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IMF Loans of Terror: 5 Countries Crippled After Foreign Aid

In poorly developed nations, leaders may look to foreign aid to stimulate their economies, grow jobs and provide for the citizens of their countries. However more times than not, that aid is tied to stringent, sometimes damaging stipulations that, over time, do more harm than good.

Money is often loaned from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as private banks are usually not an option. These organizations’ stated goals are to “foster global growth and economic stability,”  but instead they result in the opposite, leaving countries poorer than they were before they became indebted to the institutions.

The IMF and its counterparts know that by crippling national economies, mainly those with populations dominated by  people of color, the countries remain in debt and will eventually stimulate the economies of Western nations to the detriment of their own.

As a result, the Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes (ESAP) commonly implemented by the IMF and World Bank, are rumored to be dubbed the Ever Suffering African People programs, as those are the usual results of such measures. Here are five of the countries that suffer the reign of terror known as a ‘rescue loan’ from the IMF and World Bank.


In securing a loan from the IMF in 2009, northern Ghanaians were forced to end their prosperous rice farming and begin purchasing rice abroad. This was because a stipulation tied to the World Bank and IMF loans stated that all future funds would cease, should the Ghanaian government continue to provide rice farmers with subsidies that helped them grow at a profitable level.

Because of this stipulation, rather than boost the economy and feed its citizens, Ghana is forced to purchase rice, a natural resource that they once grew themselves, from countries such as the United States. This has led to increased poverty within northern Ghana, as well as a crippled economy with little chance of becoming self-sufficient.

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7 thoughts on “IMF Loans of Terror: 5 Countries Crippled After Foreign Aid

  1. Sambo Jallo says:

    Great article thanx lot ABS

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    USAID is in on this also. Dr Umar Johnson said USAID was used in Africa to depress them and then this AP story came out last night on how USAID was using shell corporations to try to start a revolution in Cuba.
    great article by the way

  3. Elijah Al Wilson says:

    That's why these countris are now simply trading with China instead of relying on aid and loans from the IMF.

  4. This is unconcenable that these institution are doing such dreadful act.

  5. The IMF & the other MF 's get out of Africa !!

  6. all these countries mentioned are predominantly Christian. why am I saying this? simply because Christianity is the means of how they program the people into thinking that they are under a democracy or democratic government but rather they're under a dictatorship. most western nations have two form of policing , one that is civil and the other eradication squad/joint police with army personnel. whenever there is the presence of the eradication squad simply means that someone or some people are either going to be badly injured or die. they are often called death squads/tactic units etc but from their actions you will know that they're none but ruffians that ask no question.with this unit, the government keeps their slaves scared and silent. what does this have to do with the topic in question? most countries that have high unemployment rates/poverty are often victims of the IMF, given the fact that they are in desperation , since poverty leads to desperation , and will seek means to quell their situation often to the IMF. Borrowing monies from IMF comes with conditions , one being that you pay back on time with the heavy interest attached , sometimes 50% or more. with loans taken from the imf, and often times by corrupted politicians who often help themselves to that loan leaving the rest of the nation indebted , thus the interest coupled with the loan can now become the price at which that country is bought, so now you're automatically a colony of the IMF, who now takes advantage of your natural resources , at a 51 to 49% rate. the imf now funds your security , police/death squads, teachers , minor health care with profits made from resources of your country. by this time your president is no more than a pawn in the scheme. not bying into the imf puts your country into a silent embargo, they persuade other countries not to trade with you , disallowing travel by citizens of other developed nations because it brings in revenue.the now African union was an idea first put fort by Mumar Ghadafi which he was killed for but, now implemented by the assassins under their conditions.

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