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5 Reasons To Be Suspicious About the US Search For Kony In Uganda

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Joseph Kony Has Not Been In Uganda Since 2006

Joseph Kony is the leader of a militant rebel group operating in central Africa called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  He was brought under fire by the global community when his brutal practice of capturing thousands of children to be trained as soldiers in the LRA and exploiting children as sex slaves was revealed. The United States government used this information to justify its role in an Ugandan insurgency in 2011.

However, Kony has not been in Uganda since 2006. After failed peace talks and a successful Ugandan military show of force, Kony and the LRA were pushed out of Uganda. Since then, he and his rebellion have been operating throughout neighboring countries including the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Despite the rebel leader’s absence from Uganda for five years, U.S. President Barack Obama sent 100 troops to Uganda in 2011 to search for him.

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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Be Suspicious About the US Search For Kony In Uganda

  1. Let's pick these points apart, shall we?

    1) Obama did not send those 100 troops solely to Uganda. They are deployed across four countries, three of which the LRA are still active in. Those troops in Uganda are training the Ugandan troops in their fight against the LRA. Also, all those countries welcomed the small contingent of troops.

    2) This can't even be called evidence. Uganda is rich is natural resources, of course, but the US troops have been stationed in that country for years and have not touched one ounce of it. Not only that, the US troops aren't even stationed in the regions of Uganda that are oil-rich!

    3) The US has recognized that it's relationship with Uganda is complicated. There is no reason the US can't agree with the UG gov on one issue and disagree on another.

    4) That's great news! And accurate, for once. Why is this cause to be suspicious? If anything, the dwindling LRA numbers and increasing numbers of defections from the group are cause for celebration and evidence that the US deployment and African Union forces are doing their job.

    5) Oh gosh, I could go one for awhile about this one. I'll keep it brief:
    -Many Ugandans supporter Kony 2012, as well.
    -Why keep focusing on the fact that the LRA left Uganda in 2006 (which Kony 2012 stated, by the way)? People are still suffering at the hands of the LRA in CAR, DRC and South Sudan. It's callous to even suggest that the issue doesn't matter simply because the group relocated.

  2. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    The US and the former colonial powers of Europe have been meddling in Africa, period. Just as they have in Latin American and the so called Middle East, which is Africa. Libya, CAR, Mali. Everywhere they go or send NATO, it's always to destablize.

    How long did it take this country to accept homosexuality? Now, they want to impose their new beliefs on Uganda. Really?

  3. Sundiata Keita says:

    ive been seeing a ton of white sock puppets on this site. thats a credit to your research, atlantablackstar. keep bringing the truth. the more truth you bring, the more of these white devils get scared and come out of the woodworks.

  4. Bob Narley says:

    Nope, the USA has no Imperialist Interests in Africa at all. Right-Right.

  5. im astonished ….. the witer want to force me to agree his peculiar logic that the U .S is angry because Kony forced chidren to be soldiers … Oh what kindness mrs U…S ??? please respect our manner of thinking …. the US killed peoples in libyia hiroshima nagazaki vietnam etc respect our humanity …

  6. Bob Narley – I didn't make that argument. I merely stated the facts for this particular topic.

  7. Bob Narley says:

    John Rudolph Beaton you know fuck all.

  8. Wow, can't say that I've ever been called a sock puppet or a white devil before. Don't confuse who I am with the actions of others. I stated facts in my original post, nothing else.

  9. Bob Narley – I studied and worked on the LRA crisis exclusively for over four years and during that time I traveled to Uganda and the DRC. I know quite a bit about this conflict and all the actors involved.

  10. Sundiata Keita says:

    John Rudolph Beaton the fuck are you talking about?
    egomaniac, bitch this aint about you? the fuck is going on inside your brain?
    fucking white people.

  11. Chris Walton says:

    Bob Narley Hardly. John actually knows what he's talking about. His original post above is spot-on.

  12. Bob Narley says:

    Chris Walton So you talked to Policy Makers in the White House about their plans for resource concession's in the Great Lakes Region?? "activists" like you are more Dangerous than the Mercenaries who guard the mining sites, train & supply the local militias (such as the LRA)…you are there Specifically because of your geopolitical naivety. If you knew fuck all about what has happened in that region since Paul Kagame crossed the border into Rwanda from Uganda in 1990 -you'd be Dead by now. But You know NOTHING and thats Why You are Cordially Invited.. Grow up. You are a useful idiot -thats why you are still alive.

  13. Chris Walton says:

    I actually have talked to policy makers about the LRA conflict on several occasions, including about the decision to send troops to aid in the training of the regional armies, in search of Kony (which is what this article is about). I've also been present at a panel of key actors, including the African Union, European Union, United Nations, Uganda, Central African Republic, United States, and others.

    Admittedly, there are many others who know more about this than I do, and John is one of them. He has worked *much* closer with this than I have.

    I know less about Kagame's activity, and wouldn't have commented on an article about him. However, as this is about the search for Kony, I am much more comfortable backing up John. I haven't spent the past 8 years studying this conflict just to sit back and watch things unfold without keeping up to date with things, especially the actions of my own government.

  14. Bob Narley says:

    Chris Walton Paul Kagame came from Uganda / took a regiment of the Ugandan Army / renamed it the RPF / and invaded Rwanda in 1990. Between 1990 & 1994 the RPF terrorized the back bushes of North & South Rwanda / aided & abetted by the UN. He came from UGANDA…this is NeoColonialism and its staring you right in the face. Your "humanitarian" efforts read well in the media. Entebbe is the largest U.S. Military Base in Central Africa …not a chance would the LRA exist if the USA didn't want them there to Destabilize , foment war, and terrorize rural, indigenous people from their homelands.You are surrounded by NeoLiberal Ideologues. You need to stop glad handing with people who know a Lot More Than You…Bono already did that with Jeffery Sachs.

  15. Chris Walton says:

    I did know that much about Kagame already. Thanks 🙂

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