another musical genre is “Música de Congo” (Congo again? These Dominicans most have some kind of African fetish apparently) which is typical of Afro-Christians rituals in the country."
    Oh, and I am sorry for mispelling "SAMBA" I forgot about the grammer nazis. My wife gets on me about that all the time. And me bringing up SAMBA was an example of how the Brazilian embrace there african heritage. They teach it in the schools, more then they do it here in the the greatest nation on earth (USA). I did not learn about SAMBA from research the people in Brazil told me the stories, because it is taught to them. My wife is a 1/3 black, and she considers herself black, the girl that I was with years ago was much, much darker then my wife, and both parents were black, and she did not consider herself black. Despite the African fetish, most of the people of the DR do not consider themselves black. And this is not from a book, this is from the mouth of the country's own people.

  25. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó "Good thing that you mention Brazil and how they embrace their “blackness”; according to the census in 2008 only 6.5% of respondents self-identified themselves as blacks (“pretos” in portuguese), while 43% self-identified as “pardos” (“brown”) and 48.8% as whites. Most experts agree that about half the population of Brazil is black. Are they self-haters too…?"
    I don't know where you are getting that information, from because my wife and my home is in Rio de Janeiro where 70% is black. I am not in to making up stats to prove a point. The young lady I was with in the DR was black, and she did not concider herself black, neither did her mother, sisters or aunts that I met. So, you keep saying I am with prejudice but I am only speaking what I know, I was young and I came to the DR to see a young lady; I knew nothing of the DR, so I had no concept of anything dealing with that country. I do not make these ideas in my head. I get them from the Dominican people, they told me this along with some reseach. The fact is, you know nothing about me to even say that I am with any prejudice. Now if I had never been to the DR, and I was making these claims then yes, I understand. But I have seen things with my own eyes, listened with my own hears. Honestly, out of all that is said with the post, the only thing that you found offensive what the fact that they did not mention a statue. I also see that you did not bother to respond when I spoke of Trujillo. I understand, because he supports this entire post.

  26. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    Mr. Wade, I know the meaning of the word "Afro"; as per the statue that you refer to, you are in good company. I don't know if you've seen the documentary "Black in Latin America" by Henry Louis Gates?

    Is a fourth part series and I think you can find it on PBS website, but I'm not sure. The first episode was about the Dominican Republic and Haiti and Dr. Gates went to the same monument and even though he was there and talking with a Dominican "historian" he stated that Dominicans don't honor their black heroes.

    I haven't see that statue up close, but I can assure you that man was black:

    I don't excuse Dr. Gates, as he is a renowned scholar and should have done his homework better.



  27. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    I'm pretty sure you carried out a census to find that out, right..? Mr. Wade, people in Latin American don't deal with race the same way as Americans. That doesn't mean that they are denying who they are or are ashamed of it.

    Identity and how people see themselves is a complex subject and I believe that blanket accusations about "self-hatred" don't help matters. You need to be aware that to people like me (and specially to those that have never been in the US and get to talk with Americans) the way you dealt with race is very odd.

    You talk about this person being 1/3 black and that other being more darker and not considering herself black and to someone not familiar with American culture that is shocking. I'm not judging, you have your history and culture and I respect that.

    But there were 12 million slaves brought from Africa and only 700,000 were brought to the US. In my opinion it is unfair to pretend that those who are descendant of these 700,000 souls know better than anybody else the meaning of being black.

  28. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó Well I have seen that statue up close, and that statue looks like a white man. But, I am aware that he was black because there a bit of a discussion about who he was; there was a man saying "this guy was a black man, why do they have him as a white guy" That is when the young lady I was with pulled me away, and tried to explain to me what they were talking about, and she explained that there were no blacks on the DR, and that the blacks were in Haiti. As she is saying this I am looking at her like "Ni**a please" I did not want to put myself in the dog house because she was fine, and I was young so I did not really care.

    But I did not remember his name (Francisco del Rosario Sánchez) and I had to look him up just now, but I remember that statue, and how everyone up there looked white. The next time you go to the DR, take that photo of Francisco del Rosario Sánchez that you showed me, and go to that place, and look at the photo and look at statue and see if you see the same person.

    As for Gregorio Luperón, I stand corrected! He can't be mistaken for anything other than a black man, so the post is not 100% correct.

  29. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    No, Mr. Wade..I intend to reply to your post about Trujillo… I just can't do it at the moment. I'm not avoiding the subject. Regarding the stats I quote, here's the source (in portuguese):
    The story is how the number of Brazilians who identified themselves as blacks ("pretos") went down from 6.8% to 6.5%. You may want to contact the author and ask him why he is making up numbers…

  30. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó You are correct that people in Latin America deal with race differently. In America, we had the one drop rule that is if you had a drop of black blood, then you were black. It was more direct also, I mean there was a time being black in some parts of the USA was not safe. In the early parts of the 1900's, they lynched a pregnant female, and took photos… I do not know how race was in the DR back in the day, but

    But, I get the census, and yes you are correct, only 6.5% consider themselves 100% black. "Brown" is mixed race, so they claim everything, but you see that that the numbers for white has gone "White" has gone down since 1940. But in the DR, they have a statue of one of the founding fathers of the DR (a black man) like he is white. He doesn't even look mixed.

  31. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ms. Dale,

    No need for corrections; you were right, if the real KKK got their hands on them it wouldn't be pretty…

  32. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    Mr. Wade,

    I want to clarify something first: I'm not denying that your experience in the DR is not true and that there are people that being black don't identify themselves as such. I've seen that myself, so I know that there is an issue.

    I mention Brazil because is the same issue that you experienced in the DR; 4 millions slaves were brought to Brazil by the time slavery was abolished in 1888. Just two years later, the population of that country was 14.3 million people, so I find it hard to believe that less than 7% today is black (I don't really know if my logic makes sense here, so take that with a grain of salt).

    So what is it? are people "hating themselves" or "denying their blackness"? Like I said, there's some of that, but there is also the issue of the "one drop rule" that you mention above. We didn't have that, because that was a legal device that came during the Jim Crow era to makes it easier to discriminate against blacks in this country.

    When I said in an earlier message that we find american attitudes about race odd, I was referring to the fact that someone like Halle Berry in the U.S. is considered black when her mother was white and his father was black. In any other country she's mixed race, but here is like she didn't have a mother.

    Again I'm not criticizing, this is how things are in this country and I don't doubt that Ms. Berry is very proud of her heritage. Just realize that this is a unique american thing and if people from other lands don't do it is not because there is something wrong with them.

    I'm going to address your comment about Trujillo in another post; but regarding the statue of Francisco del Rosario Sanchez and your insistence that he's being portrayed as a white man… I really don't see that…but consider this.

    Here are two painting of him:

    This man died in 1861 and there are no photographs of him and I honestly can't tell how accurate these paintings are. But let's say they are and if you don't pay attention to the color of his skin…if you didn't know that he was black or if I told you that he was Italian and you look at this statue:

    He's the one on the left…would you be able to guess that he was black if you didn't know that? Because you seem to be assuming that there was an attempt to hide his "blackness"…and honesty, to me this statue looks very close to the consensus as to what he really looked like…

  33. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    I found the explanation from the Ministry of Culture kind of odd and my guess is that they offered it because they didn't have a better answer. I'm pretty sure they were surprised at the reaction that the costumes had because this is not the first time somebody have dressed like that during the carnival…so instead of saying "what's the big deal, is just a freaking costume..?" they just went with that.

    I see it as a good signal that the backlash started over there and people are looking at that and saying that this is not appropriate. I'm not advocating for censorship, I don't want to limit people's creativity but there should be some guidelines that your costume (in the official parade organized by the Ministry of Culture) should be related to the country history and culture…

  34. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    About Trujillo,

    Yes, he rejected black people and was anti-haitian which people find odd as his own mother (whom he was very close to) was of Haitian descent. But if you study race relations in Haiti between the black majority and the minority mulattos you'll see that Trujillo was just following his "family tradition".

    Most mulattos in Haiti speak French instead of Creole; they don't see themselves as equal with the majority black population…and Trujillo's mother came from that. Trujillo did not like Haitians and he ordered the massacre of about 18,000 of them in 1937; but he also killed 32,000 Dominicans and tortured and imprisoned and even larger number.

    And we're not talking about your regular persecuting your political enemies kind of stuff; you didn't want to work for him? he liked your daughter and you send her off to study overseas? you didn't want to sell him your business? Somebody said that they think they heard you said something bad about him? Any of that could get you killed or sent to prison.

    So of all the terrible things that this man did, why are you focusing your attention on his behavior against Haitians? I could understand if that was all he did and if he was elected by the people. But he was a dictator and he ruled with an iron fist.

    Is that somehow a reflection of who we are as a people? I could turn it around and say it was a reflection of what Americans are…after all, since he was an anti-Communist the American government had his back. Would that be fair..?

  35. Sundiata Keita says:

    dayumm.. number 5 f*cked me up.

  36. Sundiata Keita says:

    this is a sock puppet

  37. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó

    Mr. Bido

    Yes, I did not know that Francisco del Rosario Sanchez was black until I was told, then I looked him up one day and found out he was born to AFRO-dominican parents. If I were to look at that statue of him without seeing a painting or a photo I would think he was a white man. Now, this statue is at an important place in Santo Dominigo, for all to see right? If he is AFRO-dominican, I should be able to tell that right? I should not have to dig for that information, because it is who he is..

    The attitude about race in America is not odd. Blacks had to learn how to be proud of being black, because for hundreds of years, Blacks in the United States was told that they were nothing, that black was ugly, dirty and unimportant. And that was something that Blacks in America fight to this day. And, if you have darker skin, then you are not white.. Maybe you are not all the way black but you are not white. So, I guess when Black Americas here that people with some africa hertiage, and they try to hide it; it is hurts a little. You know when people are hurt they tend to lash out. Also Haile Berry in America is black. Have you seen her skin? No where on earth would anyone mistake her for white, even though she has a white mother. In America anything mixed with black is black..

  38. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó

    Mr. Bido

    Trujillo killed Haitians and not just black Haitians. I think he used to test them by making them say a word that was difficult for Haitian to say. So, to kill a group of people, that he himself party belong to is strange. His mothers freedom was paid for with the lives of Haitians. It was Haitian that ended slavery on the island of Hispanola.

    So to answer your question; Yes, it is an reflection of Dominicans, because the issues are going on til this very day by your own words. You know of these issues so if there is no shame in being black in the DR, then say it. Don't admit a problem, then try to defend it at the same time. If you are of mixed races, then I see not problem with that, but to deny a part of your race for any reason is self hate.

    Yes, our government backed Trujillo, and yes it is an relection of America. You know what? Ronald Reagan backed the Aparthied government in South African too; he called it "necessary"

  39. I have met Dominicans who denied the fact that there are race issues in their country. I knew they were lying.

  40. Billy Armando Duran-Abreu says:

    What has this world come to?! I'm Dominican, I was born there and from the age of seven I grew up in New York and New Jersey. The last time I was in DR I noticed a lot of Dominicans out there have an identity crisis. Yes it's true, yet most Dominicans will not admit it. The problem doesn't lie in relation to African roots, because for the most part we know our ancestry, but the issue is one of color and the divide between the haves and have nots. But guess what, America is no different. Growing up in NY and NJ as a young kid I used the "N" word all the time because it was simply street slang. Although it was acceptable in NY and NJ so long as you have melanin in you, I found out that isn't necessarily so in other States. Depending where I was at I may not be dark enough for some people. Although it is ok if your dark enough to use then "N" word, I quickly found out I wasn't. Not enough melanin. So all of a sudden I got exiled. Then I was being accepted by white people who felt black people where too racist?! Culture shock!

    Now while on vacation in DR I was at a bar and I was trying to get the attention of a bartender. Another bartender asked which girl was I referring to. As soon as I said the black girl, people where looking at me as if I was crazy. Apparently she wasn't Black. She was coffee colored. Technically true. She told me that Haitians were black. I told her in Spanish "I didn't mean to offend, but where I'm from… your black!". If you were to ask me what color am I, I consider myself more Indian, which I would say is brown skin. Ethnically I'm Spanish so to speak. Caribbean or West Indian would be more correct I presume. But one thing I was amazed by while I was there was that almost all of the art work I saw being sold by street vendors had an African style to it. It shouldn't be surprising because the majority of the people on the island are black, but we relate ourselves mostly to Spanish roots. It's funny because as I grew up when I had American black girl friends some of my aunts were opposed, but when I got married to a black Dominican they were happy with it. You see to them American blacks are black, but Dominican blacks aren't. Yea the culture is weird like that. Anyway, we're all people and not crayons. The last time I checked I've never met a single human being that matches the color black or white. Mankind needs to work on how to identify pigmentation without being offensive. Really.

    For those Dominicans that try to deny we have an identity crisis I'll use Sammy Sosa as an example. Just look at what he did to his skin! There are Dominicans that claim we treat Haitians good, but they seem not know about the bateys in DR that use Haitians for slave labor to cut sugar cane. Here in the U.S. the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, yet what's happening to the Haitians in DR right now is a complete denial of their civil rights. Dominicans got their independence from Haiti 1844, so why are they still moping about it?! They complain about the crime committed by Haitians, but what do you expect from a group that is living in abject poverty. I'm not excusing the crimes committed by any means, but I am stating one needs to be sensitive towards the Haitian condition. Making the conditions harsher in DR for Haitians isn't going to steer them away from going to DR to seek prosperity. Look at the U.S.-Mexico situation for example. All the deportations are not stopping Mexicans from coming over the border. I can't blame them. Narco state vs police state is like ghetto vs suburbs.

    I am a Dominican by birth but I am an American at heart. The blood of my ancestors runs through my veins, but I have been transformed by what it is to be an American. A feeling of greatness and pride for one's country. At least the idea we've projected to so many generations. Yet I am saddened by the fact that liberty is slowly being eroded both nationally and internationally. Sadly our leaders are more concerned in controlling others, but don't focus on self control. After 911, I realized more than ever that America itself can't let go of the stigma of judging others by their skin color. Brown is becoming the new black. Obviously not like the pre civil rights era, but more like a secret silent lie. That far right wing (keep it to your self and deny your a racist) silent lie. I've been getting that I don't like you feeling from people on both sides of the spectrum. If you felt it before you know what it is. People that claim that their not racist but feel a need to comment on the immigration problem. People that have a need to comment about issue pertaining to minorities and the problems they cause. People that don't want to acknowledge that they themselves are the problem. Because of our poor education system they don't know this country was inhabited by brown skin people long before Columbus made his way here. You know it's all the Mexicans and Muslims that are ruining the economy, never mind the Wall Street bailout! What is the world coming to? Six degrees of separation people and we can all trace it back to Africa! Live with it! Peace!

  41. Here's an excerpt from an article that interviewed Henry Louis Gates. The title of the article was "Dominicans In Denial." Look below:

    And this in a country where mitochondrial-DNA evidence reveals, as the anthropologist Juan Rodríguez pointed out to me, that "85 percent of the residents … have African ancestry, 9.4 percent Indian and less than 0.08 percent European! And on the father's side, through Y-DNA, we now know that only 1 percent of us descend from an Indian male and 36 percent from an African male. Yet the average person here describes their race as indio." Yeah, White supremacy is a beast, isn't it?

  42. I just thought of this, mitochondrial DNA is the mothers line being passed down and The Y-DNA is the fathers line being passed down. At least 2/3 of white men ran through sisters and were able to not only pass on their genetic lineage but their ideology of white supremacy as well. And, this among a population that is clearly black by any standards, this is deep.

  43. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Billy (I hope you’re Ok with me calling you by your first name…I think we’re going to be carrying this conversation for a while),

    You address a lot of issues in your post; my intention when I first commented was to address the issue with Haiti but I’ve been unable to get some traction here because race and identity keeps getting in the way. Let me tell you what I’m talking about by quoting from what you wrote above:

    “Now while on vacation in DR I was at a bar and I was trying to get the attention of a bartender. Another bartender asked which girl was I referring to. As soon as I said the black girl, people where looking at me as if I was crazy. Apparently she wasn't Black. She was coffee colored. Technically true. She told me that Haitians were black. I told her in Spanish "I didn't mean to offend, but where I'm from… your black!". If you were to ask me what color am I, I consider myself more Indian, which I would say is brown skin. Ethnically I'm Spanish so to speak. Caribbean or West Indian would be more correct I presume.”

    I’m sure that your aware of how difficult life is for people in the Dominican Republic. Not everybody over there has a job or food on the table. Now, think about that bartender, the one you call “the black girl”. She has a job and is probably very, very thankful for it. She’s working because she needs to put food on the table…she may have a kid or as it happens over there she needs to take care of her parents because they don’t have a pension or social security or medicare.

    That girl probably lives paycheck to paycheck, with little savings. She probably have to work long hours, with no vacations, health care or any of the things that people like us take for granted. If her kid, parents or whatever gets sick, she may be lucky and have a relative who can help…but she may have to stay at home and will not get pay for that.

    If she has a kid she probably had to lie because she may not get a job ("don't hire women with kids, they will not work if the kid gets sick") and there is no government agency that she can complain about discrimination. Oh, and if she has curly hair she will be ORDERED to straighten it and she'll have to spend part of her salary doing that. Your life is very different from hers…you just told us that you were there on vacation. I’m not saying that you have Donald Trump or Jay-Z kind of money…but compared to her, you are sitting pretty.

    Now, here she is, working her tail off and you tell her “I didn't mean to offend, but where I'm from… your black!” and she looks at you and is probably thinking the Dominican equivalent of “WTF?” and probably tempted to tell you to get a life and let her do her job. She probably smiled or ignored you because she was told to be nice to her customers…or else. Do you see where I’m going here? In my opinion, what you’re doing here is projecting your experience and thinking that everybody else should see things the way you see it or THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM.

    Here we are, you and I having this conversation about race and identity. You have the time to think about what color you are, if you consider yourself more indian, brown skin, that you’re “Spanish”…do you realize that this issue is not very high when it comes to the priorities of a typical Dominican struggling to survive? Please don’t take this the wrong way: I was born and raised in the DR, got out at 17 after high school to live in Puerto Rico, kept coming back every year for vacation… and the same thing happened to me….I forgot that I was one of the lucky ones because my mother worked really hard so that I could eat, had a good education, learn English and went to college… and forgetting that in my own country people are lucky is they have three meals a day. Do you see that?

    This is a complex topic, I don’t intend to address everything in one post but at least I want to bring this to the table. Don’t assume that people everywhere, even those people that you think you know really well have the same concerns and priorities as you do.


  44. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:


    There is a TV show on the FX network call '30 Days'; I don't know if you're familiar with it, but in each episode participants spend 30 days immersing themselves in a particular lifestyle with which they are unfamiliar.

    I would love to send you to the DR for 30 days to live the live of a typical Dominican. I don't mean going to a resort, or walking around as a tourist…trying to live your life as if you were Dominican and see if you are going to spend time worrying about "mitochondrial DNA" and Y-DNA where there is no food on the table.

  45. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó i call you my sister because you are from the diaspora, aren't you.

  46. i'm not saying that, d.r., have a right not claim Spain as their motherland, they are apart of them as well, but the other side of it is, there are two other cultures that a lot of you don't care to know, taino and african. a lot of my spanish brothers, know about there african heritage and indian heritage, but rep spain all day, and spainairds dont even care for latins in the west. the same with africa, lol a lot of africans, dont care for african americans we know that, but we also know that we are entitled to africa, just as the africans. african americans are actuallly considred as the ultimate african, the white man, used his slaves to cross breed the perfect black man, its sad but true, all african americans have, 12 tribes in our dna, which gives me the theory, that we are the ultimate africans……………………love my latino brothers and sisters, my black people. one love, we must unite as one and take back our history and finaces, and recieve reperations from spain and portugal, for all the rape and genocide they have commited. and rename the isles of espanola, to original name as the tainos, named it. …………peace.

  47. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó

    I would visit DR to view first hand, a case study of the embodiment of white supremacy among black people. I would take note of overt to more subtle instances of it. I would be guarded with Dominican people who generally and clearly demonstrate that they dislike black people and themselves. These kind of people are toxic to free thinking conscious black folks and I would keep my dealings with them to a minimum. Are there some Dominicans that are conscious and proud of and acknowledge their black heritage? Sure, but they are far and few between. By the way, prior to this article I knew about Dominican history, and how they saw themselves looong before this article.

  48. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Collin Johnson


    I really doubt that you would go to the Dominican Republic, a third world country that lacks a lot of the things that you take for granted in the US. You live too confortable if you can waste your time worrying about the color of people skin and other first world concerns.

    If you ever manage to go, please do yourself a favor and visit:

    Government run soup kitchens: You will see poor Dominicans and Haitians eating on the same table as friends and decent people do.

    Government hospital: You will see Haitians receiving services for free…and I'm not talking about Haitians living in the country but the ones that cross the border to receive services in Dominican hospitals for free. Visit the maternity ward and meet the Haitian women that arrive in labor and talk to the doctors that have to perform in hours the pre-natal care that a woman is suppose to receive in 9 months.

    Government and private universities: You will probably see part of the 15,000 Haitians that are studying with grants provided by the Dominican Government.

    And please, go and talk about your pitiful "white supremacy" theories with them and pay attention to the look on their faces. You'll be surprised.

  49. Collin Johnson


    I really doubt that you would go to the Dominican Republic, a third world country that lacks a lot of the things that you take for granted in the US. You live too confortable if you can waste your time worrying about the color of people skin and other first world concerns.

    If you ever manage to go, please do yourself a favor and visit:

    Government run soup kitchens: You will see poor Dominicans and Haitians eating on the same table as friends and decent people do.

    Government hospital: You will see Haitians receiving services for free…and I'm not talking about Haitians living in the country but the ones that cross the border to receive services in Dominican hospitals for free. Visit the maternity ward and meet the Haitian women that arrive in labor and talk to the doctors that have to perform in hours the pre-natal care that a woman is suppose to receive in 9 months.

    Government and private universities: You will probably see part of the 15,000 Haitians that are studying with grants provided by the Dominican Government.

    And please, go and talk about your pitiful "white supremacy" theories with them and pay attention to the look on their faces. You'll be surprised.

  50. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó

    I don't feel sorry for people who are consciously in denial of who they are. Especially black people who hate themselves and others that look like them. And,the third world conditions, they live is what Dominicans deserve for aligning themselves with the enemy, they get absolutely no pity from me for what they did to the Haitians in the past and present. Plus, blacks and whites in this country ate side by during the depression and that didn't change a thing. Of course the dominican government is providing the basics and making some concessions for the "Haitians"that are there. These kinds of basic subsidies and minor concessions provided by government often times are done to minimize revolt.

    Another thing, I don't have to talk about my "pitiful white supremacy"with Dominicans, these people have celebrated it, practiced it and inhabit it in the past and present. Life is too short, and I wouldn't want to be around toxic people if I can help it.

  51. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Collin Johnson

    I feel sorry for you…you really need to get help with your "issues"…

  52. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Mr or Ms,

    That was a very long and explanatory post and offers a lot of facts about the Dominican Republic past and present. Only one thing and this is minor: the poverty level as of last year is 48.2%, not 60%….which is still very high (number quote by CEPAL). It's a small detail and it does not detract from your excellent post.

    The problem is, these facts are available to anyone who has an interest in them, and obviously the author of this piece did not care about them before writing this slanderous piece.



  53. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    BELIEVE The New Electronic Cult

    Mr. or Ms.,

    Regarding Dominicans being proud about Spain as "our ancestors" I would be very careful before making any arguments about it that is not being backed up by actual facts. I don't say that as criticism of your argument; Dominicans don’t have a negative altitude against Spaniards but I don’t know of any study or survey that have asked what Dominicans think about that specifically.

    I have been arguing with other commenters that you can’t project your country culture and history onto others; Dominicans, like other Latin Americans have a very different attitude regarding race and identity than Americans. That is not to say that racism is not an issue, because it is. But you have to recognize and most of all respect our differences for there to be a meaningful dialog.

    I want to add something to emphasize what you said about Haiti and their “feelings” toward France. Again, I don’t know about that topic in particular; I do know that after independence there was a general hostility towards whites in that country (except for the Polish…google “Polish Haitians” and you’ll find out why). Haitians rejected everything about the system that enslaved them and is not right for us to judge without trying to at least understand what they were facing.

    Haiti was the first black republic of the modern era; that in itself was an affront to the imperials powers at the time. Haiti was isolated and forced by France to pay compensation for their “loss”. Haiti actually ended up paying that debt in the 1930’s. Anybody would be distrustful of that and I wouldn't blame them if they are still resentful and distrustful not only of France but any other major power.

    Sadly, the history of neglect continue to this day; in June the United Nations mission in Haiti will be 10 years old and in my opinion all that they are doing is protecting the elites who continue to enrich themselves without doing anything meaningful for the people.

  54. Ronald Leroy Wade These DR want to be white, identify with Spain, are about as mixed up as African people in America and in the diaspora, about who they are. How are you going to identifyn with a group who came in and colonized, and took the indigenous Indians people's land. So what they are, the people there in DR, are a mix of Spainiards/Indians or Spainiards/Africans, the pure indigenous Indians that were not slaughter, what is left of them, are Spainiards/Indians. Why would anyone wish to identify with the people who destroyed what you were, before you became mixed? There is no justifiable reason to hate the Africans, because Haite came to rescue her people from slavery. Just abunch of mixed up folks. Get your head straight. I do not believe Spain recognize them.

  55. Ronald Leroy Wade The greatest nation on earth … How are you gauging that? In other word you are taking black people out of this picture, right?

  56. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Nzingha Shabaka


    Just one question: what is it that your refer to as "identity with Spain"? I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and I to this day I don't understand what people mean when they say that.

    I don't call myself "spaniard", I call myself "Dominican", as that's the most accurate description that I can give of who I am. Any fair observer who takes the time to go to the Dominican Republic with open eyes will see that the people and the culture are a mix of African, Spanish and Indian elements.

    You will see that in the language, in religion, in the food and specially in the music. So, if you have some time, can you enlighten me and explain what you mean with this "identify with Spain" thing?



  57. Nzingha Shabaka Have you been to any other countries? You should travel? Yes, to succeed and make a better live for you and your family, then yes, the United States is the greatest nation on earth. Anyone can suceed in the United States.

  58. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó Maybe he went to the DR and talked to the same woman and her family that I talked to. 🙂 I guess the post is trying to say that people in the DR are ashamed of these black ancestory, and it seems like you are saying it because if ecomonic reasons.

  59. So the entire article is false? Again, I have been to the DR, and spoken to the people there, who backs some of this up.

  60. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronald Leroy Wade

    No, I didn’t say anything of the sort but that’s what I get for trying to argue with my americans superiors. I mean, who am I to pretend to know better than you what being black really is? I apologize for thinking I have the mental capacity to have a conversation with such a superior being and I promise not to do it again.

  61. Brother ulisses g. Jorge bido, do you consider yourself black.

  62. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:


    Yes. I've always know that I've been black since my early childhood, growing up in the city of Santiago in the DR. If you need to know something about this city is that traditionally it has been a very conservative when compared with the rest of the country.

    On first and second grade my two brothers and I went to a private school (my father was an accountant and made good money at the time). One of my earliest memory at school was a group of white kids picking up on my brother and me during recess calling us "monkeys, monkeys" and in the afternoon other kids would call my eldest brother "feo" (ugly), my second brother "doble-feo" (twice ugly) and me "triple feo" (three times ugly).

    Is more complex than that because in the DR (as in most of Latin America) the division is more along class lines than racial. One last thing, when I turned 16 I was required to get a document they call a "cedula", which is a national id card and you may get arrested if detained by the police and you don't have it with you.

    At that time it has a section for skin color and mine said "indio" (indian), which is how people with brown skin are called in the DR (similar to the term "pardos" used in Brazil). Two years later, when it came time to renew it I changed it to "black" and remember being told by the government official "but you're not black".

    I've been told that the government decided to do away with that classification, but I don't know what they're using now. At the time I was thinking race and it didn't make sense to me being called "indian" because of this:

    In this picture, the couple on the left are my paternal grandparents (I knew my paternal grandfather, but not my paternal grandmother). The next picture from left to right is my maternal grandmother holding my mother. This lady died in the 1940's of tuberculosis when my mother was two. My mother does not remember her, but she looks black.

    The picture on the right is my family; I'm on the left with my father. So that's what I was thinking about when I decided to change from "indio" to "negro". I was not making a racial statement at the time, I just wanted to be accurate.



  63. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó okay i hear ya, thank you for allowing me in your life i really appreciate that. a real eye opener brother bido..

  64. beautiful family by the way

  65. Ivan Brown says:

    The DR has always had the WORST stigma for being a sell-out, racist, self-hating country for decades in our modern time and this article proves it even more. Especially, when it comes to having people of color there that are NOT African but more Latin. I wish there was more of an investment into Haiti to become more of an individual country with better schools, resorts and a viable source of export to stand on its own and prove that is a more worthy country to visit. But first things first… You must get rid of the corruption that exists in the Haitian government before progress is made.

  66. Bam A Jack says:

    Well I hope everyone in DR knows that if you are not DNA white you can not join the KKK .ever if your skin looks white without both parent “mom and dad” being European , you can forget about joining the KKK. .the Spaniards women did not explore the Caribbean or any of the new world’s .many people want to be everything else but black/ African but DNA don't lie. 🙁

  67. Jose A Tellado says:

    smartest comment on here

  68. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    My friend, we've been talking about those KKK costumes for about week now…why don't you check the other comments first..?

  69. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Antonio Martin

    Thanks brother and honestly I enjoyed the conversation and I'm open to new perspectives about what is a complex topic but that we need to talk about….

  70. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó I am only repeating what a native DR said, these mixed DR people, says their homeland is Spain, checkk it out, don't believe me.

  71. Ronald Leroy Wade A white supremacy system, thus far, has been pure hell for black folks, they hold us down.

  72. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó The poster Antonio Martin, this is what he said also, check his post.

  73. Antonio Mmartin, now you are talking. We are owed so much.

  74. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó The mixed up in the mind DR people, as well as mixed DNA, I hope they realize white folks don't give a damn about them either, they hate them just like the pure blacks. They don't have anything else to do, what have black skin people done to them? Not a danm thing, they just want to discriminate against blacks, to make them feel more white, they this is what many whiotes do. Get lost, I will never set foot in that country.

  75. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Nzingha Shabaka

    Nzingha, so all your knowledge came from what one person said? Is that all it takes? This conversation have been going on for about a week know and I've addressed a lot of the issue being pointed out buy this piece and by other commenters.

    I'm Dominican, I was born and raised there so I know a lot about our people and our country and yet I'm not as arrogant to claim that I know the definitive truth about what is a complex topic.

    I have been asking people not to make judgements about a situation they don't know up close. I asked you a question that you did not respond: What do you mean by Dominicans "identifying with Spain?" I honestly don't know what you mean by that as I have always identified myself as Dominican.

    I know people from Spain, I know about their culture and I can assure you something: no reasonable person who knows about Spanish and Dominican culture and identity would mistake one for the other. We have their language, we have a lot of things in common but we are a totally distinct people. In 1863 the Dominican Republic was a miserable and dirt poor country and a dictator by the name of Pedro Santana convinced the Spaniards to "save" us by annexing the country again.

    They did and found themselves in a war against a peasant who would rather die than to live as spanish subjects. My hometown of Santiago was set on fire by its own inhabitants to force the spanish army out. The leader of that war was a proud black general named Gregorio Luperón (who later became our president).

    There is a statue of him in a monument build to honor those who fought in that war. A town is named after him and multiple landmarks. And yet, I still have to listen to this garbage of we not honoring our blacks heroes from ignorants who have never been to the country or who don't know our history.

    You said that you'll never go to our country? Good, you don't need it because you obviously know everything there is to know…so why even bother reading my comments?

  76. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó I will say this one last thing to you. Before I read this articcle, I did not know the mixed light skin DR people discriminated against the black skin people, even though I am not supprise, it is like that every where you go, the mixed think they are superior to black skin Africans. And no I will never go to DR, I believe everything this article has said, about the DR, because, ABS, is a site blacks can visit, and there will be article we can appreciate, and I feel they are a very creditable black site. No lies. I have responded to your question about Spain the homeland. I am not the only one on here who has said that also.

  77. Bam A Jack says:

    Ulises G. Jorge Bidó I check out your comment and here the bottom line the white European got the native people on both side of the island fighting among them self. At one points the Spaniard and French rule together until the war. They spit the land for a treaty

    And today the people are bitter for what? Fighting over European greed of land and slavery trade? They are all one people

  78. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Bam A Jack

    Really? Where did you got your history? The "native people" were basically exterminated 50 years in the colonization…and there are not two sides of the island…the split was created by the Spaniards decision to depopulate the western part of the island to prevent colonist from trading with their "enemies" and then the French took over that side.

    If you read the comments on this post you missed the part in which we pointed out that the Haitian "occupation" of the eastern side of the island what not such, as a large segment of the population wanted it. The Haitian army was large and very effective; they defeated a 50,000 men French army, so to a large portion of the population of what became the Dominican Republic made a lot of sense to unite with Haiti (others wanted the country to be part of Gran Colombia, others to remain a Spanish Colony and so on…)

    So it wasn't an occupation but kind of a relationship that didn't work out and I can discuss why in another post (and at lunch time); during that "occupation" the Dominicans had representation in the Haitian parlament and even an army brigade that fought in Haiti on the government side.



  79. Bam A Jack says:

    Ulises G. Jorge Bidó OK, one day .but i just the people to work it out ,we are all one people

  80. Growing up inSouth Florida Dominicans that were sometimes darker than I am would refer to themselves as white or anything but black. I also find it very strange when a black hispanic caribbean person refers to themselves as Spanish. Spanish are people from Spain.

  81. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:


    I don't know if this the case with those Dominicans you met in Florida, but sometimes people ask me if I'm "Spanish" or "Hispanic" when they notice that I have an accent. "Hispanic" as a designation for people that come from the hispanic Caribbean was a result of the census bureau decision to assign a single label to people south of the border.

    Again, I'm not saying that's the case with the person you met, but if it was someone who grew up in the US and went to american school he would be designated by the bureaucracy as "Hispanic" and in that case you can't blame him/her for that….and this is pure speculation of my part because it has happened to me.

    You said that you've seen people "darker" thank you calling themselves "anything but black”; by the same token I’ve seen people whiter than milk calling themselves black. Here’s one:

    This is Jason Kidd, former NBA player and coach of the Brooklyn Nets; Now, compare him to this guy:

    This is General Ray Odierno, who used to command american forces in Iraq. To me they both look white, but in the US Jason Kidd is black and Ray Odierno (who is of Italian extraction) is white. I understand about “one-drop rules” in the US as part of Jim Crow laws and how identity in the US evolved that way. If you want to call a guy like Jason Kidd black, fine I’m not arguing that in this country that’s the way things are… but recognize that’s probably not the case from people that came here from other countries and people who to you look black might not consider themselves black even if they are afro-descendent.

    People like that are accused of “self-hate” or denying their black roots and I’m arguing against painting people with such a wide brush without first understanding their circumstances. The sad part is that most of the time that I read and participate in conversation about this subject we ended up arguing about concepts that were imposed on us by european colonizers…

  82. i called it ignorance.. they have no right to threat Haitian people like that. Every Haitian that live there, they go there to work or for school. They are hardworking, smart, most of them speak 4 languages.

    What if America start sending immigrant back home?

  83. i called it ignorance.. they have no right to threat Haitian people like that. Every Haitian that live there, they go there to work or for school. They are hardworking, smart, most of them speak 4 languages.

    What if America start sending immigrant back home?

  84. Rossell L Powell says:

    Wrong Haiti is underdeveloped because the Europeans vowed too never let them prosper and have sabotaged them at every opportunity.

  85. Rossell L Powell says:

    Most Domincans have Spanish blood as a result of rape the Spaniards was notorious as sexual deviants.I don't think I would be so quick too claim that side if I were Dominican. I would claim Taino and African not rapist colonizers. And I lived in Spain if you not a Spaniard you can speak Spanish till you blue in the face you still are not really Spanish to them. Same as a African American is not English.Thats just the language forced upon you.

  86. My mother is a light skinned black woman from America and my father is Haitian but raised in DR. And to this day she says that her first experience of colorism was during our visit to the Dominican Republic in the 1980's, needless to say it was her last visit. If she couldn't walk around with her then black husband and brown children then why should we go there and patronize….Dominicans in my opinion tend to be one of the most color conscious and mean sub-groups of latinos I have encountered. Sad but true……

  87. We all know Black Dominicans got there inferior complex from their eurocentric education. In Haiti they taught me about my African roots and bravery. Believe me people, its one thing to learn an idea, and its even more tenacious to unlearn an idea. Those Blacks in D.R. are taught to embrace only european fruitions. The best solution is to get into the airways and teach them the accomplishments of their ancestors.

  88. Jules Russell Diouf says:

    Self hatred, generations of ignorance and denial is what gravitates people to embrace their en-slavers and to be recognized as such.

  89. Hugh Holmes says:

    Spain? Napoleon once said "Africa begins at the Pyrenees"…

  90. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Mr. Charles,

    I'm one of those "Black Dominicans" that you're referring to and I can tell you that you are wrong. If you read my comments I've asked a couple of times because honestly I don’t understand why people keep saying that Dominicans think they are spaniards, or feel proud of being spaniards or as you say are “Eurocentric”.

    Is it that we speak spanish? That we are catholic? When I read this article the first “evidence” that the author presents of Dominicans’ “self-hate” if that our independence date “celebrates the evacuation of Haitian military”. That the date the country was created; Before that date, there was no Dominican Republic…so, what kind of “argument” is that…?

    We also celebrate restoration day on August 16th, which is when we started the fight against the country annexation to Spain in 1863. The fact that the author does not mention it is a testament of his ignorance. Is a good thing that you are proud of your African roots, but does everyone in Haiti shares that? What about those Haitians that only speak French and who look down on those that speak Creole?

    Did you know that there was a CARICOM summit in Port-au-Prince and none of the proceedings were translated into Creole? Did you know that Haitian President Martelly pushed successfully for French to be recognized as the second official language of the summit, a language spoken by only 500,000 Haitians? Hey, don’t believe me… I’m just quoting from Duke’s University Lecturer Jacques Pierre:

    “Today, most French-speaking Haitians stubbornly believe that French is a prerequisite to social and economic success, and they blame the country’s shameful economic failure on the illiterate Creole-speakers. The latter have fallen into this ideological trap, to the point that they consider learning French the main goal of education.”

    Here’s his Miami Hearld Piece on Haiti’s French/Creole divide:

    Soo… a lot of self-hate going around… I mean, if we are going to follow the “logic” of this article…which I don’t because these are complex issues that don’t learn themselves to simple explanations.



  91. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    I'm willing to bet that the average, poor Dominican has done more for Haiti than you had…

  92. Right you man. Oh, I know about our Haiitian people. Talk about self determanation. Know all about Toussaint L'Overture, the great warrior.

  93. Rossell L Powell Yes brother.

  94. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó if you mean killing, lynching, robbing, humiliating, raping innocent Haitians. Then my answer is "Yes" the poor Dominican has done more for haitian the i have.

    Like the President reply to the KU KLUX KLAN costum " It s a free country". If that so How come the Haitian have no basic Human right? Stop making excuses for ignorant people, Just because that s where you from. Your people need to stop the self-hate, Start loving skin deep.

    P.s my family and church family are always doing missionary work in Haiti, even D.R, Aruba and more… whoever need help get it for holidays, seasons or just because. if i cannot be there i donated money or items. i do believe that the world would be a better place everyone united as one, and stop all those non-sense.

  95. I've been to many Haitian Carnivals, never have I observed any display of these white sheets. I presume they'd become instant red sheets! There is no room in any decent society to glorify even through mockery those filth of this earth!

  96. I've been to many Haitian Carnivals, never have I observed any display of these white sheets. I presume they'd become instant red sheets! There is no room in any decent society to glorify even through mockery those filth of this earth!

  97. I am a smoker of premium, hand rolled, cigars. I will never buy Dominicans again! Honduran, Ecuadorian, or even Nicaraguans will do nicely.

  98. Una Morena Como Eh says:

    Natalie Marie Leblanc The Dominican team help send food and bottled water, and sent heavy machinery to help remove the rubble. The hospitals in the province of Barahona were made available, as well as the airport to receive aid that would be distributed to Haiti. Personnel from the COE attended to more than 2,000 injured and the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) helped to restore telephony services. The Dominican Red Cross and the International Red Cross have been coordinating health relief services. The Dominican Republic has also been a landing point for foreign correspondents who have come to cover the tragedy.

    In addition to the efforts of the government, many Dominicans have joined the cause with collection centers, while others have offered private plnes and other materials destine for Haiti.

  99. Ronnie Cosmos says:

    Ulises G. Jorge Bidó
    I have been following this conversation with some interest.
    I am a African American that have been living in Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana for ten (10) years. I am probably considered light brown skin, my wife and kids are a little darker than me. They don't speak English, I needed to learn Spanish.

    My Dominican wife and my three children don't completely understand racism like I do. They do understand their is a race problem in the United States and constantly ask me questions about racism in the US.

    I do see a degree of hatred for the Haitians, but I can't determine if it's because of past history or blackness. The Haitians that I talk with, they know they're not welcomed in the Dominican Republic.
    But they stay here because of extreme poverty in Haiti, I was in Haiti several times and the poverty is extreme.
    I was here when the earthquake struck Haiti.
    I saw how the Dominicans responded with help and supplies.
    Allowing planes to land in Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo constantly for several days and transporting supplies over land to Haiti.

    I have also spoken to some of my dark skin Dominican friends who have complained that they and their dark skin children do encounter some racial problems here some time.

    I also know there are some Dominicans who don't like Black Americans but do like their money. We Black Americans are coming from a totally different culture with the legacy of slavery and racial hatred. And assume because a people look like us, they should understand and know what we know.

    I am also familiar with the concept of "lightening the race"..
    Some Dominican women welcome and glorify the opportunity to have a light skin baby as oppose to having a dark skin baby. That concept is stupid because if you have one drop of Black blood you're not White.

    As far as the KKK outfits during carnival, my wife told me many celebrating carnival wear costumes representing demons and devils. I would have to agree a KKK outfit is right up there with the devil. The KKK outfits definitely have a more negative impact on me than my wife and kids. I don't want to give the impression I know what is motivating the ones wearing those costumes. I would like to believe they don't really know what those costumes represents.

    I am not going to say there isn't any racist Dominicans here, they are here just like every where, possibly like most racist they don't realize they are bigots. But I must say I have been treated better here than in my own country and my extended family and friends are great people.
    Soon myself and several of my ex-patriot friends will have our Dominican citizenship.

  100. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó if DR is so good to Haitians why are they departing them?

  101. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó I thought our conversation was a good one. I think in the beginning you thought I was just another person that read this, and took it as fact until you learned that I had been there? After that I think our conversation was a good one. I even learn some new things.

  102. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Cici Zoe Luctamar

    Ms Luctamar, I'm having this conversation with YOU not with them. If you don't agree with what I wrote above then say so and at least give me the courtesy of explaining why I'm wrong…otherwise, you're just wasting everybody's time…

  103. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Ronnie Cosmos


    I can’t disagree with a word you’ve written; you hit the proverbial nail on the head and as a proud Dominican I honestly thank you for writing. This has been really a long conversation and we’ve been going in different direction at times, but I’ve always acknowledge that racism is a problem in my country. What you call “lightening the race” (I think you mean “mejorar la raza”, which I would translate as “improving the stock”) is one of the most shameful and stupid phrases that any person could say.

    The thing is, that is not a Dominican invention; I’ve heard the exact same phrase in Puerto Rico and I wouldn’t be surprised if the situation is the same in other countries as these are the remnants of the Spanish “Casta System” which I strongly advice anyone who wants to understand racial attitudes in Latin America to read about. I strongly object to the “argument” presented in this article that insinuates that this is a unique Dominican problem or more pronounced there.

    Now, as to your family not understanding racism in the U.S. you need to remember that what they know is what they see in the news and movies, which never tell the full story. I have a healthy distrust of the news media and how popular culture tends to portray complex issues, so you are probably the best source they have on the matter.

    About hatred of Haitians is sometimes racial animosity and distrust due to historical reasons and lost of jobs. Dominican employers (many with connections with the government) will employ Haitians in the fields and in construction sites instead of Dominican citizens. In fact, in the middle of a construction boom driven by growth in tourism, 80% of workers in the industry are Haitians so I would be surprised if the poor Dominicans that can’t have those jobs to feed their families were not resentful.

    There are also kooks, some of then in the Dominican congress who talk about a conspiracy by the US, France and Canada to “solve” the problem with Haiti by unifying the island in one country; some people actually believe that the Haitian constitution talks about the island being “one and indivisible”, which is not true. Here a brief timeline to help clarify this point:

    -The slave rebellion in what is today Haiti started in 1791
    -France gained control of the whole island (including Spanish territories) starting in 1795
    -Haiti was founded as an independent nation in 1804
    -First Haitian constitution in1805
    -Spain regained control of the eastern side of the island in 1809

    The fact is that at the time that Haiti was created and five years after that they did control the whole island and the 1805 constitution reflects that…but today’s constitution does not. But this hatred is not generalized and I think it would be unfair to say that all Dominicans hate Haitians; there couldn’t be the large number of Haitians citizens in our country is everybody hated them and you should know that they have access to free education, food and health care services unavailable to them in their own country.

    Regarding people over there not liking black americans I couldn’t really point as to why this is the case but I would care to guess that the different histories and racial experience may have something to do with that. The DR is a society where colorism is prevalent and it must be shocking for an american black who has an idea of who is black to go to the DR and find that somebody who is afro-descendent but who does not consider himself/herself black. Again, take it with a big gulp of salt as this in only an uninformed opinion. You are correct that a person that has one-drop of black blood (about 90% of Dominicans) are not white but in the DR “white” (or “black” or “indio”) does not refer to race, but to skin color.

    In fact, take a look at this picture:

    If I break into your house and steal from you, if when the police ask you for my physical description you say that I’m black, the police will never find me because they will be looking for a guy with a darker complexion…and like I said, this is not a Dominican thing as in Brazil they’ll call me “pardo” (brown). About those KKK outfits in the carnival I’m glad that you got the idea that people were not celebrating the KKK but mocking them; but I think the people who wore them are misguided as carnival is supposed to reflect the country culture and history and the KKK is not; we have a wide array of targets in our own country deserving mockery for us to be mocking american racial history.

    I’m really glad that in balance you consider your experience good enough to decide to stay; I envy you, I would like to have an opportunity to go back someday. Again, I thank you for your comments and I’ll be happy to discuss this or any other topic with you.



  104. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó Are you the D.R online spokeperson? i stated my oponion, if you feel like iam wasting your time dont reply, simple as that. Why do you feel obligated to answer to everyone s post?!!!!

  105. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Cici Zoe Luctamar

    Because is my country and I care about it; I feel that you were in the wrong in what you wrote…this is a public forum and you accuse us of "lynching" and "raping" people and… should I just take it..?

    I have the time and the inclination and this is a learning process for me… so that's why I'm writing… and yes, you can call me the D.R. online unpaid spokesperson…

  106. Danny monegro gonzalez, you miss counted, it's actually, 51percent African, ya see, the European side of you don't like to do research, if you would stop talking out the side of your neck you would know that there is no such thing as north and sub, it's all africa. And during the time, of your racist uncle Christopher Columbus, dark skin people, ruled all now here's a little lesson for ya, your European family, carved all of Africa, they couldn't stand to see, black people building pyramids etc. So they created, sub Saharan. Oh yeah, here is a extra tip for ya, and this is where the extra 10 percent comes in. Threre is no such thing as middle east, the true name is north east Africa. Your European family members, messed that up to. Oh yea, Spaniards are actually descendents of moors, they won't admit. Before you step to me do your research brother. Last tip, that Asian dna percentage that is shown in the chart, on ya they black to. So basically, what I'm trying too say is, you are doubled down with different black people in your dna, that's all. Please read ivan van sertima, books too increase your knowledge, lol …….a mind is terrible thing to waste. Still love you black man.

  107. do your research people, north Africa are not white people, they are actually mullato, today's North Africa. Historically, they were all dark skin people, according to cheik anta diop, as he did a melanin test on the ancient mummies, and did a dna test on modern day Egyptians, according to his findings, they were all sub Saharan. Black dna don't fade, that stupid dna chart got you fooled, the Europeans created that chart, to divide and conquer us. Lol, let me go too Britain, and carve their country, I'll call it sub polar Britain, and south Britain. Giving their people, to type of race. Now honestly, do you think they will go for that? North Africa is the same as Barack Obama, mullato.

  108. @donte hudson, this brother talking out his side of his neck, could you please enlighten our brother. Read the first two comments by me first.

  109. One last thing, my Dominican brother, my name is not French, but I have no problem claiming my Haitian brothers, we all west coast Africa, so in that respect, I am Hatian, and you are too. Duuuuhhhhh. Toussaint, controlled that whole island you know that. Lol do your research. Lol

  110. Una Morena Como Eh says:

    Cici Zoe Luctamar When Haiti was hit by the devastating earthquake in 2010, its island neighbour, the Dominican Republic, rushed to help. It was among the first to send rescue workers, food and water, and also allowed overseas relief agency flights to land at Santo Domingo airport Did you know this?
    The Dominican team help send food and bottled water, and sent heavy machinery to help remove the rubble. The hospitals in the province of Barahona were made available, as well as the airport to receive aid that would be distributed to Haiti. Personnel from the COE attended to more than 2,000 injured and the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) helped to restore telephony services. The Dominican Red Cross and the International Red Cross have been coordinating health relief services. The Dominican Republic has also been a landing point for foreign correspondents who have come to cover the tragedy.

  111. Una Morena Como Eh says:

    You just know how to put the thing the other way around,ignorant. if they has been treated so badly by the Dominican Republic why my country is so full of Haitians or are they masochistic? and I am not racist I have a daughter who I love with all my heart who is half Haitian her father from Jacmel Haiti.Why? you do not say the good things that the Dominican people do for them,you should contributes with something good. Stop the hate,old grudges,let's give our youth people another mentality.

  112. Una Morena Como Eh says:

    You just know how to put the thing the other way around,ignorant. if they has been treated so badly by the Dominican Republic why my country is so full of Haitians or are they masochistic? and I am not racist I have a daughter who I love with all my heart who is half Haitian her father from Jacmel Haiti.Why? you do not say the good things that the Dominican people do for them,you should contributes with something good. Stop the hate,old grudges,let's give our youth people another mentality.

  113. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    And so did the Americans between 1916-1924…that didn't turn us into Americans; fact is, I've learned a lot in this conversation and is very important to point out that Haiti war of independence (since the slave rebellion started in 1791 until the republic was created in 1804) included the period that France controlled the whole island (starting in 1795).

    Haiti proper controlled the whole island from 1805 to 1809. It's a complex issue that even Dominicans don't understand due to the deficiencies in our education system. People in my country still point out to the massacres of "Dominicans" at the hands of Haitian troops, apparently not being aware that these occurred within the context of the Haitian war against the French who were sent to reconquer their country and subject them to slavery and those killed were not Dominicans, but Spanish colonist who were nominally allied with the French.

    I'm not saying this to justify what happened…war is terrible today and it was even worse during those times….but people should know their own history if they aim to understand their present circumstances.

  114. Yea I know, I was just pointing out that, we are all related, to the way or another.

  115. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez

    Danny, I don't think those numbers are accurate…58.1 Caucasian…? I don't like this talk about DNA and who came from where… in a country such as hours that should be irrelevant… but I don't think this "DNA Tribes" people have their numbers right.

    Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez-Cruzado, head of the Biology Department of Puerto Rico University in Mayaguez has conducted the only study I know of Dominican genetic characteristics ("Continental origins of the first populations of the Caribbean islands and the migratory movements which formed them. DNA in Dominican Republic").

    If there's another study I would like to see it, but Dr. Martinez-Cruzado's study found that that proportion of Dominicans with DNA of African origin was 70% and that 15% has Amerindian DNA and 15% Euro-Asian. I would really like to find and read the actual study, as everything I've read is from second hand sources.

    I found this other study that mentions Dr. Martinez-Cruzado:

    I don't think that's the one people keep referring to and it does not mention the numbers I quoted above. But again, the graph you showed us can't be right..there's no way that alms 60% of the Dominican population is caucasian…if it is,then our illegal immigration problem is bigger than I thought…


  116. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez

    O.k…in the video you are quoting the same sources… if you try to present that "research" at an academic institution you'll get an "F"…

  117. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó
    Alright brother, I think i didn't explain myself correct.
    Look brother when I said 58.1 Caucasian it's the AVERAGE is MIXTURE OF White, Black & Indian.
    So most Dominicans ARE IN FACT MIXES. Of course but the average would be 35% Black. You know how DIVERSE we Dominicans are and how most Dominican have more a BALANCE of White & Black features in their face & body.
    Look the study made by the Biology Department of Puerto Rico University in Mayaguez …….. ONLY give you the information from the Maternal side. Remember how Spaniard took women for themselves and this is the reason you see 70% from the maternal(mother) side.
    How ever if you make the whole DNA test as equal this is what you going to find, because you are also adding the Paternal(father) side.
    I also have the study made by DNA Tribe which also included where exactly Dominican black roots came from in Africa. I will try to send it to you, i will do it later though.
    So like I said before the average Dominican is 58% Caucasian ancestry WITH BLACK (35%) ANCESTRY too.

  118. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó
    OH why you say that manito

  119. REMEMBER that the 85%(Average) of African American have between 15% to 20% White Raped DNA Also 2% Indian Native and the average DON'T LOOK NOTHING like us Dominicans.

    Here the link from National Geographic( for A.A.) one of the best source since they have been doing DNA ancestry testing for some time now.

  120. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez

    My apologies, you are right about the University of Mayagüez study only referring to the maternal side; I remember reading that and I've been looking for the study for a while because I'm interested in knowing about the Amerindian population in our country.

    The story that I was told is that the Taino indian all died during the first 50 years of the colony, but other sources consistently claim that about 10% of the original population survived and I wanted to know what happened with them.

    I apologize for my tone…this is not my area of expertise and I should have been more measured in my response. Thanks a lot for the National Geographic link and I'll see what I can learn from it.



  121. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó

    Don't worry bro, we are here to learn. Yeah it was only referring to the maternal side, cuz remember how Spaniard took mostly Black women and NATIVE too, that's why there is a higher percent of Indian in the Maternal side. Yeah about the amerindian in average is 6% in our roots.

    Yeah i been trying to know that too, I know no all died because Spaniard took Indian women and i hear the first one even took 2 to 4 "wife".

    Nah it's okay bro, everything good, I will try to look for the Tribe DNA complete investigation cuz i read it but don't remember where to find it.
    Yeah welcome brother.
    I also write you a personal messenger. I hope you can write to me back.

    So in conclusion Yes Dominicans on average are 58% Caucasoid & also in the same study some Names come out saying that it also could be 40% African too. You know, depend on the person and the region of the D.R.

  122. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó
    Alright brother, Here is the link.. listen, this is NOT the Original one but a least i try my best to find the whole information. You can see the whole source there and you also can find other countries too.
    I hope this can help you. It will also tell you the exact territory were the slaves came from. As you can see there it also put it at 16% the Amerindian ancestry.
    Just scroll down

  123. Sunday Dominique says:

    No matter what is done to a Haitian we will not be broken. We are hated because we did not wait for anyone to allow us to be free, we took our freedom. My mother is Dominican and she does not even respect or claim it. How can you be my neighbors but yet consider us your enemy ? We are from the same land.

  124. Sunday Dominique says:

    No matter what is done to a Haitian we will not be broken. We are hated because we did not wait for anyone to allow us to be free, we took our freedom. My mother is Dominican and she does not even respect or claim it. How can you be my neighbors but yet consider us your enemy ? We are from the same land.

  125. Michael Mza Harris says:

    That why Dominica republic will always be a 3 world country and poor.. Cause they worship the white man and he still haven't done shit for them..

  126. Danny Monegro Gonzalez So your premise then is that their racist behavior is justified…….hmmmm

  127. Hugues Girard says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez I bet you don't go to Spain very often. You would be over this claim a long time ago.

  128. Ulises G. Jorge Bidó says:

    Why do you think we consider you our enemy? Have we been at war lately or something?

  129. The same tests can be said of Afircan-Americans so…..

  130. Natalie Marie Leblanc
    If you speaking to me, A.A. can't say the same thing because on average they have between 5% to 12% White raped blood.

  131. Hugues Girard
    I am who i am, i don't give a Cr*p about Spain. just like most Doms don't give a sh*t about her. Why would i wanna go over there when am fine where i am. Am just giving you FACTS. The Fact is the Dom are mostly Spanish/European descendants, weather u like it or not.
    How am "Claiming" something we already are. Why does it bother you so much? I don't get it. You be proud of who you are and we will be proud to be just Dominicans.
    We are proud to be Spaniards descendant but we don't give a crap about Spain.

  132. according to dr. gates, dominicans are 85% african.

  133. You had Haitians who were the same way who were actually fighting against the Revs as well but what changed this was what was better known as the banquet. All the loyal mulatto, quadron, or octron solders and there wives were invited. Before the meal all the loyalist solders were asked to come to the hall were they were be- headed and there heads were delivered to there wives on platers. This is when freedom became clear for 98% of Haitians. As for being dominican my wife is dominican and that's what is widely claimed and should be a mixed race. Don't be fooled by claiming to be of Spain. Because if you go there you will quickly find out and see the one drop of black blood there is in full affect. They do not recognize Latinos with a drop of African blood as Spanish. The reason when the Dominican Republic one of Spain's most loyal colony's ask Spain for help from the Haitians soon found out it would take there on demise to get there own freedom. 22 years.

  134. This bickery is a waste of time. If you are Latino, Caribbean, African American, Hispanic, or of color there is a great chance you have some mixed blood in you Spanish, Native American, Indian, European, African, etc. the past is the past. Until I'm superior because I'm from here or there stops or I'm half European stops or I only have 38 percent African blood in me this cycle will continue and one day you could be invited to the Banquet.

  135. Oddly enough I have met many Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans who traveled to Spain on holiday and were called niggers. So the Spanish folks know something they don't apparently

  136. Heaven Paige says:

    Excuse me Danny Monegro Gonzalez but just the way you reaponse show your ignorance. Yes you can call me African American but I consider myself African because of my consciousness. But let me tell you I have travel to Middle East Europe and Africa a host of islands and no I never been to DR and I have a lot of friends from DR Belize Trini etc.. Dude plus Im from Long Beach Calif kid the point is when the white man came to Africa he took Africans to over 16 different country so the fast majority of people from Brazil Panama Jamaica Trinidad Belize Honduras suffer from this identy crisis including blacks from America honey it's just a bit noticeable and so blatant in DR if it was'nt we would not be having this conversation all I was suggesting to you in stead of getting defensive educate yourself it does not mean you can't rep your country. We all have been miseducated including white folks research read and understand that confusion cause division so don't get mad at me kid. I kick knowledge and I love many different people culture but the best way to know the world is to know the history if people. I tell people all the time if you want to talk to other people of african descent out side of Africa you must learn Spanish because there is more people my color that speak Spanish then any other language other than English. … Now I wonder why by the way I am working on my degree in international business and Global logistic and I guarantee I know oh for the record what black chick never got there hair done from a Dominican chick….just saying came cross more than five fool!more about your country than you… But this no competition I rather we teach each other Im an intellect so I can't waste time saying offensive things to you. Once again I suggest you get you some books read and get an overstanding of His Story

  137. It's very disgraceful how the Dominicans are filled with such idiotic self hatred, they are very ignorant, they don't know in Spain they treated like every other black person. Just ask any Dominican or Puerto Rican who has lived there, they will be quick to remind you, you are not Spanish and laugh in your face

  138. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to MENTION that when Haitians INVADED DR they also imposed taxes and wanted DR to pay for the reparations France imposed on them The Same reparations that left Haiti in Debt WE had the right to seek our own liberty from that

  139. Anonymous says:

    In the END DR and Haiti do have their differences and in order for us to embrace our history and culture we also have to embrace Haiti Should we open the border and wait for them with a cold beverage at Hand ???? Also DR never invaded Haiti for any reason They come to us and them complain ????? This article and website is pure Bull SHIT you are anti-Dominican and you would just like to blame Haiti's problems on DR

  140. Anonymous says:

    Ironically No one NO one does more for Haiti than DOMINICANS
    The D.R never invaded Haiti, The D.R. never imposed taxes on Haiti

    The real racism or campaign is against the D.R. not the other way around

    THE UN introduced cholera to Haiti
    France made Haiti Pay Reparations just to recognize it as an independent nation 150 million francs (21 billion today)
    The U.S. invaded/occupied the country and left it worse off than it already was

    We fought Spanish Rule and Haitian Occupation
    Do your research before you talk about the D.R.

    No other country in the world has over 10% of its population's worth in illegal Haitian immigrants, 80% of its agricultural and construction workers from Haiti, over 12% of hospital patients that are Haitian, and illegal Haitians attending their public schools. No other country spends MORE THAN IT CAN AFFORD with proportion to its GDP on direct and indirect aid to Haiti and Haitian nationals. To top it all off, over 80% of Dominicans are black or mullato (which in America means the same as black).

    SO… the Haitian-Dominican problem is a matter of ECONOMIC HARDSHIP being imposed in the DR (a poor state) to provide for Haiti. Before you judge Dominicans over a complex problem you know NOTHING about, answer this question: What have YOU done for Haiti? The International community should seek to strengthen Haiti's institutions so that it can stop being a failed state and provide basic human conditions for its citizens, so Haitians don't have to FLEE to the DR for relief from what are INHUMANE conditions. The DR cannot do this for Haiti, not because it does not want to, but because progress, just like failure, is a determination every country must take for itself. And most importantly, because the Dominican Republic's first responsibility is to its own impoverished citizens, who ALSO HAVE the right to live and to prosper in a land their ancestors fought hard to maintain.

  141. Anonymous says:

    When other countries such as Brazil, the Bahamas and the U.S. deport Haitians no one says anything, there is no scandal yet when D.R. tries to implement policies or enforce policies already in place to protect it borders then we are racist and xenophobic against Haitians that does not seem very fair.

    The Dominican Republic is a poor country itself and up to 1960 both Haiti and the D.R had the same GDP. D.R. might be a little bit better off now but it is far from where it needs to be.

    Do your research before you blame D.R. for Haiti's problems.

    I firmly believe that Haiti's problem are do to their corrupt government, presence of NGO's in the country (which seem to never help at all), the U.S. invasion of Haiti, and the payments Haiti had to provide the French for it's recognition as an independent country.

    That being said I will never condone the mistreatment of Haitians in D.R. or anywhere, people should all be treated as human beings. But D.R. can not be blamed and fix the issues going in Haiti.

    D.R. has never invaded Haiti, they did not impose taxes on Haitians the way Haitians did to Dominicans. Please do not state that they invaded simply to unify the island because that is not true, it's not like they just came in wanting to hold hands and we said no( amongst other accusations Dominicans simply did not want to pay the taxes that were imposed on them by Haiti) Haiti sought to us D.R. in other to pay reparations imposed by the french for recognition of the newly independent country.

    There is an extreme issue of deforestation, poverty, corruption, overpopulation and cholera introduced by the U.N. on the Haitian side of the island a problem Dominicans can not fix.

    What a recipe for disaster

  142. Anonymous says:

    LAST BUT NO LEAST DR is DIVERSE AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SAYING THAT Are there issues with color in the Country but you have that everywhere there a bleaching problems in Jamaica theres the whole dark skin versus light skin debate amongst African Americans and you dare posts this You are the RACIST against the DR

  143. How can you claim that a country's indepence is an act of self HATE
    DR did not want to pay the taxes Haitians imposed on them simply because it was too much
    The same reparations the French imposed on Haiti 150 million Francs (21 Billion) today
    The same reparations that left Haiti in debt

  144. I live in Dominican Republic 1) My front door neighbors are Haitian and there is not hate against them they are actually super awesome people 2) There is more clasism than racism in this country you will find the same amount of poor and rich white Dominicans as you will the Black , there is a huge elite of black Dominicans who are very rich and wealthy and some Haitians too 3) it has been genetically proven that we are not only black ( WE ARE MIXED) and i dont see the need of denying my European or Taino heritage just because of some ignorant one drop rule implemented in a country far away from where i am from that had nothing to do with me, most Dominicans are very aware they have black in them even some really white Dominican friends of mine have accepted it but i also have a few who can date there ancestry back to canary spain literally fourth generations back who moved to the Dominican Republic, are they force to say they are black to? The Haitian thing is getting blown out of proportion, Its not as bad as they be making it sound, Done.

  145. For all you wise guys/gals who think you know 'Dominicans.'

    Seriously, cut that shit out. You can't say Dominicans are 'self-hating,' 'Dominicans are racist,' 'Dominicans worship the white skin.'

    Have you ever fucking been to the D.R.? On a regular basis we use Morena, Negra, negro, negrita, etc. Meaning Black, Dark skin, tanned, etc. as terms of endearment. Who the fuck (Excuse me) are you calling self-hating? I've never even heard all my life a Dominican use "Blankita" "Blanco, or Blanca" as a ways of complimenting someone, but regularly I hear it the other way around.

    Please don't be an ass hole… Don't mouth about something you know nothing about.

    If some Dominicans are doing this ok… Some Dominicans are racist ok… But how dare try to place this label on all Dominicans or the Dominican Republic as a country. Look yourself in the mirror and think about yourself and your home country and think about just how perfect you are and accepting of others.

    I have yet to find that perfect country and I've been around the world and currently live on the completely opposite side… have yet to find it.

    Don't generalize and don't talk about a countries people as if the garbage you read on the internet is the indisputable fact.

  146. Yo rayi nou pou granmesi gade jan yo ingra pou toute bagay nou fait pou yo -no good deed goes unpunished

  147. Bright Chike says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez. Having read most of your replies, it seems like you find the very idea of being 58.1% Spanish very appealing; I won't blame you, it's a self-esteem thing, where coloured people believe that by being affiliated to a western (westernized as you said) country their life is about to make changes in the positive direction. This is rarely true, as the more you claim white roots, the more they deny you. Have you ever heard the Spanish claiming you, if they did, then it must had slipped my attention like their hatred for People of African heritage(yeah even 38%) must had slipped yours. Stop claiming kin with people that will dismiss you in a heartbeat, it doesn't help your self-esteem in any way.
    For your information, not every West-African looks like that "stereotypical" image you have in your head. There is such thing as variation: I am west African, and not dark, that doesn't make me any less west African than Djimon Hansou. You see, you don't necessarily have to look like a typical example of something to be it.

  148. Sammy Sosa Bleached his skin as white as snow. Why would any person do tjat?? Those Europeans got in the Dominicans heads so bad that they hate thselves. Very sad.

  149. Brother ulises g. Jorge bido, I was wrong about you, you are just as black as they come. I understand your point now.

  150. estos haitianos tanto dentro de nuestro país como fuera , se encargan de hablar mal de nosotros , tanto se jactan de hablar sobre el racismo y quizas muchas personas que no entienden la problemática dominico-haitiano.
    1 para empezar ellos vienen a nuestro país y no pagan impuestos y se benefician de nuestro sistema de salud gratuito.
    2 también utilizan nuestro sistema educativo tanto a nivel primario , secundario y universitario.
    3 se benefician de la mano de obra en el área de la construcción haciendo una competencia desleal a un costo mas bajo.
    4 estamos siendo invadido pacíficamente.
    y porque nosotros nos quejamos por todas estas cosas que ningún país del mundo aceptaría.
    ya nos acusan de racistas , yo me pregunto porque no acusan a USA de racismo con este problema que tiene estados unidos con los 11 millones de ilegales que tiene y los millones de personas que ha deportado , nosotros somos un país libre soberano e independiente que tenemos derecho a regir nuestra política interna basándonos en nuestra constitución.

  151. Double Consciousness exists in both countries as a result of enslavement and oppression.

  152. WTF! People need to understand the real situation that is lived in Dominican Republic with Haiti.. This is an one-sighted review from someone who obviously have never visited any of these countries and know for real what is actually going on, why all these actions are taken and just feel sorry about the haitians situation. You should have known better and made a deep research before writing such an article.Please find yourself a book and read some history before doing this kinds of things. And think about it.. How can Dominican Republic be racist if more than the half of the population is black and/or has black descendants? Clearly is just a strategy of manipulation and a brain wash. You should be ashamed.


  154. Dam ok this is how racist the dominican republic is against haiti when the earthquake that destroyed Haiti that resist country was the first country to go in and help where was everyone else waiting on the great and powerful US the racist dominicans were the first which country opened their ports for them and still when the coney stop getting aides for the who left the ports open for them gave them the transportation of the good at no cost. Yes history of the 2 country is full of blood but if you look in to their history and you see dominican republic never invaded haiti. Also duringthe haitian revolution to free themselves from French burn their land making it not fertil that's why they work the land. The relation between these to country is and has not been the best but the lack of reliable information in this article suprises me since is just made to make the DR look bad. Domincans have never been brought up to hate haitians but can't say the same for haitians which too add to that they teach them that dominican stole the better half of the island from them. And the so called law in the the domincan republic that is so call taking the paper away from so call born dominicans from haitian parents its not even true. But what this article does not metion is the part of the hatian constitution that says: That all citizen born outside their native land are still hatians yeah but lets cover this shit

  155. 1rst trujillo is no more! second Its not the DR problem that the Haitian country does not know how to control thier country… they now even have the best position to be beter than the DR since thier DEBT is taken away. The problem is that thier countray has no leader and is leaderless in the fact that its more corrupt than the Dominican Republic.. So I ask! why should we…. who ever wrote this article clearly does not live in haiti nor the Dominican Republic and does not know in depth the History of both countried….. Yea sure Why don't the US open the mexican borders…..heck I would love to have the kind of insurance the Canadians have why not open all borders then…. Please look some where else……Know your history before your start ranting on hatred and what's wrong and good! and yes Dominicans were the fist on scene… have help and always have.. so please don't judge until youve tastes carribean waters my friend!

  156. I blame the government in both parties, Dominican n Haiti. To be real with y'all. I wish we got the strength n power we used to have , to go over there n fight back.because the US seem not to give a shit. Cause it's not a white nation. These motherfuckers politicians worried about,becoming president. U don't need to be a president to fight back.for your country.

  157. Danny I believe that u r Dominican,how would by feel if the Dominic. Haiti were also killed hang by Haitians. It's easy for you guys to say or things, the problem with my nation. We value dominican too much…little they know,we go there to work n school.

  158. Ppl playing dumb shit to ppl on purpose, little they know. Dominican are Negro any other negroes, they are also african Haitian by blood.

  159. I understand why they hate us for occupying them for 22 years , but they also need to understand that this wasnt an attempt to colonize them , we were threaten by France to '' pay '' an independance debt to avoid war again , and USA , England , and Spain backed up the idea , because a free black nation was a big threat to White supremacy idea and their exploitation system at the time , our president at the time made a choice to gather the money the fastest he could to prevent that war , and yes we did invade DR and took their money add it with ours to pay France ; was it a just action? no for DR and that's understandable but yes for RH and the Island because it was a way to keep foreign armies away from the 2 countries! I believe that both nations should work to understand their past and common history and from there move forward! If they hate us because of our color lol, or they think they are superior because of 58.1% caucasian and bla bla bla lol again, well good for them , I wish them luck with their Dominican supremacy but our history has an universal , human , and freedom wise symbolic and that's the weight we have to carry alone because '' luckily '' we were a self proclaimed independant black country. We shall meet our destiny someday , we will , I believe!

  160. Slightly confused! If Dominicans are not Africans dropped off on the island of Hispaniola how do they explain their skin tone? There is no race called Dominican. Let's shed some light into this matter. The only so called 'White Spaniards' or Blue Bloods are from Spain. All other Spanish speaking countries either has native Indian or West African blood running through their veins. Research the Dominican history and you will see that the sicko President in the article convinced Spain to deport white male criminals to his beloved Sainto Domingo in order to populate and lighten the mass. A rich history Si? There is more pride in being the first free black nation versus having pride for being a mixed race of criminals that Spain viewed to being a disgrace in their society. Don't hate the message research it and try to find pride in what Dominicans as a group of people have positively influenced and/or contributed in history. Common sense, If you don't know where you come from then you will never know where you belong, hence, will continuously try to be what you are not. Peace!

  161. Danny J Luna says:

    My question is: if Dominican Republic is a rasist country why haitians do not leave souch country alone? I'm just having a look in this wed site, from 100 post 99 talk about Dominican Republic as a rasist and evil country with evil people and bla bla bla, let me tell to all of you who follow this wed site dedicate to destroy Dominican Republic, every day haitians demostrate to be so ungrateful and manipulators, Day by day Haitians demonstrate their ignorance and unhappiness, every moments demostrate how they hate Dominicans lolz, Which is funny because the victims are they supposedly, is not a secret that The Haitians are recognized for being, manipulative, liars, invaders, ungrateful and many things that I do not want to mention because my interest is not to offend anybody, Haitians are invaders that in all the countries they are they are deported as dogs, in cages, why? Because they want to demand rights that do not have based on lies forging documents, supplanting identities, for example those who have accused the Dominican republic of promoting the racism, saying tha tDR gouverment have taken their documents of identity from them because they are a black, ''what ignorance'' after investigations, JCE discovers that these manipulators had supplanted their identities using false names lying on the international court of human rights with the intention of sinking the Dominican republic in order to force the Dominican Republic to recibe them, because that they love they cry for love they demand love and they want to be accepted but no one want to be with them, every body want their ass out of the territory ''what a coincidence'' that's so miserable…..

  162. Ur not white period.. And not very smart either..! You left a few asshole disrupt
    The d/r economy .. Tourism will drop instantly 30% and counting ok
    Very ugly what happened over there.. Not counting pending retaliaton from the Haitian.. In fact the last time I was in Haiti I went to sexo all Dominican girls 20 a head for happy ending..

  163. Hey morons, skin color HAS NOTHINGV TO DO WITH THE WAY YOU ARE. Once people realize skin color is just the pigmints of your skin. It's sad to see that people still choose ignorance.

  164. Dressing up as the KKK only confirms that they're morons. The real KKK would've been laughing.

  165. Hey guys, I've been receiving a lot of likes from you, I really appreciate it. One thing you can expect from me is, I will not speak without studying or doing research. Dr. Ivan van sertima said, never say anything you can't prove. All I want is for my Dominican brothers to understand that, the Dominican land was inhabited first by taino and the Africans sailed to visit the taino frequently, this has already been proven. My point is this, I have European blood in my dna as well but do you honestly think I can go to Europe and say brother? In my opinion, rape blood don't count, it's not how light or dark you are or how light your eyes are or if you have blond hair or not because all of that is indigenous to Africa and African people across the globe, do your research people and the taino natives is actually from Africa or Australian aboriginal….because it all started in Africa. Please find me on Facebook, I can provide More proof. To my Dominican brothers, do not claim Spain as your homeland, you will not honor the taino and African ancestors properly that way. If you don't want to claim Africa, just say claim taino and leave them spainiards and their years of rape, murder and racism in Europe. Love people…

  166. All dominicans Knows they are black …… They are stupid

  167. have you ever noticed that G-d put black people on land that was rich with resources and put light colored people on land that's starved of natural resources?. that the light colored people are so evil that they invade, rape and kill these people for what G-d blessed them with? lol Haiti is the success story of standing up to oppressive powers even if it means a life of poverty. your so-called Jesus came from Nazareth, the Haiti of Africa. just always remember from the worst comes.the best. and the favor the devil shows to light colored people is not forever.

  168. Just leave those people alone!
    Stop going there!
    And nobody's get their feeling fuck up!
    We as people really hit rock bottom!
    I don't think they're racist!
    I think they're primitive! Uneducated! And rude!
    I want my people to stop going to DR!
    Take responsibility!
    They don't have enough for themselves! How should you expect them to share the little they have!
    Point barre!!!

  169. Jack Boyd says:

    Ulisses george bido what don't you come Florida with that you scum

  170. Jack Boyd says:

    Danny monegro you can get it too

  171. Jack Boyd says:

    Just remember theirs something call karma when is time to pay I hope y'all can remember what they did to them inocents people's.

  172. SAMMY SOSA PERFECT PICTRE! But real african blood line can't get upset because if you go to Africa, Jamaica, and Haiti you'll witness black women bleaching their skin. You can't preach something you don't practice. I think their first D.R president had to bleach his skin in order to stay on top. On The bright side if it wasn't for haitian man the D.R WOMEN would not have that nice copper color. Even DJ ENVY from the breakfest club hesitates to say his black. He purposely didn't show up at the radio station when the cast of MONEY AND VIOLENCE came by..

  173. Danny, You need to read up on the history of Haiti. Please inform me of contributions that Dominicans have made. Please do not talk about hair care. A contribution that has influence mankind and is noted in American and /or world history. Why such negativity about Haitians. You seem to know avlot of nothing about Haitians and even less about your heritage. Keep the insults to a bare minimum if you have not a positive note to say. Waiting for his Dominicans influenced and changedbthe course of history. I cana sure you that you will find out that Haitians gained their independence in 1804, Haitians helped the USA in 1812 to fight for the Purchase of Louisiana, didvyoy know that the city of Savanna, Georgia has a statue representing Haitian soldiers who helped change the history if that state, are you informed about the country of Columbia has scholarship for Haitians who attended school in their country due to historical assistance and cooperation given by the Haitian fore fathers, are you arware of the museum in Cuba designated to Haitians and their contributions, did you know that Venezuela's original flag was constructed in Haiti? Did you know that the city of Chicago was paved by a Haitian man name Point du Sable and later on he went on to set up the state of Missouri? Do you know that a Haitian-Canadian woman represented the queen of England, do you know of two Haitians who are nominated for Sainthood. Listen David spend sometime researching and I can assure you that your views will change. If you vouc3 your knew found knowledge is up to you. Haitian and proud! Show the documented contributions of Domicans and thenbwe can have an honest discussion.

  174. Latoya Roberts you're jealous..see I and many other Dominicans have no ill will towards Haitians unlike you I love black America so I cant hit you on your ethnicity like you did mine….but I will read you well you filthy bitch….you musty looking bottom of the dating and life barrell bitch…you try to look like what we have by nature…its always busted life beat me up girls like you… i saw your pics you wanna be white/mixed so bad with that bad quality kanekalon shit on your know shit about Haiti and DR history… get a facial and better sew in mama.. then come holler ..yall ignorant assholes hate us because we speak spanish and wont accept being conquered by haiti and forced to speak thtfucking giberish..we are black but not french.. yall same assholes kiss white ass so hard but hate Spanish ppl… fuck you whore… you mad because we dont accept anglo saxon slavery profit increasing sell your baby for having one drop rule…you even know that Spanish speakers were there FIRST..then france came in with their slaves and so on… moron….

  175. yeah and haitians will starve because they are there thanks to our tourism industry..and at the border my mom's boyfriend was solicited sex for scraps of food and pesiso which are 46 to 1 dollar so you trying to pay us and say we are whoores then what are you..restavec ring a bell you still have slavery in your own homes but want to get at wide france about to cum in your mouth… you bootlicking piece of shit.. where are your cries to france who made you poor and evastated you after your revolt.. nah instead you want us to take the burden of what a rich imperialist country did to you when we still a 3rd world nation ourselves…

  176. you get at him bout trying to be akin to spaniards yet can he claim to be your kin.. fromthis thread obviously not..yall post about how much you hate us, so who is not accepting of the fucking shit posted here…do black americans get tight at being called african..YES.. yal claim cherokee and all types of shit so this is not a Dominican thing.. being black doesn't mean being haitian and you confused retarded unlearned untraveled morons want to project your american style poison racial ideas to a heavily mixed country with a different the first to take pride in being black as many of us do but you want us to say we are haitian and speak kreyol when we were there FIRST and speak Spanish..and Africans come to the USA and suck up to white people but hate african americans so get your life before talking about acceptance..

  177. they are anti Spanish speakers.. black Latino or white Latino they just hate us spanish ppl..but love to coon grin for europeans and white people.. I follow you on facebook! but the same people will take a picture at the eiffel and never open their mouth about damaging french economy with tourism etc… france who took money from haiti made them poor and created a mess complicit with the usa and the dutch..haiti had to pay france tribute then they want us a former colony to take on the burden of their policy…france still takes money from former colonies to survive but they are the good guy.. I tell you white people did a number on these folks.. the slave mentality is alive and well song and dance for the master but get mad at mulattos etc for being the buffer race.. the psychological game is strong..

  178. hi, we know who we want us to be haitian and it will never tried.. but you know who you are or do you do the coon dance for france but hate on DR? and as for mixed race criminals dumb bitch the first slave ship in the early 1500s went to Santo domingo…and all the colonists were criminals…and all the colonies were populated with european undesirables Haiti included..youre so typical as I looked at your page,, the type to have a ton of white friends and suck their ass and think you gain points by downing latinos..good luck with that… be proud to have fucked up napoleon and his reinforcements it was france's richest colony if not the richest due to sugar production..make your pleas to the french who crushed you in the long run..what ar we trying to be? if you say white youre dead wrong.. we just aren't you…

  179. Danny J Luna says:

    Latoya Roberts yeah by you mouth and your color I can see your obsession, all of you try to hide your misery behind a false proudness about being black lmaoo fucking obsessed, we are dog shit because we are not frustrated about skin color?

  180. Danny J Luna says:

    Latoya Roberts you are not even Haitian? jajajajajaaj look up you Jamaican girl, you speak patua or kreol or what ever jajajaja same roots same skin color same face and behavior you´re funny, you made my day.

  181. Danny J Luna says:

    in the Dominican Republic this is not even a topic, these miserable people hide their misery and shame behind a false proudnness, Haitians scum call us racist because we don't give a fck about race, its obvious their selfishness and envy, if you stay on the border between Dr and the shit hole called Haiti, the difference its obvious, different skin color, different people, different behavior, different language, different way to keep our country and fauna safe, is that bad? no of course not, Haitians and Dominicans are just like oil and water, but its not racism because now a day the fact is on how Haitians have destroyed their country and later cross the border to cut the trees to burn it up, the fact is on how they shit all over the streets just like if they were in the jungle, and undocumment person is a national danger doest matter what is her o his nationality, because they can kill, steal and violating little girl just like they use to do and no one will find them because they don't even exist in Haiti. if they were documented people doest matter whre they come from its fine, every body have the right to get a better life quality, but what they will get behaving like that, begging and demanding what is not belong to them, its that Dominicans starts feeling unconfortable just like now, Haiti has choosen being slaves and we didn't push them, and we still have more than 2,000,000 of them in the Dr majority illegaly so I don't see where racism is.

  182. It's a sad shame how this is 2015 and we're still having issues about race! We are all one people. I want to direct this to the young man Danny Mongo Gonzalez. My brother, u are lost. I can look at u and see the african features in u. Big lips, wide nose, broad features. U definitely have black features in u. But I got news for u my friend, with those features, here in the United States they will treat u like you're black. Walk through a white neighborhood and see if u get stopped by the police. They'll remind your ass that u are black! What happen to Michael Brown, Trevon Martin and others that have been killed in the hands of whites, the same thing could happen to u!

  183. Kia Smith says:

    Get pulled by the police with dark skin and see do they call your ass Dominican.

  184. Clean up the words that are coming out of your mouth in order to engage in a conversation. Individuals who can only resort to cursing usually lack in the ability to be rational. Your ancestry is of no relevance to my advancement or Haitians as a whole. The well read and well spoken Dominicans that I know and mingle with are good people. The other delusional ones are just that. Think the way you do and believe in what you think will make you feel mixed. But you guys will always be Africans dropped off the boat just like the rest of the Caribbean. Good day mate. When you can list some contributions that Domicans have influenced history with we can talk. You are stuck on color and mix up, I'm wanting positive influences besides baseball and haircare to straighten out the kinks, you know the things that reminds us of being of African decent.

  185. But.. but.. last i checked 98.9% of Dominicans are European descendants….

  186. We Hobson says:

    From the articles I have been reading and from commentaries such as these here, I find most worrisome what appears to be hatred with potential for physical genocide. Hope the commentators take me to task on that and disabuse me with FACTS.

  187. Andre Smith says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez my friend wake up! I'm not haitian but believe me the international community is watching and watching close. If Dr successfully get rid of the Haitians(blacks) they will be completely ruined. If you thought your country is poor now just wait until the sanctions hit. It will not only be Locally but internationally.

  188. Danny J Luna do you really think your racist rant is going to change peoples' minds? You want to know what Haiti accomplished? Being the one nation in modern history to collectively take up arms against the enslavers of humanity and defeat them! Becoming and inspiration for anticolonial movements the world over. And for this reason they have been punished by the white world which still views them with hostility today. Your disrespect for such a great people shows just what kind of person you truly are.

  189. Dude if you are reflective of your government's attitude then Haitians are right to accuse the DR of racism. Your hateful rant is disgusting!

  190. Hugo Chaves was a truly wonderful man who truly changed the world for the better. The world needs more people like him.

  191. Luc Raymond says:

    Quisqueya, Bohio, Haiti are the true and original (before colombus) names of the island, not hispaniola as the slave masters called it.

  192. Danny Monegro Gonzalez LOL what ever racist lies your tell yourself are no concern to me you don't look white and the world doesn't recognize you as white and won't award you with any kinda white privleges.

  193. That's exactly why I never visited such country I was born n raised in Haiti had an education n a good life thanks to my family who knows what hard works can bring . Funny when Dominicans come in Haiti they are always welcome n they stay as long as they want . I'm living in the US and when other Dominicans see me we socialize n call each other brothers but for me to go to a place where they treating me as a dog I will never go. Not gonna call anyone dog but if every Haitian knew their value they would never place their foot on the neighbor's ground

  194. I feel like the fight between Haiti and DR is ridiculous and yes I have met a lot of nice Dominicans n so are Haitians now my family is mixed but I never care about mentioning it all I say is that I'm Haitian and proud to be. It's a shame to see how we're hating on each other for history stuff that happened when we weren't even born. We're living on the past. It 2015 GodDammit. Now when the earthquake happened my family and few nurses in the family went and help and I've watched a few Dominicans cutting people leg while they had blood supply in the leg n the victims were screaming. When they could have found a way and get these people underneath these big rocks, there are a lot of amputees because the neighbor is mad at us for dumb stuff. I think it's ridiculous. Personally I'd rather not go somewhere like that and travel the world even though it's a four hour drive from where I'm from it just doesn't make sense to me

  195. The article doesn't mention the 35000 Dominicans that died that same day. Talk about leaving some important information out. Our national anthem starts with "Quisquellanos Valientes. We know who we are. Do you?

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