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5 Studies Debunking the Myth of Racial Colorblindness


The United States of America has been labeled the melting pot of the Western world by branding itself as a haven for all people seeking success and freedom. Despite a brutal history of torturous enslavement of Africans and genocide of indigenous people, many Americans today are under the illusion that they exist in a “post-racial” society.

How often has a person said, “Race doesn’t matter,” or “I don’t see color,” during discussions about race? Most people who subscribe to the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” approach to racial identification do not realize that ignoring race does not make racism non-existent. Colorblindness does not absolve white privilege, nor does it secure social equality for all races.

The following studies prove that no matter how much Americans don’t want to see color, they will and they do.

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7 thoughts on “5 Studies Debunking the Myth of Racial Colorblindness

  1. Bottomline, they know they have to act the way they do, to keep white supremacy thrieving, to be any other way, they feel will take away what they have stolen from people of the world.

  2. Eric Burden says:

    There is no way American people would believe their existence is in a post – racial society. They see it and they live in it everyday. The problem is just what is assumed in the expression of this article…."That it doesn't exist"….

  3. Morris TheKing Turner says:

    This is of absolutely no surprise whatsoever. The politics of White Supremacy in it's "Refinement Stage" is made to seem "Colorblind" while the convert and subtle racism acts in accordance.

  4. Eric Burden says:

    Here of late, there is a monumental concern about ones blackness, where it originated and where it has lead them to the four corners of the world. Historically the stories are being told over and again but I would ask….Where is the effort for change.? As known, a baby cries because it is helpless to life's challenges but as a people I hear the same old beckoning cry of a black society fully grown but moans as if it knows not. Intellectual educated as doctors, lawyers, scientist, teachers and this list continues as it will run side by side with any other race of people. But must I ask…."Like the Mule"….are we so down trodden, so lost, so confused or as one might say…."So Beat Down"….that now we are slow to rise to the occasion? I say…."Rise Up O'Ye Colored People"….your fate, your destiny is now in your hands.

  5. Anthony Hollars says:

    This is the lamest excuse that people will never stop saying. News flash: racism will always exist, until people have a tangible reason not to be. I have six children, and only they and others like them know the meaning of post-racial.

  6. Gerald Early says:

    Research? Really?

  7. This is confirmation of my belief that we are different species. This is why We need to be culturally strong to resist their natural tendency for racism.

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