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5 Misleading Statistics Used by Media to Fuel Negative Stereotypes About Black People

Black on Black Crime?

1. “Black-on-Black Crime” Statistics

“Black-on-Black crime” was a term coined in the ’80s to describe the rise in gang violence in urban areas in the United States. Since then, the phrase has been used to perpetuate the idea that there is an epidemic of in-group violence in the African-American community that is not seen in other communities.

But is this really true?

While it is true that 93 percent of African-American deaths are at the hands of African-Americans, however, this is by no means only true in Black communities. A similar percentage of all deaths can be attributed to a perpetrator who is the same race as the victim.  There is no evidence that Black people kill each other at a higher rate than whites do, or anyone else for that matter.

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20 thoughts on “5 Misleading Statistics Used by Media to Fuel Negative Stereotypes About Black People

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    wish they threw in some actual stats. guess we gotta look em up for ourselves in those links.
    i know the white in white murder rate is 85%

  2. the misleading interpretation of statistical sampling, indeed the very sampling techniques are seriously influenced by the statistician themselves…any good scientist knows that observation of a thing is influenced by the observer themselves but bad science makes good copy…

  3. Darja Worldhope says:

    I agree. i regularly debate those on the internet from statistics that the FBI has that refutes the misleading stereotypes. We need to be well informed to cite evidence against those who want to demonize and mischaracterize African American people. Have you notice that most statistics cited are based on racial category rates to make one have a skewed view that black people are affected the most when in actuality 12 million African Americans to over 300 million American of other racial categories. I see it as a marketing campaign to distort how we are view as a people. Believe in yourself, network and find positive, ethical and creative people, set goals, eliminate obstacles and don' let any one steal your joy.

  4. We gotta work on all those "While it is true….."

  5. you guys used misleading stats to prove stats that you think are misleading as being untrue. you talk about welfare and say it's only a 1% difference between blacks and whites receiving welfare. that's true … but only for the total number of people in the welfare program. not for the percentage of race. the reality is that at least 25% of black people are on public assistance while 5% of white people are on public assistance.

  6. Starts with self. Dreaming constantly for that day of unity and self love over pride.

  7. The point is, why does these adverse stereotypes exist and why are they so readily accepted? Africans in America compromise only 58 million people in America, but have been the most and longest persecuted people in America. How does this work? It works by political deprivation, economic disadvantage, social disparagement, and institutional discrimination legislated by every house of legislation, every level of court rooms, and every police department and news media across America for the last 149 year. It has worked to persecute, criminalize, and indenture Africans in America which carries only three alternatives: death, servility, or re-enslavement in the prison/plantations.
    Join us in the movement to correct this historic injustice against an entire people at to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception in the 13th Amendment. It's about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. Sign up and get involved.

  8. Maybe black girls r the only girls actually having their babies and not aborting. maybe whitegirls are in the statics on aborting theirbabies. you will never let anyone know that now will you!!!

  9. Matt Terrell says:

    lol black girls abort there babys the nice try..blacks make up 13% of the population and make up 37% of nice try

  10. Joel Rease says:

    58.4% of statistics are made up

  11. Lynn Tullos says:

    lol we'd all be dead if that was the case.. But yes I 'm more afraid of a white guy killing me than a black guy -statistically husbands/boyfriends are most likely to kill a woman (especially a pregnant woman -married or not) but I bothered to learn the martial arts /firearms to take responsibility for my own safety . Not the best solution- surely it would be nicer if men (and some women) would realize no means no and violence isn't winning it's losing

  12. Lynn Tullos says:

    well said- and some corporations make money from fear mongering.

  13. Lynn Tullos says:

    that depends- white people on welfare are quieter about their situation so it follows that they may be quieter about their abortions

  14. Lynn Tullos says:

    58 million is the number that includes Asians/Hispanics(who can be quite white) native americans and other ethnic groups . the rest I agree with totally

  15. Lynn Tullos says:

    count the whites in rural areas and the numbers change a lot

  16. Sundiata Keita says:

    Lynn Tullos ^^^ ^^^
    BLACK PEOPLE: when you see white agents like this dont respond or either point them to FBI Table 43A

  17. Thanks Lynn. 🙂 Don't forget to sign up and get involved at

  18. Genica Allen says:

    @Anthony Brian Logan, Did you read, "Another statistic indicates that nearly half of all food-stamp recipients are employed full time, but still qualify for assistance because of impossibly low wages." Most black mothers are working, but the low wages they receive still isn't enough.

  19. Ann Eds says:

    African/Black Americans comprise <40 Million people.

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