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Nigeria Calls Out Mugabe’s ‘Dishonorable’ Comments on Corruption

mugabeNigeria has summoned Zimbabwe’s envoy over remarks President Robert Mugabe made about corruption, state media reports.

Mugabe reportedly said last month that Zimbabweans were becoming “like Nigeria” when it came to corruption.

Nigeria summoned Zimbabwe’s diplomat on Thursday, calling Mugabe’s comments “vitriolic and denigrating,” Nigeria’s state news agency said.

In its 2013 index, Transparency International listed Zimbabwe as more corrupt than Nigeria.

The list released by the Berlin-based organization placed Nigeria as 144th out of 175 countries on its Corruption Perceptions Index 2013, while Zimbabwe was ranked 157th.

Mugabe criticized corruption in Zimbabwe in March, asking: “Are we now like Nigeria where you have to reach into your pocket to get anything done?”

Last Thursday, Nigeria’s foreign ministry summoned Zimbabwean envoy Stanley Kunjeku, lodging “the strongest protest” against the statement, News Agency of Nigeria┬áreported.

“Not only does it not reflect the reality in our country, but to come from a sitting president of a brotherly country is most unkind and very dishonorable,” the ministry added.

A 2013 survey by Transparency International found that one person in four had paid a bribe to a public body over the last year, with the poor record of some African nations on bribery standing out.


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11 thoughts on “Nigeria Calls Out Mugabe’s ‘Dishonorable’ Comments on Corruption

  1. No need to react. Take action and STOP the CORRUPTION. Not ONLY NIGERIA, most African Countries. It is about time the name AFRICA is Changed to MOORLAND , AL KABULAN or SOMETHING and all the countries become states.

  2. America's middle name is corruption. The politicians lead the pack. America was built on corruption. The constitution was created by a bunch of corrupt slave holding, racist politicians.

  3. Akram Majeed says:

    As usual, Mugabe has called it fearlessly – I get weekly letters from Nigerians informing me that I inherited billions of dollars but to receive the money I have to pay a small tax of a few thousand dollars in advance.

  4. Dishonorable mishonorable. Africans are in a mess. The cowards watch Libiya's leader murdered and did not lift a finger. They will stand aside and watch the West destroy Mugabe also. They deserve whatever befalls them. Honor, courage, loyalty. Where have they gone my people?

  5. No, my brother. America was built on invasion, conquest, murder, genocide and slavery. Corruption came much later, long after the foundation of the house was laid. Shalom, my family.

  6. True, but we are Africans. We are the cradle of civilization. What has happened to us? To point out the corruption of America does not give Africa and Africans a pass and a slap on the wrist. We are better than that. Shalom, family.

  7. Amen. At least Mugabe has the balls to put the white invaders out of his country if they don't want to play by his rules. Works everywhere whites rule. Why not where a black man rules?

  8. Wesley Barnard Thanks for the input, they had to be corrupted to do the things they did from jump. But you can add it in to show what they did as corrupt conquorers, and imperialist. I am black female, with my own cultural name, not brother, no problem though. We got to get back to our cultural self.

  9. Wesley Barnard, Lighten up on African people, why you wish hard times for our people, they have been struggling just as long as us, and they have the resources to be free, yet they are under the gun just like all of us. White supremacy. One day Africa will rise and shine, President Mugaba is helping to lead the way.

  10. Wesley Barnard Nobody said that, we are only making comparsions, that is what I was doing.

  11. What Mugabe said about Nigeria was it wrong? Capital No. You can never get anything done in Nigeria without you putting your hands in to your pocket (bribe ).We are bigger brother in everything but excluding DEVELOPMENT of the country. Nigeria is a country of SHAME to the world , where majority of the so called wealthy people can not define their source of wealth? where you have bunch of criminals ruling! what can innocent citizen do? we are crying for international bodies to bail us out from criminals. GOOD FOR THE FALLING IN OIL PRICE. NO INTERNATIONAL BODIES / BANKS MUST BORROW NIGERIA MONEY AGAIN , WE HAVE ENOUGH.WHAT WILL A REASONABLE PRESIDENT BE DOING WITH THE NUMBER OF PLANES WE HAVE? DOES IT SHOW ANY SENSE RESPONSIBILITY OR PRODUCTIVITY? NIGERIA IS A DOOMED COUNTRY IN THE HANDS OF CRIMINALS.

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