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5 Reasons To Be Suspicious About the US Search For Kony In Uganda

(FILES) A file picture taken on November

Joseph Kony Has Not Been In Uganda Since 2006

Joseph Kony is the leader of a militant rebel group operating in central Africa called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). ┬áHe was brought under fire by the global community when his brutal practice of capturing thousands of children to be trained as soldiers in the LRA and exploiting children as sex slaves was revealed. The United States government used this information to justify its role in an Ugandan insurgency in 2011.

However, Kony has not been in Uganda since 2006. After failed peace talks and a successful Ugandan military show of force, Kony and the LRA were pushed out of Uganda. Since then, he and his rebellion have been operating throughout neighboring countries including the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Despite the rebel leader’s absence from Uganda for five years, U.S. President Barack Obama sent 100 troops to Uganda in 2011 to search for him.

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